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you are interested in shooting lower scores no matter what level you are playing at, then this program is the very best way to help you learn to do that. When I first arrived to start the program it was explained to me that they were not going to give me a lesson, instead they were going to help me improve by showing me where I need to improve and show me my percentages and stats for every area of my game compared to the averages of players on the PGA Tour. When you spend a day in the Every Ball Counts Program you hit approximately 300 balls in every aspect of your game from driving, fairway woods, hybrids, long irons, short irons, wedges, half wedges, three quarter wedges, chipping and putting. You name it - you do it. The biggest difference here is that every single shot that you hit is treated like it is the most important shot that you are going to hit. You try to put yourself in a tournament situation. You go through your entire mental process and pre shot routine on every single shot. You learn real quick that every single shot that you hit in practice really means something. You don’t waste any shots by just hitting balls without a purpose.



PGA National Resort & Spa magazine 2016/2017  
PGA National Resort & Spa magazine 2016/2017