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Pastor Jason David Rios Ramos Pastor Tom Trainor, Retired Assoc. ~ Center for Healing & Wholeness, Inc. Victoria Eddy, Executive Director ~ Ann Thompson, Treasurer Carol Sceurman, Office Admin.

Tuckerton United Methodist Church

June ~ July 2021 Volume 41 Issue 3


The Lamplighter


In this issue: 1-From Pastor Jason 2-Finance Committee Update Stay in Touch 3-Center for Healing & Wholeness Children’s Church 4-Women of TUMC / JOY Group Church Mouse 5-Farmers Market / Vendor Fair 4th of July Parade / Yoga 6-Community Missions Birthdays & Anniversaries 7-Our Healing Ministry 8-June Calendar 9-July Calendar 10-June & July Happenings Altar Flowers: To order altar flowers, call the church office by Wednesday of the week you choose. Leave a message during offhours. The cost is $20.

Blessings Church, A new season in the life of the church is here. One that reminds us that we are all filled with God's Spirit to serve the world. This season is the season of Pentecost. Pentecost comes fifty days after Easter and marks the beginning of the work of the church. On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the day the disciples uniquely received the Holy Spirit. The story in Acts 2 describes a powerful wind and tongues of fire as the Holy Spirit was poured out on people from all over the world who came to Jerusalem to celebrate a Jewish feast. At the first Pentecost, over 3,000 people were baptized, creating the first church. What a powerful moment that on that day, the Holy Spirit was poured out on all the people, and they began to “speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them ability” (Acts 2:4). It was an inclusive community of all God’s children. A reminder that salvation does not belong to any particular group or what they do to maintain their group identity. Salvation belongs to God and God alone, and all are recipients of God’s grace. Because of this, we are also all givers of God’s grace. Our sameness does not unite the community of God, but unity is based on the love of God in Christ alone. Together, moved by the Spirit, let us share this good news with all. A new season also brings changes and new experiences. As you have likely heard, the CDC has put out new guidelines saying in effect that vaccinated people no longer need to wear face-covering in most public settings, both indoors and outdoors. The state of New Jersey, on May 28th, has also removed indoor face-covering requirements for houses of worship. Starting Sunday, May 30, we will no longer require face-covering to participate in worship. All are welcome to join in the worship service. We ask that you be mindful and respectful of CDC Guidelines and be kind to those who may feel more comfortable wearing face-covering indoors or outdoors when they come to worship. Carol will continue to keep a record of attendance for contact tracing purposes. We ask that you please use the hand sanitizer stations upon entering and exiting the building and maintain physical distancing. (Continued on page 2)

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Children's Church will be available, and we ask parents to let Jen Rocheskey know if their kids will participate. As we continue moving forward, we will pay attention to what the medical and health officials recommend and adjust our requirements accordingly. If you are concerned about gathering together because of COVID-19, don’t worry, we will still be offering our Online Worship Service, which can be viewed at your convenience. You can also Worship by Phone by calling the phone number (609) 2120432. I invite you to share our services with friends and family, wherever they may be, so we can grow our ministry impact and inspire and encourage others with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or pastoral needs. I invite you to pray for our church, our members, and the health and safety of our entire community. I ask that you pray for a movement of God’s Spirit to do a new and powerful thing within our church to truly live out and share the good news in the impact that we have on individuals and communities around us. Grace and Peace, Rev. Jason D. Ríos

Finance Committee Update Welcome summer! Spring went by in a flash! It’s so good to see our church family returning to worship. As more people are back in church, our giving hopefully will increase. The church has some expensive projects coming up so we need all the help we can get. Our balances have been going down each month as expenses, like for all of us, keep rising. If you are able to catch up on your giving, please do so. Our e-giving service, Pushpay, is an easy way to keep your giving current. Anyone who would like to use Pushpay can do so by going to our church website or texting tuckertonumc to 77977 on your smart phone and follow the prompts.

All banks also offer an online bill pay option. You can add the church as a payee and enter our address and choose a recurring pay option or one time. The third option is to mail your check to the church The Finance Committee wants to thank our faithful givers and appreciates your generosity and commitment to Tuckerton UMC. Stay well and God Bless You, Ann Thompson, Treasurer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR CHURCH COMMUNITY LOOP? We are doing our best to keep the congregation in the know via the newsletter, emails with weekly happenings as well as prayer request emails and special events that pop up. If you have access to a computer and you have an email address, we hope you are getting them. If not, please contact the church office. If you don’t have access to a computer, perhaps you could ask someone who does to share the information. We can also mail your newsletter. Just call the office and we’ll try to keep you connected. 2

CENTER FOR HEALING & WHOLENESS Gods Precious Present God is here, in each and every present moment. Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why we call it the present. The Greatest Gift God has given us is life. How are you living your life in the present moment? Are you consumed with yesterday and or tomorrow? Are you afraid of what has happened or of what could happen? The acronym for fear is false evidence appearing real. Sometimes our fear seems so real we forget God will take away our fears. To release fear, “Let go and let God.” Allow your thoughts to take you to Gods word. Isaiah 41:10 ~ “Do not fear for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you for I am your God, I will strengthen you, surely I will help you.” Jeremiah 1:8 ~ “Do not be afraid of them for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.” Peter 5:7 ~ “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Jeremiah 17:7 ~ “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord.” When you find yourself feeling fearful, talk to God ask him to direct your thinking to give you the strength to call a friend or family member. God speaks to us through others. Ask for the courage to speak about your fears. We can all help each other as we talk through our fears together. Amen!

Victoria Eddy CHSC, CARC 609.709.5982 If you are struggling during these stressful and uncertain times, counseling is available. Please call 609-296-8300.

Lynne A. Beriont-Virginia, LMFT

Children 4 to 6th Grade SHINE & SERVE with us and develop a passion for God. Children’s Church will be meeting 9:30 am in Mott Hall each Sunday during Morning Worship through June 20th, Father’s Day. To prepare for our gathering, I’m asking that parents contact me to register your children.

As of this printing, our plans for the summer months are a work in progress. You will be contacted as soon as plans are finalized. Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. -Proverbs 22:6. God Bless,

Jennifer Rocheskey 609-618-8068 / jbrocheskey@comcast. 3

WOMEN OF TUMC Greetings, The WTUMC met on Tuesday, May 4th. We reviewed the projects we have completed this year. We sent scholarship funding for one graduate at Pinelands in the amount of $250. We also provided carnations for all mothers on Mother's Day. The above funding is the last the WTUMC will be handling. We have decided to disband. We will not be holding meetings at the church any longer. We will, however, meet socially at a restaurant the 1st Tuesday of each month. We have transferred any money in our treasury to the church. We thank everyone who has helped with our fund raising in the past. God Bless You All, Lillian Wills

The JOY Group How wonderful it was to be able to celebrate Easter together again! The Joy Group was happy to be able to invite the Dixieland Band back for our annual Easter Eve Jazz Vigil. We look forward to the time when we will be able to also host a reception afterwards with sweet treats and beverages. Our last fundraiser was sponsoring the Spring Craft & Vendor Fair in April. I’m happy to say it was very well attended. Thanks to everyone who helped with setup, directing vendor parking, etc., we made $870. It was agreed at our June meeting we would donate $500 of the proceeds back to the church. It’s so good to see JOY members returning to our in-person meetings. Our next meeting will be on June 15th in Mott Hall at 7:00 pm. We meet the third Tuesday of each month in Mott Hall and invite all women to join us. Carol Sceurman

CHURCH MOUSE Dear Faithful Readers, Get your calendars out—lots of fun events are coming up! In just a few weeks the Farmers Market will be setting up in the church yard. We can’t wait. Every Tuesday they will be here selling all sorts of food—rumor has it there will also be a bakery will be here, tropical ice and the food truck will be back with Bar-B-Q and hot dogs. The Summer Craft & Vendor Fair will be held on Saturday, June 19th. That’s always fun! Father’s Day is June 20th. It’s the last day of Children’s Church until Rally Day in September. Morning Worship will be outside at 10:00 am. Did you hear??? Tuckerton will have a 4th of July Parade this year!!! It will be on Saturday, July 3rd. The church will be participating. Contact Wayne or the church office for more info. The Yard Sale in May was a blast!! I hope you didn’t miss it. There were lots of tables to shop—piled with all sorts of bargains. It took us all day to see everything! It was such a success, the church decided to have another on in the fall. When the date is chosen, I’ll let you know. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. The relatives sure are. They even took a dip in the lake on those hot days we had in May. Until next newsletter,

Your Friend,

The Church Mouse


Manna Farmers Market is Back!! Every Tuesday from June 15 to Oct. 12 10am-3pm Shop or rent a space $25 / Space 134 North Green Street, Tuckerton

June 19, 2021 ~ 8:30 am to 2:00 pm 134 N. Green Street, Tuckerton *Outdoor Space Available ~ $25/ Space* **Rain Date June 26**


To register call 609-296-9610 or email

July 4th Parade Saturday, July 3rd

Down Main Street at 10 am March in the parade with our float or come out to cheer us on!! Call the office or Wayne Martin (484-678-8006) for details

Hope to see you on the 3rd!

Mark you calendars! Wednesday Evening Classes Beginning June 16 through July 28 7:00-8:00 pm Chair Yoga—Friday Morning Classes Beginning June 18th through July 30 9:30-10:30 am (Subject to change) If you have any questions, please Call Anna at732-267-1261 . 5

PLEASE SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY MISSIONS OF TUMC Tuckerton Area Food Pantries: 148 N. Green St.- behind the church (609-2944777), open Mon., & Thurs., 10 am to 1 pm; Sat., 10 am to noon & in LEH at 641 Radio Rd. (609-296-1345), open Mon. - Fri., 2-4 pm. Donation of food and birthday bags are appreciated. Bring donations to the pantry during their operating times or to the church. Let’s keep the pantry & those who need their services in our prayers. Birthday Bags: Tuckerton Food Pantry is in need of Birthday Bags to give to families with children celebrating a birthday. Fill a large gift bag with the makings of a birthday party: cake mix & frosting, paper table cloth, candles, balloons, party favors, etc. Bring the bags to the Tuckerton Food Pantry during their operating hours. Thank you!! Gift Card Ministry: Donations of local store gift cards for Walmart, Acme, Shoprite, and WaWa (used for gas), along with donations to the Communion Fund (checks made payable to FUMC Communion Fund are used for utilities, medical bills and other necessities) make a huge difference in the lives of local families throughout the year. Please indicate the value of the card and attach the store receipt to the gift card. Cards can be mailed to the church.

The Salvation Army works through Tuckerton UMC to help families in our community with emergency assistance. Your monetary contribution enables this mission to continue. Checks should be made out to the “Salvation Army” and mailed to the church. Prayer Shawl Ministry -Please contact the church office or a member of the JOY Group if you know of someone in need of a prayer shawl. We are currently in need of shawls. If you would like to make a shawl, patterns & yarn are available. Saint Bernard’s Food for Pets Our newest mission - through Southern Ocean Animal Hospital, is collecting pet food and treats for Saint Mary’s in Barnegat and also local shelters and rescues. Please contact Southern Ocean Hospital for details.

Happy June Birthday 1-Bret Jillson Larry Mathis, Jr. 2-Dolores Abbot 3-Fred Riley 4-Emily Rocheskey 6-Jim Koed 8-Dina Iovine 9-Daniel Mathis 11-Nancy O'Neill 13-Emily Rose Sanford 15-Jacob Sanford

Happy July Birthday 4-Barry Roy Carla Baker 5-Donald Lelion Emily Castillo 6-Kathy Clayton 7-Grant Buttermore 8-Mary Ann Riley 9-Luz Castillo 11-Barbara Bobbin Wilkinson 12-Joan Sprague 13-Cliff Clayton 14-Patricia Polak

16-Keith Roy 17-Donna Campana 18-Tonya Neuweiler 19-Bethany Vreeland 21-Susan Cairone Melodie Norton Kristin Sooy 23-Devin Eddy 26-Russell Mathis, Sr. Joy Skeie David Disbrow, Jr.

27-Diane Matta 28-Cindi Lelion Vera Naylor 30-Michael Holon

17-Russell Mathis III Don Wilkinson 18-Dawn Mathis Jenna Rongo 20-Alyssa Leek Joseph Ventresca Ernie Frankinfield 21-Eiben Rocheskey 22-Aron Morey 23-Phyllis Kincaid 24-Craig Keple Doug Willey Kevin Kincaid 25-Nicholas Jillson

Laverne Marshall 27-Cody Steinhauer Daniel Disbrow 28-Monica Happel 29-Marilyn Schust

Happy June Anniversary 2-Bob & Tonya Neuweiler 4-Garrett & Cindy Loesch 6-Timmy & Susan Cairone 8-Harry & Diane Disbrow 10-Dan & Susan Doka 12-Ron & Candy Watts 17-John & Nancy O'Neill 20-Sam & Sharon Balas 21-David & Jean Fawcett 25-Keith & Anna Vreeland 27-Tom & Velma Giger

July Anniversary 8-Bob & Charlene Smith 9-Rafael & Luz Castillo 17-Bud & Avis Cranmer 19-Eiben & Dorothy Rocheskey 19-Ken & Vera Naylor 22-Russ & MaryLou Mathis 24-James & Deborah Allen Len & Ann Thompson 26-Frank & Monica Happel Brian & Stacy Mathis 29-Bill & Jean Flesche’ 6



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Continued Prayers: Lily Rose Cramer, Avis Cranmer, Brenda Hayes, Luke Hazley, Nicholas & Christina Jillson, Nancy Lake, Pat Mathis, Russell Mathis III, Russell Mathis, Sr., Evelyn O’Neill, John O’Neill, Grace Richmond, Fred & Mary Ann Riley, June Rosewall, Betty Senko, Joy Skeie, Terry Snyder, Edwin Sofield, Robert Spievak, Phyllis Spooner, Carl Wasylkowski, Dwight Weaver. Recent Prayer Requests: Betty Jean Young, Sheila Speck Mathis, John & Nancy O’Neill, Rita Bourguignon and Robin Sedlak, Terry Miller, Carol Bailey, Dwight Weaver (praise), family of Dorothy Hoeh on her passing, Nikki Simches, Brent Pryzchoda, Peggy Snyder, Rosemary Dowling, Sarah Grunow, Russell Lambariello, Ron Maresca, Sam Balas’ family on his passing, Andy Scharf, Ronnie Snyder, Jr., Betty Allen, Dorothy Eckert, Christina Mammucari, Sheila Mathis, Charles Wood (praise). God bless the men and women on the front line of this virus and those in uniform, especially those who are overseas, as well as our first responders in this country! Prayers for students and teachers. Prayers for our country Our thoughts and prayers continue with you as we navigate through this season of uncertainty. Trust that we are doing everything in our power to keep the health of you and your loved ones a priority. Our prayers are also with all who are suffering, filled with fear, or displaced. Please continue to pray for our government officials and all who are working hard to guide us at this time. In the Service - Lance Vreeland, Keegan Vreeland, Andrew Tonnesen Hospital / Nursing Facility / Rehab - Mystic Meadows-Betty Armstrong / Other-Jeanie Courage Our Eucharistic Ministry will resume visiting Seacrest, The Terraces and Mystic Meadows, as well as shut-ins to deliver communion as soon as the ban is lifted. Please keep those in isolation and quarantine in your prayers. E-mail Prayer Chain—If you would like to join the TUMC email Prayer Chain, please contact the church office.

Freedom Prayer for Independence Day Lord God Almighty, in whose name the founders of this country won liberty for themselves and for us, and lit the torch of freedom for nations then unborn: Grant that we and all the people of this land may have the grace to maintain our liberties in righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen PRAYER CANDLE MINISTRY - Candles have always been an important symbol in the Christian Church. In ancient times, a candle was left burning over the church altar to symbolize the presence of Christ among us. The Prayer Candle, as in the past, symbolizes Christ’s presence among us and in our lives. It is Christ’s presence who gives us the holy assurance of God each day of our life.

How to Use Your Prayer Candle As a Prayer Light - Read the prayer, think about God, think about God be-

ing with you in silence. Your stillness and your attentiveness are prayers. Share your life with Christ. End with the Lord’s Prayer. Let the candle be a reminder of the presence of Christ, who brings light into our lives and that God holds us gently and quietly in his love. 7

Sunday Morning Worship Reservations are no longer required, however, we will continue to keep a record of attendance for contact tracing purposes.

June Sun

6 9:30a-Indoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship Trustees Meeting after worship in person and via Zoom.


7 6p-Church Council Zoom Meeting






2 3 9:30a-Zoom Meditation w\ Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook


5 Parsonage Yard Cleanup


9 10 9:30a-Zoom Meditation w\ Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook




16 17 9:30a-Zoom Meditation w\ Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


19 Craft & Vendor Fair 8:30a-2:00p

23 24 9:30a-Zoom Meditation w/ Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


HOH Bible Study 7p

13 14 9:30a-Indoor HOH Bible Worship Study 7p 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

Manna Farmers Market 10-3

7p-JOY 20 9:30a-Indoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

21 6:00p-Church Council Zoom Meeting HOH Bible Study 7p

27-Father’s Day 28 HOH Bible 10a-Outdoor Worship Study 7p 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

22 Manna Farmers Market 10-3

29 Manna Farmers Market 10-3


9:30a-Chair Yoga

9:30a-Chair Yoga

26 Craft & Vendor Fair Rain Date 8:30a-2:00p

30 9:30a-Zoom Meditation w/ Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


Sunday Worship Reservations are no longer required, however, we will continue to keep a record of attendance for contact tracing purposes.

July Sun




OUR CHURCH APP for your phones is ready for you to download! Text the word: tuckerOUR CHURCH yourwillphones is your ready for you Text tonumc app to 77977APP and for the link pop up on phone. Youto willdownload! be kept up on the the latest important messages and canand givethe yourlink donations directly through app. word:events, tuckertonumc app to 77977 will pop up on your the phone. It’s a great waykept to stay to everything going onmessages in our church! You will be upconnected on the latest events,that’s important and can give







your donations directly through the app. It’s a great way to stay connected to everything that’s going on in our church!

4th of July Parade!!

4 10a-Outdoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

5 HOH Bible Study 7p

6 Manna Farmers Market 10-3

7 8 9:30a-Zoom Meditation Group with Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


11 9:30a-Indoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

12 HOH Bible Study 7p


15 14 9:30a-Zoom Meditation Group with Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


18 9:30a-Indoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship

19 6:00p-Church Council Zoom Meeting


21 22 9:30a-Zoom MeditaManna tion Group with VicFarmers toria Eddy Market 6:30p-Midweek 10-3 Time of Prayer on Facebook JOY Group 7p 7p-Yoga


25 9:30a-Indoor Worship 9:30a Online Worship 12p-HOH Worship SUNDAY SUNDAE FUN DAY

26 HOH Bible Study 7p



HOH Bible Study 7p

Manna Farmers Market 10-3

Manna Farmers Market 10-3

28 29 9:30a-Zoom Meditation Group with Victoria Eddy 6:30p-Midweek Time of Prayer on Facebook 7p-Yoga


9:30a-Chair Yoga

9:30a-Chair Yoga



9:30a-Chair Yoga

9:30a-Chair Yoga


Tuckerton United Methodist Church 134 North Green Street, Tuckerton, NJ 08087 Phone: (609) 296-9610 ~ Fax: (609) 296-0798 Email: Website:

June ~ July 2021 NEWSLETTER

June & July Happenings June 5 6 7 15

8:30a—Parsonage Yard Cleanup Trustees Meeting after worship (in person and via Zoom) 6:00p—Church Council Zoom Meeting 10:00a-3:00p—Manna Farmers Market returns (open Tuesdays to October 12) 15 7:00p—JOY Group Meeting in Mott Hall 19 8:30a-2:00p—Craft & Vendor Fair 20 10:00a—Father’s Day Morning Worship Outside

July 3 10:00a—4th of July Parade 4 10:00a—Morning Worship Outside 17 Summer Worship #1 20 7:00p—JOY Group Meeting in Mott Hall 25 Sunday Sundae Fun Day 30-July 10—Pastor’s Vacation to August 10 10

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TUMC The Lamplighter June-July 2021  

Bi-monthly newsletter of the First United Methodist Church of Tuckerton, NJ.

TUMC The Lamplighter June-July 2021  

Bi-monthly newsletter of the First United Methodist Church of Tuckerton, NJ.


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