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Overview: The Martin Yale 101 is a single spindle paper drill that is designed to drill one hole at a time in a stack of paper that is up to one inch thick. It works just like a drill press and is fast, easy and convenient. Using a paper drill is the fastest way to place holes in a stack of paper or documents and it allows you to choose the specific size and placement of the holes on the edge of your paper. This paper drill is designed to be easy to use and to meet the needs of a small print/copy shop, inplant copy center or mailroom.

Strengths / Features: The Martin Yale 101 has a convenient dial that allows you to choose any one of five preset positions along the edge of your paper for drilling. However, it can also be adjusted manually for drilling holes anywhere along the edge of sheets that are up to 11-5/8" in length. The 101 paper drill uses J-style hollow paper drill bits for boring the holes through your paper. It comes with a 1/4" bit to help you get started but you can buy custom sized drilling bits to produce holes as large as 9/32" in size. The Martin Yale 101 includes a clamping system that helps to hold your sheets in place during the drilling process. This clamping system helps to ensure that the pages don't move while you drill them.

Weaknesses / Limitations: The Martin Yale 101 is a single spindle drill with a one inch capacity. This means that you can only drill one hole in up to one inch of paper at a time. This is fine for low to moderate volume users. However, drills that can handle two inches of paper and can drill multiple holes at a time are ideal for higher volume applications. Of course, the price will also be higher. The Martin Yale 101 operates much like a drill press and like a conventional drill press, it is possible to break or burn up the drill bits. It is important to remember to lubricate the drill bits on a regular basis with Drill Ease lubricant and to go slow. Attempting to drill the paper too quickly can result in broken drill bits and other problems. The Martin Yale 101 paper drill comes with a 1/4" drill bit and a drill bit sharpener. However, if you are going to use the 101 you are going to want to invest in additional drill blocks, lubricant, replacement bits, and potentially the accessory kit that is designed for this drill. Don't forget to order these extras when you order the drill or you might find yourself unable to use your drill while you wait for a replacement bit or accessories.

Recommendation: The Martin Yale 101 paper drill is an excellent introductory paper drilling machine. It offers small printers, in plant print shops and copy shops the ability to drill custom hole patterns in up to an inch of paper at a time.

Larger volume users may want to consider a larger multiple spindle paper drill or a drill that can handle larger capacities of paper. These options will add productivity for a price. However, for users who opt for the Martin Yale 101 paper drill, it is important to remember to go slow, use drill lubricant and keep extra supplies on hand.

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Martin Yale 101 1 Single Spindle Electric Paper Drill Review