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Here are some ideas. I don't condone hurting someone or causing anyone grief. Use these at your own risk! 1. Agree With The Break Up 2. Move on To Someone Else 3. Give Back Their Stuff 4. Date their friend 5. Start a Rumor 6. Lose Weight 7. Get a Promotion 8. Get a New Job 9. Buy Something Nice For Yourself 10. Turn their Friends Against him/her 11. Accidentally Run Into Them on a Date 12. Don't Talk To Them 13. Get Them in Trouble 14. Get Back Together With Them 15. Get Back Together Then Dump Them 16. Brag About How Happy You Are 17. Throw a Party and Don't Invite Them 18. Kiss Someone in Front of Them 19. Do Something Outstanding 20. Make Fun of Them 21. Focus on Your Career. 22. Write a Nasty Letter and Don't Send It 23. Write a Nasty Letter and Send It! 24. Stay in Their Sights 25. Make Them Angry 26. Make Them Jealous. 27. Thank Them For Letting You Use Them. 28. Apologize 29. Make Their Friends Your Friends 30. Be Nice To Their Family. 31. Tell Your Family How Bad They Are. 32. Point Out Their Faults. 33. Point Out Your Achievements. 34. Send a Message Through The Grapevine 35. Buy Some Great Clothes. 36. Buy New Shoes 37. Buy a Video Game 38. Buy a Purse. 39. Change Your Phone Number 40. Set Up a Date and Don't Go. 41. Set Up a Date and Bring Someone Else. 42. Set Up A Date and Actually Go and Give it a Shot. 43. Be Nice to Them.

44. Send Them Flowers 45. Throw a Fit 46. Break All Ties 47. Show How Happy You Are Without Them. 48. Don't Return Their Calls. 49. Give Them Dirty Looks 50. Lead Them On. 51. Date Their Family. 52. Give Them False Information. 53. Have Fun 54. Play Love Songs 55. Play Break Up Songs 56. Send Them a Nasty Mixtape 57. Send Them a Good Mixtape. 58. Tell Them You Love Them 59. Tell Them You Hate Them. 60. Become Successful in Something 61. Copy Them 62. Directly Compete With Them and Wn. 63. Tell Your Friends Their Secrets 64. Perform a Spell 65. Go Talk To Them 66. Make Them Feel Bad. 67. Make Everyone Think You Are The Victim. 68. Tell Them You Cheated. 69. Stay Away From Them 70. Make Them Worry About You. 71. Keep Them Guessing 72. Make Them Want You Again. 73. Get a Haircut. 74. Change Your Life. 75. Don't Talk to Their Friends. 76. Buy a New Car. 77. Get a New Swimsuit. 78. Look Good In Front of Them. 79. Leave a Nasty Voicemail. 80. Tell Them How You Feel. 81. Tell Them You Love Them. 82. Try To Match Their Schedule. 83. Make Them Pay. 84. Make a lot of Money. 85. Go on a Trip. 86. Go Somewhere on Spring Break. 87. Go to a Strip Club. 88. Go To Bars/Clubs. 89. Walk Through Their Neighborhood. 90. Rip Up Their Photos. 91. Draw Funny Pictures of Them.

92. Play Hard To Get. 93. Have Your Friend Lead Them On. 94. Write a Story About Them. 95. Write a Song About Them. 96. Show Up at Their House. 97. Invite Them Over For Dinner. 98. Show Up At Their Work. 99. Bring a Date To Their Work. 100. Root For Their Rivals. 101. Get Rebounded. WARNING: Do you really want to hurt your ex? Maybe you will be better off trying to get back together. If you have such strong feelings of revenge, it also means you have strong feelings for them in your heart.

I Hope You Enjoyed my 101 Ways To Get Back At Your Ex. The Question is: Do You Really Want to Get Back at Them, Or Do You Want to Get Back With Them? Are you tired of playing games and want to get back together? Check out my free tips including a video at Get Ex Back For unbelievably effective techniques that help get your ex back, check out You will make it through this Good Luck with your quest and I am cheering for you!

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101 Ways to Get Back at Your Ex! Shocking Methods That Will Make Them Feel the Pain  
101 Ways to Get Back at Your Ex! Shocking Methods That Will Make Them Feel the Pain  

Here are some ideas. I don't condone hurting someone or causing anyone grief. Use these at your own risk!