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Patent Cost in India: Know About all the Costs Involved During the creation of an invention, it may come to your mind, “What is the patent cost in India?” The answer is not fixed, as it depends on you and your needs. Broadly speaking, you will have to shell out money for 2 purposes: 

Government fees

Professional charges

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Patent Registration Fees in India The patent registration fees in India basically depend on the type of patent application while filing the patent. Overall cost of obtaining a patent also includes the pay for the patent office and the patent service provider such as Your Patent Team. The patent registration fees in India involved during the patent process generally consist of: 

Government fee

Professional fee

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What are the costs/fees for patent registration in India? Patent Registration in India– Well there is no preset value or accurate answer to this question. However, we can help you by providing a generic view on the cost incurred which in turn will help you understand the cost structure. Your patent costs will actually depend on your decision- whether you want to get the patent process executed with the help of a patent agent/patent firm or you want to do it yourself. Here you can refer to one another article where you will know that Is it necessary to hire a patent agent to file a patent in India? Source Link:Click Here

Patent Filing Fees in India Filing a patent application requires submission of forms to the patent office along with the patent filing fees in India. This is the first and foremost step towards securing an invention in India. If the inventor has a class 3 digit certificate he can submit the form online. In the case of online application, the patent office charges an additional 10% fee. Source Link: Click Here

Cost of Patent Registration in India A patent application might be documented on Form-1 alongside Provisional/Complete Specification, with the recommended charge as given in First Schedule at a proper Patent office in India as per the jurisdiction. An application documented with

provisional specification reveals the nature of the invention and helps to register the priority date. Source Link: Click Here

Patent Filing : Various Kinds of Fees A Patent is a legal document granted by the government giving an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a specified period of time (generally 20 years). During this tenure, an applicant can enjoy an exclusive monopoly to make, sell, and license its granted invention to any third party. Source Link: Click Here

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Patent Cost in India  

Patent Cost in India