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What are the characteristics of the solenoid valve? We are Jiada Company, specializing in manufacturing solenoid valve; the following are our solenoid valve characteristics.

First: solenoid valve absolutely will not out leak. It is easy to control leakage and safe to use.

Internal and external leakage is endangering the safety factor. Only the solenoid valve is electromagnetic force completed sealed compartment inside the magnetic core casing, there is no dynamic seal. So it is easy to control leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of Solenoid Controlled Valves is very safe, especially for corrosive material, toxic or high temperature medium.

Second: the system of solenoid valve is simple, which is easy to be connected to computer, with low price.

Solenoid valve itself is simple, and the price is low. More significant is that the composition of the automatic control system is much simpler, much lower prices. As the solenoid valve is a switch signal control, connected to the industrial computer is very convenient.

Third: solenoid valve act quickly with small power and lightweight.

Solenoid valve's response time can be as short as a few milliseconds with self-loops but more sensitive reaction. Properly designed solenoid valve coil power consumption is very low and is an energy-saving product. It can be just the trigger action, automatically maintain valve position, usually is not need power. Solenoid valve is small size, saving space and light and beautiful.

Fourth: solenoid valve regulation accuracy is limited; the suitable media is also limited.

Solenoid valve usually has open and close two states. The spool is only in two extreme positions. It is not continuously adjustable, so the adjustment accuracy also has certain restrictions.

Solenoid valve with higher requirements for medium cleanliness, including granular media can not be applied; the case must first filter out impurities. In addition, the viscous medium can not be applied, and the specific products suitable for medium viscosity range are relatively narrow. Fifth: there are various types of Solenoid Valves, which are used in wide range.

Although the solenoid valve is congenitally deficient, the advantages are still very prominent, so we designed a variety of products to meet different needs with extremely versatile.

Above are our solenoid valve's characteristics. We want to tell you that our company has various kinds of solenoid valves, the quality is very good. They can meet your different need. If you want solenoid valve, choose Jiada Company. We will give you our best service and competitive price. We are your wise choice.

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What are the characteristics of the solenoid valve?  

We are Jiada Company, specializing in manufacturin...

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