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Are you sure you are the father? If you are in doubt, only a paternity test will let you know the truth. The DNA paternity test is the most scientifically accurate method to determine paternity.

Since 2001, the forensic laboratory we work with has carried out thousands of DNA paternity tests, under the strictest health and safety conditions.

A paternity test will provide you with the certainty that there is a paternity relationship between you and the tested child. In other words, if the child is not yours, the results of your paternity test will inform you with an absolute guarantee of certainty about the results.

Paternity testing from home, for peace of mind. Accredited laboratory. Reliable paternity test results in 3-5 days.

We offer you the best tests in the industry.

Our DNA paternity test is 100% accurate for "exclusion" tests cases where the alleged father is not the biological father.

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Paternitytest co uk  
Paternitytest co uk  

Are you positive that you are the father? If you are in doubt, simply a paternity test will certainly permit you understand the truth. The D...