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Center Church Prospectus

Prepared by: Samuel Choi, Church Planter Updated October 19, 2012

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Executive Summary CENTER CHURCH “Making Everyday Disciples” Center Church is coming to Irvine in 2013. Join us in the journey. 1. Samuel and Carol Learn about our family and call 2. Irvine, CA Why start a new church in Irvine? 3. Vision Hopes and dreams for Irvine, OC, So.Cal., and Beyond 4. Partner + Give You make the difference 5. Timeline It is in God’s hands.





6. Contact Us Mail 14252 Culver Dr. Suite A-408 Irvine, CA 92604-0317 Email Phone

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1. Samuel and Carol Learn about our family and call

God’s Story unfolding in ours Samuel was born in Seoul, Korea in 1972 and spent the first fifteen years of his life there. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior in 6th grade. He moved to Southern California to finish high school. He attended UCLA where he received a vision for a 21st century Reformation. He pursued this vision and calling both academically, completing a Master of Divinity degree at Westminster Seminary California and pastorally, by serving in Korean American churches in the Los Angeles area. Carol was born in Pusan, Korea and came to the US with her parents when she was two. She received Jesus as her Lord and Savior in Jr. High. She attended University of Washington where she studied international business. She pursued a career in business and served in a Korean American church in the Seattle area. Samuel and Carol met in 2001 and married in 2002. Karis was born in 2002 and Kaden was born in 2004 in Federal Way, WA. The Kids Cool. Smart. Simply Great! Karis Artistic. Bright. Futuristic. Enjoys drawing, reading, music, and helping her mom with cooking. Viola is the new thing. Kaden Achiever. Loyal. Strategic.   Enjoys sports, especially soccer, playing piano, and helping his dad with grilling. Mini skateboard is the new thing.   ! ! !


Two Decades of Ministry Called by the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:33) by the Janss Steps at UCLA campus.

God’s Work evidenced in our lives Since 1992, Samuel has been involved in a pastoral work of preaching, teaching, helping and caring for people. The scope of work he engaged ranges from serving as a volunteer Sunday school teacher, community organizer and ecology corps advisor. He served as a staff: a pastor for Children’s ministry, youth ministry, college and young adult ministry. He also led a campus ministry, served on teams for national conferences, led and organized retreats, short-term mission trips and church planting teams. Samuel started three English Ministries in Korean American churches and planted Mars Hill Church Federal Way in 2009. Inspiration, Passion and Character are words that describe Samuel well. His passion is to see the power of the Gospel bring revival and renewal in the 21st century.

God’s Servant affirmed by others “I have known, and coached, Pastor Samuel Choi for a number of years. He is a gifted church planter and excellent communicator who does everything with Jesus-anointed passion as he seeks to share the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches. Samuel is teachable, humble and always eager to learn and grow to be his best for the kingdom. I wholeheartedly endorse Samuel Choi and Center Church of Irvine as worthy of your prayers and financial support.” Pastor Dave Kraft Mars Hill Church Orange County Author of Leaders Who Last and Mistakes Leaders Make ! ! !


2. Irvine, CA

God’s Movement in our time Why start a new church in Irvine? Learn about our vision and values THE CENTER CITY OF ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang describes the city: “In planning and developing Irvine Spectrum, the City and the Irvine Company seized the opportunity to create a special place that provides opportunities for virtually every aspect of life.” (p. 15, Rental Living Summer/Fall 2012 Issue) Tallia Hart, President and CEO of Irvine Chamber of Commerce says, “Irvine is a truly unique place: a leading business center with more than a hundred corporations overall; a multicultural community that honors diversity, where residents speak more than 120 languages; and a place that values nature as much as industry and education (p.6 from Irvine, Official Visitors Guide). • A leading business center with more than a hundred corporations overall. • A leading education center with University of California Irvine along with more than a dozen colleges and universities in Irvine and the surrounding area. • A leading center of nature with 40 percent of the city - about 25 square miles - committed to open space, parks and sports fields. • A multicultural community, where residents speak more than 120 languages.

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• Best Place to Live #6 Money’s List of America’s best small cities, 2012 CHALLENGES • A Search for Identity Irvine is an edge-city that boasts the best of both worlds: urban living without the crimes and rural living without the crowd. The Irvine Company - Villages of Irvine - • A Search for Intimacy Irvine ranked within the top ten in three categories of internet search words (Internet Pornography Statistics) - Keyword “porn” - Irvine ranked 6th among US cities - Keyword “xxx” - Irvine ranked 4th among US cities - Keyword “sex” - Irvine ranked 9th among US cities ( • A Search for Image Irvine ranked #1 as the most fashionable city in the US. Households in Irvine spent money at (or visited top-end designer merchants in the last 30 months. ( • A Search for Community Orange County has one of the highest divorce rates in the US. 70-72 percent of the county’s first-time marriage go bust. ( SPIRITUAL NEED Amidst the affluence, amenities, and attractions, life in Irvine and Orange County is characterized by spiritual complacency caused by conservative outlook, consumeristic expectations, and exaggerated individualism that is focused on being comfortable, happy, good, safe, and successful. • Where is Jesus? Irvine is churched and couched in safety and security of Jesus look-alikes. People are more like the older, responsible son than the younger, rebellious son in Luke 15. Jesus is somewhere in their lives and their schedules but is not at the center where everything connects. Simply, Jesus is hidden. • Where are Christians? "Church planting is not only for frontier regions or pagan societies that we are trying to help to become Christian. Churched societies will have to maintain vigorous, extensive church planting simply to stay Christian." Tim Keller from Center Church, p. 362

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3. Vision Hopes and dreams for Irvine, OC, So.Cal., and Beyond

God’s Message for our time WHY WE EXIST Center Church exists to make everyday disciples. (Charles Dunahoo, “Making Kingdom Disciples” - the idea of kingdom is translated to everyday) • Center Church is Christ-centered. "Everyday disciple follows Christ by sharing the story of Jesus with everyone." • Center Church is Church-centered. "Everyday disciple loves Jesus by belonging to everyday church."   • Center Church is City-centered. "Everyday disciple lives for Jesus by serving and challenging the city."    OUR VISION We want to see Jesus changing people to live for him everyday. We want to see Christians freely, actively, creatively, and constructively seek the good in their relationships, in their tasks, in their spheres of influence, and in their cities. (James Hunter, “To Change the World,” p. 286) We want to see everyday disciples locally committed to seek the prosperity and peace of our community and globally connected to seek the prosperity and peace of our world as we are led by the Holy Spirit. (Jeremiah 29:7 “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”) ! ! !


OUR VALUES Jesus. We love Jesus. He is our God. He is the center of our lives. He is the center of everything we do. We live for Jesus. Gospel. The Gospel is God’s good news to broken sinners that Jesus Christ came to live, die and rise again for the forgiveness of sin and the giving of eternal life. This news offers to bring us home to God for life that is truly life - everyday. Church. A church is a people who have been redeemed by Jesus and sent into their context to make God look good as He really is. City. We love Irvine. We live here, work here, play here and raise our families here. We are not in the city to stand above the city (in judgment) or to hide under the city (in fear) or to mirror the city (in surrender), but to serve and challenge the city (in love). Mission. The mission of God is to make disciples (followers). We want as many people as possible to experience the sin-cleansing, shame-removing, scare-lifting, life-changing, world-altering power of the Gospel. Renewal. We want as many people as possible to see Jesus and experience life as it was intended to be: a God-centered life now and forever. As this happens, the city changes. As people meet Jesus the city is transformed; integrity is restored, families are rebuilt, classes and races are reconciled, the social fabric is rewoven, and the culture is renewed through the Gospel. Multiplication. We seek to grow an integrative ministry and help in movement dynamics through church planting. (Vision and Values adopted and edited from “The Vision� of Downtown Cornerstone Church, Lead Pastor Adam Sinnett)

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4. Partner + Give

You make the difference My distant brother (Steven Choi) running for Mayor of Irvine

God’s Messenger for the mission SUPPORT CENTER CHURCH We want to ask you to give cheerfully and generously what the Holy Spirit has led you to decide to give in light of Scriptural teaching on giving in 2 Corinthians 9:7-15. What cheerful and generous giving looks like in four practical ways: 1. One time gift of property or $100,000 or more 2. One time gift of $10,000 or more  OR Monthly pledge of $1,000 or more for 3 years 3. One time gift of $1,000 or more OR Monthly pledge of $100 or more for 3 years 4. One time gift of $100 or more OR Monthly pledge of $10 or more for 3 years This is how you can give: Write a check.  Center Church  14252 Culver Dr. Suite A-408 Irvine, CA 92604-0317 Email or call 949.529.1332 for any questions. ! ! !


5. Timeline It is in God’s hands.

God’s Time for His mission to His glory

2012 (SEP-DEC) PLANNING + FUNDRAISING • Center Church Pre-launch website launch



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A Night of Vision + Prayer (January 2013) Center Church Community Group Launch (January 2013) Prayer Nights + Walks (February 2013 and ongoing) Center Church Launch Team Training (March 2013) Center Church Launch (FAll 2013)

Recruit church planter to embed (ongoing) Launch new community groups Launch Center Trips Become financially self-sustaining by 2016 Launch a new church by 2017



God’s Goodness displayed and delivered by: Jesus Thank you for rescuing, redeeming, and restoring me to be the son and servant of God Most High. The Spirit Thank you for leading, counseling, coaching, and filling me with the love of the Father and the Son. Carol Thank you. You are the song of my life. Karis and Kaden Thank you, Karis, you are the gift of my life. Thank you, Kaden, you are the companion of my life. Mom Thank you for your sacrifice, service, prayers, and challenge you have given me to be the true pastor in shepherding and bringing healing to people. See you soon in heaven. Dad Thank you for your faith, character, and hope in God that is unshakable. See you in Koreatown soon. Johnny and Carny Thank you for your love, encouragement, sacrifice and support in joining us in our journey to CA. Mars Hill Church Thank you, pastor Mark, for writing Radical Reformission, preaching the gospel, teaching the Bible, and making disciples. Grateful for the lead pastors, elders, deacons, members and all who gather to worship Jesus in four different states at fifteen locations - what an awesome family of God. Thank you, pastor Nick, for your friendship and partnership in Center Church. Thank you, pastor Dave, for your mentorship and discipleship through Gospel Coaching. Village Church of Irvine Thank you, pastor Matt, for your friendship and partnership in Center Church. Downtown Cornerstone Church Thank you, pastor Adam, for your friendship and your permission to use The Vision. Thank you, pastor Daniel, for your friendship and partnership in church planting journey. Redeemer Presbyterian Church Thank you, pastor Terry, for your help and blessing to use the name “Center Church.” Thank you, pastor Tim, for all your books which I have read and am applying in local ministry. Family and Friends Near and Far Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, likes, and support in our journey. ! ! !


Center Church Prospectus  

A Project Proposal for the new church plant in Irvine, CA