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Every Ball Counts Continued from page 45 The best part is that EBC will develop a specific plan for you. Not just any golfer, but a plan that is 100% built for you and how to get you to shoot better scores. Every Ball Counts is a complete training system. It is not just a lesson. If you are serious about game improvement, you need a plan. That is what EBC provides. It is an individualized training plan based on each player’s skill sets. This training plan is what will get the player to reach their individual goals. In the end, the only thing in golf that really matters is your score. The industry is measuring in whole numbers. EBC is so precise, they are measuring in hundredths of a stroke. For an average handicap player come to EBC it is easy to see a reduction in whole numbers to their score. But when a tour player comes, reducing their scoring average by a whole number takes time. That’s where having the knowledge and expertise on where to take fractions of a stroke off of their scoring average means everything. A small fraction of a stroke on tour can mean an awful lot of money. My scoring average on The Tour this year was 69.94. If EBC can help me lower my scoring average even a fraction of a stroke, it could mean many thousands of dollars to me. EBC shows you what missing a 3 foot putt means as well as adding yards to your drive. It is MoneyBall for golf. The program incorporates the physical workout (which could be done at PGA National Resort), proper training to improve skills required to lower scores, instant feedback via the EBC strokes gained training app to track your progress, and most importantly, how this all applies to properly play the game and shoot lower scores. The program is based on science and data, not opinions, just hard facts. It quickly identifies where you need improvement and then a plan is developed for you to train. Based on all of personal evaluation the team comes up with a plan for you that includes the proper workout, the proper way to warm up and how they can better your mechanics. They know precisely where you need work and they give you a plan for success. All you have to do is follow it to improve. The training program is for all skill sets. Yes it appeals to the careeroriented player but the benefits are realized for every level of player. I regret not being aware of EBC as a junior or collegiate player but feel fortunate that going forward my training program will be targeted to my specific needs. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to play college golf for Georgia Tech and to go on and play professional golf after graduating. If I started this program years ago, I feel that I would be so much better and just might be dominating right now on the PGA Tour. I feel that for the junior player who is looking to play college golf, this just might be the program to get he or she over the top to get that Division I scholarship or it might be to play for a better school than they are currently looking at. I believe that for the collegiate player who wants to play as a professional, this is the program that just might help then achieve that goal. One thing is for sure, you will get better! The programming allows players to constantly compare themselves to PGA Tour players. Most PGA Tour players including the top 3 players in the world are now using stat based training. It is proven effective. Whenever I come to The Every Ball Counts Program I also get to come to my very favorite golf resort, PGA National. This has always been my place to come to spoil myself and it holds so many of my greatest memories.



PGA National Resort & Spa magazine 2016/2017  
PGA National Resort & Spa magazine 2016/2017