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Approximately 6,000 years ago, God put in motion a plan that had been drawn out for the goal of rescuing you from death! Â

God created the world that you see around you, and then placed in it a man and a woman who were perfectly designed and perfectly made. Not only did God design and execute their creation as simply a part of the world He formed, but He elevated them as His crowning achievement, describing them, and only them, as having been made in His own image. No disease was in the world, no pain, no death, no sorrow or evil. Â

However, shortly after this creation event took place, one of God’s chief angels was permitted to rebel against Him. This fallen angel, known as Satan, took the form of a serpent and spoke with the first two humans. Instead of rebuking the Serpent and trusting the word of God, they listened to the devil. The man and woman broke the only law that God gave them and thus they spiritually died! Â

When someone is dead, typically they don’t have children. However the death that took place several thousands of years ago with the first man and woman was not a physical death but a spiritual one. The soul that was once alive in them–died. Consider it this way: A captain aboard his ship tells the pregnant couple that there is but one rule aboard this vessel. “Do not lean over the edge.” He gives the strongest of warnings and lets them know that if they lean over the edge, and fall overboard, they will die.

After a short time at sea, the nearly full-term wife beckons the husband to the edge to dangle their feet overboard against the captain’s direct command. Immediately after the husband sits on the edge, a rouge wave hits the boat and both are tossed into the water. They were warned that if they fell overboard they would die and there would be no escape from the waters. Now they are still alive, but due to their actions they are, for all intents and purposes, dead.   

The Rescue  

The Presentation of the rescue God offers mankind.

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