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manière, il faut que, d’aucune chose, il ne dise rien.]52: Precisely, and therefore l’être ne se peut pas se dire de toute chose de la même manière.53 For example: any part of a given object, and that object as a whole, both are; but they have a different order of being. The object as a whole is itself a part of a more general object. [Mais c’est un paradoxe évident de considérer l’être comme un abstrait. Il est le tout que l’on peut diviser, mais non point accroître. On le lui ajoute pas ses déterminations, on les discenre en lui par l’analyse.]54: But what is l’analyse? [… il est vrai de tout objet, au moins si l’on considère ses propriétés purement géométriques, qu’il implique le tout de l’espace.]55: But what is l’espace? [… (comme on le voit quand on considère l’affirmation de l’apparence comme telle ou de la possibilité comme telle).]56: And what about l’être de l’analyse or l’affirmation de l’affirmation?57 The reply on p. 18 is a deception. [Et l’affirmation d’aucune objet n’est rien de plus qu’une objectivation de l’acte même de l’affirmation.]58: This resembles Sartre’s reflet-reflétant, which is an illegitimate device for avoiding an infinite regression. Pure cowardice. [… le choix qui lui est laissé est seulement le choix entre son bien propre qui n’est jamais que l’apparence du bien, et le bien commun qui est seul capable de lui assurer son propre bien.]59: Noble sentiments.

52.  ‘For being to be said of everything in the same way it must not say anything about any thing.’ 53.  ‘being cannot be said of every thing in the same way.’ 54.  ‘But it is an obvious paradox to consider being in abstract. It is a whole that can be divided but not increased. One does not add its determinations to it, one discerns them in it by analysis.’ 55.  ‘… so it is true of any object, at least if one considers its purely geometrical characteristics, that it implies the whole of space.’ 56.  ‘… (as can be seen when considering the affirmation of appearance as such or of possibility as such).’ 57.  ‘the being of analysis or the affirmation of affirmation?’ 58.  ‘And this affirmation of any object is nothing but an objectification of the very act of affirming.’ 59.  ‘… the choice that is left to him is only a choice between his own welfare, which is nothing but the appearance of welfare, and the common good, which is alone able to assure him his own welfare.’


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