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The 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014

Entry Prospectus Presenter: Chew's Culture Foundation Organizer: Hong-Gah Museum (hereunder referred to as the Museum) Curators: Jow-Jiun GONG and Nobuo TAKAMORI Co-curators: JiaZhen TSAIHsin-I LIN Academic Advisors: Hsuta LINRong-Bang PENG I.

Presenter: Chew's Culture Foundation came to realization with the preliminary proposal brought forth by musician, Ma Shui-Lung. The Foundation started off as a platform for Taiwanese musicians to showcase their works, and the initial core was based on the Spring-Fall Contemporary Music. It then reached out to promote diverse cultural activities, and in the year 1999, the Hong-Gah Museum was established with the principle to promote contemporary and new media arts in Taiwan and also to serve as a multi-functional exhibition venue. Chew's Culture Foundation and Hong-Gah Museum are both founded by Mr. Andrew Chew, and continue to receive high acknowledgements in the fields of arts and cultures, including the 1998 and 2006 National Cultural Benefactor Award’s Special Award and Jury Award from the Council for Cultural Affairs of Taiwan.


Objective: 1. The call for entries is initiated by Chew's Culture Foundation and Hong-Gah Museum, and the objective is to promote the production and research of video art. With the exhibitions of artworks from the invited and selected artists, we anticipate more international artistic and cultural interactions to take place in Taiwan. This international exhibition is a biennial event with the year 2014 being the 4th exhibition. 2. Selected artists with works pertaining to this year’s exhibition "The Return of Ghosts" will be invited by the curators to participate in the exhibition. In addition, an international open entry will be conducted to select works suitable for the exhibition. 3. The phrases such as animism, ghosts and the mysterious power of Mother Nature appear to be the matters of pre-modern era. Nevertheless, these concepts are never gone; instead, they are merely covered by the narratives of progressive view of history in the process of modernization. Especially in Shamanism, what is the relationship between the modern world and the agents of spirits such as psychics, sorcerers and red aunts? In what forms do ghosts, spirits, animism, Shamanism, and the super powers of Mother Nature come to life in modern society? And what kind of discourses can they offer to review contemporary life and modernity and to restore the scene of modern history? We sincerely invite the artists of video art all around the world to seek for the return of ghosts.

NOTE:For detailed information please refer to the Entry Prospectus III.

Eligibility: Open to all domestic and international artists at the age of 18 or above, working with video art.



Entry Deadline and Submission:

Submission is due on April 30th, 2014. (Mail submissions postmarked after this deadline will not be considered.) V.

Acceptance Notification: The entry acceptances will be published on


Exhibit Dates: October 25th, 2014 – January 18th, 2015


Application and Submission:

1. Entry Prospectus and application forms can be downloaded from 2. Acquire the account ID and password via email: 3. Entry Submission: Printed documents by registered mail to Hong-Gah Museum (11F, No. 166, Daye Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City, 11268 Taiwan). Please indicate “2014 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition Entry” on the envelope. VIII. Submission Instructions:

1. Entry Materials: #Via online upload: (1) For the ease of editing to high-definition video after selection, please acquire your account ID and password, and upload your video to the cloud drive “Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition”.

(2) For the ease our jury selection process, please name your submitted artwork in the format of “2014TIVA_Name of the Artwork” and upload it to YouTube. Then send the video link to You may need to open the permission for us to access and download. #Via Postal Service: (1) Two copies of the Artwork DVD (2) One of two copies of DVD must be in common video format for editing to high-definition video for the event in the case it is selected. (3) The other must be in DVD-VIDEO format for jury selection. #Artwork Specifications: Length of the video: 20 minutes or shorter Format: NTSC, and please kindly indicate its resolution (720x480, 720x486, 1280x720, 1920x1080), frame per-second speed (24p, 30p, 60i, 60p), aspect ratio, etc. Note: (1) Mark the name of the author, title of the artwork, length and format of the video with intelligible handwriting. (2) Please provide the video in the format of H.264 or MP4 if your artwork is a HD video. (3)

Convert non-NTSC into NTSC to assure the quality of images won’t be

compromised during format change. #Submission Documents: (1) Printed Entry Forms



Two hard copies of the typed out application form


Complete and signed declaration form

(2) Disc of Electronic Entry Form A.

Filled application form


Six screenshot pictures of the submitted work in JPG format


Transcripts of the dialogues in the video (only pertaining to entries with subtitles)

Note: (1) Either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) is eligible for screenshots pictures. (2) Please kindly provide the transcripts (MS-WORD or PDF) if your work contains high quantity of dialogues that requires viewers’ understanding. 2. Important Notice: (1) Moving images related materials such as single-channel artworks are acceptable. (2) All CD/ DVD must be clearly marked with the artist’s name and the file contents (please do not use label stickers). (3) All entry materials will not be returned. Please do keep a copy of your own. (4) Please make sure all entry materials are complete. Presenter/Organizer reserves the rights to disqualify an entry due to incomplete materials/information. IX.

Entry Regulation: 1. May enter as an individual or as a group 2. Maximum two entries are allowed for each individual or group, and entries are restricted to single-channel videos created after January/1st /2009 those have not been previously shown in any exhibitions in Taiwan. 3. The following will lead to disqualification: (1) Works violate copyright (works of copyright infringement or unclear copyrighted sources) (2) Works that have been exhibited in Taiwan before. (3) Works with content unrelated to the curatorial themes. (4) Submissions without the signed declaration form to show the entrant’s agreement to comply with.


Selection Process: 1. Panel of juries of prominent scholars and professionals 2. Twenty entries will be selected to be included in the exhibition (the panel of juries reserves the rights to adjust the number of selections according to the entries)


Rewards: 1. The selected works are qualify for the exhibition. 2. The selected works will be included in related publications. (catalogue, CD, website…) 3. The selected entrants will receive two sets of the exhibition related publications.




1. The curators have the full control to the planning of the exhibition. 2. The works on exhibit may not be for loan during the exhibition. 3. The insurance coverage of the artworks on exhibit will be based on the actual insurance policy. 4. The artist owns rights on all original artworks he/she creates. For the purpose of promotion, the Presenter obtains the rights to use the artworks for research, photo shoots, media reports, printed materials, publications, and also on all exhibitions related materials, magazines, digital media, and internet. 5. The Presenter furthermore obtains the rights to sell the publications that are produced in conjunction with the exhibition. XIII.

Should there be any need to alter or add to this prospectus, the Presenter reserves

such rights to do so with public announcements. XIV.

Contacts: Hong-Gah Museum Exhibition Department:

Tel: 886-2-2894-2272, Fax: 886-2-2897-3980, E-mail:


To be filled out by the museum Receiving # File #

The 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014

Entry Application Form (COVER)

Work Title: Basic Kit Applicant Name: Gonzalo Cueto Vera

Application Date:





To ensure smooth processing and to protect your rights, please make sure all the items are correctly prepared before submission… Please complete all items on the entry form. Complete information will help the jury to better understand your proposal.

Do you meet the time and eligibilities as listed in the entry prospectus? (Please double check on all items in the prospectus.)

Entry Application Form 2 copies (One original, one photocopy)

Did you sign the declaration form, and include one original signed form and one photocopy?

Did you fill out in completion all the items on the forms?

If you are submitting as a group:

Please fill out each group member’s information on the application


Please be sure to make a copy of all forms for your own reference

All application forms must be printed and submitted on A4 paper, and ONLY use a PAPER CLIP to put together all paper works. Please do NOT bind or put extra covers on the documents.


The 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014 Entry Form (I. Artist Form) Chinese Name

Gonzalo Cueto Vera

English Name



Personal Information Date of Birth

ID Card



X Male / female

Passport Number


Visual Artist

Highest Degree


Master of Contemporary Art Theory and Practice. U. Complutense of Madrid. Spain

Contact Information Tel(Office):



Fax: Permanent Address : Santa Laura 090. Temuco. Chile zip code:4800850 Mailing Address(if different from above) zip code:- Previous Exhibitions or Awards (list 5) year

Exhibition or Award with Prize


“LES RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES”. New Cinema and Contemporary Art. Paris. France

2014 2013 2012 2012


“Screen Festival“. Videoart. Oslo. Noruega. Explosions / Territory-body / Conflict. Collective. Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago. Chile. File Electronic Language International Festival. Archive. Sao Paolo. Brasil Artist residency grant-funded research and AECID Spain. Rural Urban Interactions Project. Out of Country Project. Rural Art Center. Argentina.

The 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014 Entry Form (II. Artwork Form) Title

Year of 2013 Creation

Basic Kit


6(min) 48(sec)

X Color / Black & White

Video System

x Single Channel  Double Channel  Interactive Video  Performing Video  Other Image Ratio

 4:3 x 16:9

 DVD  Mini DV Material x Digital Video File (MPEG / H.264……) Audio

MONO x Surround Sound 5.1 Channel  Mute

x NTSC  PAL  SECAM  35mm  Beta cam x HDV  DV  Other 24p 1980 x 1080 Full HD


If the DVD contains special transfer format or coding, please provide the relevant information.

statement (work description or artist statement 300-500 words.)

The video loop reads. Where see still camera and planes of different lengths, to a subject, using a bucket of mirrors as head initiates a series of actions and seemingly unrelated paths in a space where we can see residues of forestry and small trees newly planted; some of them are already dry. On the horizon, we noticed a strong plume projecting bankruptcy and the apparent calm of the frame. This residual and undermined, landscape is also sometimes stage of resistance to neoliberal progress. The video action we observe that imaginary fictionalises mixed range from paintings, landscape destruction and self-defense, in a place not of our contemporary history. The action is basically oppose that (our ) imagination residual , a series of light signals, wherein the video plays at being a future that reality look, using sunlight and smoke, as signs of the latter Flexible margin we being left , which is based primarily on first calculating an escape , rejecting installed in the final place in our economic diaspora. Light reflected from the mirror head, which also reflects its contextual landscape that is both ghostly imaginary subject area and also wound up blinding lights lens camera that records and conveys to us the viewers, as witnesses to the limit of its Adventure. The action is, in this sense landscape around a territory, a ghostly frame becomes the subject in that shamanic ride on the fragments, which resembles a living never felt something like a membership. In the contemporary landscape, we could be anywhere, where the story takes place, depends on its distance movement of commodities. Anyway, we do not produce memories rather future needs. Gonzalo Cueto Chile.


Declaration Form:I fully understand and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the “4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014”. If any infringement occurs, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the submission. Signature of Entrant:





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