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March 2010 Loving God · Loving Others Spreading The Gospel Matthew 22:37-40; 28:19-20

Minnesota Christian Convention April 9-10 in Rochester Ben Cachiaras, Senior Minister at Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland, is the featured Adult speaker this year. The theme is “Rebel with a Cause: Lessons From the Book of Philippians.” There are special programs designed for children and teens. Information and registration materials can be found in the church office or by visiting the convention website:

Names Larry Vinson, Minister Shelli Matheson, Secretary & Update Editor Kathy Burks, Custodian Randy Ashby, Elder Marv Christensen, Elder Gary Lance, Elder

Home communion available upon request

Loving Ladies

Wii Game Night

The ladies group will meet March 9 at 6:30 to make preparations for the Children’s Easter party. It will be an evening of fellowship, food and fun!

As the sermon series, “It’s All About Wii” comes to a close, lets’s all get together for a family game night, Friday March 19 at 6. Larry will bring his Wii and we will have traditional games too. Please bring a snack to share.

Contact Us Phone: 651-464-3400 E-mail: or Office Hours: 9:00 to 2:00, Monday-Friday

Sunday Services 9:15 - Sunday Connections 10:00 - FLCC Café 10:30 - Worship Service

Wednesday Services 7:00 - Large Group Bible Study

Regular Meetings:

Ministry Teams and Chairperson:

Elders, 1st Thursday at 7:00 Board, 2nd Thursday at 7:00 Prayer & Praise, Sundays at 6:30 Loving Ladies Fellowship, 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 Men’s Breakfast, every other Saturday at 8:00 Worship Ministry Team, 3rd Thursday at 7:00 Outreach Ministry Team, 2nd Wednesday at 8:00 Ladies Bible Study, every other Tuesday at 10:00

Building & Grounds: David Burks Cemetery: Marv Christensen Fellowship: Randy Ashby Finance: Debbie Ashby Ladies: Verna Christensen Outreach: Rich Larson & Keith Hegstrom Worship: Larry Vinson Youth: Larry Vinson

Mark Your Calendar Pine Haven Christian Assembly Schedule If you have a student interested in attending Pine Haven this summer, the church will have scholarships available. Applications and information will be available soon in the church foyer or can be downloaded at Please contact Larry Vinson for more information about camp or scholarships. May 13-15 May 29-31 June 13-19 June 27-July 2 July 2-4 July 11-16 July 16-18 July 18-24

Work Weekend Fishing Weekend 11th & 12th Grade Family Week Ladies Retreat 5th & 6th Grade Zone B Adult Weekend 7th & 8th Grade Zone B

August 1-7 August 8-11 August 12-15 August 20-22 September 3-6 September 9-12 September 16-19

9th & 10th Grade Zone B 4th Grade Family Weekend Motorcycle Weekend Last Chance Camp Scrapbook Weekend 1 Scrapbook Weekend 2

Standing on the truth of God’s Word for 101 years (1909-2010)

Outreach Spotlight This months mission focus is on Pine Haven Christian Assembly located in Park Rapids, MN From what I have heard many of you have spent some enjoyable days at this Christian camp. If you’ve never experienced this camp where “Camp and Christ Go Together,” May 13-15 are designated as work days, a small group usually heads north to help get the camp ready for the summer. This would be a perfect time to see the camp up close and personal and get a little fishing in. Soon a schedule will be available showing which weeks are available for different groups. The following was taken from their website, Our Mission: The purpose of Pine Haven Christian Assembly is to proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through quality camping programs and facilities. Pine Haven is an extension of the church in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Our Story: Pine Haven has a long history of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and calling young people into a relationship with Him and into His service. We held our first official week of camp in July of 1941… a high school week. The vision of a camp, however, started years before in the hearts of Paul Millard (Minister at Worthington Church of Christ and President of Minnesota Bible University), Harold Milliken, G.H. Cachiaras (Dean of Minnesota Bible University) and Don Lawrence, to name a few. Paul Millard had started a youth conference in Worthington drawing more than 400 students. Later, Harold Milliken along with Mark Maxey and Ronald Keeler started a camp week at Itasca State Park. In the 1930’s developers had purchased land around the southwestern shores of Long Lake in hopes of developing a vaca-

tion paradise. The Depression and WWII would prove too much economic strain for the developers and they sought ways to reduce their loss. Best put in the words of John Cachiaras, “ By the merciful amazing providence of God these developers were brought into contact with President P.A. Millard and Dean G. H. Cachiaras of the Minnesota Bible University. The BurrisPilkington Co. transferred ownership of 400 lots to the Minnesota Bible University in the first days of January, 1941.” Eventually, the college was able to transfer ownership to the Minnesota Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Pine Haven Christian Assembly sprung out of the vision for a Christian camp that would help young people grow in their faith and inspire them to full-time Christian service. Since that first week of high school camp in July of 1941 Pine Haven has expanded her programs to serve campers of all ages. Land and facilities have expanded over the years as well. Regardless of the physical changes, Pine Haven has been faithful to its purpose of proclaiming the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through quality programming and continues to be a vital part of faith formation for many young people. Happy camping, Rich Larson, Outreach Committe

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The deadline to get articles or other details into the April Update is Monday, March 15th

could as we moved so much as he would get transferred all the time. Finally, he took a job in banking as vice president of the bank in Spring Lake Park and from there went into management at the bank in Sheldon, Wisconsin. I built a ceramic and gift shop in our home and it was very popular as the town and community was small and everyone loved it. I ended up with around fifty students!! As time went on the owner of the bank wanted Gary to move to Bruce, Wisconsin to handle that bank and he refused as we had enough moving to last us. He then went into business with Baughman's at Sheldon as an insurance agent and auction specialist. It really drummed up business but the owner ship did not work out so he went back into banking at the cities. We had Gary's mom living at Sheldon and had bought her a home to live in plus our own. She did not want to stay there without us so we ended up selling both homes and renting a while and finally buying a home in Mounds View. After 30 years in the banking and myself getting into banking by the way, he went into the mortgage business for himself and had several guys working for him including both of our sons. I ran the loan department for TCF Banking in Minneapolis, St. Anthony, and Maplewood. They wanted to transfer me again and again and I finally said no! Gary, almost had a heart attack when I quit! I ended up working for Dayton's as a sales consultant. Dawn, our daughter was the manager for the bridal department and meanwhile I had gone to school to be a nail technician and did that part time. She begged me to come to work for her part time so I did and did so well, I finally quit the nail business. Dawn, was very successful at what she did and was recruited by one of the top designers to go to New York for her. I took over in management there for about six months and

got recruited by Neiman Marcus to come and start a bridal department for them. I did and did well there but then meanwhile Dawn, went to work as the retail director for Monique Lhuillier which is the top bridal designer now and has been with them for 8-9 years and they recruited me to work for them in the new Edina store which opened 6 years ago and have been there ever since. We have a beautiful store there and it is a dream to work at. (Some days I do not say that!) Hah. Meanwhile Gary and the mortgage business with the housing industry kind of went down. He was very successful at what he did but the government destroyed the housing business and mortgage business along with some very corrupt people in the business. He has since retired but was and is very well known in the industry. We have lived in many many cities and learned a lot about life and what it has to offer. I was not a Christian until we were married about three years. We went to First Christian Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the time. Loved it there as we had Packer tickets and I might add an avid Packer fan we were and are. We both love Brett Favre so I had to follow him, Vikings or no Vikings as I felt Green Bay did not treat him well. Oh well, he was and is our hero and my son even named his son after him. We have three children, Dawn, being the eldest, Skip the second and David the youngest. All live in the cities here with children so we are a close family. Life has dealt us some cruel and tough times to live with but with Christ in our lives and almost fifty years of being married this spring it has been pretty amazing. Don't let anyone tell you life doesn't pass you by fast!! Seems just yesterday walking out on the yard at my home I was raised at gazing at the stars and here we are. Submitted by Gary and Vesty Lance

Serving in March Communion Meditation & Prayer: Larry Vinson 7, 21 Steve Sahlin 14, 28 Offering Prayer: Steve Sahlin Larry Vinson

7, 21 14, 28

Nursery: Marty McGuire & Nicole Hansen Linda Lane & Lauren Cooley Krista Myers & Rachelle Nolan Debbie Anagnos & Amy Myers

Greeters: David & Kathy Burks 7 14 21 28

Communion Filing: David & Kathy Burks Communion Washing: David & Kathy Burks

Offering Counters: Jeanie Polzin & Heidi Bailey Serving in April Communion & Offering: Ron Reeder & Charlie Myers Communion Filling : Volunteer Needed Communion Washing: Lanora Reeder Greeters: Melvin & Lucy Pfaffendorf

Offering Counters: Sandie Bounds & Sue Kendrick 4 Nursery: Heather Vinson & Cheyann Steinlicht Shelli Reeder & Coronado Lauda 11 Sandie Bounds & Nicole Hansen 18 Connie Steinlicht & Lauren Cooley 25

Member Biography-Gary and Vesty Lance As I sit here today trying to think where to begin on this biography of the Lance's I chuckle as it has been such a long journey but really short! Gary and I were both brought up on a farm as kids. I for one loved it as it was beautiful and wondrous as I had brothers and that let me do as I please as my Mom never let me work in the barn being a girl!! But I did have the chores of mowing the yards at the farm which took me a full day as they were large and my dad had this humungous lawn mower that was bigger than me! Quite a site I might add! Gary, on the other hand, had to get up early and milk cows, get ready for school and walk a mile or so to a one room country school! He claims that's how he learned so much but I tell him it is because he later as a freshman or nineth grader came to my school! There we finished high school together. We actually started going out together as

Monthly meanderings of the minister

juniors. He came down to my band class and said I should be trying out for the junior class play and told me when practice started. I thought he was nuttier than a fruit cake but decided to anyway! Hey, I got one of the leading parts and the story goes from there!!! He was the big basketball, football star and of course I liked that! We went to proms together and everything else after that. We were active in forensics. He was the only person that got to go to state for forensics and didn't want to go as he was suppose to go to Eau Claire with me to go shopping and got into big trouble because he wanted to go with me!!!! Enough said there. We got married young. After working in the cities for a year or so, we got married. Gary started working in the finance business for Thorp Finance Company. We moved several times over the course of the years as he progressed in his business. I took jobs where I

A Family United I pray that our Sermon Series, “It’s All about ‘Wii’” is blessing you and your family. As I think about the reason why we are doing this series, I can’t help but to think of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 on the importance of unity (take the time to read that, it’s a great passage). I harp on unity a lot in my sermons and in my teachings. Why? Well, simply because it is important to Christ. Here’s the deal: how can we possibly show people the greatness of Christ’s Love when we are not loving each other like we should. Unity is more about coming together on Sunday morning to worship our Lord and Savior. It’s about being of one mind, being in One Spirit, focusing on One God. Unity is all about being in relationship with one another. Without authentic relationships, unity can not and will not ever come to fruition. As you read this, ask yourself, “Am I in relationship with those around me?” I realize that this may make some of us uncomfortable, but since when God ever ask us to be comfortable? Challenge yourself this week, find that one person who you don’t know or you’re not close to, and build a relationship. My prayer is that all of us would have one great relationship with each other and our God. May it be so. Peace, Love, and Soul Larry D Vinson Senior Minister Forest Lake Christian Church

Thank You Dearest Loving Ladies, Thank you so much for the wonderful hats to keep our babies heads warm. They are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your time and talents. Sincerely, Sue Shaft and the NICU Staff and the babies too!!

Food of the Month

Thank You

During the month of March we will be collecting macaroni and cheese for Community Helping Hand to distribute to Forest Lake area families in need. There is a collection box for donations located in the church foyer.

Thank you to the ladies of the church for the luncheon and to Larry Avery, Linda Groeneweg, Marv Christensen and Larry for all you did for my mom’s Memorial service. It was greatly appreciated. Family of Delores Ziemann

FLCC Update March 2010  

The official newsletter of Forest Lake Christian Church in Forest Lake, MN.

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