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all u/l: read ‘strange’, ‘strangeness’ p. 233/23 [“not-being-at-home”] u/l: read ‘estrangement’ or ‘“exile”’. p. 234/24-26 [From an existential-ontological point of view, the “not-athome” must be conceived as the more primordial phenomenon.] noted p. 237/9-12 [The formally existential totality of Dasein’s ontological structural whole must therefore be grasped in the following structure: the Being of Dasein means ahead-of-itselfBeing-already-in-(the-world) as Being-alongside (entities encountered within-the-world).] double noted: Das Sein des Daseins besagt: Sich-vorweg-schon-sein-in-(das-Welt) als Sein-bei (innerweltlich begegnen dem Seinden). p. 237/13-32 [This Being fills in the signification of the term “care”, which is used in purely ontologico-existential manner … Because Being-in-the-world is essentially care, Being-alongside the ready-to-hand could be taken in our previous analyses as concern, and Being with the Dasein-with of Others as we encounter it within-the-world could be taken as solicitude … Care does not characterize just existentially, let us say, as detached from facticity and falling; on the contrary, it embraces the unity of these ways in which Being may be characterized …] noted: ‘Care’ is more or less (bhava)ta~hå—except that Heidegger does not quite see it that way (since he has no conception of ta~hånirodha). p. 239/14-20 [As something factical, Dasein’s projection of itself understandingly is in each case already alongside a world that has been discovered. From this world it takes its possibilities, and it does so first in accordance with the way things have been interpreted by the “they”. This interpretation has already restricted the possible options of choice to what lies within the range of the familiar, the attainable, the respectable—that which is fitting and proper.] ‘This … proper’ noted. p. 239/28 [tranquillized] u/l: complacent. p. 239/28-240/5 [All the same, this tranquillised ‘willing’ under the guidance of the “they”, does not signify that one’s Being towards one’s potentiality-for-Being has been extinguished, but only that it has been modified. In such a case, one’s Being towards possibilities shows itself for the most part as more wishing. In the wish Dasein projects its Being upon possibilities which not only have not been taken hold of in


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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