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PATAGONIA PHOTOSAFARIS Expedition Cruises in Patagonia, season 2018 - 2019

T emporada - 2017

exclusive exploration cruise , especially dedicated to photography and wildlife observation in the remote region of




and the

Magellan Strait, CHILE

Š 2010 Luis Bertea R.

Luis de Saboya Glacier Parry sound


We’d like to invite you to join us on this exclusive Photography Expedition aboard the M/N Forrest, sailing through the fjords of Patagonia and visiting Francisco Coloane Marine Park in the Magellan Strait. This expedition, guided by photographers and nature experts, is designed for all those who have a love for photography and nature. We are committed to making your experience in Patagonia unique, an opportunity to explore pristine landscapes visited by very few. We look forward to having you with this adventure! Luis Bertea Patagonia Photosafaris

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Š 2012 Luis Bertea R.


This alliance has allowed us to create an

alliance with Expedición Fitz Roy, to offer

exploration cruise in which we’ll embark on

expedition cruises through the Magellan

a search for the most fascinating nature

Strait and Tierra del Fuego aboard the

spots Patagonia has to offer.

M/N Forrest, a tourism vessel especially equipped for sailing in this area.

Join us on one of our adventure cruises and discover with us this wild geography

This motorship was conceived as much

in its purest state, just as it was 500 years

more than just a vessel to carry out

ago when Ferdinand Magellan became the

regular itinerary daytrips to the spectacular

first European to explore it.

locations of the fjords and southern canals; its technical design, facilities and

All you need - apart from your camera - is

interior infrastructure, along with the size

a desire to discover new places, a passion

of its deck, its electronic navigation and

for adventure, good humour in the face

communication systems and its auxiliary

of the unexpected, a respectful attitude

equipment, make it the ideal vessel for

towards nature and wildlife, and the soul

other activities that require a “mothership”

of an explorer in search of pristine lands

or a platform from which expeditions in

untouched by man.

photography, sports and special interests can be organised.


We look forward to having you aboard!

Fitz Roy Expedition

Patagonia Photosafaris has formed an

in adventure

Expedición Fitz Roy & Patagonia Photosafaris Expedition Cruises



Ballena Jorobada (Megaptera novaeangliae) Una caracterĂ­stica de esta especie es el poseer aletas pectorales muy largas, pueden llegar a medir un tercio del total del cuerpo

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Expeditions Routes Fitz Roy 1

Francisco Coloane Marine Park

2 13






Tucker islet EXPEDITIONS ROUTES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Punta Arenas Punta Carrera Caleta María Parry fjord Darwin glacier Brookes fjord Finlandia fjord Auer fjord Tucker islet Gabriel channel Bárbara channel Helado sound Carlos III island Aguila bay

Ballena sound

6 3 4 8 7


Sarmiento mount

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Fitz Roy Expedition

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Francisco Coloane Marine Park



Almirantazgo sound & Strait of Magellan 7 days on the M/V FORREST

Navigation through the Magellan Strait, the De Agostini and Almirantazgo sounds and Francisco Coloane Marine Park.

Day 0 Punta Arenas

Arrival in Punta Arenas. Evening meeting at the hotel and welcome dinner.

Day 1 Almirantazgo Sound - Jackson Bay

We will leave at 8 am from Punta Arenas, heading towards Carreras Bay, located 52 km south of the city, there the M/S Forrest awaits us. Already on board we will cross the Straight of Magellan heading Brookes Sound.

Day 2 Jackson Bay - Parry Bay

In the morning we will divide into 2 groups and visit the Black Eyebrow Albatross colony on a small islet and an Elephant Seal colony in Jackson Bay (alternating groups to enjoy both places). During the afternoon we will sail in the Parry Fjord to admire spectacular glaciers surrounded by the highest icy peaks of the Darwin Range, at the bottom of the fjord we will see if it is possible to find a Leopard Seal. At sunset we will sail towards our next destination.

Day 3 Brookes Fjord - Finlandia Fjord

In the morning we will tour the wonderful Finland and West Finland fjord and Glacier, in an environment of forests and waterfalls, with large ice on the beach. In the afternoon we will visit the Auer fjord, till we get to the Runeberg Glacier in its head. In the afternoon we will sail towards the Gabriel Channel.

Day 4 Gabriel Channel - Caleta Dighton

Early in the morning we will go out in the boats to visit the Tucker Islands, place of Magellanic Penguins, Skuas, Cormorant of the rocks and Imperials Cormorants, non flying Quetru ducks (Magellanic flightless steamer duck) ducks and Kelp geese, among other birds, in addition we will observe One Hair Sea lions that use their rocks to rest. After lunch we will sail through the Gabriel Channel to leave Tierra del Fuego behind, to navigate the Strait of Magellan towards the second part of this expedition, the Francisco Coloane Marine Park, a place for bird watching, Sea Lions and feeding the Humpback

Whale. After 10 hours of sailing we will arrive at Dighton Cove, near Santa Ines Island, in the Barbara Channel.

Day 5 Bรกrbara Channel - Helado Sound

We will wake up anchored in the Barbara Channel, after breakfast we will sail to the Shag Passage, in search of Humpback Whales, this is an area where they are feeding among birds and sea lions. After spending all day watching whales, we will head to the Shag Passage to anchor.

Day 6 Carlos III Island - Aguila Bay

We will begin the morning touring the Kaweskar National Park, on the island of Santa Ines, which has a beautiful fjord called Helado Sound, in its background you will appreciate the imposing Sarmiento and Helado Glaciers that we will visit and we will be able to observe Gulls, Quetro ducks (Flying steamer duck), Kelp geese, Imperial and Royal Cormorants. During the afternoon we will continue looking for whales in the Shag Passage, and then at approximately 6 pm, we will sail towards Aguila Bay.

Day 7 Aguila Bay - Punta Arenas

We will land in Aguila Bay, used between 1905 and 1915 by the Magellan Whaling Society, a company of Punta Arenas dedicated to whaling for a decade, part of the pier, a boiler and whale bones are mute witnesses. Here we will begin the walk to reach the southernmost lighthouse on the American continent; San Isidro Lighthouse (1904) is about two hours between the coast and the evergreen forest. After visiting the lighthouse, we will return aboard. We will start sailing to Carreras Bay after lunch, where they will come to pick us up at 3 pm to take us to the hotel.

Countless photographic opportunities make this an unforgettable expedition.

Albatros islet

Black eyebrow albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys)

Finlandia glacier Brookes fjord

© 2015 Luis Bertea R.

Glaciar Helado, isla Santa Inés


Information about expedition Departure dates 2018 - 2019 • Fitz Roy Expedition - December 13 to 19 - 2018 • Fitz Roy Expedition - January 21 to 27 - 2019 • Fitz Roy Expedition - February 21 to 27 - 2019 • Fitz Roy Expedition - March 29 to April 04 - 2019 Price per participant • Fitz Roy Expedition - US$ 3.300 per person Bookings • For bookings and queries, please write to Deposit • US$ 600 Trip confirmation deposit The price of the expedition includes: One night in hotel, welcome coktail, transport to and from the boat, accommodation, meals, guide services and open bar. Not included in the expedition price: Local flights, tips, travel insurance, Chilean entry tax, extra beverages, a la carte menu, laundry service, phone calls and any other items or services of personal nature. *Important During the sea voyage, the activities described in this programme will not necessarily be carried out in this order. We will study the weather conditions on a day-to-day basis to make the best use of our time and of any possibilities of visiting new areas. Some disembarkment points will also vary, depending on the interests of the group or the weather conditions.

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Auer fjord Runeberg glacier

7days cruise to, remote regions of the Magellan Strait and Tierra del Fuego. Sail through Francisco Coloane Marine Park in the Magellan Strait, in search of the Humpback whale. Sail the coastline of the stunning Darwin Range, exploring fjords and glaciers. An itinerary designed for observation of marine mammals, dolphins, sea elephants, leopard seals and South American fur seals and sea lions, among other species. A wide variety of birdlife such as penguins, albatross, petrels, skuas, Antarctic terns, cormorants as well as other sea and land birds. Spectacular landscapes and the world’s southernmost forests and their diversity of plantlife. Personalised assistance from photography experts. Participate in talks on glaciology, the wildlife of the Strait and its history, among others. Kayak expeditions through floating ice. Disembark at the foot of glaciers such as Santa InÊs, Aguila, De Agostini, Serrano, Fitton and Escondido, among others.

All this for a small, privileged group of no more than 20 participants. 22

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© 2016 Luis Bertea R.

Š 2016 Luis Bertea R.


Thanks to the versatility of our vessel we’re able to explore bays far away from the regular tourist routes

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Factsheet Length : Beam : Draught : TRG : Engine : Builder : Crew : Passengers staying: Pullman seat passengers: Accommodations :

Heating : Run time : Liferafts : Auxiliary vessels :

26,21 meters 6,7 meters 2,6 meters 144 ton Kelvin TS8 320 HP J. Cook (Inglaterra) 1967 11 20 40 4 cabins quadruplets 2 double cabins 4 Bathrooms Central hot water 20 days 4 x 25 pax c/u two 12-passenger boats Pumar one 6 passengers a zodiac boat







Distribution cabins under deck, M/V Forrest



2 Bunks

2 Bunks


2 Bunks

2 Bunks

2 Bunks

2 Bunks 2 Bunks



2 Bunks

2 Bunks


2 Bunks


© 2010 Luis Bertea R.




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My adventures with Luis Bertea: I went in the FitzRoy Expedition, first in February of 2011 and was so delighted, that I returned in January of 2012, not to mention that I will be returning in 2013. I had been many places and in many photographic cruise but this different for many reasons. First of all is the geographic location of the navigation, the Straits of Magellan’s. Secondly is the exotic wildlife that you will encounter, such various species of penguins, whales and birds; imagine seating next to a black-browed albatross or having a whale surface next to your boat turning the watching action around. The wildlife in this area reminds me to that in the Galapagos Islands, they show no fear of man, so getting a great image is assured. Third, the landscapes encountered while navigating the Strait with tall mountains and glaciers coming down to the water’s edge is striking. There are forest too, and these are different; mostly of smaller trees with with colorful leaves. One thing I noticed, not many insects. Fourth, the R/V Forrest and its crew. It carries no more than 18 passengers so it is not overcrowded. The food has two strikes against the weight conscious, first it is incredible “gourmet food” and secondly, it is abundant. And then, there is a free flow of beer and famous name liquors; no shortcuts here. And finally the most important; the crew. No friendly and competent crew I have found in any of my previous cruises, and encompass ships carrying from 50 to 2000 passengers. By the time you leave, may have found new friends for life. But then, there is Luis, this one is always “pestering” you wanting to know if you are having a good time and what else you need? Jose E. Hernandez 2º expedition - 2011, 1º expedition - 2012 & 2º expedition - 2015


Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Š 2010 JosÊ Hernandez

Chag passage, Barbara channel

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Humpback whales, Chag passage

Chag passage, Barbara channel

Expedition Cruises


Š 2016 Luis Bertea R.


If you wish to explore and photograph the best of Patagonia, venture through fjords and channels to reach the very end of Terra Australis, you really must discover the concept of expedition which has become the trademark of the Alliance between Patagonia Photosafaris and M/V Forrest. Exploration cruises in search of some of the best spots for capturing the most spectacular images a true adventure voyage into Patagonia.

Expedition Cruises


Black-browed Albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys)

Sec re t s anctuar y of the h u mp b a c k wh a l e

Humpback whales have been known to migrate through the Pacific Ocean from the warm waters of Central America, where they breed, to the freezing Antarctic waters in which they feed each summer. However, a group of Chilean scientists discovered that some of these great mammals have chosen the surroundings of the island of Carlos III as their feeding waters. They normally swim south together from the Equator line, but for some unknown reason, some of them decide to stay in the Magellan Strait while the others continue their journey towards Antarctica. This rare phenomenon makes this the only place in the southern hemisphere where Humpback whales feed away from the white continent. 100 humpback whales have been registered here, and are in fact quite easy to sight. In 2003, this location was declared the first Protected Marine Area of our country and was named “Francisco Coloane Marine Park”, in honour of the local writer who was particularly fond of these lands. Together with the Humpback whale, it is occasionally possible to sight other whales such as the Minke, the Sei and the Orca, as well as a great number of colonies of South American Fur Seals and South American Sea Lions. There is a considerable amount of birdlife in the area: albatross, petrels, ringed kingfishers, hummingbirds, Austral rails, owls, flying steamerducks, kelp geese and vultures, among others. The condor also dominates the mountain peaks in this area. And the most important of them all is the Magellan penguin, which nests on the isle of Rupert. Plantlife grows under the protection of the strong winds and harsh climatic conditions. The Magellanic Coigüe, Antarctic Beech, Guaitecas cypress and Winter’s bark are some of the scarce tree species that are able to resist these howling winds. Growing closely under their shelter, we find beautiful shrubs and herbs such as the chilco and the coicopihue. And dominating most of the soil surface, we find another bizarre form of vegetation: the turba, a complex, delicate ecosystem of moss, tiny poaceae, ferns and decomposing vegetable matter. This Marine Park is one of the most important attractions of our expeditions aboard the M/N Forrest, which last between 3 and 8 days, offering you the opportunity to enjoy all the scenic beauty of the fjords and visit the Santa Inés Glacier located inside Whale Sound.


© 2016 Luis Bertea R.

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)

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Š 2016 Luis Bertea R.


Barbara channel, Straits of Magellan

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Š 2010 Luis Bertea R.


Fitton glacier, Tierra del Fuego Expedition Cruises



Dear Luis, we would like to give you a sign of life after returning home to Germany. It was an unforgettable experience for us to be with you on board of the expedition ship to the glaciers, fjords and desert beaches and islands of Patagonia in order to watch and take photos of the impressive nature and seldom animals. Until this time we could not imagine, that it could us make happy to see, hear, touch and smell the ice of glaciers, look at elephant seals, sea lions, sea birds and baby albatrosses and be them so near………And the big whales so near, that their breath made our glasses wet and they did not harm in any way to the rubber boat, we were sitting in….. We hope all the beauty of nature we could experience will be protected for future generations as long as possible. It was overwhelming for us. Now we are looking at the pictures and repeating the great moments we had during the journey. We hope, you will receive our “ muchas gracias” again and would be happy for a short reply and if possible, some professional made pictures of the nature and animals ( for example dolphins ) for our collection. We wish you good health, success in your creative work and happiness in life. Please give our regards also to your daughter and Vicente Muchos saludos Helga and Bernd Güllmar

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We have devoted many years to producing graphic material to show and promote the beauty of Patagonia and the Antarctic to the world. For this, we have travelled and photographed the most stunning parts of the region, and we’re always on the lookout for new locations to show you. Through our publishing house “Patagonia Interactiva”, we have published a wide collection of books, magazines, maps, multimedia CDs and postcards. These cover the whole Magellan region, with books especially dedicated to the landscapes of Antarctica, the Magellan Strait and Patagonia in general.


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Patagonia Photosafaris expeditions 2018-2019  
Patagonia Photosafaris expeditions 2018-2019