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About us Patagon Journal is more than a travel magazine, and more than a "Patagonia Geographic." This is also a publication for the aficionado who has had the good fortune to get to know Patagonia and, like many, came away forever affected by its extraordinary character and beauty. It’s for people who enjoy the outdoors: fly fishermen, trekkers, climbers, snowboarders, skiers, kayakers, cyclists and others who appreciate the amazing opportunities this region has to offer them in the practice of their sport. Most of all, this magazine is about enjoying and protecting the last, large wild places left on the planet, Patagonia in particular. Mission: to build a greater appreciation, understanding and environmental protection of Patagonia.

Why Patagonia? There is a very good reason thousands of

Today, Patagonia continues to attract

show that more than 2.5 million people

Chileans from all walks of life protest in

legions of admirers and mobilizes

travel to Chile and Argentina each

the streets against the construction of

enormous interest from people around

year from North America and Europe.

hydroelectric dams on Patagonia’s rivers.

the world in conserving its natural and

According to Chile’s National Tourism

Going back centuries, this southern region

cultural heritage. Patagonia is a land of

Service (SERNATUR), international tourism

in Chile and Argentina, encompassing

amazing natural contrasts. The Andean

is increasing by nearly 10 percent per year

an area about the size of France and

mountain range dominates the center

over the past decade and the number

Span combined, has left an indelible

of the region, with long stretches of

one reason 49 percent of those foreign

impression on everyone who has come

windswept desert steppe found alongside

travelers specifically choose Chile as

to know it. Pirates, explorers, scientists

one of the world’s largest ice fields, fast

their travel destination? Patagonia.

and writers throughout history all have

flowing rivers, and lush forests. This is one

one common denominator in their tales:

of the world’s last places where you can

an admiration for the beauty of the

experience pristine nature on a grand


scale. Patagonia is among the world’s leading destinations for ecotourism, adventure travel and outdoors sports. Statistics

What people are saying about Patagon Journal “There is a lot of potential for foreign tourism to keep growing and we believe that Patagon Journal is a great tool for boosting tourism in our Patagonia.” | Fernando Ortuzar, director, Lakes Region, Chile’s National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) “I wish you success in all the work and adventures ahead. I will continue reading every month, Chile has needed a magazine like this one.” | Fernando Donoso, Puerto Montt, Chile “Looks great, well done and congrats on getting the first edition off the ground. Keep up the great work!” | Ryan Ashton, director, Quiksilver Foundation

What people are saying about Patagon Journal

“I have been six times to Patagonia, and surely have driven 10,000 kilometers of roads in the region, so I am always looking for news from there and today the website of Patagon Journal is among my "top 10." | Raul Ortuzar, Patagon Journal subscriber, Sao Paolo, Brazil

“I had the pleasure of picking up the first addition of the Patagon Journal before leaving Patagonia this year. Great job! I'm really glad to see a publication like this coming out of the region in Spanish/English. I came across the magazine at my friend Mitch's restaurant in Futaleufu.” | Jon Clark, Bryson City, North Carolina, United States

Quarterly magazine Written in English and Spanish

路 Destinations This section includes

and published four times a year,

two travel stories about places or

each issue has writing in an

excursions in Patagonia, Chile or

entertaining, literate style together

Argentina. The section also includes a

with extraordinary and abundant

hotel review and a restaurant review.

photography about nature, culture, travel and outdoors sports in Chilean

路 Photo Essay Our regular pictorial

and Argentine Patagonia.

contains up to eight photos that feature the work of usually an

路 Features At the front of the

outstanding, single photographer on

magazine, our features cover a wide

a specific theme.

array of topics, they are in-depth and always with rich photography.

路 Departments each issue includes

It includes our cover story, at least

Currents, which has briefs and short

three other articles, and often related

articles on timely developments,

to a particular theme in the issue,

books, films, products, and travel,

and an interview with an individual

outdoors and environmental news;

who has in some way made a mark on

Species Profile, which profiles a


unique species of fauna or flora found in Patagonia; and several regular departments and columns on fly fishing, trekking, mountaineering, the environment, and travel and outdoor gear.

Multiple digital platforms Our web page,, hosts not just the magazine but has additional content such as blogs, web feature stories, opinion columns, video, photography, news briefs, and an online store that includes travel deals. The quarterly magazine is available as well on tablets such as iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle, and smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry.

Top writers and photographers • Jimmy LangmaN: Our executive editor, has been a correspondent for Newsweek, and newspapers such as Miami Herald and The Guardian of London • Carolyn McCarthy: Our trekking columnist, has authored more than a dozen Lonely Planet travel guidebooks and the book “Trekking in the Patagonian Andes” • Evelyn Pfeiffer: Our deputy editor, is a travel correspondent for Santiago newspaper La Tercera and the author of a book about the history of Torres del Paine • Christie Pashby: A deputy editor, for more than 10 years has been the author of the Frommer’s travel guidebooks to Chile and Argentina • Claudio Almarza: A contributing editor, has authored 9 books, is a longtime National Geographic photographer and founder of Geografica magazine in Chile • Rex Bryngelson: A fly fishing columnist, has written for publications such as Sports Illustrated, Fly Rod & Reel, Field & Stream, and Paddler magazine •Jack Miller: Contributing editor, has written for National Geographic and American Alpine Journal and is a former trip leader for Mountain Travel/Sobek

Our readers Thanks to its bilingual presentation, Patagon Journal has a fast growing readership among not just Chileans and Argentines but people from around the world. In contrast to newspapers or general interest magazines, as a niche

publication you can be sure that if someone is reading Patagon Journal there is a strong likelihood that they: • Have a strong interest in Patagonia and its way of life; • Enjoy traveling and are potential travelers to Patagonia; • Practice outdoors sports such as fly fishing, trekking, climbing, kayak, cycling or others; • Are environmentalists, photographers or nature

lovers who appreciate the beauty and extraordinary qualities of this region’s natural resources. Such a readership implies highly diverse ages, income

brackets and professions: they are students, retirees and doctors, general managers and salesmen, athletes and botanists.

Key facts and figures • Our website receives on average 10,000 visits per month from more than 60 countries (led by Chile, U.S., Argentina, Spain and Great Britain) • Our Chile distributor, Copesa, reports that the magazine had more than a 35 percent sell-through rate at newsstands and stores, unprecedented for a first issue • Our Facebook page as of June 2012 had 5050 followers • 53% of our readers are women (data from Facebook Insights) • 69% of our readers are between the ages of 25-54 (Facebook Insights) • The majority of our subscribers live outside of Chile

Distribution As a quarterly magazine, our

the United States to subscribers, and

events, national tourism boards, tour

magazine circulates for at least three

via newsstands, bookstores, specialty

operators, hotels, resorts, cruise ships,

months in stores and newsstands.

outdoors stores, and airports, among

cafes, and others. Through Zinio,

Moreover, because of its high quality

other outlets. In Chile, our distributor

the world’s largest digital newsstand

photography, writing and design,

is Copesa, which distributes Patagon

for magazines, we are available on

Patagon Journal is a collectable

Journal on the same national

iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle,

magazine that most readers will

distribution network as its La Tercera

Blackberry, iPhone, other tablets and

keep in their homes or offices for

newspaper. In North America, we are


years. Marketing experts agree that

distributed by Ingram Periodicals,

a magazine with our characteristics

which distributes in select cities at

probably will be shared with at least 5

Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Gander

people over time.

Mountain, Jo-Anns, REI and other outlets. The magazine also has a

Patagon Journal distributes 10,000

large free circulation via international

print copies in Chile, Argentina, and

travel and outdoors fairs, special

Marketing opportunities Patagon Journal is a magazine on multiple platforms: an interactive website; digital tablets such as iPad, Android and Kindle; smartphones such as Blackberry and iPhone; and a print magazine available in diverse outlets in Chile and internationally. We also have a big presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter; periodically send out an email newsletter; produce special events such as photography expositions and contests; organize exclusive travel programs. The Patagon Journal Readers Club offers special discounts on products and trips for our subscribers. As such, in addition to traditional ads in the print magazine and website, Patagon Journal can design a marketing strategy, including special articles, videos and other content, that will help promote your brand or destination still further. Get in touch with us to design a customized marketing campaign.

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2012 For more information, or to see our ad price sheet: Jimmy Langman, Executive Editor (56 65) 235056 cell (56 9) 79045564

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