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International March A Word From… Elder Dennis Lubow Issue

2011 Three Dimensions of Repentance Inside This Issue

A Word From Elder Dennis Lubow

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Pastor Sherry Ritchie’s Devotional

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Writer’s Pen…. By Elder Art Bowman

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Pastor Sherry’s Ponderings

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The First Dimension - A Sinner Repenting

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Quote Of The Month

"I want deliberately to encourage this mighty longing after God. The lack of it has brought us to our present low estate. The stiff and wooden quality about our religious lives is a result of our lack of holy desire. Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long, in vain." A.W. Tozer

We never reach a place where the cleansing fires of repentance die out. The great tragedy in the church today is that many reach a point of pride and misunderstanding the active role that repentance should play in all of our lives. From this point, I would like to share with you the Three Dimensions of Repentance.

The Bible says that there is rejoicing in heaven when one sinner comes to repentance. This is where we all get on board the God train. Without repentance, there is no forgiveness. Without Repentance there is no restoration. Without repentance there is no revival. Repentance is where everything begins to get fixed. The best picture of this first dimension is illustrated so beautifully by the parable of the prodigal son. He in rebellion and stubbornness succumbs to the sirens of a sinful world and goes out and spends all of his substance and virtue in the destructive lifestyle found so prevalent even in our world today. The downward trend brings him to a terrible end. He is so hungry that he is about to eat unspeakable things and the beginning of repentance ensues. He comes to himself and realizes, “I would rather be a slave in daddy’s house than to stay here with the task master of sin.” He comes to a place where he is humbled by his condition and he is willing to come crawling back into the presence of God. This is the first dimension of repentance.

The Second Dimension - A Child of God surrendering to the Will of God This is demonstrated in the life of Jonah. Where this is needed is a child of God in a place of willful disobedience. This is a place where we try to sleep through self inflicted storms. This is a place where God will build us a prayer room and the only way it will get better is for us to surrender to the will of God for our lives.

The Third Dimension - Intercessory Repentance This is demonstrated in the ministry of Isaiah in chapter six of his prophetic book. We catch a glimpse through his eyes of the holiness and majesty of the Lord God Almighty. When he sees this, he is struck with the dire weakness of his own humanity and cries out for forgiveness for himself, but he goes one step further. Intercessory Repentance. This is what we see in this dimension, where we no longer plead our own case, but we expand our focus and contrition and enter into a place where we are crying out for mercy and forgiveness for our families, neighbors, friends, cities and nations. It is in this special place where we hear the heart beat of God and his desire to speak and save his people and our hearts response is, “Here am I, Lord Send Me.” It is in this third dimension where ministries are born and miracles are realized. This is where visions take place and dreams are realized. The point of this whole message is, we must stoke the fires of repentance on our altars of prayer. We must not feel satisfied not to be a drunk or a liar. We must not be satisfied to be su rendered to the will of God, but we must go one step further, where we are willing to spend and be spent for the salvation of others, no matter what the cost God may lay on us. In repentance, the Prodigal is restored to his place of sonship. The Word of he Lord returns the second time to the disobedient child of God after repentance. And finally, in this third dimension an angel comes and cleanses us from our iniquity and we are able to be of use in the work of God and his purpose. It is in this third dimension where harvest and restoration really takes place.

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Pastor Sherry’s Devotional ‌ Promises For Today

II Corinthians 4:8-10 8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body In this lifetime we will undergo some major crisis in our lives....maybe even more than others in some aspects. Why? Because we live on this Earth and we deal with people and their problems. And many feel the magnitude of suffering by the hands of others. We deal with humanity...the good, the bad, and the ugly. As Christians, when we came to God and began walking in a new life we can become so naive in thinking that we won't have to deal with problems...and everything will be perfect. It is so far from the truth. God never promised us this...but He promised He would be with us and help us through. To believe upon Him and trust Him. This Too Shall Pass Away by Lanta Wilson Smith When some great sorrow, like a mighty river, Flows through your life with peace-destroying power, And dearest things are swept from sight forever, Say to your heart each trying hour: "This, too, shall pass away." When ceaseless toil has hushed your song of gladness, And you have grown almost too tired to pray, Let this truth banish from your heart its sadness, And ease the burdens of each trying day: "This, too, shall pass away" You will face many challenges living for must understand that we have an enemy that is out going to and fro across the Earth seeking whom he may devour. If you are a Christian, the enemy does not like it. It is his goal to destroy your soul. To cause you to believe his lies, to follow after him. One of the greatest men of God that wrote the majority of the New Testament went through many challenges because he preached the Word of God. Nothing could stop Paul...he was a man on a mission..Paul had an experience with God..He believed in who He was... God called Paul..met him on the road to Damascus....he was on his way to punish and capture the Christians in which he thought were wrong...they were teaching lies...causing chaos...Until He met the Lord on the road...his life changed...He found out how wrong he was then that his name was changed from Saul into Paul... his life would forever be changed...and now his life would be in the hands of those that believed as he did.....Paul did not allow anything that came at him to deter him....He had a zealous, He had a made up mind...a very passionate man of God. You can see what Paul walked through in order to reach the world...and preach the Name of Jesus, as Savior, as Lord of all. 2 Corinthians 11:24-33 He was whipped 5 different times 39 stripes He was beaten with rods 3different times He was stoned and lived He was in 3 shipwreck in the the water a night and a day He speaks of in perils of waters In perils of robbers In perils by the heathen, In perils in the city In perils in the wilderness In perils in the sea, In perils among false brethren In weariness and painfulness In watchings, In hunger and thirst In fastings In cold and nakedness Besides all these things, Paul says all things which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches In Damascus the governor tried to capture Paul..but was able to flee and escaped the hands of the garrison in capturing him One thing to know is that no matter what you will deal with in your walk with the Lord...stand strong and trust the Lord...for He is with you...He will fight for you...He will be your strength, your comfort, and provide your need! Will you trust in His love and mercy for you and your life? One day you may have to answer this question when you face a trial....just remember Paul...God received the glory for Paul's life...can we give God the glory for our life?

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Writer’s Pen……By Elder Art Bowman Bible Studies - What's Really Involved? The following article borders on blatant misuse of the work of someone else, a confession I openly and freely admit. However, the lesson for professing Christians is too important not to make available in terms that we, as Gentiles, can accept, and I do give proper credit to the author. The original, untouched and uncorrupted article is located at the web page cited at the end of this post. Please read the original. What I have done is to take Hebrew teaching using the combined references from the Mishna, Torah, and Talmud. In doing so, I substituted Gentile terms for the referenced Hebraic documents, as noted in [brackets]. What I discovered was that the Jews had the art of Bible study right all along, and we, the adopted children of Abraham, have not yet learned the fundamental principles of cultivating a personal relationship with God. That is, most Christians are content to sit back and ‘let God do it’. The Spirit of God will teach me, He will instruct me, tell me what to do and when to do it, etc. As a religious people, we have become passive in our spiritual life, rather than being an active participant in it. So, please consider the following Jewish teaching, concerning spiritual growth and maturity, as it comes down to us from our own religious heritage.

1 Peter 2:9 9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

---------------------Pirkei Avos Killing Ourselves Chapter 5, Mishna 17 Original document written by: Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld "There are four types among those who go to the study hall. [One who] goes but does not 'do' receives reward for the going. [One who] does but does not go receives reward for the doing. [One who] goes and does is pious. [One who] does not go and does not do is wicked." This week's [Sunday morning service] contrasts people in regard to their [Sunday school/church] attendance. Before we begin, R. Samson Raphael Hirsch points out that in the time of the [initial church] the [New Testament doctrines] had not yet been committed to writing [and the Old Testament scrolls were not available for public use]. Thus, the Bible was typically studied publicly and orally, at first from teacher [Rabbi/Apostle/Preacher/Pastor/Teacher] to student [disciple/believer] and then discussed among the [congregation]. This in itself increased the dynamic, engaging nature of [Bible] study, contributing to its becoming the living wisdom it is today. Conversely, the possibility of any sort of advanced level of study in private was severely limited. Thus, our [Bible teachers] views one who does not attend a place of study as one who has very little serious involvement in [Bible] study -- beyond what he has been taught already and the little he can deduce on his own. Our [Bible teachers] categorizes people in terms of going to study and "doing". The term doing is not entirely clear. It would seem to refer to what the person does after he arrives at [church]. But if he does nothing, of what value is the traveling? The commentator [tacher] explains that one who does not do is one who listens to the lectures of others but does not actively study himself. He is rewarded for the "traveling" -- going as well listening to others, but not so much for the "doing" -- vigorously endeavoring to understand himself. [My Added Note: James 1:22 (KJV) But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.] This is a key distinction in the eyes of the [Bible scholars], so much so that one who merely passively attends lectures is viewed as having accomplished little more than traveling to a place of study. The travel was his primary effort; sitting back and listening to someone else lecture is almost the relaxing part (bringing great heaviness to the eyelids, as we all know). True Bible study is something much grander and more intense. The [Bible scholars], view achievement in [Bible study] as coming through exertion alone. Numbers 19 discusses certain laws of impurity relating to corpses. Verse 14 states: "This is the Torah [law]: If a man dies in a tent, anyone who enters the tent... becomes impure for seven days." On this the [major Bible commentary] comments, "This is the [Law] -- if a man dies:" [The Law] is only acquired if a person kills himself over it [a non-biblical reference]. Bible knowledge cannot be acquired passively. Although the initial knowledge will always come from a scholar or sacred text, understanding the material is not where the effort ends; it is where it begins. The student must then analyze, review, and internalize -often with the help of study partners and colleagues. Only then will the Torah knowledge become his own.

There is a much higher goal required of us in [Bible] study than the basically passive task of absorbing information. We learned earlier that ideally one should study in order to "do" [See above note, reference James 1:22]. This certainly sounds like an active accomplishment -- not unlike the "doing" of our [preaching sermons]. What does it mean to study in order to do? We explained there that studying to do does not mean in order to know how to fulfill the commandments. Most of the texts we study discuss laws and practices which have little or no relevance to our daily lives. Further, that would have [Bible] study as a means alone, while in truth it is an ends -- and an ends like no other. Ideally, we study not merely to know, but to "do" -- to make a change in ourselves and become different people. We study Torah to gain an understanding of God's wisdom, and ultimately to understand and develop a relationship with God Himself. This requires an enormous degree of exertion, devotion and submission before God's infinite wisdom. We build that relationship when we master and internalize the [Scriptures] -- when it enters our hearts and minds -- transforming our very beings into [Bible] personalities. Thus, our [sermons & Sunday school classes] tells us that one who merely attends [Sunday school] classes but does little to internalize the wisdom is lacking in the most critical aspect of Bible study. He has traveled to a worthy location, and he is certainly in good company. Far better to relax with words of [the scriptures] than in front of a TV screen. But his study has at best only begun. What does he do after the lecture [or service]? Does he build on his new-found wisdom, deepening and expanding his knowledge? Does he apply it to himself? Or does he move on to greener pastures -- unwilling to put in the true intellectual effort required for accomplishment in learning? Over the years I have both observed and been involved in many [Bible] study programs geared for the wider community, and they have invariably foundered on this point. It is not so difficult to attract people to an enticing [church service] -- in which a lively, engaging speaker selects some fascinating / amusing / timely topic and entertains an audience for an hour. People are more than willing to sacrifice the boob-tube for an evening (depending, of course, on the prime-time showings that night and the current pro-sports season) to attend a [church service or revival] -- and only some of them will doze. But when these programs invite people to sit down and learn for themselves -- or even study with an advanced partner, the casually interested quickly fall away and pitifully few remain. This, however, is our ultimate task when it comes to Bible study. Bible study cannot be viewed as a pastime -- something one does without serious commitment and gutwrenching effort. Sitting back and expecting to be taught -- that everything should be figured out by someone else and spoonfed [sic] to you -- will hardly create a knowledgeable [Christian], let alone a [Bible] personality. And this is for the all-too-simple reason that God gave us the [Scriptures] not merely as a code of laws and ethics. It is a tool: for seeking and discovering God and His truths, and in so doing discovering ourselves. And it must be done by us alone. God will not come to us, nor can anyone else truly bring Him to us. We, and only we, can take possession of the [Word of God], making it -- and God -- a part of our lives. Text Copyright © 2006 by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld and Rosenfeld, Dovid. (2010) Pirkei Avos - .org. Retrieved July 15, 2010, from pirkei-avos/chapter5-17.html Original article copyright notice:. Permission is granted to redistribute [the original article], but please give proper attribution and copyright to the author and Both the author and reserve certain rights. Email for full information. Cont->

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Cont-> Taking this article to heart, it would seem that not only Sunday school classes, but also regular church services should be accompanied by note taking, Bible references (scripture) reading and analysis, and congregational discussions (small group and full assembly) should be the order of the day. As a matter of fact, that is exactly the kind of environment that Jesus found himself in when He taught in the Temple, the synagogues, and even on the mountain side, yep, even as Paul when he taught the Jews and Gentiles on the Sabbath or [as implied] when visiting in someone's home. Religious lectures were never meant to be a one man event/show/performance! I suspect we lost this old style of teaching when we substituted the Roman teaching system of "one man is in charge of all aspects of the church and the religious life of the local assembly", and who, in turn, was answerable to the Roman Church authority, to ensure that Emperor Constantine's religious views were taught and imposed on the congregations. After all, any one who failed in his responsibility to teach and to obey the Emperor's religious doctrines was either imprisoned, banished or executed. That edict went for Priest and 'saint' alike.

To carry the analogy further – In most local churches it is the appointed pastor who has the primary responsibility for teaching the Bible to the congregation. That is, it is the pastor who prepares his/her own Bible commentary to be delivered at each church service. Yet, what occurs in many services is that the word is not actually ‘taught’. Questions such as what does the sermon have to do with spiritual growth and how is it to be implemented in one’s day-to-day life (experiences, problems, successes, etc.)? Rather, what is offered up in many services is a teaching ‘about’ the Bible, not the Bible its self. One of the reasons for this continued flight off into personal commentary being passed off as a study of scripture is the need on the part of the teacher to come up with something ‘new’ for each service. From one to three, or more, services per week puts a strain on the ingenuity of the teacher to come up with something new and interesting to grab the attention and interest of the congregation. Make no mistake about it, in many services throughout the land, such teaching is nothing short of a staged performance. In Las Vegas, before the main entertainer comes on stage, the Master of Ceremonies, one or more musical productions, and a warm up act precede them - by those who have yet to make it into the ‘star’ class of performers. All of this production is designed to work up the crowd into a high state of emotional expectation for the star attraction. At the conclusion of ‘having church’, what is one actually left with that will answer these kinds of questions: How did this service help me grow spiritually? How did this teaching improve my knowledge of God and guide me into applying that knowledge in my personal life – and in my relationship with both God and my brothers and sisters? Or, does one simply walk away from a service content to have a ‘holy feel good’ experience – how well did you enjoy the show? On the other side of the coin, is the question of how frequently is the same old material to be rehashed? And, why does that seem to be so necessary? Is it because so many folks fail to get the message? Most everyone keeps forgetting the message? No one is really interested in the message? The teacher simply ran out of material to teach on and has to fall back on the same old stuff? In one church the saints knew when the pastor had not prepared a sermon for the service. He preached on Acts 2:38, the fallen state of Trinitarians, or standards. The problem? Why continue to preach on these subjects to a group of people who already are in agreement on the subjects? What was the purpose of such preaching? What was the preacher hoping to achieve? What did the congregation get out of the time spent in church? Was the time invested worth the effort? Two questions: (1) What is the primary purpose for attending any church service? Consider everything that has been presented in this thread so far. Clue: This question has not yet been addressed, or even hinted at. (2) What is the secondary purpose for the meeting together of the saints, and according to scripture, who is to manage that meeting? How? May your studies be fruitful.

Pastor Sherry’s Ponderings……….. It's a "Heart Thing" In living for the Lord I have gathered through all my journeys and study that God looks into your heart and your soul and He finds your motives in every situation that you are in. The bible says in Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God. God knows our heart, and He knows our very thoughts. There is nothing that you nor I can hide from the Lord for He is omnipresent....He is all around us. In Matthew 9:4 And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts? We can find ourselves lost in the midst of our own lustful heart....seeking after the things of the world instead of the things of God. We can ask ourselves am I seeking the Lord with all my heart and soul...or am I playing the fence. Do I just seek the Lord at times when I feel I am not too busy? Or if I am in trouble? Do I pick up my bible each day and read it? Or just pick it up every once in a while? Here is a song about a Momma that lived through her we should hope to be that same witness. That we trust in Gods Word and treasure each page as we walk through each one that God speaks to our hearts and renew our minds. Look at the lyrics of this song:


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DUST ON MOTHERS OLD BIBLE There's dust on mother's old Bible Its coverer's worn with age And although it's old and wrinkled Mother's there on e-every page The night the angels called her Mama called me to her side And handed me her Bible Said girl, let God be your guide There's dust on mother's old Bible Its coverer's worn with age And although it's old and wrinkled Mother's there on every page I picked up mother's old Bible To my heart I pressed it tight And I heard her softly whisper Girl, I'll meet you on the other side I kissed my mother's old Bible And I wiped away the dust Oh you'll never know until she's gone How you miss your mother's love There's dust on mother's old Bible Its coverer's worn with age And although it's old and wrinkled Mother's there on every page

Dust on the Bible I went into a home one day just to see some friends of mine Of all their books and magazines, not a Bible could I find. I asked them for the Bible. When they brought it, what a shame! For the dust was covered o'er it, not a fingerprint was plain.

Dust on the Bible, dust on the Holy Word The words of all the prophets, and the sayings of our Lord. Of all the other books you'll find, there's none salvation holds Get the dust off the Bible and redeem your poor soul. Oh, you can read your magazines of love and tragic things But not one word of Bible verse, not a scripture do you know. When it is the very truth, and it's contents good for you. But it's dust is covered o'er it And it's sure to doom your poor soul.

1 Chronicles 28:9 And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy Father, and serve Him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: If thou seek Him, He will be found of thee; but if thou forsake Him, he will cast thee off forever. Today...let's stop and ponder on where our heart is....and if you find yourself lacking in any area...quickly make a turnabout and seek the Lord while He may be found...ask His forgiveness and the cleansing of your soul. Ask Him to lead you in the ways in which you should go....For you shall find Him waiting for you to return unto Him. Turn to Psalm 51...this is the greatest example of prayer through brokenness of ones soul.....take time today and do what is necessary for you to be in the Will of God for your life. That is His desire that you shall seek His face each and everyday....and that you will trust Him in all His ways!

blessings Pastor Sherry Ritchie

Dust on the Bible, dust on the Holy Word; The word of all the prophets, and the sayings of our Lord. Of all the other books you'll find, there's none salvation holds Get the dust off the Bible and redeem your poor soul. Oh, if you have a friend you'd like to help along life's way Just tell him that the Good Book shows a mortal how to pray The best advice to give him that will make his burdens light Is to dust the family bible trades the wrong way for the right Dust on the Bible, dust on the Holy Word The word of all the prophets, and the sayings of our Lord. Of all the other books you'll find, there's none salvation holds. Get the dust off the Bible and redeem your poor soul.

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Apostolic Society

Members of Apostolic Society would like to

Elder Dennis Lubow

extend a welcome to our newest member from Columbus…..

We are a unique organization as our goal is to allow God to be the true head of the church, allowing the Holy Ghost the freedom to operate in our lives as well as the assembly of the church. Doing away with all the man made doctrines that have polluted the church, and destroyed untold numbers of hungry souls. If doctrine cannot be backed up with the entire Bible it is man made. If it is biblically sound doctrine the entire Bible will support it.

Pastor Sharon Glass. Ohio ASI Ministers Quarterly Meeting Saturday, March 5, 2011 Time: 1 pm.


Due to all ministers inability to attend, this event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

Contact Information

Hailey Darlene Dunn AGE: 13 HAIR: Brown WEIGHT: 1 20 lbs

SEX: Female EYES: Hazel PIERCED : ears

RACE: White HEIGHT: 5’01”

WEARING: Navy blue sweat pants, light colored t-shirt, pink/white shoes

Elder Dennis Lubow Ph: 2562303437 Email:

Hailey left to go to a friend’s house but never made it. Colorado City Police . Department is offering a reward for Hailey’s safe return.

Pastor Sherry Ritchie Ph: 740 891 4992 or 740706 0230 Email:

MISSING SINCE: December 27, 2010 MISSING FROM: Colorado City, Texas

Pastor Sandra West Ph: 441793522897 Email:

This Too Shall Pass Ministry Pastor Sherry Ritchie

Pastor Faith Ritchie Email:

Special Note For submissions of any articles, special requests, updates on events or anything regarding the newsletter, please send them to : Faith at : Sherry at

Our ministry is all about Jesus and His love for each one of us. Encouraging and lifting each other up as we walk through the valleys, and the mountain tops in our life. We want to follow after the heartbeat of God. His will for us to walk daily in His Word and fulfil the "Great Commission". And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Important Notices Please send all your prayer needs to :

Happy Birthday or

We would like to wish a very We must intercede for the needs of others Breaking of Spiritual Strongholds and witchcraft over Country of Australia.

Happy Birthday to all whose Birthday’s are in March

Imogen Bentley, The Johnson Family, Jenny Preston, Carol Archer, David Hutton, Hilary & Bailey, Help Our unbelief, Homeless-those that hunger, Pray for our leaders across this world. LaRae Durbin and her family (loss of her grandmother) Shaun West along with his daughters, Ashliegh 10yrs, Erin 8 yrs. Pray for our churches that the true Word of God is preached Remove all pharisitical attitudes and mindsets within the church Abused Men, Women and children throughout this world

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