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seeking the path

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[there can be no doubt that there are tables] u/l: Full marks! [Complete disappearance is incompatible with scientific investigation, just as creation ex nihilo would be.]: What does this mean?

Strachey, Lytton G., Landmarks in French Literature, London: Oxford University Press, 1945 [… Wisdom and poetry are intertwined with flatness and folly; splendid situations drift purposeless to impotent conclusions; brilliant psychology alternates with the grossest indecency and the feeblest puns. ‘O matter and impertinency mixed!’ one is inclined to exclaim at such a spectacle.]: This judgement of Troilus and Cressida comes of failing to observe that the hero of the play is Theisites. It may be a bad play, but it is a philosophical masterpiece.

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Tyrrell, G.N.M., The Personality of Man, Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1954 [Possibly intelligence and morality have reached higher standards for limited times in special places; the first, perhaps, in ancient Greece; the second, it might be suggested, in the Britain of to-day.] ‘the second … today.’ noted: Indeed? [MYSTICISM: The highest level of human personality.] noted: Rubbish! [One said: As I emerged from the head I floated up and down and laterally like a soap-bubble attached to the bowl of a pipe.” The other said that he thought to himself: “… Here I am, ball of air in the air, a captive balloon still attached to the earth by a kind of elastic string…”] after ‘string’: Ernest Hemingway tells of a similar experience when he was hit by a mortar bomb during the 1914-1918 war. [One of the chief grounds of objection to survival is the view that all conscious and mental processes are exactly correlated with nervous processes.] noted: This is why emphasis is put on interactionalism (p. 157). There is exact correlation, but it is two-way. [But the main point is that, all the way through, the critics are not arguing that paranormal phenomena are untrue as a matter of fact but that they must be untrue as a matter of

Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...