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nibbåna and anattå

sounds, volition regarding smells, volition regarding tastes, volition regarding touches, volition regarding things. These, monks, are called formations… And which, monks, is consciousness?… All the volitions of a living being, which arise in connexion with objects either of senses or of the mind, all his affective reactions to experience, his desires and aversions, his likes and dislikes, are called saπkhårå, or—as it is translated here—formations, and are included in the aggregate of formations. In this passage, therefore, saπkhårå are just volitions, and compose one of the five aggregates. In the next quotation the emphasis shifts: Kiñca bhikkhave r¨paµ vadetha… Kiñca bhikkhave vedanaµ vadetha… Kiñca bhikkhave saññaµ vadetha… Kiñca bhikkhave saπkhåre vadetha. Saπkhataµ abhisaπkharont⁄ti bhikkhave tasmå saπkhårå ti vuccanti. Kiñca saπkhataµ abhisaπ­ kharonti. R¨paµ r¨patthåya saπkhataµ abhisaπkharonti. Vedanaµ vedanatthåya saπkhataµ abhisaπkharonti. Saññaµ saññatthåya saπkhataµ abhisaπkharonti. Saπkhåre saπkhåratthåya saπkhataµ abhisaπkharonti. Viññå~aµ viññå~atthåya saπkhataµ abhisaπkharonti. Saπkhatam abhisaπkharont⁄ti kho bhikkhave tasmå saπkharå ti vuccanti. Kiñca bhikkhave viññå~aµ vadetha… (Khandha Saµyutta, 79) And what, monks, do you say is matter?… And what, monks, do you say is feeling?… And what, monks, do you say is perception?… And what, monks, do you say are formations? ‘They form what is formed’, that, monks, is why they are called ‘formations’. And what is the formed that they form? Matter as matter is the formed that they form, Feeling as feeling is the formed that they form, Perception as perception is the formed that they form, Formations as formations are the formed that they form, Consciousness as consciousness is the formed that they form.


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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