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It has been a week since the "Be Original" project has been started. Thanks to all of you for your valuable contributions and you can still contribute to this project after reading the rules. As I had promised, I will now make a super resource post which will help bloggers and readers alike. It will have a staggering 101 ways to create original posts from some of the best minds in the blogosphere. Hopefully, we all can create more original content till the project comes to an end. 101 Ways to create original blog posts Part 1: Tips 1-10:

Write about what I love. This is probably the most important step. If you write about something you're not very interested in, it will show. If you write about something you passionately care about, that you read about on a daily basis, that inspires you to write, it will shine through. And more often than not, it will be original, because the original part is the passion in your writing, not necessarily the information. Put myself into every post. It's incredibly difficult to come up with an original idea, as so many great thinkers have come before us. Most thoughts have been thought before. But there has never been a "me" before, and if I put my thoughts, experiences, hopes, fears and deepest desires into my writing, it will be different, at least a little, from other writing. Google Alerts. This the best resource for keeping abreast of what's going on in one's industry. The down side is... Read more such ways: 101 ways to create original blog posts

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101 Ways to Create Original Blog Posts