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POPE'S LETTER TO YOUNG PEOPLE Given at the Vatican, 13 January 2017 My Dear Young People, I am pleased to announce that in October 2018 a Synod of Bishops will take place to treat the topic: “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” I wanted you to be the centre of attention, because you are in my heart. Today, the Preparatory Document is being presented, a document which I am also entrusting to you as your “compass” on this synodal journey.

I am reminded of the words which God spoke to Abraham: “Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you.” (Gen 12.1). These words are now also addressed to you. They are words of a Father who invites you to “go”, to set out towards a future which is unknown but one which will surely lead to fulfilment, a future towards which He Himself accompanies you. I invite you to hear God's voice resounding in your heart through the breath of the Holy Spirit.

When God said to Abram, “Go!”, what did he want to say? He certainly did not say to distance himself from his family or withdraw from the world. Abram received a compelling invitation, a challenge, to leave everything and go to a new land. What is this “new land” for us today, if not a more just and friendly society which you, young people, deeply desire and wish to build to the very ends of the earth?

But unfortunately, today, “Go!” also has a different meaning, namely, that of abuse of power, injustice and war. Many among you are subjected to the real threat of violence and forced to flee their native land. Their cry goes up to God, like that of Israel, when the people were enslaved and oppressed by Pharaoh (cf. Ex 2:23). I would also remind you of the words that Jesus once said to the disciples who asked him: “Teacher [...] where are you staying?” He replied, “Come and see” (Jn 1:38). Jesus looks at you and invites you to go with him. Dear young people, have you noticed this look towards you? Have you heard this voice? Have you felt this urge to undertake this journey? I am sure that, despite the noise and confusion seemingly prevalent in the world, this call continues to resonate in the depths of your heart so as to open it to joy in its fullness. This will be possible to the extent that, even with professional guides, you will learn how to undertake a journey of discernment to discover God's plan in your life. Even when the journey is uncertain and you fall, God, rich in mercy, will extend his hand to pick you up.

In Krakow, at the opening of the last World Youth Day, I asked you several times: “Can we change things?” And you shouted: “yes!”. That shout came from your young and youthful hearts, which do not tolerate injustice and cannot bow to a “throw-away culture” nor give in to the globalization of indifference. Listen to the cry arising from your inner selves! Even when you feel, like the prophet Jeremiah, the inexperience of youth, God encourages you to go where He sends you: “Do not be afraid, [...], because I am with you to deliver you” (Jer 1:8).

A better world can be built also as a result of your efforts, your desire to change and your generosity. Do not be afraid to listen to the Spirit who proposes bold choices; do not delay when your conscience asks you to take risks in following the Master. The Church also wishes to listen to your voice, your sensitivities and your faith; even your doubts and your criticism. Make your voice heard, let it resonate in communities and let it be heard by your shepherds of souls. St. Benedict urged the abbots to consult, even the young, before any important decision, because “the Lord often reveals to the younger what is best.” (Rule of St. Benedict, III, 3)

Such is the case, even in the journey of this Synod. My brother bishops and I want even more to “work with you for your joy” (2 Cor 1:24). I entrust you to Mary of Nazareth, a young person like yourselves, whom God beheld lovingly, so she might take your hand and guide you to the joy of fully and generously responding to God’s call with the words: “Here I am” (cf. Lk 1:38).

With paternal affection, 2


LETTER FROM THE RECTOR MAJOR TO SALESIANS IN VIEW OF SYNOD ON YOUTH «Before the convocation of this Synod and on publication of this Preparatory Document, how do we feel challenged in our charismatic experience?». This is the question asked by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, in a letter to all his confreres across the globe in

view of the forthcoming Synod of Bishops on "Young people, faith and vocational discernment" (October 2018). Acknowledging the present season of the Church as «a time favorable for our service and our ecclesial communion», the Rector Major examines, first, the funda-

mental structure of the Synod's Preparatory Paper and urges for it to be studied in depth and reflections shared at various levels; he also reminds everyone to submit the answers to the Questionnaire attached to the Preparatory Document to the Youth Ministry; and finally he poses three questions specific to Salesian environments.

GREETINGS FROM THE PRESIDENTE Beloved students and friends of Don Bosco,

I would like to greet you opening together a new issue of our Exallievi Newsflash.

Summer is over and we continue in our challenges and projects. Once again the Salesian Family is struggling - the Salesians leave the General House of Pisana in Rome or the death of the former world delegate for the exoregions Fr Adriano Bregolin (indeed, Vicar of the Rector Major Fr Chavez, ndd); let us not forget to turn to Mary, our heavenly Mother and to Don Bosco, our patron, to protect and guide us. We have been given a lot, so we have to find ways to repay all the wealth he had. I invite you to ask: what can we do for our brothers and sisters, for the exalunni of our country or for the Salesian Family? What can I do personally for our community and my family? What are my gifts to offer? Do not hesitate to share your potential with the world.

We started experimenting with the database, so we hope it will soon be ready to be used around the world. We continue with the communication of Facebook, the website, the network, the business platform, the new national associations. Now I invite you to read some of Don Bosco's dreams from former students around the world. Enjoy this cool and new Newsflash. Michal Hort




Don Adriano Bregolin has gone to the Father's House March 21, 2013 - The Rector Major, Don Pascual Chávez, and his Vicar, Fr Adriano Bregolin, received by Pope Francis

(ANS - Roma) - 23 agosto 2017 - This morning, during a hike in the mountains, Fr Adriano Bregolin died of a sudden heart attack. Former Vicar General of the Salesian Congregation, Fr Adriano was currently serving as Director of the Salesian Institute of Florence.

Don Bregolin, born at Cona in the Province of Venice on the 16th October 1948, became a Salesian on the 16th August 1966 after having made his novitiate at Albarè.


He completed his theological studies at Verona and was ordained deacon at Trento on the 28th May 1977 and priest on the 27th May 1978.

The first years of his ministry were given to pastoral and vocational work in the community of Trento and of Verona San Zeno, becoming Rector of both Salesian houses not many years after.

Having obtained a Degree in Modern Letters in March 1980 at the University of Padua, Don Bregolin also took on the task

of Councillor in the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO), becoming subsequently vice provincial for the three years 1988– 1991. In May 1996 he became Provincial of the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO) until 2002 when, during the GC25 he was elected Councillor for the Italy Middle-East region. Following the nomination of Don Luc Van Looy as Bishop in the Diocese of Ghent, he was called by the Rector Major to take on the role of Vicar General. Since 20 June, 2014, he was Director of the Salesian Institute in Florence.


World Catholic Education Alumni Organization

50th Aniversary Subject: 50th Anniversary of OMAEC

Message from the Chairman

* To all OMAEC members: World Unions, Continental, National Confederations and Correspondents. * To all alumni involved in the alumni associations of the different Congregations, Dioceses and Universities. * To all the OMAEC supporters whom collaborate in the project.

On the occasion of the OMAEC 50th Anniversary celebration, I am pleased to announce that OMAEC will hold its XV Congress in the city of ROMA (Italy) from 22 to 25 October 2017. Congress will take place at the General House of La Salle, Via Aurelia, 476 - 00165 Rome, Italy. His Holiness Pope Francisco, will receive in Private Audience the congressmen of OMAEC, in support of the work done during these 50 years of presence. Attached your will find the following documents: * Program of the XV Congress * Registration form * Announcing poster of the Congress, for its diffusion. I take this opportunity to thank the work done by ALL during these 50 years and I hope that this Congress will push new horizons for our IMAEC.

With my fraternal greetings

October 22 - sunday ~ Congress arrival ~ 16:00 Inscriptions and delivery documentation ~ Free Dinner

October 23 - monday

07:00 Eucharist “In Memorian” 08:30 Breakfast 09:00 Reception. Deliver documentation. Registration (rest participants) 10:00 OPENING OF THE CONGRESS ~ Welcome from the Chairman ~ 50 Years of Gratitude ~ OMAEC, 21 st century

José Antonio Cecilia 11:00 Coffee-break 11:30 Greeting of HE Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education “CHALLENGES OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION IN AN INTERRELIGIOUS SOCIETY" Questions and dialogue 13:00 Lunch 16:00 OMAEC Strategic Plan - Mission - Vision – Values 17:30 General Assembly of OMAEC 19:00 Dinner and Happy Birthday

October 24 - tuesday

07:20 Eucharist 08:30 Breakfast 10:00 Presentation of testimonials

11:00 Coffe break 11:30 “BEYOND THE SCHOOL": Alumni, mission space Message from the representative of our Congregations Questions and dialogue 13:00 Lunch 16:00 Meeting by working groups 20:00 Gala Dinner

October 25 - wednesday

08:00 - 13:00 PRAYER HEARING OF POPE FRANCISCO to OMAEC IN THE VATICAN CAPITOLINE ROOM Eucharist Thanksgiving in the Vatican Visit to the Cervantes Institute of Rome Free Lunch




The journey towards 12th EAO Don Bosco Alumni Congress in Japan started

Tokyo, Japan, 19 July 2017

The Annual Meeting of President and Vice President of the Japan Federation of Don Bosco Alumni, chaired by President Mr. Hiroshi Yoshida in the presence of SDB Provincial Fr. Mario Yamanouchi, was held at the Provincial House in Yotsuya, Tokyo.

The representatives from all 5 Salesian School Alumni in Japan came together therei.

We've decided to form a working team of


younger generation past pupils nominated from each school alumnus at the board meeting scheduled in next October.

The working team is going to consider the various tasks to be resolved for the development of the federation, for example, social communication, fund raising, incorporation, involvement of university student past pupils, and of course the coming 12th EAO Congress of Salesian Past Pupils in Japan. And we’ve approved the 7 priorities of the

Alumni in Japan, which will be sent to the World Federation soon.

On the 19th, the baseball team of Hyuga Gakuin in Miyazaki won the quarter final match of the prefectural elimination of the 99th Japan High School Baseball Championship. At the meeting, the participants shared the happy feeling about it with each other as the Bosconians, Past Pupil brothers. It is a wonderful fruit of the Japan Federation established in 2015. Mr Chihiro Okawa, EXDB



At Hyuga Gakuin School Japan - Nagasaki - August 12, 2017

At Hyuga Gakuin School there were 200 alumni.

In addition, on-time teachers and retired teachers.

At the meeting, there was a performance of the alumni band and the annual lottery was held.




Don Bosco Past Pupils’ Association

Following the conduct of the National Executive Committee meeting of the Don Bosco Past Pupils – Indian National Federation at Chennai on July 01 and 02, 2017, the President Mr. Ketan Gala, Vice-President (Sr.) Mr. Glen Brass and the outgoing National Delegate Fr. Noel Madichetty decided to visit some of the key institutions in the state of Kerala (Bangalore Province) on July 03 and 04, 2017. Purpose of visit

The primary purpose of the trip was to visit prominent schools and address students of Stds.9 to 12/PUC I & II years with


a view to motivating them to join the past pupils movement and become and actively contribute to spreading Don Bosco spirit, values and mission which they had imbibed during their stint in the Salesian institutions. Institutions visited

With the above in view, the President, VicePresident (Sr.) and outgoing National Delegate met students from the following institutions: 1. Don Bosco, Vaduthalla, Kochi a. Senior Secondary School

b. Technical School (ITI)

2. Don Bosco Bhavan, Mannuthy, Trissur a. Higher Secondary School b. ICSE 3. Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Irinjalakuda, Trissur

On an average, the national delegation addressed around 1800 students who displayed great enthusiasm during the meet. Apart from the three institutions mentioned above, the Past Pupils also arranged for the Delegates to visit Sneha Bhavan


and Don Bosco, Palluruthy, kochi.

The visit to Sneha Bhavan – the childrens’ home was the highlight of the visit; the inmates of the home are destitute children from the Kochi/Ernakulam vicinity in the age group of 5 to 14 years. The Past Pupils unit of the home are actively involved in supporting the Salesian community in caring for the children.

From Sneha Bhavan the delegates were taken to the Don Bosco Psycho-Social support centre which conducts evening classes, awareness programmes on child related issues, computer training for the needy children and various other initiatives to groom the children of the area. Acknowledgements

The DBPPA National President, Vice-President (Sr.) and outgoing National Delegate are greatly indebted to Rev Fr.Martin the Provincial Delegate, Mr. Jerome Manjila the President and office bearers of the Bangalore province and thank them profusely for the excellent arrangements made by them for the visit; the fellowship, meetings and outings in the evenings with key members of the past pupils commu-

nity was a clear indication that the spirit of Don Bosco is very much alive and present in the communities and past pupils movement in Kerala. Contribution

In our unit, we do a number of social projects every year like blood donation camp, eye testing camp followed by free operations, dental camp, osteoporosis camp etc besides running a free dispensary every Sunday in the school.

Our biggest project is the adult literacy project where we run a free school for approx 150-200 illiterate girls of the neighbourhood in which we teach them for 3 years in basic Hindi, Maths, English, Sewing, Craft, etc. A Synopsis of all our Social Programmes which we have done [ most are annual]. 1. Adult Literacy program where 150-200 poor girls of the locality are given free education.

2. Weekly free Doctor & Dispensary for all poor people of the locality. This program is on for more than a decade now. Mr. Bikash Kataruka is the sole person respon-

sible for this program. We help with medicine collection drives. 3. Annual Blood Donation camp.

4. Annual Eye camp involving free checkup, distribution of spectacles and free eye operations.

5. Annual Osteoporosis camp involving free testing, consultation and distribution of free medicines.

6. Periodic Dental camp involving free check-up, consultation and distribution of free medicines.

7. Periodic free administration of life saving vaccination like Hepatitis A, B, C etcetera. We, the DBPC alumni, have always made our school proud. We have always tried to give back to the society, and we have always proved that the legacy of Don Bosco does not end when we pass out of the school. We need your help to continue with our social service efforts. Please donate to this cause. Please make all payments by cheque or demand draft, payable to: DON BOSCO ALUMNI PARK CIRCUS UNIT-PROJECTS. 9



65th National Exalunni Convention According to the program, all the initial speeches more than anything served to inform, clarify and propose the convenient deferment, for some time still, of the planned elections of national executives, whose mandate has already expired. The conditions for the electoral act had not been reached. Everyone understood and accepted the referral. A special 'Working Group' will be created with the specific commitment to study and propose the best methodology for the renewal and dynamism of Local Unions in


order to support the Federation as a national structure.

And as a line of commitment, we have once again been challenged to carry out the admonitions of the Rector Major, the invitations of Pope Francis, the personal intentions of 'lending' personal volunteers and autonomously to carry out, together, the mission 'And the aims of the association, with the common charisma, to succeed with the offer of an expected and true contribution to the Salesian works, to the Church and Society so much in need of wit-

nesses and good references, justice and peace.

At the end of the inaugural session, about two hundred participants attended the dinner (open-air party) in the Courtyard of the School. A true show of folklore and regional dances, with exiting musicians and live music singers who everyone liked.

On Sunday afternoon, a bus tour of a visit to the 'capital city of Northern Portugal' took place on a bus. Intentionally motivated, we stop at a pil-


grimage to the Cemetery where many Salesians (Italians and Portuguese) who were buried in the Houses of Porto are buried. After prayer, a beautiful crown of flowers lay in the SDB mausoleum. Below we move to the grave of JĂşlio Geraldes, that good and holy exile, from which he wrote in the tombstone, "It was easy to stand beside him, but it is hard to forget". The tribute to this man of almost consecrated life (celibate), exemplary at all levels, with the charism of high-degree salesianity, radiant joy, sports lover, exe-

cutive of the Exallievi Association at the local and national level, appreciated by all In the Salesian Family and by those who were fortunate enough to know him closely, for dedication, for pity, for the discreet good done without discriminating against anyone, a true witness of the "good Christian and honest citizen" engaged in the Church, in the Congregation, In the Society, faithful, in the manner of Don Bosco. The emotion at the cemetery has not simulated... The morning ended with the Eucharistic celebration, chaired by Inspector Don

Artur G. Pereira, with local and national delegates and directors.

Then ... well! Then the Fraternal Agape, that nice dining with the usual animation that only in a true family holiday can be enjoyed. Unfortunately, the holiday time has come, people embrace, exchanging addresses, telephone contacts. Emailing out other meetings ... bi and trilateral ... welding the friendship. A commitment: to provide the possible collaboration to restore the Association. Thank god! Let's hope!


H ISTORY October 5, 1946


«This work is devoted to the dear Salesian Past Pupils of Italy who live and work in the Spirit of Don Bosco. They realize that it is by no means easy to keep the detachment necessary to be able to write objectively of Past Pupil Marvelli's temper. The national delegate of the Salesian Past Pupils, Father Arcadio Vacalebre, has come to the conclusion that the Servant of God, Alberto Marvelli, will be the behavioural model of Don Bosco's youth, as Domenico Savio is for adolescents. [...] The difficulty of writing objectively in argument is enormous, since the fascination emanating from this masterpiece of grace and nature is very similar to what Don Bosco empowers. [...] In addition, if we are so enthusiastic about the scenery that nature offers us, how can we be detached from those created by the Holy Spirit? [...] Mary Help of Christians, in her maternal goodness, gives the Salesian family another grace yet: gifts, as a model of behavior for the young, Alberto Marvelli, a living jewel of the Holy Spirit» (Sorrento, Festa dell’Immacolata 1977). (ADOLFO L’ARCO, Alberto Marvelli builder of the City of God - Preface, Elle Di Ci publisher 1978).

Director Federico Fellini was a companion of Alberto's studies: from elementary to high school. «I remember well: it was blond, very sweet. Moms indicated it as a good kid, a schoolboy model».

In high school, the second left from above. The first to the right of the second row is Federico Fellini

With parents Alfredo and Maria, to the sea

He had a strong sense of social justice, he preferred, like Don Bosco, the less fortunate boys. There was an order in his house: «Let the poors go straight away, others can wait».


June 1941. Official Student at the Trieste Automotive Center, along with other compatriots


Alberto Marvelli was born in Ferrara on March 21, 1918; at the age of 12 he moved with his family to Rimini, where he died on October 5, 1946, only 28, in a road accident. He lived the great historical events of that time as protagonist, propheticly anticipating the role and vocation of the Christian layman proposed by the Second Vatican Council. Alberto was a young, friend of young people, in love of life, of men, of God. Always present among the boys, the poor and the sufferers. Altruist in the speakers, intrepid in sports, engaged in school. On July 7, 2003, the Congregation of Saints recognized a miracle attributed to his intercession. It is proclaimed Blessed on September 5, 2004. Liturgical memory recurs on October 5th. His tomb is in the church of Sant'Agostino, in Rimini. The Church proposes him as a model of "holiness in the daily life" for Christians of the third millennium. A dear friend of Alberto confidently states: «Alberto's death seemed to me a misunderstanding, even from the point of view of Divine Providence; however, because today he returns to talk about himself and proposes as an example to the young, I can explain the mystery of Divine Providence». Jesus said, "If wheat seed does not end underground and does not die, it does not bear fruit. If he dies, however, he brings a lot of fruit. I assure you" (Jn 12: 24). Alberto with his inseparable bicycle

The First Communion

Don Bosco with his ex-pupil priests Turin, Italy - 1885

At the bottom of the picture, the words: "Penultimate filial demonstration of the ancient students that the unforgettable and dear D. Giov. Bosco had in Turin-Valdocco. “ In the photo, the figure of Don Bosco at center, with Fr Michele Rua sitting on his left.




Schneider Electric and Salesians work together to benefit youngsters (ANS – Phnom Penh) The Cambodian branch of Schneider Electric, the multinational energy giant, signed an agreement with the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia for the supply of electrical energy and the construction of a solar-powered water pump at the Salesian technical school of Phnom Penh. The agreement is a first step towards further collaboration that aims to also involve the electrical training departments of the Salesian centers of Poipet, Sihanoukville, Battambang and Kep.

Fr. Roel Soto, Provincial Delegate for Cambodia, and Dr. Ang Koon San, Schneider’s General Manager for Cambodia, signed the agreement on 7 July in a ceremony that took place at the Don Bosco Institute in


Mr. Koon Ang San, director of Schneider Electric in Cambodia

Phnom Penh; attending the event were members of the education and pastoral community and representatives of the multinational firm.

Schneider Electric develops technologies and offers solutions for managing energy and energy-related processes; hence, its contribution means significant support to the technical-educational projects of the Salesians in Cambodia, including a contribution to the latest programs and equipment in the electrical sector, improved equipment, and ongoing training of both teachers and students. The project, furthermore, introduces a source of sustainable energy via the solar-powered water pump to the Salesian community. Sustainable energy supplies are becoming

From left to right, Ms. Meriem Kellou, Schneider Social Responsibility Manager for East Asia and Japan, Br. Roel Soto, Representative of Don Bosco, Ang Koon San, General Manager of Schneider Country in Cambodia and Ms. Celeste Messina , Vice President of Schneider Executive Development

an important option for a country like Cambodia, highly dependent on importing energy from neighboring countries, why many rural areas are energy-poor or isolated. The training of Don Bosco students in this field will make a great contribution to the development of Cambodia as well as helping the Salesians guarantee a highquality vocational program for children and teenagers who are most vulnerable and at risk. «Schneider Electric shares the same objectives as the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia: to develop individuals and society through education and vocational training so people can improve and support themselves», said Fr. Roel Soto.

At the signing, Fr Roel spoke of a former pupil of the Salesian center's electrical department. On completing his studies, the student started his own business. He began with a motorbike with which he and his collaborators would go from house to house to do small electrical repairs. After five years, this small firm grew to become a company that coordinated electrical installations and work in large construction sites. In this success story, the training program offered by the Don Bosco Foundation played a central role, allowing young people from the impoverished rural areas to break the vicious circles of poverty. Source: AustraLasia P. Albeiro Rodas, sdb



Don Bosco Past Pupils: best teachers in Salesians training centers (ANS – Tan Phuoc) – Mr. Phan Dinh Thuc is a Teacher of Mechanics in the Phuoc Loc Vocational Training Center, in Tan Phuoc Commune. Thanks to the Salesians, he got to know the spirit of the family, grew professionally and now has a job as a teacher. Here is the account of this past pupil.

How did you enroll in the VTC of Phuoc Loc? «I came from a Roman Catholic family of 7 people. My family lives at Duc Le parish in Dakmil, Daknong province. As members of Duc Le parish, my parent and siblings actively join all the activities organized by the parish priest. In 2006, after graduation from secondary school, Fr Isidoro Le Huong, SDB, our parish priest, suggested I visit the Phuoc Loc Vocational Training Center. I went to Phuoc Loc and found the place so interesting I decided to enroll in this technical school in April 2006, and graduated in July 2008». What are you most grateful for in the education received from Don Bosco?

«I was far from home, and I was accepted as a boarding student in Phuoc Loc. We were the first group of boarders in VTC. Living in this place, I felt like it was my home and my second family. I discovered that in the Salesian house I found a spirit of family, so I talked to my own family and they decided to send my two younger brothers to Phuoc Loc to study as well. Both of them have graduated and are now working in proper jobs».

How did you become a teacher in the Vocational Training Center? «While I was taking an intermediate-level mechanics course, I was advised by Br Gioakim: “If you want to improve your life, you must rise to higher studies!” He was speaking about university. After graduation in Phuoc Loc, I worked in a small company introduced by Br Peter Toi. While I was working in this company, I often received phone calls from Br Gioakim who encouraged and pushed me towards higher studies. From that time on, I

sought a fitting college. And at the end, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education was my target. I spent time studying and passed the entrance exams in November 2009. After 4 years of studies, I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in August 2014. Then I was kindly invited by Fr Joseph Quang to be a teacher in the Mechanical Department of the VTC». Every year, on Tet holiday, you are meeting other SDB Past Pupils. Who comes back to their mother school? What dream do you have about the possible Don Bosco Alumni Association? «Every year our Past Pupils gathered together during the Lunar New Year, but I did not see the importance of this gathering. About the Don Bosco Past Pupils I have a dream: "As Past Pupils of our Training Center could we have a small organization or an office in Phuoc Loc? We could support the Salesians in the school organization and start our Association with their help.

The Phnom Penh Don Bosco Technical School students with P. Roel Soto, executives and teachers of Schneider Electric Cambodia




Towards the Cambodia Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils (ANS – Phnom Penh) Since 1991 about 25.000 young people received the Salesian education in seven Don Bosco schools in Cambodia and many more thousands in the FMA schools around the country.

During the short animation visit of our EAO regional, Fr. Klement, we organized a brief encounter in the evening of August 15, with the executive committee of our Alumni in Phnom Penh DB Alumni office. Our Regional councilor shared about the importance to be connected to the World Confederation and prepared us for the incoming visit of the World Vicepresident Mr. Angel Gudina on August 27, 2017.

Indeed there are many valuable animation and formation materials available for



any local or national group of the Past Pupils.

Indeed our Phnom Penh DBTS has about 10.000 graduates and about 1000 of them are active and involve in the annual and regular activities, celebrations and services. There are three different leaders group coming together for their regular meeting. DBTS Phnom Penh is likely to become a model for other 6 Don Bosco schools in Cambodia, which started also with the animation of their Alumni: Sihanoukville, Kep, Battambang and Poipet.

From his own experience in Canada Fr. Gigi explained how a national Federation could be born and the Past Pupils are excited to see soon a Cambodia Federation of Don Bosco Alumni to be born. Fr. Gigi Ravasco, sdb



D.R. Congo

Don Bosco Bukavu: evaluation of two years of activity

(ANS – Bukavu) – The presence of the Salesian community “Don Bosco Bukavu” has reached the end of its second year of activities in Bukavu. Salesian Fr Piero Gavioli has sent ANS an evaluation of the two years of missionary activity. "We thank the Lord who guided us and allowed us to fulfill our mission at the service of vulnerable young people despite the country's critical situation”.

2016-17 at Tuwe Wafundi Vocational School

Despite the country's general situation, the scholastic year was generally quiet. The quality of teaching has been improved. We opened new sections for repair work and welding, and for girls, an experimental course in fashion hair-styling in the Nyota Center. 54 apprentices obtained their licenses or certificates, 8 were rejected, but can resume their courses. Among the 116 apprentices who had started the trade school in November 2016, many retired. Although the school is completely free and meals are given, vulnerable children find reason to abandon their studies at their earliest difficulties. Evaluation of 2015-16

A project supported by Belgium has allowed us to open a Job Recruitment Office. The coordinator of this Office conducted a survey to see how many of our apprentices who received vocational training at the Don Bosco Center found work. Of the 42


apprentices awarded their certificates in 2016, almost all the bricklayers and carpenters have found employment. The mechanics, instead, have had more difficulty. In addition, the coordinator contacted the owners of workshops, companies, building sites to ask them whether they could accommodate the 2016-17 finalists for a three-month internship. Last June 17, he invited 29 entrepreneurs to an information and exchange meeting at the Don Bosco Center, after which it was decided to create a platform for collaboration between the Center and the employers.

Reception of children in conflict with the law

On August 15, 2016, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Provincial Division of Justice of South Kivu, and on 3 November 2016 a protocol of cooperation with the Tribunal for the Minors of Bukavu. We have committed to accommodating 10 minors in conflict with the law, and 30 children in our trade school, and to ensuring an animation presence in the Special Section for Minors, annexed to the Bukavu Central Prison. Each Sunday, Domingo and a number of aspirants participate in the Mass celebrated for minors. They talk to them and occasionally animate recreational activities. We want to strengthen this presence: it allows us to get to know the children in conflict with the law, and to propose our trade school for when they leave the Special Section.

Hosting minors Ten boys from the street or in conflict with the law are now at the Don Bosco Center, entirely in our charge.

Distance support for school expenses

The Don Bosco Center supports families who cannot pay their children's public school fees. Depending on the degree of vulnerability, the Center has intervened to pay half or all the school fees for about 150 primary and secondary school children. The Salesian Family

In Bukavu, 16 people have made their promise as members of the Salesian Cooperative Association after almost two years of formation. Another twenty aspirants continue their formation. A dozen former pupils from other Salesian schools meet once a month at our home and collaborate with our activities. A small group of young people is laying the foundations of the Salesian Youth Movement. Aspirants

During this year we have continued to receive dozens of requests from young people who want to become Salesians. We accompany them for two years, a time necessary and sufficient to discern whether they have the qualities to answer to their vocation. This year, five Bukavu boys were admitted to the novitiate, and 8 to the prenovitiate.



Tribute of Nostalgia and Gratitude The Pupils of Training Houses who met at the Mogofores Convention at the National Sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians in the Centenary of the Appearances of Our Lady in Fatima

On 8 July a meeting of Don Bosco's past pupils was held, which was a special gathering because the participants were aspirants, novices, professed confreres, and so on. in the Salesian Training Houses.

A promising meeting of past pupils of the Portuguese Training Houses

in which he lives and works" has been highlighted.

There has been talk of both the Sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians (where the 'religious part' of this special conference was held), and then in the 'Multiuser Hall' of the present Salesian School of Mogofores (place of the recreational session), on the convenient convergence for the associative spirit in the Salesian Family, to which we belong.

The original event has proposed the establishment of a true "Union" of "Salesian Past Pupils marked with the charism of Don Bosco". About a hundred of ex-seminarians, former professors, with the desire to affirm themselves, faithful to the values of education received. The celebration of the Eucharist has meant that musical passages of other times, the immense repertoire of liturgical events in Poiares, Arouca Mogofores and Manique, were remembered and performed to perfection.

The fraternal agape has been very animated with precept 'menu' - we are in the Bairrada Region 'and we have the gentle availability of some local elements of the Salesian Family, from the kitchen to the refectory service.

In the day’s homily on the Gospel "the role Past Pupil of Don Bosco in today's society

Of particular interest was the debate on membership not only in the FS, but in the FS Group with which we identify ourselves

He presided over the Provincial Vicar with the National Delegate for the Salesian Family, the Community Director and some of the Delegates of Local Unions or Past Pupils’ Centersi.

Finally, music-literary entertainment, in which the theatrical representation of the figure of Don Bosco, speaking Italian and Piedmont, has not failed.

as exallievi. In the conclusions, a commission was appointed to formalize the establishment of a prophetic "Union of Past Pupils marked by the charism of Don Bosco"; immediately entered into operation. This expects the elaboration of the Statute and the Rules. Summarizing: In Portugal, after several years of waiting, the formation of a hopeful 'union' of AAS has begun, from environments rich in salesianity.

Therefore, it is hoped that synergies will be put in place in order to promote a real and effective renewal, reinforcing and stimulating the structures of local unions and the National Federation itself, almost all weak enough for the now widespread membership crisis. We pray don Rinaldi for giving us a hand in the organizational commitment to effective updating . António G. Pires (Emeritus President of the World Confederation)



Chile Over 5,000 friends from Salesian Center march to celebrate 130th anniversary of its Chilean presence (ANS – Punta Arenas) – On Sunday, 13 August, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the first Salesians' arrival to Magallanes, a parade gathering more than five thousand friends of the Salesian house was held in Punta Arenas. Celebrants in-

cluded students, past students and teachers of the “San José High School”, “Instituto Don Bosco”, “Instituto Sagrada Familia”, “Liceo María Auxiliadora”, and the musical band of past pupils of the “Instituto Don Bosco”.

Fr. Vicente Soccorso, Director of “San Jose” and “Instituto Don Bosco”, said at the event: «We are celebrating the 130th anniversary of the arrival of the first four Salesians at Punta Arenas when at that time in the city there were only a few houses and about 850 inhabitants. To see here around 5,000 young people who are growing and looking forward to the future with courage, and to look to the


past to the first steps taken by the Salesians here, is a matter of great pride for us». «The parade, the Salesian explained, is the first of a series of activities and celebrations organized for the anniversary».

Numerous immigrants also participated in last Sunday's event. “The first San José school,” he added, «had students from nine different countries. Today, young Haitians and Colombians walk with us, and we are happy and honored because we share a

single Salesian charism». For his part, the Mayor of Punta Arenas, Dr Claudio Radonich, also present at the ceremony, said that «the Salesians are fundamental in the history of our region. The story of Punta Arenas has been written by the Salesians and therefore it is important to recognize their efforts, their work, not only in the evangelizing dimension, but also for the contribution offered in education. The first scientific studies conducted in our geographic areas, as well as on the various human groups present here, were carried out by the Salesians». He concluded by saying that «Salesian history is part of our society and it is important to accompany them in this parade that brings together the whole Salesian educational community. These are four schools that participated actively in the local society with their students and alumni. I am very happy to be present at this celebration». Source:



Timor Leste

Communication and Leadership Formation: Way to the future Dili, Timor Leste, 17 June 2017 - In May was established GEX Asia-Oceania Facebook Group and currently still in the progress of adding all the relevant Past Pupils of DB representatives and SDBs who are responsible to manage Don Bosco Past Pupils in our Region. (

GEX EAO web page will be soon published.

Dili, Timor Leste, 4 August 2017 - Almost 10 months after the successful Regional Congress of the Salesian Family Past Pupils in Dili, Timor Leste (October 2016) our Association is better equipped for the animation, formation and especially for the assistance to some EAO provinces to start the basic organization of Don Bosco Past Pupils.

tion) of Don Bosco Alumni? How to start the formation of our former Bosconians? How to involve actively within the Salesian Family?

In June, GEX EAO established a link with FMA to identify potential leaders from animators (i.e. 60 young animators from all the seven FMA communities in TimorLeste. However SDB animators were not yet present. We will look into establishing similar

Formation for all Young Past Pupils

Who are the Don Bosco Past Pupils (Alumni, Old Boys, Bosconians, Salesians)? This is one of the basic questions. We count about 15 millions of our former students all around the world, but the World Confederation of Don Bosco Past Pupils speaks about 100.000 (active) members only. What makes the difference? How to start a local unit (associa-

Starting from the first animation of the World Vice-president of DB Alumni Mr. Angel Gudina visit to Thailand and Laos at the end of August, we try to help the Salesians SDB (our Delegates) and the DB Alumni in EAO region to growth in their identity, mission and closer communication and relations within the Salesian Family

There are already many useful resources for the Alumni Association on the Boscolink - especially the power point presentation made for the EAO provinces.

approach with the SDB in near futur). Last Saturday, 17 June, in Dili - Comoro (Timor Leste) we had a session on "Leadership and Youth". It was a good opportunity to introduce GEX and its programs, exactly the SCHOOL OF LEADERS in Asia -Oceania region. Alberto Piedade GEX Councilor Asia - Oceania

Resources: Animation of Don Bosco Alumni in the EAO; World Association Statutes ed. 2015. We invite all our present and future SDB Delegates to get know our new Statutes (ed. 2015) and help to grow our Association along the seven goals: Growth in sustainable structures, Formation and training, Promotion of Young Past Pupils (GEX), Sound financial strategy, Family support, Commitment within the Salesian Family and Communication & External relations. Also our NewsFlash (bimonthly world wide digital magazine) is available online (Boscolink) Alberto Piedade




Phnom Penh, Cambodia

From 27th August to 2nd September it is taking place the Animation Visit of two members of the Presidency of World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Alberto Alves Piedade, GEX Asian Councillor and Angel Gudiña Canicoba, Vicepresident GEX, who will visit the three countries: Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

On 27th August, both Councillors arrived to Thailand and Mr. Gudiña headed towards Phnom Penh, to meet the Cambodian Presidency during an intense afternoon session. After an introduction of all the participants, Mr. Sovannarith Cheam, Cambodian Past Pupils’ President, explained the current situation of the movement in the


Past Pupils Animation Visit country and the latest activities: the celebration of Fr. John Visser’s birthday (previously shared in BoscoLink), the donation of tons of rice to Salesian Schools in the whole country, the upskilling formation or the job placement services.

From his side Vicepresident GEX, started presenting the Strategic Plan of the World Confederation, insisting on the need of planning clear objectives and as a way to inspire the Federation to plan their near future.

Afterwards the World Staute, approved in 2015 was presented to the Cambodian Past Pupils, and accepted the challenge of adapting some concepts that might fit in their reality. The second part of the training session

was dedicated to more concrete materials that the World Confederation has prepared to support National Federations and Local Unions: Guidelines to establish new local unions, how to motivate young past pupils in East Asia Oceania, how to establish a Business Platform (Union of Past Pupils Entrepreneurs) to support the Salesian Mission. The conclusion after two very intense sessions is that Cambodian Past Pupils’ Association is in the right direction, working hard, and the materials received will be very useful to continue increasing the engagement of Past Pupils and the growth and impact of the Association.

On Monday 28th, following the invitation of Fr. Roel Soto, Mr. Gudiña, gave the good morning talk to the pupils, insisting on the


treasure that is Salesian education, the gratitude he felt because of receiving it and the duty of passing it to the next generations.

A duty that any Past Pupil, as their teachers or himself pay back in their professional lives, supporting the Salesians in the education of young people.

Later on, he had the chance to address the last course students on longer session, in which he explained in detail what means being a young past pupil, and challenged them to come back next year as Past Pupils and start organizing activities for other youth like them and engaging to help other youth in need. Angel GudiĂąa Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation Vice President, GEX




How to motivate young Past Pupils

Bangkok, Thailand, 29 August 2017 Upon the arrival of GEX Councilor for Asia in Thailand, Alberto Piedade was warmly welcomed at the Provincial House by Fr. Theparat Pitisant, SDB and other conferers. In this visit is also present by the

Vice-President of GEX, Mr. Angel GudiĂąa with the objectives to meet with the past pupils and provide formation on: 1) World Confederation Estatute, 2) Strategic Plan, 3) Business Platform & 4) Introduction to GEX. This meeting has been scheduled to take place on 30 & 31 August at the Pro-


vincial House in Hua Mak, Bangkok - Thailand.

On the first day since arrival, the Provincial of THA Province has organized some site visits on 27 August accompanied by

Bro. Worawut J. Dominic Savio, SDB to three institutions under the Salesian supervision.

First, St. Dominic School in Bangkok. A school with 2000+ students from Elementary to Secondary level, equipped with ad-

vanced facilities, high standards conditions in terms of its educational methodologies of teaching and learning system. This school is led by Fr. Paul Manoon, SDB and the Salesian community.

Second, Don Bosco Technological College which was just the opposite of St. Dominic School in Bangkok. This vocational school was intended for students who cannot afford to pay their school fees, from tribal areas and those youngsters with hearing impair. With the assistance of Fr. Joseph Manachai, SDB and Mr. Wichai Srisura (the Secretary General of Past Pupils of DB in Thailand) - an organized meeting with 20+ students regarding GEX was made possible.

Then, a tour around the technical school was provided by Mr. Srisura to exhibit the learning by doing initiative and direct provision to companies and clients services were somehow impressive. These young students really produced high quality products and also up-to-date with this era of


globalisation in terms of technology from automative, mechanic, visual arts to printing. He also introduced an interesting cooperation between also Germany-Thai that will bring more advantages and future employment prospects for our youth.

tremendous lesson to learn about the work of Salesian covering the education from very early stage of students to vocational and youth with special needs. Another interesting discovery about the young past pupils is that there needs ef-

~ why is it important to have GEX? Similar presentation on GEX (as well as will be provided in our meeting with the President of Past Pupils in THA Province together with other members of the

In overall, the first day experience was a

fort to re-establish and re-awake the spirit of the young ones despite of the difficulty to have them involved prior to the age of 40s. Nonetheless, another objective of this visit are also to: ~ introduce what is GEX? ~ where is it going?

assciations on these coming two days. Please pray for our mission and more visits to Asia-Oceania region in the coming years Alberto Sequeira Alves Piedade Don Bosco Past Pupils World Councilor for Asia-Oceania, GEX

After that we moved to the third site - the 'Pakkred Vocation Center for the Blind'. At the centre, Bro. Joseph Suwan, SDB provided a tour around the facilities and activities (Learning Bell Letter, Typing in Computer, Massaging, Knitting, Planting, Frog & Mushroom Farming). The fact that this center is not only training them but most importantly providing them with moral and emotional support whilst preparing them to be professional masseurs and able to have their own businesses once completed two (2) years training at the center. This center is looking after thosw with vision impaired at the age ranging from 15-40 with various causes of their deficiency.





“Cirque du Soleil”: the work experience of a former Salesian pupil

(ANS – Montréal)

Miquel Llull, past student of the Salesian University of Sarrià (EUSS), works at the "Cirque du Soleil" in Montréal, Canada. He talks of the link between the circus and engineering, and the path that he has traveled to find work at "Cirque du Soleil”.

How did you get this job and how does it relate to your studies?

«This is a very large international company that operates all over the world. I did not know anyone involved here in any way who could give me some clue as to how to enter, so I simply put my resume online and after a while they contacted me. I had to go through several job interviews to become responsible for maintenance. Having studied engineering makes me eligible to access higher positions where I can fully take advantage of my knowledge, resour-


ces and experience». Did the Cirque du Soleil highlight skills related to your academic training?

«I believe that without the degree, knowledge and professional skills that university gave me, it would not have been so easy to get into this world, and it would have been impossible to reach the position of designer or technical director.

Here you really need to learn quickly and the skills acquired during university years become, suddenly, more useful than we originally thought».

What is the relationship between engineering and the circus world?

«The technological needs that arise when a world such as the Cirque du Soleil wants to push itself to the limits of what can be done on a stage involve technologies of all

kinds, which are usually not related to the circus or show business. Therefore, engineering plays a key role in the fact that ideas are put into practice and, in our case, require specific projects that need to last for about 12 years during which the structures are assembled and taken apart countless times».

Which specific aspects of the circus are related to engineering? «There is a very direct and easily identifiable relationship in the field of automation.

Large engines are used to move stage props, structures, backdrops, and of course the athletes who carry out the acrobatic stunts; and all this must be checked to ensure it is easy to use by the technicians and, at the same time, made safe and robust».



Alberto Marvelli Association

Past Pupils and asylum seekers

Cultivate the mutual respect with which the slowest path of the weakest is accepted and, at the same time, it does not suffocate the blossoming of richer personalities. A respect that favors creativity, but also knows how to appeal responsibilities to others and to solidarity. Just read what was written on March 13, 1846 by the young Don Bosco at the Vicar of the City, Marquis Michele Benso of Cavour: the purpose of his catechism was simply to "gather on the holidays those young people who, abandoned to themselves, do not intervene in any Church for education, which is done by taking them to good with words, promises, gifts, and the like" . (Pierluigi Lazzarini) Ripalta Arpina, 18 July 2017

Paolo Ginelli, President of Past Pupils of Don Bosco Fraternity Center - Association Alberto Marvelli - of Ripalta Arpina (Cremona - Italy) writes. «Our commitment has been emphasized for some years in the Diocese of Crema and Cremona, in the areas of discomfort and fragility; recently we also welcome asylum seekers from different nationalities within three continents. The Association had pressures of all kinds;

The saddest thing is to see asylum seekers become "scapegoats" of every problem.

The President, Paolo Ginelli, has undergone strong social and work life solicitations, not even veiled, to put an end to this reception, though this gives work to 12 people, almost all with different fragility. Xenophobia seems to be the normal and correct attitude, while the reception of the poor is a "crime" to punish and dispel by every means.

We think that Don Bosco needs our cou-

rage to continue his work. He, who is one of the most beloved Saints, inspired us to "speak clearly" even when we had to tell unpleasant and incoherent things. Don Bosco forgives us for what we can’t do for all these young people who desperately need help. Certainly, Mary Help of Christians follows us with Mother's heart and to Her, we entrust the prayer of having a fraternal, generous and effective response to our needs». Paolo Ginelli

«Along with a young man from the "Alberto Marvelli" Association, one of Caritas of Crema, a girl from the Cooperative the Hippogrph of Vescovato, spent a week in Rome for tourism and meetings. Significant that (performed in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish) with Don Pascual Chavez, Rector Major Emeritus. A lot has been said and brought various testimonies of the asylum seekers of our territory Cremasco / Cremonese». (Paolo Ginelli)



Statute of the World Confederation Præit ac tuetur / Guide and Protect Us Roma, 5 december 2015

Chapter II

~ by honouring the economic, ethical and moral commitments towards the Association; ~ by demonstrating favour and active participation in social and educative projects promoted by the Association; ~ by giving witness to the values of the Preventive System in the family, workplace and in society; ~ by involving ourselves in the mission of the Church.

Belonging, Commitment and Formation in the Association Art. 4 - Belonging and Formation

a) For those who live their commitment as “a choice, a mission” or “a life project” the Association will provide them with a programme of formation which also responds to their personal needs. b) The Salesian Provincial, spiritual father of the Salesian Family in every Province, appoints a person to follow the spiritual formation of the Past Pupils at local and provincial level.

e) Enrolment in the Confederation takes place through the Local Associations and requires that the Past Pupil shares its aims and objectives according to the Statute and relevant National Regulations.

Art. 5 - Commitment to the Sense of Belonging

a) From the moment a Past Pupil freely decides to commit himself in the Association, he confirms and upholds the PrayerPromise22 of the Past Pupils.

c) To deliver the formation programmes to the members, the Association will consider enrolling qualified members within the Salesian Family.

b) The significance and meaning of the Prayer-Promise of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco is to express one’s desire to live, every day, in profoundness the role of the laity in society and in the Church, and conserve Don Bosco’s charisma whereever they are.

d) The sense of belonging of each member towards the Association should be reflected through specific signs: ~ by actively participating in the life of the Association; ~ by promoting the sense of belonging to future generations of the Association;



When Past Pupils from other denominations decide to adapt the Prayer-Promise for Past Pupils to other faiths, the Federations are to consult and seek approval from the World Delegate of Past Pupils.






THROUGH THE INTERCESSION OF SAINT JOHN BOSCO give heed to the prayers of the Past Pupils all over the world.


WE THANK YOU for the invaluable gift of education which we have received, under the enlightened guidance of the Salesians, which have instilled our lives with the Salesian Spirituality.

WE ASK YOU WITH FAMILIAL TRUST - GIVE US STRENGTH AND COURAGE to live the human and Christian message in Society and in the Church; - ENCOURAGE US to become “honest citizens and good christians”; - HELP US to live together and promote solidarity in our Association and beyond it; - STRENGTHEN our faith, hope and charity.

WE PROMISE YOU - TO FIGHT against injustice, blackmail, superficiality, indifference; - and TO DEFEND AT ALL COSTS, the values inspired from Don Bosco’s teaching, especially life, freedom and truth, with a spirit of social, political and financial commitment; - and TO BE, “the salt of the earth and light of the world” with a strong influence in the world and in the Church.

WE BEG YOU to watch over our Salesian Family,our dear ones and all of us. AMEN.


The Prayer-Promise can be recited by every past pupil and with their families. It can also be said in the beginning or at the end of meetings of local, provincial, regional or world level. It can be adapted to different situations as long as the content is faithfully respected. Each National or Provincial Federation may publish copies o the prayer to distribute among past pupils.

(Continue in the next issue) 29


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