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seeking the path

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between its earlier and later parts …]: This completely ignores the question of level of generality. [… the sense that it will be what it will be. We all regard the past as determined simply by the fact that it has happened; but for the accident that memory works backward and not forward …] ‘the sense … will be’ u/l: ! ‘accident’ u/l: ? [our present wishes are conditioned by the past] u/l: This simply taken determinism for granted. Russell has not told us what the difference is between past and future. [… the accidental fact that the past but not the future can be known by memory]: On what grounds is it ‘accidental’? [Although the sense of ‘determined’ in which the future is determined by the more fact that it will be what it will be is sufficient (at least so it seems to me) to refute some opponents of determinism …] ‘the mere … will be’ u/l: This is not a statement of fact but a tautology, since ‘the future’ by definition, means ‘what will be’. The question ‘What will be’ remains unanswered. [Whether this doctrine is true or false is a mere question of fact; no a priori considerations can exist on either side.] u/l: On the contrary, the structure of volition is not compatible with that of a deterministic system. [We found that a system with one set of determinants may very likely have other sets of a quite different kind.] ‘may very likely have’ u/l: It cannot—even in cybernetic systems. [But it is hard to discover any state of mind in which I am aware of myself alone, as opposed to a complex of which I am a constituent.]: A sound observation. Sartre, Jean-Paul, Being and Nothingness, Methuen, 1957 [a translation by Hazel E. Barnes of L’Être et le Néant] (N.B. Ven. Ñå~av⁄ra Thera’s marginal notes were made in his copy of the French edition [f]; pagination below conforms to the English translation [e]. For those who wish to refer to the original French, the correspondence to the English pagination is roughly as follows: f11 = exlv; f37 = e3; f100 = e60; f200 = e153; f300 = e243; f400 = e334; f500 = e427; f600 = e517; f700 = e608.) The paperback edition published by Citadel (New York, 1966) follows the same pagination as Methuen as far as page 46, at which point it

Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...