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November 2009 Loving God · Loving Others Spreading The Gospel Matthew 22:37-40; 28:19-20

2009 Thanksgiving Dinner November 14, 5:00 PM Forest Lake Christian Church Fellowship Hall Names Larry Vinson, Minister Shelli Matheson, Secretary & Update Editor David & Kathy Burks, Custodians Randy Ashby, Elder Marv Christensen, Elder Gary Lance, Elder

Home communion available upon request

Contact Us Phone: 651-464-3400 E-mail: or Office Hours: 9:00 to 2:00, Monday-Friday

Sunday Services 9:15 - Sunday Connections 10:00 - FLCC Café 10:30 - Worship Service

Wednesday Services 7:00 - Large Group Bible Study

Regular Meetings:

Ministry Teams and Chairperson:

Elders, 1st Thursday at 7:00 Board, 2nd Thursday at 7:00 Prayer & Praise, Sundays at 6:30 Loving Ladies Fellowship, 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 Men’s Breakfast, every other Saturday at 8:00 Worship Ministry Team, 3rd Thursday at 7:00 Ladies Bible Studay, every other Tuesday at 10:00

Building & Grounds: David Burks Cemetery: Marv Christensen Fellowship: Randy Ashby Finance: Debbie Ashby Ladies: Verna Christensen Outreach: Rich Larson & Keith Hegstrom Worship: Larry Vinson Youth: Larry Vinson

Preparation Work Day: Friday November 13th at 6:00 pm.

Standing on the truth of God’s Word for 100 years (1909-2009)

It Figures...

Annual Meeting The annual congregational meeting was held Sunday, October 25th. All nominees were elected. The Elders are Randy Ashby, Gary Lance and Marv Christensen. Keith Hegstrom and Greg McGuire join Larry Avery, Rich Larson, Paul Vollmer, Mike Wold and David Burks as Deacons. Sandie Bounds was re-elected as a trustee. Treasurers are as follows: Building/Memorial Fund-Debbie Ashby, Cemetery Fund-Marv Christensen, General Fund-Gary Lance, Missionary Fund-Kathy Burks, Youth Fund-Sandra Hafner and Benevolence Fund-Marv Christensen. Jeanie Polzin is the new church clerk. Heather Vinson is the new Bible School Superintendent/Secretary. Any undesignated Thanksgiving offering will be applied as follows: 25% split equally between Family Pathways and Community Helping Hand food shelves and 75% to the building fund to cover costs of repairing or replacing the air conditioner with any remaining money applied to the mortgage principal. Thank you to the Elders, Deacons and their wives for providing the meal after the meeting.

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Item of the Month During the month of November we will be collecting cans of chili for Community Helping Hand to distribute to Forest Lake area families in need.

Loving Ladies November Nursery Tuesday, November 10th at 6:30 At the November meeting the ladies will

work in the nursery cleaning and arranging. The “Busy Bags” used during church services will be refilled and updated. All ladies are invite to attend this work day for fellowship and of course-a treat!

Member Biographies We are looking for volunteers to write their own “Member Biographies” to share in upcoming newsletters. Please contact Carol Moon or the church office for more information.

The deadline to get articles or other details into the December Update is Monday, November 16th.

Member Biography Rich & Marge Larson Rich and Marge became Mr. & Mrs. Richard Larson 41 years ago this Dec. It was a whirlwind courtship. I met Marge while she was tending bar at the American Legion in Bloomington. My brother and I stopped in for a beer after work one day and before I knew it we were married. Actually it took about six weeks. We were sitting around her apartment one weekend and I asked her what she would like to do next weekend. I don’t remember her response but I suggested we get married, the rest is----history. Now you would think that two people who have only known one another for less than two months would have zero chance of making a marriage a success. Well thank goodness, and good for me; Marge has the patience of Job. We have two children and four grandchildren all living in Forest Lake and I have four children and six grandchildren from my first marriage and they all reside on the west coast. Until moving to Forest Lake about 35 years ago we lived in the cities and spent some time in southern MN. I worked for my brother in a Mobile gas station for a short time after our marriage then worked for Holiday & SA. Somehow I got into the restaurant business and that is where I spent the majority of my working career. I started out with Country Kitchen (that’s what brought us to Forest Lake) and ended up owning 7 Pizza Huts with a partner from Mt. Pleasant, IA. Health problems

forced me into an early retirement. Marge has worked for Taymark in WBL for over 20 years in various positions and is looking forward to retirement so she can spend more time cooking, baking and sewing, ha, ha ha. She has ambitions to learn how to play golf and tennis, (look out Tiger and Roger). Doesn’t look like I will be gaining a fishing partner anytime soon, oh well, as long as she continues to clean em. It wasn’t until about 10-12 years ago that we both got serious about our relationship with Jesus Christ. Marge was away for the weekend with her sister’s. As always I was listening to WCCO radio and they were interviewing the writers of the popular books “Left Behind”. I was intrigued by there description of the end times, so much so that I went out and bought a Bible, that’s right until then we did not own a Bible. I spent most of the weekend reading the New Testament. When she got home I said, “guess what Marge, I bought a Bible and I’ve read most of the NT.” It wasn’t long after that we started attending and eventually joined the Methodist Church in Wyoming. Four or five years ago we started looking for a church that preached and taught the Bible only and after visiting different churches we found ourselves at FLCC. We love the premise of the Restoration Church, the people who worship here and the Christ who is King here. In God We Trust, Rich & Marge

Serving in November Communion Meditation & Prayer: Kelly Bailey 1, 15, 29 Larry Vinson 8, 22 Offering Prayer: Larry Vinson 1, 15, 29 Kelly Bailey 8, 22 Offering Counters: Sandie Bounds & Sue Kendrick

Nursery: Linda Lane & Coronado Lauda 1 Debbie Anagnos & Nicole Hansen 8 Heather Vinson & Lauren Cooley 15 Shelli Reeder & Rachelle Nolan 22 Sandie Bounds & Cheyann Steinlicht 29 Greeters: Greg McGuire

Serving in December Communion & Offering: Steve Sahlin & Ron Reeder Communion Filling: Volunteer Needed Communion Washing: Volunteer Needed Greeters: Volunteer Needed

Kingdom Kids

Kids Korner

Jr. Worship: Terry & Sandy Lawrence Heather Vinson Shelli Matheson Jeanie Polzin Shelli Matheson

1 8 15 22 29

Communion Filing: Steve Sahlin Communion Washing: Paula Branum

Offering Counters: Shelli Matheson & Marty McGuire Nursery: Connie Steinlicht & Coronado Lauda Deb Ashby & Nicole Hansen Lanora Reeder & Lauren Cooley Marty McGuire & Rachelle Nolan

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Bible Character Parade Sunday, November 1st 4-6pm Forest Lake Christian Church Please come and join us for a fun filled evening on November 1st for our Bible Character Parade! Come dressed as your favorite Bible character or animal and get ready for an evening of fun. Parents are invited to dress up and stay for the fun as well! It will be an evening of playing games, enjoying dinner (which is provided) and starring in your very own Bible Character Parade! We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Event: Saturday, December 5th at 9:00 AM Children’s Christmas Breakfast Details announced soon

Monthly meanderings of the minister Being Thankful One of the things that God is teaching me is how to receive His grace. This has always been hard for me because I have felt that I had to work for God's approval (it's the perfectionist in me I guess). This attitude I have is contradictory to what the Bible says and for that I have repented and am now trying to work on receiving His grace just as I am. This month, I'd like to take a look at what it means to accept God's grace by being thankful. Our verse for the month tells us that no matter what the situation, we must bring our request to God with thankfulness as our compass. In other words, what in your situation can you give God thanks. God has given us so much, we should be able to find numerous things (especially in times of difficulty) that we can thank God for. As you celebrate the Holiday season take the time everyday to thank God for all of the blessings He has given you. Can't find a reason to give God thanks? Then take the time to ask God to help you find thanks and ask a friend or close relative to help you find the good things in your life. Before I go, let me say one thing that I am thankful for: each of you. This family has been a tremendous blessing to my family, thank all of you for allowing God to use you as a blessing in my life.

Scripture of the Month Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks."

Peace, Love, and Soul, Larry D Vinson Senior Minister Forest Lake Christian Church

- St. Ambrose

November Update 2009  

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