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January 2010

Happy new Year!

In this issue;

What will Jesus do in 2010? Pastor Mark Team Impact: Living, Loving and Leading in Christ Missions Matters Until the whole world hears Team Outreach Valley View Food Bank Service Day Convoy of Hope: Community Outreach Event, February 27 The Family Room: Christmas Musical Celebration Just around the corner: This month @ DC3 Worship Service is Changing! A change is in the air! ReCharge is coming! Are you ready for it?

Desert Cross is “Reaching out, Touching lives and Changing this World�

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Our beginning. . . Desert Cross has a rich heritage and long standing tradition. What is today Desert Cross was once known as Phoenix Japanese Free Methodist Church. This all began in 1929 when Mr. Kiichi Sagawa came to a life changing faith in Jesus Christ and began a Sunday School in his home in Tolleson. That Sunday School was later relocated to the Japanese Language School on the corner of 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road. In 1932 the church was officially organized and dedicated on May 8, with Rev. J. A. Kashitani who served as our first pastor. Our present sanctuary was built in 1964 on land that was donated by Mr. Kiichi Sagawa. The original buildings were moved from their original locations and placed on our current church property. As time moved forward the world around the church was changing and now Phoenix Japanese Free Methodist Church was changing too. In 2007 the name of the church was changed from Phoenix Japanese Free Methodist Church to Desert Cross Community Church. This new name is more reflective of the wonderful diversity of the family we know and enjoy at Desert Cross. Today we are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church family. We are a church family with a wonderful past, and a promising future. Come join us as we work together to advance the Kingdom of God into the lives of many people.

Welcome Home! Come join us this Sunday @ 10:45 for exciting worship, great bible teaching in a warm family atmosphere. Bring the kids—thereâ€&#x;s something for everyone!

Desert Cross Community Church 602-278-0917

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What will Jesus do in 2010? A new year. A new decade. A brand new day to start doing what we can for the kingdom. Let‟s get busy. So, where do we start? I wonder what would Jesus do in 2010?

What would Jesus do? That‟s a good question, but too often I think we come up with the wrong answer. Have you ever done this? You start thinking, “how do I apply that to my own life?” We all do at one time or another. And the natural thing is to look at the Word, right? So we dig into the Gospels and start examining all that Jesus did. Always a good thing to do, right? We look at his life and his teaching. We closely examine the things that he did on a day to day basis. We look closely at the dis-enfranchised action statements he makes in Matthew 25. This looks like a good plan of attack. “35

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

And we start out with great enthusiasm and energy and we go for it. And after a while we get this „why doesn’t this work for me, like it should?” Why does this seem to be a good, even a great idea, and yet, it‟s not seeing the kind of results it should. I can tell you why. It‟s because we are doing the WWJD thing all wrong. How can following Jesus‟ example be wrong? It‟s not the example. It our lack of a holistic understanding of that example. While the concept of „what would Jesus do” is a great idea, to look at his life, then go and do it, is where we get in trouble. To take Matthew 25 and put it into play without a direct link to John 15 will always cause us problems. If we miss to really hear his words in John 15 then all our doing will be a flurry of activity, with frustrating results. Eugene Peterson puts it in clear language for us; I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you're joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can't produce a thing. I was in a bible study where the teacher shared this passage and then went on to say that to produce a harvest we have to stay near Jesus. We can’t wander away; we have to stay close. Close to Jesus that sounds good. But that is not what this text says. Peterson takes the idea of “abide” as seen in the KJV and brings home with „when you’re joined with me‟. That‟s not near. That‟s connected. Then he pushes the envelope fully and brings in the „intimate and organic‟ aspect. There is no way we can be near Jesus and be organic at the same time. The life of the vine only flows from the vine as the branches are connected to the vine. Our fruitfulness only occurs in a harvest that is sure to be abundant as we are attached to the vine. Attached to Jesus. He is our life. Our source. Our organic connection to the Father. The whole WWJD concept is off base as it places my emulating what Jesus would do as the prime thing for me. That doesn‟t work; it creates work. Anybody can do what he did, but that doesn‟t guarantee a harvest, not the one promised in John 15. The promise comes to fruition as we stay connected to the vine. It‟s not what would Jesus do and then I get busy. It‟s what will Jesus do through me as I stay connected to the vine and let his life flow through mine. As I let his life become my life and he does his work through me as a vessel, being used by him. Want to bear much fruit? You got to stay connected to the vine. Pastor Mark

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Team Impact — Children & Youth Ministry

Welcome to TEAM IMPACT! “Living, Loving & Leading in Christ”

We‟re so excited about the New Year and all that God has in store!

Over the past few weeks in the Children‟s sermons we‟ve been learning about the Armor of God and now going into January we will be learning about prayer.

In the future, Team Impact will be getting involved both in the church as a whole, as well as in various forms of outreach. Every week during the message time, the Children will be released to Children‟s Church for their own lesson time.

There will also be monthly Team Impact events for the kids and youth to participate in, and once a quarter we‟ll be staying in the service, sharing what we have been learning with the rest of the church.

Please check the website and Facebook account for the latest updates on upcoming events and ministry opportunities. If anyone has any questions or is interested in being involved in the ministry of Team Impact please contact me, Stephanie Cartwright, at or (623) 204-1340.

You know you can listen to a podcast of all Pastor Mark’s weekly teaching, right? Did you know that soon we will offer video podcasting? Keep your eyes on

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Missions Matters -

Desert Cross: a local, global outreach

Until the Whole World Hears Jesus last commandment to his disciples was; “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and

Where is your mission field?

teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Mathew 28:19,20. It is a privilege that we have been given by God the spread the gospel through out all the earth. Not because we are worthy or because He couldn‟t accomplish this without us, but because we wants to use us. He wants to give us that joy of knowing that in heaven there will be people there because we where faithful servants to Christ in spreading the good news of God‟s saving grace. And it is because of this great joy that here at Desert Cross we are committed to supporting missionaries, who are spreading the gospel to the end of the earth, until the whole world hears. Missionaries we support; Dustin

located in the Middle East

Roger and Vangie stone

located in the Philippines

Josef and Lynette Sykora

located in Slovakia

Kozo and Toshiko Nakagami

located in China

Tang family

located in Thailand

Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved…. Contact Lincoln at

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Team Outreach - the hands and feet of Jesus to the world Often times when one pictures the hungry, the homeless, the poor, It's always a dirty under weight child from a foreign country living in a slum among filth. It's a tragic reality that tugs at the heart strings of most people. We feel so compelled to send money to help feed, to cloth, to vaccinate, to educate. Imagine this;; a single mother living next door struggling to raise 3 kids because she lost her husband, she needs some one to care. A father who shows up for food boxes because he lost his job, he needs to feed his family . The elderly couple who is alone unable to drive and have difficulty with every day chores, they need a helping hand. There are so many people who are in need around us every day, It does not take much, we only need to care and act, go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Lord has given to us some opportunity so that we as a church and individuals can go out and serve, at 9:30 am on Jan 23,2010 Desert Cross will be helping Valley View Community Food Bank in any way we can at their warehouse, we invite every one to join us in serving this organization that helps feed hungry families of the valley. We will also be teaming up with several other churches from our area In the Convey of Hope coming in in February.

What is Convoy of Hope? Convoy of Hope is a community based outreach event. It is churches working together to bring the hope in Jesus to hurting people. Convoy of Hope will bring free medical and vision screening, kids activities and 37,000 pounds of food to the Grand Canyon University campus. This community based outreach will take place on February 27th starting @ 10AM. If youâ€&#x;re looking for a way to make an impact for God, share the gospel with those who need to hear, and have a great time doing it, then we need you to be there.

Contact Melissa at for more details.

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What is truth? Is it subjective? Is it relative? Does it change? Is there really anything that could be called absolute truth? The truth is out there. And it‟s coming to Desert Cross. Come join us as we embark on a discovery of truth. We will be offering the Truth project this spring in our Sunday evening Diggin’ Deeper Discipleship Class.

can. u o y t a do wh , t ame o n g : t s e s u i v ’ s r u e h o J In hat y y of C d w o e b s u e h , Be t u are o y e r e h Start w

Shoebox Ministries—an ongoing need... It‟s common to feel the need to help others at Christmas. The season gets us in a giving frame of mind. But the reality is that life on the street is a 24/7, 365 way of life for many homeless people in Phoenix. The needs of the disenfranchised were always on the mind of Jesus. They should be on ours as well. So, what can you do to make a difference in the world of our many homeless in Phoenix? You can give dignity to our homeless by supplying the simple basic necessities of life. We need your giving of toiletries, socks, Guidepost and Reader‟s Digest are needed. Thank you for your support to help those in need. The Shoebox Ministries boxes are in the Fellowship Hall next to the kitchen.

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The Family Room Let there be Light! — A Christmas Musical Celebration The Desert Cross Chorus gave us a real treat this year as they sang Let there be light! This wonderful musical reminded us of the great gift and the miracle of Christmas. The coming of the son. The infinite mystery took on flesh and walked among us. What a gift of grace! Desert Cross — It’s where you belong!

We were blessed by many great solo performances this year. Laura Lea Sims lent her wonderful voice to the chorus this year.

You know you can listen to a podcast of all Pastor Mark’s weekly teaching, right? Keep your eyes on

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Just around the corner .. coming Soon to Desert Cross Sundays: Diggin’ Deeper Discipleship will resume on January 10th. Tuesdays: Life Journey Groups at Pastor Mark‟s and Dorothy Tanita‟s at 7:00 p.m. Fridays: Ephesians Bible Study at Church, 7:00PM. Bible teacher Lincoln Solis. Jan. 10: Jan. 10: AM Jan. 10: Jan, 16: Jan. 26:

Women’s Ministry

Prayer Warriors meeting, 9:00AM Women‟s Ministry fund raiser breakfast at the church, 9:00 Society Meeting, after worship service. 12:30PM Service Day—Valley View Food Bank 8AM W.M. meeting at the church, 1:00PM

Annual Meeting January. 26, 1:00PM in the Fellowship Hall. Spring Fling Recharge Fund Raiser Breakfast, Sunday, Jan. 10, 9:00 AM. First meeting for 2010 - Jan. 26 will be a luncheon meeting @ 12:00PM

Service Time Change begins February 7th! This is a reminder that we will be changing our service start time to 10AM on February 7th. This is an exciting change for many reasons; This will allow for a longer fellowship time after services before noon. This is the time most churches in American meet This is the prime time to reach new families. As we focus on young families we will need to be sensitive to the things that reach them. Be sure to plan now for coming time change. We will see you at 10Am starting on February 7th.

nging this a h C d n a es, uching liv o T , t u o g “Reachin Phone: (602) 278-0917 E-mail:

Visit us on the web @


Desert Cross Community Church 4143 N. 43rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85031

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ReCharge — the name says it all. ReCharge is a time to get away and slow down. To be with your church family and friends. To let the noise of the city fall away and hear God speak to you. To you. To refresh your heart, and recharge your spirit. Once you‟ve been to ReCharge, you don‟t want to miss it. Just ask anyone in this picture. Plan now for ReCharge 2010, October 22-24, at beautiful Emmanuel Pines Camp, in the mountains outside of Prescott, AZ.

Visit us on the web @

DC3 January E-zine  

Enjoy the latest news and upcoming events form Desert Cross.

DC3 January E-zine  

Enjoy the latest news and upcoming events form Desert Cross.