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repeated halving, which can be done an infinite number of times. [Thus, mathematics may be defined as the science concerned with ‘deduction by logical principles from logical principles’]: See pp. 232-3 and p. 489. [It cannot, however, be maintained that this axiom of reducibility is self-evident.]: It can. [Whether there are any propositions self-evident in the latter sense is a matter for investigation. To recognize that self-evident propositions may require investigation is already to have abandoned the way of self-evidence.]: Suppose we do not agree that it is a matter for investigation? They may be described, which is quite a different matter. discussing the Laws of Thought, [but it is absurd to suppose that there are only three]: Why? [it expresses a theory with regard to the nature of persistent individuality.] ‘a theory’ u/l: It does not. It expresses a necessity, and as such is a fundamental principle of logical thinking. [… We cannot think contradictory propositions, because we see that a thing cannot have at once and not have the same character; and the so-called necessity of thought is really the apprehension of a necessity in the being of things.]: Correct. [It is also misleading to describe them as laws of things since such an expression suggests that they in some way determine what is actual, or given.]: Does it? [Only in the sense that what is actual must also be possible could these principles be regarded as determining what is actual; they do not determine what is actual in so far as it is actual; they in no sense limit the actual to be so-and-so.]: They limit the actual to be a so-and-so. [It is not likely to be denied that these principles are all psychologically self-evident.]: All right, but do you still maintain, as on p. 174, that self-evidence is a relative notion? If so, to what, pray, is psychology relative? [Yet the relation between logic and the other sciences is very close. Were this not the case our discussion of scientific method would have been a sheer irrelevance.]: This


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

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