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Casa Horitzó Analytical Modeling RCR’s Rural House


Origami Shelter Design Fundamentals Origami Structures


Underground Haven Design Fundamentals Sequential Underground Oasis


Photography/Apparel Hobby Portraits/Landscape Outernorm Brand (apparel)


Screen Play Architectural Competition Ragdale Ring Submission

Casa Horitzó Partners: Julie Panek & Jacob Skraba Location: 42.218198° N, 2.426456° W (Casa Horitzó, Spain) Architects have ideas and those ideas must be visualized and communicated. Aside from sketches, drawings, diagrams, and plans, physical models are one of the most important tools for a designer since they allow, even if abstracted, representation in real space the complexity of an evolving work in its actual three-dimensional form and order. The objective of this studio was to analytically model aspects of RCR architects famous Casa Horitzó (Rural House).

Interior perspective

Studying materiality, site, and interaction with light and surroundings.

Modeling frame

Modeling negative space

Modeling the glass panels

Final form model

Photo courtesy of Carles SĂ nchez

Origami Shelter Partners: Tanner Else Location: 44.974458° N, -93.232683° W (Keller Hall, University of Minnesota) This project explores the idea of creating a complex structure, from just a single sheet of paper. Which when scaled up, serves as a shelter. The project guidelines prohibited using any form of binding (staples, glue, tape) while retaining the original mass of the sheet of paper. From a rigorous process of trial and error as well as precedent studies, the team was able to attain a complex structure that was not only functional but also reproducible.

Exploration models

Final models

Underground Haven Partners: Jessy Courtney & Tanner Else Location: 44.9704° N, 93.2351° W (East River Flats Park) Unlike traditional buildings that protrude out of the ground, this assignment solely focused, on the contrary, going down. The project guidelines required an underground structure with a designated amount of openings, all with direct access to sunlight. The following work portrays the groups’ interpretation of the prompt.

Exploration models

Final model hybrid

Aerial view

Interior perspective


Final model


Hybrid physical model

Exterior digital

Light Studies

Through the Lens What started out as a hobby in 2015 has become a part of my lifestyle. My experience includes portraits, landscapes, and wedding shoots. I strive to constantly expand my skills and learn new ways to capture moments that are intriguing, enjoyable, emotional and thought-provoking. As of Fall 2017, I expanded my scope into video production including storyboarding, shooting, and editing.

Model: Des Starr

Model: Sneh Bhakta

Model: Allye Doyle

Outernorm/Apparel Design As I have always been into apparel and design, I decided to launch my own clothing line, Outernorm. A brand for those who are bold, individual, and comfortable rejecting societal norms. From ideation to creation to commercialization, this company has been one of my biggest successes. It’s grown into a dynamic venture and I have big plans for its future. I have done all my own work, from designing the clothes to sourcing marketing materials to talking to manufacturers around the world.

Logo Designed by “Lukedesigns”

Screen Play Partners: Blake Invie and Mimi Vo Location: 42.262300° N, -87.849967° W (Lake Forest, IL) This workshop was crafted for students to understand how an architectural competition works and the magnitude of effort required to meet deadlines and deliver quality work. The class was divided into groups and by the end of the 7-week workshop, each group was required to submit a proposal to the Ragdale Ring Competition. Ragdale Foundation is a nationally acclaimed non-profit artist residency program located in Lake Forest, Illinois. The competition was seeking an inventive, site-responsive, large-scale submissions that explored intersections of architecture, sculpture, landscape, public art, and performance disciplines.

Section hybrid

The structure would be used for musical/theatrical performances held throughout the summer at the Ragdale Foundation. After a rigorous process of exploring and designing, individually and as a group, we finalized on a design, Screen Play. The structure is made for the whole, performers can tailor it specifically to their musical/theatrical needs, visitors have an endless canvas to express themselves, and residents of the foundation can easily create an infinite amount of unique spaces with the individual moving panels. 

Exterior perspective





Diagram of a single panel

Illustrating panels one directional movement

The group created several models before a final design was selected composing of themes and ideas from each individual. Top left: Study model to visualize different types of places that can be created. Top middle: A model showing an iteration of how the panels can move using pulleys. Bottom: Prototype model demonstrating how users can draw on the panels using chalk. 

Density models displaying how space can be used, whether it’s all panels up/down or any configuration desired. The red panel is three times the size of the other panels and is designated for bringing in equipment and gear.

Rendering done on Lumion

Interior perspective

a little about me Language English Hindi Gujarati

Proficiency OS

Windows Mac Os X

Word Office PowerPoint Excel

Pranay Sandip Patel T: (763)-482-4062 E: A senior at the University Of Minnesota School of Architecture. Talented and efficient individual, whose skills and know-how have yielded excellent results. An ambitious designer who is willing to tackle any problem with an open mind and a vast skill set.


Sketchup Rhino

3D modeling

Sketchup Rhino Revit

3D rendering

Lightup Enscape Lumion


Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Lightroom

Work Experience Design Volunteer, Newton Property Developers, Uganda May 2015- Present Newton Developers is a multi-service developing/construction company located in Kampala, Uganda. Working here has allowed me to develop skills in designing across cultures. I help with basic exterior design and renderings for interiors/exteriors. Student Specialist, Smart Learning Common, University Libraries May 2017- Present Having worked at the Smart Learning Commons I have been exposed to an abundance of technology as well as experience in providing technical support to students who rent out a variety of cameras and mics. I have been the go-to person for when patrons require help in post production, whether it be Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere. I have solidified my interpersonal as well as customer service skills at my time with the Smart Learning Commons, Volunteer, BAPS Minneapolis Temple; Brooklyn Center, MN Winter 2007-Present BAPS is a worldwide charity organization, that helps out with many charities around the world. I help out with the kids' activities. That ranges from teaching at Sunday school to playing football after. I work with other volunteers and we help out with planning all of the activities for the whole year. This helped me learn how to work professionally with other people. This skill has helped me in many areas of my life. Especially with the ability to communicate to different age groups. Pharmacy Technician, Walmart Maple Grove, MN May 2016-August 2017 Being a licensed technician has taught me technical skills and hands-on knowledge. I have a better understanding of a need for urgency in the workplace and how planning and prioritizing can make even the most complicated tasks smoother. I have witnessed first hand how the chain of command in the workplace helps keep productivity high and how delegating tasks can benefit everyone. Job Shadow, Khaitan and Co; Mumbai, India Summer of 2012 Khaitan and Co. is a law firm based in India, with clients from all around the world. During my time there I shadowed a partner of the firm and learned the importance of communication and how far a few favors can go. This gave me an opportunity to explore my career options in finance and law.

Achievements -Part of a state competition qualifying and regional second place FIRST Robotics Team -Earned a letter award in Academics -Licensed Pharmacy Technician -Started a successful summer business in providing Djing, Lighting and Photography services.

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Pranay Patel Selected Works  

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