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Contact Cecillia Hailey Who is a Happy Resident of Altanta Georgia Enrolled in Manzano High School and was Senior Class President of a school of twothousand kids. Took part in Track and Field, had been a cheerleader, working in politics and drama. Went to Arizona State University where I obtained my Bachelor’s qualification in Mircrobiology and Chemistry. I came to be Ms. Black AZ 1985-86 and established Ms. Arizona event day for the state of Arizona. I became moreover first-runner-up in Ms. Galaxy International. C. D. Hailey I went to Grad School at the University of Arizona and attained my Master of Education Degree in Health Education/ Higher Education. Furthermore, I attended One year of Med School at Morehouse School of Medicine. I am a successful Science and Health Professor, and have introduced and designed creations in eating routine, weight management and tension command. I am a previous, School Asst . Principal of a earlier institution in Roatan, Honduras, and a previous Dean of Education for a reputable exclusive institution. Cecillia D Hailey I am also a previous Administrator of Network Health and Health Training as well as a curriculum writer and a legislative translator for CBO’S (Community Based Education.) laws and governmental deference, in the area of STD, A.I.D.S., and reproduction health and wellbeing. I was moreover a conference participant in the WORLD HEALTH CONFERENCE in Senegal, Africa. Cecillia Deetric Seals Hailey I happen to be a Fluent Spanish Speaker and have traveled the modern world Thoroughly. Cecillia Seals I have run for a legislative placement and conducted well for my primary run. I'd like to run again with increased finances and win.

C. Siglar I am a wed woman of 4 children. Each youngster is prosperous in their own individual way. A couple of daughters in college: 1 specialising in writing who hopes to initiate her own publication, along with the other that is a world-class athlete and has a gold medal for the United States in the four-hundred meter hurdles. Cecillia Siglar A pair of boys, one 15 years old, who has got goals to attend the Airforce Academy and be a fighter Pilot, in addition to play basketball and baseball and a Ten year old son who is a rather high academic achiever, and is particularly skilled in art and sports activities. C. Seals I love animals significantly. We now have 2 ½ dogs in addition to a guinea pig currently. My kids started off a Lemonade enterprise in 2007 labeled LEMONTARIANS. We offer pure lemonade with a touch of flavor. Our lemonade also comes in in excess of fifteen varying flavors and is totally the very best on the earth! We squeeze each and every quart or glass skillfully by hand, our desire is to offer it this year. Cecillia D Hailey My spouse and I are definitely the workaholics of the business and we work for our kids. (laugh). We sell about 3,000 cups a month during the warm months. I am completing my certification in Track and Field to become a level one coach and wish to follow my expertise as an advisor. Cecillia D Siglar I additionally plan to start up work towards my Ph.D. at Harvard in the upcoming summer time. Cecillia Seals Hailey, Cecillia Deetrice Seals Hailey, Cecillia Hailey

Contact Cecillia Hailey Who is a Happy Resident of Altanta Georgia  

My Father was part of the the Military, Mother an ...

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