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Is tthe future of cancer care c finally here e?

T R E AT M E N T S A R E N O W POSS I B LE , I N C LU D I N G T R E AT M E N T S T H AT HADN ’ T B E E N P R E V I O U S LY C ON S IDER ED. M a u ri e M ar k m an , M D President of Mediciine & Science at Cancer Trreatm ment Centerrss of America® (CTC C A)

Advanc n ed genomic testing is changing how we ght cancer. Better insights and more targeted, person nalized treatments are giving new hope to many cancer patients—today.

Figh igghting cancer at the mo olecular level

P Putting cancer patieents in conttrol

Until rece ently, y, cancer was dened by th he organ where it was rst discovered. But now we realize thatt one patient’s breast or lung canccer does not necessarily behave e the same—or respond to the sam me treatment—as another pattient’s.

As cancer care becomes customized down to the DNA in an A individual tumor,r, patients shou uld ask iff advanced genomic testing t is an option to help guide their treatment plan. Theyy s should work with a team of on ncology experts who keep them m w well informed about the treatm ment and therapy options thatt can c be tailored to their specicc situation.

d genomic testing may reveal the Advanced t abnormalities in an individual tumor’s gene sequences, help ping oncologists design a more prrecise treatment plan. In other words, w we’re no longer limited to t attacking cancer cells. We may now n be able to ght an individual patient’s cancer at the moleccular level, targeting the DNA alterations a that drive its growth— —and creating new avenues off hope fo for the patient.


A sample of a patient ’s c ance r t issue o r t u mo r biopsy is sent to a genomic sequencing lab


The lab se que nce s ge ne s from the cancer sample’s ex trac ted DNA

TThe objective of any cancer tre eatment plan should be to maintain m quality of life fe during treatment, and the ultimate g should be the patient’s fu goal ull recovery.


Data analysis identifies mutations that drive the tumor ’s grow th

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is a national network of ve hospitals in the U.S. We combine world-class treatment with an integrative approach to cancer care to reduce side effects and maintain quality of life during cancer treatment. Now through our Center for Advanceed Individual Medicine, we bring advanced genomic testing and precision cancer treatment to our patients for truly personalized care. If you or someone you love has cancer, call 855-587-5528 or go to © 2016 Rising T ide


Doctors recommend a treatment that has shown effectiveness against cancers with those mutations

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