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Each shot is put into the computer and when you are done, the computer then analyzes every shot you hit and you learn where you stand in comparison to PGA Tour players in every aspect of the game and you learn where you can pick up strokes by getting better in the areas that need more work. It is very specific. You might learn that your biggest weakness is on shots from 175 yards to 200 yards. Or you might learn that you need a lot of extra work on your short game shots from 30 yards to 50 yards. You will then learn how many shots you can pick up by getting better in each area of your game. Then a plan is laid out on specifically what you need to do in each area to improve your scores. There is even a training app for your phone or your tablet that you will work with when you go home to help you track your progress as you continue to work on the specific parts of your game. I’ve never seen anything that can help you learn more about your own game and how you can improve. Everyone that goes through the program will learn about areas in their games where they are better than they thought but they will also learn about areas in their games that they are not as good as they thought. Continued on page 77 PGA NATIONAL RESORT & SPA


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