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seeking the path

ont rouge. »]32: This delicious bit of candour has got Miss Pankhurst de Beauvoir hopping mad. p. 228/5-12 [Il est possible qu’un homme se refuse à rien aimer sur terre ; il prouvera ce refus et il l’accomplira par le suicide. S’il vit, c’est que, quoi qu’il dise, il demeure en lui quelque attachement à l’existence ; sa vie sera à la mesure de cet attachement, elle se justifiera dans la mesure où elle justifiera authentiquement le monde.]33: Much too simple! One does not have to be in love with Life to pause before embracing Death. p. 223/bottom This book has too much rhetoric and too little philosophy. p. 225/28-34

p. 304/28-32

Berval, René de (direction), Presence du Bouddhisme, Saigon: France-Asie [tome xvi, 153-157], février-juin 1959 ‘Liminaire’ by René de Berval [Il est pourtant à craindre, en dépit d’une vitalité certainement accrue depuis quelques décades, que la contribution du Saπgha a l’activité sociale, voire politique, que la « modernisation » de l’enseignement religieux réalisée ici et là, ne finissent par être gravement dommageables à l’aspect contemplatif — donc essentiel — de la vie bouddhique.]34: noted. ‘The Meaning of Orthodoxy in Buddhism: A Protest’ by Bhikshu Saπgharakshita [Broadly speaking, the doctrine of anattå denies that in the absolute sense there exists in any object, whether transcendental or mundane, an eternal unchanging principle of individuality or selfhood. Logically it amounts to a repudiation of the ultimate validity of the principle of self identity.] last sentence noted: It does not.

32.  ‘“Franchise for women is very well in principle; but if you give franchise to women, they will vote red.”’ 33.  ‘It is possible that a man refuses to love anything on earth. He will test this refusal and he will demonstrate it by committing suicide. If he lives it is because, whatever he says, there remains in him some attachment to existence. His life will be shaped according to this attachment. It will justify itself in so far as it will authentically justify the world.’ 34.  ‘Yet it is to be found, in spite of a vitality certainly increased during the past few decades, that the participation of the Sangha in the social scene, even politically, and that the ‘modernization’ of the religious teaching realized here and there, will in the end be seriously prejudicial to the meditative—and therefore the essential—aspect of the Buddhist life.’


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...