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Ty pe : R ak s has a

Title : Parter : Child : Parent :

Type : R ak sh asa

Ravana’s son None None Ravana & Dhanyamalini

Title : Ravana’s Second wife Parter : Ravana, Tao-lastien Child : Atikaya (Banlaigalph) Parent : The king of Nagas

Dark Brown Frizzy hair like an affro! And he always wear a local head band.

Red skin tone

He has a gloosy and slick skin by applied a Holy Aloe vera water! No one can hold, no thing can hur t.

She i s a d a uth e r of Ta o k a l n a g a s ( The ki n g of Na g a s ) , i n th e way she we a r th e un i q ue h e a d d re s s, t he top of h e r h e a d d re s s i s Phraya -Na g a s’s h e a d.

D hanyamal ini al way s l o o k d i s p le a s e d, co l d and c ru e l. B e c au se of s h e i s a dauther of The king of Nagas, w h o ‘s Th e G re at Lo rd o f N e t h e r wo rl d. Yellow Beige skin tone

Atikaya was the son of Ravana and his second wife Dhanyamalini in the Rama ya n a e p i c. Ati k aya wa s t he younger stepbrother of Indrajit and was extremely powerful. Also is the nephew of The king of Nagas. Once upon a time when he in furiated Lord Shiva atop Mount Kailasha, the deit y hurled his Trishula (divine trident) at Atikaya, but Atikaya caught the Trishula in mid air and folded his hands before the lord in a humble manner. Lord Shiva was pleased at seeing this, and benevolently blessed Atikaya with

the secrets of archery and divine weapons.

and no thing can hurt.

'Dhanyamalini' is a daughter of Tao Kal Nagas (The king of Nagas) who is the great lord of nether world. In the first time he wants his daughter to betroth to Vishrava (or Ta o -Lasti en), R avana's Father. But in the end she's the second wife Ravana, and they have just one child 'Atikaya' or Banlaigalph who was applied a skin with aloe vera water by his gra ndfat her. B anlai g alp h has a glossy and slick skin, no one can hold,

After the war is a battle of Banlaigalph and Hanuman, Banlaigalph need to get even with all of Rama's team for his father. Hanuman can't hur t him because of his skin was slick! But when Hanuman thrown some sand to his skin will work! Hanuman kill him with his trident dagger!

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