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G4S Award-Winning Program Brings Accolades in North Carolina

An innovative Program from G4S is getting positive support from mental health advocates, government agencies and law enforcement officials. Read more about the first-of-its-kind Patient Support Program on page 10.

G4S Special Response Team Provides Support after Tornadoes Oklahoma tornadoes left a path of destruction and heartache. G4S Managers and Officers are receiving a big ‘Thank You’ for the important work they did after the storms to keep fiber optic cables safe. The story on page 4.

Introducing the NEW G4S Purchasing Power Program Check out a new program for G4S employees who want to finance the purchase of large items such as computers, refrigerators washers and dryers. You can use the program to help manage costs vacations, too! The details are on page 8.

PLUS: What began as a normal car ride to work turned into a medical emergency when a passenger had a heart attack. Find out who came to the rescue on the streets of Washington, D.C.



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All-Stars All-Stars A Message from the President

Bank Protection Officer Identifies Bomb Threat Suspect to Police

We received a letter recently from our G4S Detroit office that made me proud because it reflects the importance of the professionalism of our Security Officers. Many of you who read my column in this magazine know I am proud of our Officer because of the high-quality, hard work they do every day. Often times, they are the public face of our company and you continue to be the recognizable difference between G4S and other companies. The letter we received explained how Bank Protection Officer Neil Smith, in Detroit, was approached by a banking customer who inquired about G4S. The customer, who is a store leader at Whole Foods, was impressed with Officer Smith’s work ethic and professionalism and he wanted to know how he liked his job and our company. Officer Smith responded in his usual positive way and asked if someone from G4S should contact him about a potential assignment at Whole Foods. Soon, G4S called on the customer and engaged in the sales process. As it turned out, G4S was not the company immediately selected by this new customer as our costs were higher. As time went on, the customer and Officer Smith saw each other frequently. BPO Smith was there in the rain, the cold and the heat of the Detroit summer. G4S stayed in contact with the customer too. Soon, G4S was asked to revisit our proposal for Whole Foods in the fall of 2013. Our team asked what G4S Officer Neil Smith had changed and the store leader said: “I see Officer Neil almost every morning. I have a better relationship with him than with my own guards.” Because of the positive image Officer Smith presented every day to this bank customer, G4S now has another customer. The Detroit team has recognized and honored Officer Smith for his part in the process. G4S Detroit General Manager Bryant Carter says it was a pleasure to shake Neil’s hand.

(L to R) G4S Site Manager James Newell and BPO Joseph Fee

Schenectady, NY: Bank Protection Officer Joseph Fee is being honored for his calm and professional efforts that led police to arrest a bomb-threat suspect. Early in the day, BPO Fee observed a man wearing a fake beard and wig walking in and out of a bank. He reported the incident to police. Later in the day, when the suspicious man returned, Fee called police again. When police stopped the man, they found he had a note with a bomb threat. Police arrested him and initiated an evacuation of the area. Fee assisted police during the evacuation and escorted bank employees to a safe location.

G4S Officer at Shipping Desk Finds Error, Saves Company $8,600+ Columbia, SC: G4S Officer Walter Webster is being recognized for his knowledgeable and professional work at a tool and equipment distribution center. In September 2013, Officer Webster identified an error in an order that was ready to be shipped. Officer Webster caught the error which saved the company more than $8,600. The distribution center manager said, “Officer Webster takes pride in his job, completes all assignments, reports and stays late when needed.”

Since then, the relationship with Whole Foods in Detroit has grown stronger thanks to outstanding work by another G4S Officer. On page three, you can read how Custom Protection Officer Damon Moore was recently named Employee of the Month at that location. This story reminds all of us that each officer not only serves our customers, but represents our company in a very public way. To all our G4S Officers and employees who work tirelessly to represent our clients and our company, I want to reach out and personally thank you for all you do. As you know, our ability to provide excellent service is directly tied to our exceptional employees. I thank you for your outstanding service to our company and our clients.

Drew Levine President G4S Secure Solutions North America


G4S Officer Walter Webster

G4S Officer Helps Restore Power to Crime Lab Operations after Blackout Atlanta, GA: G4S Custom Protection Officer Aaron Fleming is being honored for his quick actions to restore power to the state police crime laboratory and morgue. After a power outage in the middle of the night, the generators turned on but the building’s electrical systems did not respond. CPO Fleming contacted the building’s chief engineer who guided him through the extensive repair process. Because CPO Fleming understood the operating systems, he restarted the HVAC units and brought the building to full operational capabilities. The efforts by CPO Fleming allowed the laboratories to continue processing their tests and evidence.

G4S officers and personnel are the best in the security business. Their dedication and passion for their work is unsurpassed. We honor our All Stars because they are men and women of character who lead our teams displaying leadership, discipline, integrity and a “can-do” attitude.

USO Honored for Actions to Keep Sports Facilities Safe

G4S Officer Recognized for Stopping Employee Theft

Philadelphia, PA: G4S USO Barry Harper is being honored for the consistently superior work he does at a large sports stadium complex. While on routine patrol, USO Harper discovered commercial ovens had been left on in the food services area of the complex. The discovery may have stopped a fire from occurring. During the summer, Harper also gave medical assistance to a contractor who cut his finger while using a chop saw. Although the contractor refused to go to the hospital, USO Harper made sure he received medical care on site.

G4S Officer Honored as Employee of the Month Detroit, MI: G4S Officer Damon Moore is being honored by Whole Foods Market for all the work he does to keep employees and customers safe. The employees voted him ‘team member of the month’ for January, 2014. The store leader wrote G4S to simply say, “Damon is great!!!” Damon stands post at a new Whole Foods Market in Midtown and he is part of an impressive team in Detroit. Whole Foods Market became a G4S client after a G4S Bank Protection Officer impressed executives. The full story is in the President’s Letter on page two.


(L to R) Client Mike Estrada; Project Manager Scott Grubbs; G4S Officer Therno Sall; GM Nathan Wolfe and Site Manager IND1, Muaath Al Khattab

G4S Officer Damon Moore


Indianapolis, IN: G4S General Manager Nathan Wolfe and his leadership team are recognizing the outstanding work by G4S Officer Therno Sall who prevented an employee theft at a corporate location. Officer Sall caught an employee attempting to steal a cell phone by concealing it in his shoe.


Custom Protection Officer James Gilbert Custom Protection Officer Zachary Carter Portland, Oregon For their outstanding performance while on duty, quick response and adherence to policy and training.

Bank Protection Officer Mike Honeywell Bank Protection Officer John Nixon Kansas City, KS Bank customers commended their excellence in professionalism and job performance.

William Armbrust Raleigh, NC Found a damaged gas line in the cafeteria, made proper notification and followed up to ensure maintenance.

CPL Nathan Hernandez Tucson, AZ Provided aide to a motorcyclist who crashed outside a client location.

Custom Protection Officer Matthew Gilbert Atlanta GA Found the source of a water leak near generators saving the equipment and serious damage.

Jo-Annette Fluellyn, Thomas Bowen, Eric Kornegay Raleigh, NC After seeing an employee who appeared disoriented and incoherent, the Officers worked together to notify client Health Services and EMS. The employee had low-blood sugar from diabetes and without help may have suffered serious health consequences.


Special Response Team

Celebrating Service Employees Celebrating Anniversaries in December 2013, January 2014 35 Years Gary Charles Bessie

Brown Monroe Sanders

Louisville Port St. Lucie Jenkinsville

Dirkman Goff

Two Rivers Jenkinsville

Whitehead Deane Barker Russo Richardson Lee Slater Fields Miller

Detroit Ft. Lauderdale Miami Miami Nashville Oklahoma City Richmond Lower Alloways Creek Bay City

Robles Wedgeworth Golba Lambert Jaskiewicz Fleet Chmiel Horton Payne Washburn Albanese Mekolon Locke Faison Chrouch Frazier Kratt Lamfers Riggi Griffith Jackson

Austin Birmingham Boca Raton Cincinnati Cleveland Denver Detroit Detroit Detroit Greensboro Hartford Louisville Memphis Miami Orlando Richmond Santa Clara Santa Clara Schenectady Bay City Tampa

Skaggs Bourland Lang Lough Duchene Manley Rodriguez Steiner Moore Turner Rumfield Archer Warford Adediran Maddiford Turner Busalacchi Celestin Harvey Mackinnon Hrabchak Redsicker Vanderlinde Goggin Achord Holder Jones Counce Gusmus Stringfellow Berahzer Burch Doyle Fisher Simmons Lotz Millard Suryan Tinch Kyle Wilson Zwahlen Breen Ernst Gregory Burns Blakeman Brown Craig Karbler McPartland Wise Pearson Soto Rogers Koulikov Fox

Ashland Austin Austin Bloomington Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Charlotte Columbus Costa Mesa Dallas Dallas Detroit Detroit Detroit Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ontario Ontario Ontario Greensboro Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jackson Jackson Jackson Jacksonville Louisville Louisville Nashville Oklahoma City Port St. Lucie Portland Portland Richmond Lower Alloways Creek Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Schenectady Schenectady St. Louis Tampa Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Tucson Tucson Tulsa Westchester Vernon

30 Years Michael Brenda

G4S Special Response Team Honored for Work after Oklahoma Tornadoes

25 Years Mary John James Enzo Johnny Robert Mae Jacqueline Tom

Moore, OK

El Reno, OK

1.3 miles wide at its peak Winds 200 mph Top of the scale EF5 More than 20 people killed

2.6 miles wide Winds nearly 300 mph Top of the scale EF5 Three people killed

20 Years Juan Macy Glenn Jerry Arthur Larry Terry Donald Mark Malcolm Carmela Kenneth Fred Sammy Edward Linda Raymond Brian Douglas Patrick Margie

15 Years James Nancy Robert Diana Darren Darryl Jose Christopher Donald Patricia David Sean Melton Taoridi Michael Ladonia Rosemary Ruth Trevor Norman James Richard Wesley David Earl Donna Andrea Jo Jennifer Demetrius Pernell Edward Sherry Karen Jack James Michael Paul Emma Dawn Ernest Marcie Arthur Donald Darnell Reginald Robert Kathy Kathy Edward Barbara Matthew Arthur Daniel Leon Svetlana Joseph


These officers worked in extreme conditions in both

places. We had continuous tornado warnings, rain, and less-than-ideal-shelter. Everyone did an excellent job

considering the circumstances and operational challenges.

– Ira Mozee, Jr. G4S Director Strategic Accounts

BACKGROUND: Cox Communications called G4S for added security after a tornado exposed a fiber optic cable that was an essential part of the area’s communications system including the emergency 9-1-1 system. G4S Officers had to ensure the cable was protected from people, power restoration crews and clean-up trucks that were often working close by. After 11 days, a second tornado hit the same area exposing another fiber optic cable. G4S remained in Oklahoma to continue to support the protection and security of the fiber optic line until restoration was completed.

SPECIAL THANKS TO G4S TEAM LEADERS Joe Bickford | Jason Fazio | Rachael Sturgeon | Derrick Landrum | William Remmert | David Wackenhut I am writing this letter in recognition of G4S Directors Jason Fazio and Rachael Sturgeon, regarding their outstanding performance in support of Cox Corporate Security and Cox Communications during the recent tornado disasters in Oklahoma. Beginning on May 21, 2013 our office determined that additional security officer support was needed in Oklahoma to protect an exposed critical infrastructure fiber line among the tornado debris. This single line provided telephony, internet and cable services to over 100,000 customers, including critical emergency functions such as 9-1-1, medical and hospitals. With short notice, Jason and Rachael coordinated a G4S officer response to the disaster scene as our Corporate Security team pulled together necessary equipment and drove to Oklahoma. Upon our arrival 18 hours later, Rachael had the G4S team already on the ground and posted along the exposed fiber line. Rachael took the time to get to know me and my expectations of services from their staff. During the 11 days we were on the ground together, Rachael did a fantastic job in managing the officers and keeping our fiber line safe. She found the right people for the job and set the performance bar high. Both Jason and Rachael have been great partners with our office and I feel their service to Cox has gone above and beyond to help make us successful. Their exceptional performance and professionalism in support of our efforts should be recognized by Cox and G4S as the Gold Standard of Security Services. Sincerely, Andrew F. Corsaro, Director, Operations & Physical Security, Cox Corporate Security

Our Officers were also acutely aware that they were working among people who were going through a painful recovery. So when they could, our special team remained vigilant for residents too. Even with the National Guard present, some of the G4S Officers called 9-1-1 when they caught a group of looters in a disaster area.

– Rachael Sturgeon, G4S Director, Midwest Region



Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 10 Years

Match It! Donation Stories from G4S Nation

Jupiter, FL: Renee McAlister, a human resources assistant, teamed up with several others to help make the Uncle Mick's Annual Charity Golf Tournament a reality. The proceeds from the tournament will directly benefit the Els Center for Excellence. The center, scheduled to open in 2015, will have educational programs for school-aged children and young adults with Autism. Renee raised $1,163 selling raffle tickets and tshirts. The G4S Match It! donation boosted her efforts to $1,663.

Anaheim, CA: TSO Michael Algarme helped raise money for the Annual Day of Sharing hosted by the Orange County Chapter of the Knight of Columbus. The effort supports participants in Camp ReCreation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Michael helped raise $1,440. The G4S Match It! program brought his fundraising effort to $1,940.

Seabrook, NH: Linda Mederos Poulin, an Access Authorization/FFD tech for G4S RSS, knows that one life lost to suicide is one too many, so she teamed up with colleagues to help raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Poulin raised $360 in pledges and was awarded an additional $360 through the G4S Match It! program.

G4S will match charitable giving and fundraising efforts up to $500. In order to qualify for the funds, projects should meet the following criteria: 1. The charity should benefit people living in your local community. 2. Employees must be directly involved in the fundraising efforts. 3. The fundraising should be employee initiated (not a G4S sponsored event) 4. All G4S employees are eligible Contact the G4S Match it! for more information Program at:

Seattle Office Supports G4S Heart Walk Initiative Seattle, WA: Members of the G4S team, their friends and family took part in a Heart Association Fundraiser and Walk as a show of solidarity with a similar project in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Seattle team walked and ran along the Green River Trail to draw awareness to heart-healthy activities and support the Heart Association educational efforts.

G4S Boca Raton Office Gathers Toys for Needy Children Boca Raton, FL: Security team members and administrators made a huge difference in the lives of needy children during Christmas with their successful Toys for Tots collection drive. The project was organized by Office Manager Trudy Baxter, HR Specialist Joyce Newman and Operations Manager, Frank Hernandez. The unwrapped toys from the Boca Office were collected by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve members and then distributed to local families in financial distress for the holiday season. (L to R) G4S Boca Raton Office Manager Trudy Baxter and HR Specialist Joyce Newman

Samuel Christopher Erica Booker Gertrude Barbara Shun Ralph Frances Bernard Thomas Christopher Robert Marcus Antonio Joyce Paul Linden Osmond Jo Anna John Roy Billy Paul Dewayne Sheila Dorcas Wilma Kevin Menagerie Roger James Lelis Reyes Warren Gary Juan Glendon Mary Susan Charles Steven Edgardo Robert Thomas Walter Charles Gregg Scott Donald Paula Bruce Fifi Gloria Jorge Candra Earnest Dianne Samuel Ricardo Caryll Mariana Joel Joseph Serane Patricia Brad Jason Derek Casey Mark Opal Bobbie Bruce Michael Rosario Karen Michael Lawreen Stanley Kerri-Ann William Yvette Justin Albert Edward Herbert Edward Teressia Nanaajoa Indira Jacob Matenoa Donald Jose Kathleen Javier Lyle Lisa Clifton Jon John Prince Patrick Neatha Josephine John

Butler Reece Allen Anderson Brantley McEntyre Waymon Bowermaster Thelen Oros Gardner Geddes Howard Lewis Luna Waddell Harju Redley Uter Martinez-Duarte Erskine Absten Chandler Gandee Blackmon Chittenden McCuller Moore Moore Hammond Nye Pemberton Chavez Gomez Watkins Scott Garcia Harmon Jackson Loeb McIntosh Mahlberg Rodriguez Trefethen Brenner Golowic Greenwood James Kondratowicz Lewis Stockard Webb Amakye Escobar Escobar Foster Gibson Henry Tiepmo Chacon Gordon James Lefkowitz Longo Townsend Hoss Baker Scheerens Schlueter Vernon Warters Carter Owens Flynn Frenis Delisi Savignac Moran Colello Omizo Oshiro Arevalo Hodson Webster Thigpen Grubbs Cruz Magrath Simmons Boye Flowers Gorenstein Taufa Lee Mora Mulcahy Pineda Ennis Hafemann Washington Kolseth Culbreth Eke Okundaye Mack Lee Lancey

Asheville Asheville Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Austin Austin Baltimore Birmingham Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Arizona Boston Charleston Charleston Charleston Charlotte Charlotte Chicago Chicago Cincinnati Columbia Columbus Columbus Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Davenport Delaware Delaware Delaware Delaware Delaware Denver Denver Denver Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Myers Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Greensboro Greensboro Hartford Hartford Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Honolulu Honolulu Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Indianapolis Jackson Jacksonville Las Vegas Las Vegas Lexington Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Maui Memphis Miami Miami Miami Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New York New York Norfolk Oklahoma City Omaha 5


Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 10 Years Continued Joel Lawrence John Harry Brian Dewey Elisabeth Vincent Ricky Michael Russell Kevin Andrew George Steven Ann Charles Ronetta Lawana Rodulfo Arnold Nelson James Kirk Dale Donald Carolyn Joaquin Rosemary Danny James Raymond Arthur Wesley Edward John Payson John Jason Justin Ryan Arthur Johnny Derrick Carol Allan Terry Barney Larry Willie Rachael Jesus Jack Shuntele Jerry Edmond Tulio Joshua Walter

Alvarez Chevalier Hannan Baker Cole Shade Thompson Vaught Kurensky Cummings Jorsch Taddy Thomas Birge Boswell Rawlins Shelton Ford Johnson Odullo Altizer Oliver Mc Coy Bennett Peters Gardner WilliamsThompson Becerra Perez Hazlett Handy Ristrem Talley Truex Variz Lee Clark Czupryk Daley Fontaine Keating Locke Johnson Manning Meunier Klumpp Aldridge Gilewitz Hancock Lucas Hart Acosta Brown Carroll Hockaday Delavoe Figueroa Carr Stringham

Orlando Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Pittsburgh Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Richmond Riverside Riverside Roanoke Roanoke Sacramento Lower Alloways Creek Salt Lake City San Antonio San Antonio San Diego San Diego San Fernando Valley San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Santa Clara Sarasota Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seattle Seattle Seattle Somerset Bay City Tampa Tampa Tampa Toledo Tucson Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Miami Jenkinsville West Palm Beach West Palm Beach

Hendricks Mergler Peterson Ruiz Gullett Musick Benton Bright Bullox Delgado Foster Grigoras Hamilton Jones Lee Loucious Mason North Petersen Roberts Simpson Stoutenburg Ward Dixon Bynum Lee Dowd Fletcher Lemons Willis Lentz Magdaleno Mendez Miller Pinder Podray Wilkins Blair Cruz Benoit Campbell Dao Mitchell Nozzolillo Robinson

Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Ashland Ashland Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Austin Baltimore Birmingham Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Bloomington Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Boca Raton Arizona Arizona Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston

Bank Officer Uses CPR, Saves Life Winston Salem, NC: G4S Bank Protection Officer Antonio Catalan is being honored for his professionalism on the job. Officer Catalan saw what he thought was a suspicious car stopped in front of a bank. When he approached the vehicle, he found a distraught driver and an unconscious passenger. BPO Catalan carried the passenger out of the SUV and placed the woman’s lifeless body onto the lawn. Because the woman was not breathing and had no pulse, Catalan started CPR. After five minutes, the woman started breathing and regained consciousness. Emergency responders arrived and took the woman to the hospital. Police praised Catalan for his actions and credited him with saving a life.

Two G4S Officers Save a Life using CPR

(L to R) G4S General Manager Roger Sulimirski, Bank Captain Andrew Gordon, BoA Senior Vice President Joseph C. DiGennaro, and BPO Glenn Whetstone.

Jacksonville, FL: Two G4S Officers are being honored for their efforts to help save the life of a woman who collapsed at the entrance of a banking center. Bank Captain Andrew Gordon and Bank Protection Officer Glen Whetstone were involved in a routine training visit to the banking center when the customer fell ill. The two officers found the woman lifeless and not breathing. Captain Gordon immediately performed CPR and Officer Whetstone assisted with counting chest compressions. The ambulance crew later told the Bank Manager that the actions taken by Whetstone and Gordon helped to save the woman’s life.

G4S Officers Assigned to ICE/ERO Honored for Excellence

5 Years Michael John Keith Baltazar Lowell Michael Sonny Tracy James Gregory David Adrian Latoya Lacresia Connie Keundric Pamella Sykithia Ethan Arthur Bernard Eric Varnell Beaulah Leemorse Michael Keith Teresa Tamalyn Collette Terry Jose Rene Michele Shakeela Andrew Sandra Michael Juan Alan Roy Raya Lisa Vincent Tomika 6

(L to R) Area Supervisor Curtis Del Pezzo; BPO Antonio Catalan and G4S General Manager Dallas Clark.

(L to R) Steffani Toney, Compliance Manager; Joseph Romel, Operations Manager; David Marin, ICE/ERO Field Office Director; G4S Lt. Gibran Chavez; G4S Officer Jesse Rodriguez and Douglas Floto, Project Manager

Los Angeles, CA: G4S Detention Officers Jesse Rodriguez and Lt. Gibran Chavez are being honored for their exemplary efforts in handling a difficult situation while working for the United States Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE/ERO). An ICE detainee attempted to escape while Officers Rodriguez and Chavez were a handcuffing him before his transport to a correctional facility. As the detainee struggled to get free, he kicked and bit the officers. Officer Rodriguez and Lt. Chavez were able to restrain him and place him in handcuffs.

's ving my friend sistance in sa as s s. hi es r fo sn te ou ci hi aine W st cons nue and he lo k Officer Jerm ve an A th ce to en is nd ge sa ming up Indepe DC: This mes were driving co Washington, e w , 13 20 , mber 23 operator said sponsive. life. On Septe sistance; The became unre as y he n nc he ge w er g em in r for ted yelling for I was driv ntacted On-Sta e car and star th co d of t an ou er d ov d pe jum ce this young I pulle the ground. I about. All at on on g t in fla am n re w sc do t I was he were a child to lay him man, just as if me to see wha ll ca ta ot en fo m 6al ., er lb this 200 help. Sev r his head. s. and scooped up t a pillow unde pu d an consciousnes nd man came over ou on the gr gan to regain m be hi as he ed w ly ac nd pl ow ie ly sl fr llar and and gent e arrived. My my friend’s co edics and polic t. He is m e en st th He opened up til a un ed e rt ors inse ained ther ct m re do an m m 7p g This youn and before the hospital an attempt to transported to we stopped in ly. ul re rf he de w on ea w ar g . I went to the in the recoverin me of Jermaine lled the bank na ca e I th r, e te m la k ve A wee tely, they ga s g man. Fortuna ndness, and hi White. locate this youn ne assistance, ki cer Jermai s ffi hi O of d l al un r fo fo d we are area an u how thankful I cannot tell yo K tion. you enough. U, and THAN immediate ac , THANK YO n to say thank U gi O be Y ot K N nn A rmaine White ca H We r White T G4S Officer Je ce ffi O ll te Again, please YOU!!!!!!

Letter to G4S

Safety and Training Two Officers Discover Fire before Automatic Alarms Minneapolis, MN: Two G4S Officers are being recognized for their proactive safety check that saved property and company assets after a middle-of-the-night power outage. G4S Officers Jerry Williams and Luke Knudson decided to perform a building patrol after a power interruption caused the building generators to turn on. While on patrol, the officers discovered smoke coming from the lower level parking garage and called the fire department. The emergency crews extinguished the fire quickly. Once the situation was under control, security managers realized the fire was discovered before the automated fire alarm system detected the blaze, saving property and assets.

G4S Officer Luke Knudson

G4S Officer Jerry Williams

Safety Milestone with G4S Partner Morris, IL: Congratulations to the security teams at LyondellBasell for reaching an impressive safety milestone. On November 23, 2013, the employees and contractors on site reached 10 years without a recordable injury. G4S has supported the LyondellBasell GoalZero Safety Program since the partnership began. Frank Knapfel, Regional Director Safety and Health, G4S North America, said, “We are pleased to support the LyondellBasell Morris group. Our partnership allows us to remain passionate and committed to a safe workplace.”

Training Helps Officers Keep Data Center Running After Equipment Failure Alpharetta, GA: Two G4S Officers who were trained in system operations are being recognized for their quick work to contain a potentially damaging water leak from a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. The effort by Officers Cory Gonzales and Clement Gordon kept the leak from disrupting operations at a data center. After responding to an alarm, Officers Gonzales and Gordon shut down the defective Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) unit and cleaned up gallons of water that leaked underneath the raised flooring. The two G4S Officers also made sure secondary CRAC units were started and worked properly in order to ensure continued operations.

? ? ? ? ? ?

Did You Know? A CRAC unit is an essential part of operations at a data center because it monitors and maintains the temperature, air distribution and humidity in a computer room.


? ??

G4S Officers Contribute to Safety Program

G4S Officer Brandon Nogafsky G4S Officer Carl Selogy

Detroit MI: G4S Officers are helping spread an important safety message at Marathon Petroleum. G4S Officers Brandon Nogafsky and Carl Selogy designed stickers to promote seat belt safety. The stickers, with creative graphics and messages, are part of the overall safety initiative at the refinery. Employees at Marathon Petroleum are encouraged to place the stickers on hard hats. They are also given to drivers as vehicles are searched at the complex.

Recognizing the G4S Focus on Safety … Geismar, LA: Leigh Redman has been named Project Manager of the Year at a client location. Leigh’s expertise has been integral to the success of many critical safety and operational projects.

Freeport, TX: G4S Officer Charles Grimes has been named Security Officer of the Year at a client location for exceptional dedication to customer service. After his shift was completed, he returned to work to battle a fire with his co-workers.

Tarrytown, NY: Anthony Stella has been named G4S Supervisor of the Year at a chemical facility thanks to his dedication to duty, professional expertise and intense devotion to quality customer service.

Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 10 Years Continued Fedner Jessica Michael Gracie Shameeka Vance Kyle David Debora Jeanette Thomas Mark Benjamin Eldridge Richard Julius Bret Lynn Victoria Eric Suni Mark Wilburn Lance Angel Christopher John Alexander Lalisa James Odell Thomas Earl Philip Christopher Kathy Sarah Corey Fred Mohamad Ernest Daniel Dwain Anthony Larry J Allen Kimbal Dumond Scott Darrell Janice Wayne Carmen Shayne Allison Wayne Cary Jamie Chris David Anthony Jason Ronald William Garret Ronald Kevin Bobbi Cory Michael Lennis Michael T Bruce Timothy Michael Kwabena Steven Jonathan Sherry Robert Angelina Micah David Ahmar Cletus Christopher Willie Kenneth Manuela Vaughn Juanita Harrydat Geoffrey Colin Aston William Cathy Bobby Mark Angela Elizabeth Basil Pamela Louis Nick Camika John Fawn

Simon Torres Giardina Gray Grayson Kish Kluckhohn Munnings Burns Clark Jost Whitley Condra Basemore Broad Dunbar Gilmore McCain McGee Miranda Muhammad Nunez Purnell Shaviers Stead Syas Torres Zarazua Fasanella Goodall Holliday Robinson Glatz Martin McDaniel Watters Garshell Malloy Pelfrey Halwani Hogg Muiru Smith Brookins McHam Woodhouse Harris Lima Rinehart Saunders Walker Bass Bills Charrier Coker Eastham Ehlers Goupee Greiner Hayhurst Hyde Morgan Oberem Pennington Renville Ruiz Rupp Snyder Whitmer Carlisle Hayes Lewis Peru Seybold Victor Appiah Greer Lenihan Mahoney O’Neal Owusu Bempah Prioleau Sepelak Stephenwoof Wilson Annamunthodo Forman Hughes Noel Pinckney Quinones Ramdat Smith Wright Anderson Coe Johnson Watwood Wielgosz Vaughn Hansen Holobetz Scipioni Simpson Yanich Anderson Whalen Anderson

Boston Boston Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Casper Casper Charlotte Charlotte Chattanooga Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Columbia Columbus Columbus Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Costa Mesa Dallas Dallas Dallas Delaware Delaware Delaware Delaware Delaware Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Fairfax Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Myers Ft. Myers Ft. Myers Ft. Myers Ft. Myers Greensboro Harrisburg Harrisburg Harrisburg Harrisburg Harrisburg Hartford Hartford Jupiter 7

Employee Benefits

Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 5 Years Continued Lewis Moku Christopher Gerald Florence Tangela Alazar Tameka Shannon Taneka Emily Roland James Katherine Javier Robert Reynaldo Gerald Danyell Howard Gloria Willie Alvin Sonia Beatrice Mary Ann Shinay George Carolyn Edna Michael Pedro Vanella Rita Kevin Hilda Dennis Soutsaychay Maria Laquise Kamal Tina Tekita Judith Loranzo Mazetta Steven Jennifer Abewa Lucius Rosie John Debra Santresha Sharaun John John Kathy James Joseph Mary Arvie Robert Jason Willie Cecil Michael Cass Mark Patrick Rickie Andrew Kevin Jason Reynaldo Everett Jean Marie Keith Evelyn Keith Jaime Holly Kelly Oscar Michelle Rafael Leda Jessica Anuar Virginia Fred Terrell Manuel David John Alden Nicole Bissen Juan Cliff Tasha Andres Steven Ramses Edgar Cindy Arnaldo Thomas


Pincus Dixon Goodell O Reilly Tuliao Angelle Banata Beatty Boatner Brown Buxie Cantu Cole Davis Escobar Foster Garcia Giles Glover Hastings Hightower House Howard Hughey James-Booker Jones Lofton Lopez Mack Marchetti Miller Panzo Randolph Reyes Rockwell Rodriguez Sandoval Sayrath Segundo Simpson Srivastava Thorn Walker Washington West White Williams Williams Wude Wyatt Chapman Littles Romero Taylor White Augustus Doub Hackerd Piper Zawodny Balangue Beldin Dyson Goldsmith Kimbrough McDermott Shootes Urschler Clements Jackson Kapellusch Lawrence Lueck Soriano Davis Derosier Simmons Williams Boles Chavez Contreras Greenfield Hernandez Martinez Navarrete Poza Ramirez Valles Ripp Rivera Baldwin James Anderson Anthony Barnett Bennett Cazeneuve Delgado Flambert Gaiter Giraldo Goeltzer Lacoste Medina Mosley Rondon Simmons

Jupiter Honolulu Honolulu Honolulu Honolulu Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Huntsville Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Las Vegas Las Vegas Lexington Long Island Long Island Long Island Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Maui Maui Memphis Memphis Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami

A Message to Employees From: I wanted to bring everyone up to date on our efforts to refine our commitment to employees as a result of our 2013 Employee Engagement Survey. We have been busy reviewing the survey results and we are in the process of talking to G4S leaders nationally, regionally and locally as we develop new action plans that will keep us focused on putting employees first. I want you to know it isn’t just a nice slogan. It’s a serious commitment on all levels of our company.

Geoff Gerks Senior Vice President Corporate Human Resources G4S Secure Solutions

We want to keep doing what has made our company great and improve in areas to which you have drawn our attention. We heard your request about increasing non-traditional benefits, so we launched the Purchasing Power and the enhanced Service Award programs. Be sure to review those programs and their benefits outlined on these two pages of G4S News. This is only part of what’s ahead. As we are moving ahead with improvements, we ask that your job efforts continue at a high level. The more we out-perform our competition and showcase our professionalism, the greater chances we have of distinguishing ourselves with pay raises and enhanced benefits. We remain committed to improving our company for all.


POWER Program

Need large appliances like a refrigerator or washer and dryer? Trying to finance electronics such as a computer, tablet or television? The new Purchasing Power Program for G4S employees can help If you don’t have the immediate cash, and can’t or don’t want to use credit to make a purchase, G4S has a new program to consider! Log on to: for more information. By purchasing items through G4S.Purchasing you can make manageable payments over a 12 month time period with automated deductions from your paycheck or bank account. RULES:  You must be at least 18 years of age  You must be an active, fulltime employee of G4S for at least 12 months  You must earn at least $16,000 a year  You must have a bank account or credit card (to be used in case of nonpayment via payroll deduction) Purchasing Power can help pay for vacations  4-5 Day Cruises  All-Inclusive Resorts  Orlando Vacations & Theme Parks  Beach Getaways & More

Employee Benefits The Enhanced

Service Awards Program

How the Program Works:  Local G4S offices will schedule a Quarterly Service Award Presentation  Employees will received framed certificates, pins and travel vouchers recognizing your service to G4S  Employees who are eligible for online shopping sprees will receive an envelope in the mail from Point Recognition with instructions on how to choose a gift

Online Shopping Spree Gifts

5 Years of Service Framed Certificate of Recognition and G4S Years of Service pin

10 and 15 Years of Service Framed Certificate of Recognition and G4S Years of Service pin A G4S Branded Gift through Point Recognition (online shopping spree)

20, 25, 30 and 35 Years of Service Framed Certificate of Recognition and G4S Years of Service pin A G4S Branded Gift through Point Recognition (online shopping spree) A $500 Travel Award Voucher


a new benefit for


About Alliant Alliant is one of America’s largest and strongest credit unions, serving more than 275,000 members worldwide. As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Alliant’s mission is to serve its members’ financial needs…and Alliant is ready to serve you! Watch for more details coming soon on how you can join Alliant and take advantage of this new valuable benefit. With Alliant, you will reap the financial rewards of below-market loan rates for mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, vehicles, education, credit cards and more…and above-market rates on savings and checking accounts. Visit to learn more.

G4S continually looks for ways to expand the value and comprehensive nature of our

benefit portfolio. To that end, we are proud to offer Alliant Credit Union as a new nationwide benefit.

– Lee Achord, Vice President, Compensation and Benefits


Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 5 Years Continued David Michael Thomas Karen Matt Jeffery Keith Jose Gordon Gale Ronald Wesley Steven Roy Troy Bernard Everton Gregory Johnnie Debra Charles Michael Venga Caldonia Barry Fina Linda Scott Patrick Charles Jacquelyn Racquel Wade Charles Sergey Lynn Anthony Delores Dennis Frank Herbert Juan Lawrence Arvin Ronald Dwaine Montel Chad Erik Corey Joey Jereme Casper Brandon Norbert Nathan Kelley Erika Jason Christian Earl Aaron Jean Monica Jesse Eugene Gloria Daniel Joseph Christine Akwasi Charlotte Brandon Herman Monte Ashley Lawrene Mary Arif Savino Rosemary Kenneth Michael Joseph Sharon Vitaliy Lee Chad Matthew Kevin Charles Brian Vincent David Martin Quintin Roberto Jonathan George Travis Jeff Brandon Harry Thomas Patsy John Holly


Bahr Gray Link Meduna Rounds Wussler Buford Castillo Frost Reifschneider Tuggle Watts Hulbert Byer Davis Fisher Pigott Smith Terry Bailey Bedell Bilbrey Cox Tesema Dunhaver Venditte Gelsinger Marchant Dawson Erney Brown Hall Jeffries Longfoot Lurye McNeill Villalobos Agnew Berg Ferguson Garris Jr Gonzalez Lombardero Rivas Mundorff Parker Stewart Augustine Durbin Evenson Grunewald Jensen Koenig Maccoux Michalski Schultz Thorne Andrejszky Deaner John Meiklejohn Melendez Melisca Moore Peraza Ramos Morgan Salomon Mendy Pierce Addai-Mensah Barbour Bond Pleasants Williams Hernandez Stowers Boyd-Jones Akhtar Diaz Hill Marsden Matlock Slover Spencer Velichko Williams Baese Milanese Nicolosi Ruff Sebastian Straub White Baclawski Ridley Carreon Castaneda Cavaleri Griggs Hall Maresh Maxwell Moore Mpock Opferman Pierucci

Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville New Orleans New York New York New York New York New York Norfolk Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Omaha Omaha Orlando Orlando Pensacola Pensacola Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Two Rivers Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie Portland Portland Raleigh Reno Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond Riverside Riverside Roanoke Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Lower Alloways Creek Salt Lake City San Fernando Valley San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

Health Care Services Innovative G4S Partnership Supports Hospitals and Mental Health Patients Providing transportation, oversight and bedside guardianship with compassion, empathy and understanding for the special needs of mental health patients

G4S North Carolina Patient Support Staff G4S Capt. Baltazar Ruiz (standing) conducts training for a group of G4S employees.

Asheville, NC: Drug abuse or mental health patients in North Carolina are getting compassionate and appropriate support thanks to an innovative and award-winning program from G4S. The Patient Support Program provides oversight, safe transportation and bedside guardianship for patients who need to be transported from hospital emergencies departments and into appropriate mental health settings. This first-of-its-kind program is aimed at improving patient satisfaction, quality of care and reducing cost. “In these times of change in healthcare, particularly in mental health, this service is presenting an option to free-up bed space at hospital emergency departments and provide for quick and dignified transportation for the patient so they can get the specialized care they need,” said G4S General Manager Dallas Clark. The service is getting positive reviews from participating hospitals, law enforcement, mental health advocates and government agencies. In most places around the U.S., law enforcement officers and their vehicles are used for these patients,” said Ben Scaglione, Director of G4S Healthcare services. “The North Carolina system is a valuable and

innovative solution which focuses on the dignity of the patient because a person in crisis transported or watched by law enforcement can contribute to their traumatic event rather than de-escalating it.” Since the beginning of this specialized service in November 2013, a team of 25+ G4S Patient Support Staff members have assisted more than 2,500 patients and driven over 128,000 miles without incident. The program was designed with input from healthcare and mental health groups, the NC Sheriff’s Association and the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office. G4S Patient Support Staff members receive special training because they provide bedside guardianship or transportation to a patient in crisis. This training includes 100+ hours of G4S classroom training in First Aid/AED; hospital and healthcare procedures; and driver and safety responsibilities. All Patient Support Staff members are also required to receive special CIT certification. The G4S program utilizes vehicles are specially equipped with safe and secure passenger seating, individually- sealed lockers for personal belongings and protection of medical papers. The cars have two-way dispatching communications and always-on GPS units that record time, speed and location.

What is CIT Certification? All members of the special G4S team receive special training and certification from the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) –a regional North Carolina group that facilitates collaboration between first responders and the mental health community advocates. CIT training and certification is designed to assist officers with information, understanding and skills to use when they respond to incidents involving people experiencing a crisis.

Residential Communities Boynton Beach Community is Introduced to G4S Custom Protection Officer Team

(L to R) CPO Akeem Jones; Lt. Jenifer Grounds; CPO Charmaine Wellington and CPO Kira Brent

Boynton Beach, FL: Twenty-five G4S Custom Protection Officers were introduced to the homeowners in a gated residential community during an impressive display of capabilities and expertise. The G4S team is replacing another security company after residents complained of less-than-desirable service levels. The residents in the community were invited to the clubhouse for the (L to R) CPO Chang Echevarria; Lt. Gilbert Ruiz; Capt. Richard Becker and CPO Derrick Franklin Introductory Ceremony where they were able to ask G4S managers questions about the new security team. They also learned about each Officer and his or her impressive educational, military or security experience background. The impressive group of men and women are all part of the elite G4S Custom Protection Officer® program. G4S General Manager John D’Agata told the crowd, “G4S is honored to be a part of the community and we would like to thank the management and board members for the opportunity to partner, protect and serve the community.” Each officer was introduced to the homeowners along with his or her impressive educational, military or security experience background.

Heroes, Continued G4S Officer Uses Life-Saving Training as First Responder During Emergency Portland, OR: A G4S Officer is being honored for his professional response and quick thinking during an emergency at a mass transit area near a college football stadium. While directing traffic and assisting football fans, Security Office Jason Cross saw a spectator who collapsed on the sidewalk. Officer Cross rushed to render aid and after determining the man was unconscious, not breathing with a weak and fading pulse, Officer Cross used his training and experience and started chest compressions. Officer Cross also calmly commanded the scene while delegating tasks to others as he continued life saving actions until rescue personnel arrived.

“I was very impressed with the willingness of Officer Cross to jump in and help when needed.” –G4S Client

Jason Cross

“I am proud to work with him and all of our hardworking Security Officers who strive to do a job well done in such a diverse work atmosphere.” – Ronald Bjerklund, G4S Secure Solutions, Area Supervisor

Celebrating Service in December 2013, January 2014 5 Years Continued Paras Bob Luke John Sarah Keith Curtis Christina Joseph Susanna Dennis Dennis Brenda Francelia Gilbert Julian Robert Alexis Olivia Doug Kenneth Taminder Shadi Mohammed Thomas Juan Carlos Joseph Malcolm James Paul Joanne Shannon Samuel Robert Nicholas Christopher Isreal Brian Kory Matthew Andrew Donald Mark Robert Robert Daniel Charles Carlo Adam David Joseph Kimberly Noe Christopher Jose Chauncey Benjamin Gregory Abelina Mary Anne Murray Raheem Reynaldo Betty Adrienne Kenneth Sean Erin Billy Angela Cynthia Herman Elliot Gloria Lyman Phyllis Jimmy Paul Joram Theresa Ronald Bruce Walter Joshua Gloria Omar Kevin Juan Herman Erik Wellington Russell Kenneth Michael John Tirus Richard Everett Joseph Eric Roberto Scott Natale Kenneth Neil Ronald

Ram Relyea Ringlein Schultz Scott Scribner Shuster Smooths Standridge Sutherland Titus Tobin Watts Zelaya Almaguer Blea Forsythe Imhoff Kelley Kim Laughlin Randhawa Suleiman Taki West Garcia Grable Scott Sellars Christopher D’Elia Graves Haigler Youngs Ahern Bigelow Boley Bowen Brunell Cheney Childs Ficek Hatstat Ingalls Kleiner Langdon LaVersa Patrizzi Settipane Gulley Boakye-Asante Bowens Diaz Espinosa Flood Green Johnson Karalis Luna Riley Stephens Townes Miranda Sanders Walker Wilks McGreevy Reid Beck Choren Dozal Cope David Haske Lowry Maness Pacheco Parrish Rauchwerger Rice Richardson Robison Schleuter Arteaga Barfus Gonzalez Mays Rached Sanchez Santovenia Tejada Johnson Woulard Campanario Davis Denny-Smalls Elsasser Erichsen Farrell Geisler Lopez Lowe Manzo Miller Nittolo Soderburg

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Santa Clara Sarasota Sarasota Sarasota Sarasota Schenectady Schenectady Schenectady Schenectady Schenectady Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seabrook Seattle Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Toledo Toledo Tucson Tucson Tucson Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester Westchester


Rachelle C.

My name is Rachelle and I am a bank teller in Tennessee. Up until October of 2013, we did not have a guard. Our bank was a robbed so, the company appointed bank security. Now, I am so secure knowing that there are people here keeping an eye on things. In particular, I wanted to write about G4S Officers Mr. James Alexander and Miss Karen Johnson. They both are outstanding and exceptional guards. They light up my day every time I see them because I know I will feel safe and protected throughout the day. Not only do they watch the bank and its surroundings but they make sure we get to our car safely. They will even wait with us until our car ride arrives. They are very professional in their craft. I would like to let the company know they are doing an exceptional job.

DHA SAFETY Act Designation ISO 9001:2008

Š2013 G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. 1395 University Boulevard, Jupiter, FL 33458 Phone: 1.800.275.8305 Website: E-mail:

Comments: I want to commend one of your security guards who works at a supermarket in Honolulu. When I started shopping, I noticed someone had taken the three insulated bags I use for carrying my groceries home. The security guard approached me just to smile and offer a 'good morning', and I told her what had happened. She alerted the checkout clerks and searched the store while I continued shopping. She found them out of sight by the checkout, and tracked me down. Just want to convey that she was professional, vigilant and very polite! If this is the norm for the employees of your company, kudos to you! Please pass my appreciation on to her! Shannon L.

Cheers M.

At lunchtime today we were greeted by one of your security team members at the Orange County courthouse annex. She could not have been more helpful to us or other patrons. She even took the time to talk to my 2 year old as we waited. Please pass on our thanks to this wonderful member of your team.

How are things?



It has occurred to me how lucky we are to have the two of you at our site in Billings. What you guys bring to our site is immeasurable and I want to be sure that you know how much I appreciate you! I appreciate the fact that you greet our guests the moment they come through the door. Your smiles and upbeat attitudes are the welcome that weary travelers appreciate. When you offer to help a visitor find their way to a conference room, the cafeteria, or an office you demonstrate the values that this business is built upon. You go above and beyond by offering things like cable locks for their laptops. Your professionalism is evident in every conversation. I just want you to know that I am glad you are here! Kelly Jorgenson Learning Specialist, GE Capital Americas

Hello G4S:

A Letter to

G4S Newsletter Spring 2014  
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