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On the Cover: A night view of the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building – the new home of the Cultural Council in downtown Lake Worth


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A message from the Chairman and the CEO

“We thank you for your interest, your generosity and your enduring confidence in the Cultural Council.”

As we look back on 2011, it is tempting to focus solely on what was undeniably the biggest story of the year for the Cultural Council − getting ready to take up residence in our new home in the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building in downtown Lake Worth. Fundraising, construction and, yes, even packing were high on our collective agenda. The entire experience was exhilarating (and occasionally exhausting). We are exceptionally grateful to the Montgomery Family, who so generously donated the historic former Lake Theatre building to the Cultural Council, and to the dozens of contributors who supported our capital campaign. We applaud the many individuals, government entities and companies that had a hand in the renovation of the structure and our subsequent move. We appreciate the creativity as well as the spirit of collaboration demonstrated by the artists, educators, cultural organizations and others who are helping us to infuse the building with a rich array of services and programs for our community. But there is much more to the story that was 2011. Our marketing strategies helped to build attendance at cultural events and occupancy rates at area hotels. Our advocacy efforts – along with those of many colleagues – undoubtedly played a role in securing increased state and federal funding for arts and culture.

On the education front, we continued to encourage and support creative learning experiences in classrooms, arts-related school field trips and the dissemination of information about cultural opportunities for children to their teachers and parents. Through our grants programs, we had the opportunity to fund the work of individual artists and performers as well as cultural organizations of every size, type and interest. One of our most noteworthy achievements was the introduction of SmARTBiz – an innovative capacity-building initiative for cultural organizations that the Council developed in collaboration with PNC Bank. As we prepared to open the doors to our new home shortly after the first of the year, we were aware that the end of one story was giving way to the beginning of many others. We are proud to play a key role in the cultural renaissance in Lake Worth. We are excited about expanding our services, welcoming many more residents and visitors to our building, continuing to inspire economic development in our county and starting to lay the groundwork for an endowment to support our work for generations to come. We thank you for your interest, your generosity and your enduring confidence in the Cultural Council. And if you haven’t already done so, please stop by to see us at 601 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth!

Kind Regards,

Michael Bracci Chairman

Rena Blades President and CEO

2011 cultural council annual report



{marketing} Spreading the Word

Boca Raton Historical Society

You might have the best story in the world to tell, but if no one can hear you, how will they know? It’s the role of the Cultural Council’s Marketing Department to craft the messages about Palm Beach County’s arts and cultural wonders – and then to find the best text, images and channels to spread the word. From all indications, these efforts were right on target. In 2011, an estimated 3.4 million individuals enjoyed cultural experiences at major cultural organizations in the county. More than a third – 34 percent − were tourists. This attendance represented a healthy 12.1 percent increase over 2008, when the economic downturn began. If children impacted by the Council’s grants and arts education programs are added, the total attendance number is more than 3.8 million. Throughout the year, the Cultural Council utilized a wide variety of marketing strategies directed to tourists, visitors and



cultural council annual report 2011

residents alike to build awareness and increase audiences. Along with other Tourist Development Council agencies, the Council continued to reap the benefits of the previous year’s innovative “stimulus marketing campaign.” In 2011, hotel occupancy grew at double-digit rates for 12 consecutive months. Revenues per average room (RevPar) also increased steadily. It is clear that an integrated marketing approach incorporating print, on-line and social media is highly effective in attracting cultural tourists and others to this destination and its cultural venues. The Cultural Council increased its efforts to promote cultural experiences in Palm Beach County through print and social media channels. The Council used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in conjunction with traditional website marketing, to increase its Facebook “Likes” by 50 percent. At the same time, the number of Twitter followers grew by 125 percent.


Florida Atlantic University

MISSION: The Cultural Council, a community-based organization, enhances the quality of life by creating a cultural destination through support, education and promotion of arts and culture within Palm Beach County. Maltz Jupiter Theatre cast of Guys & Dolls

During the year, the Council participated in a Palm Beach County promotion in Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine, which is seen by more than 5 million passengers worldwide. A 36-page insert in the publication positioned Palm Beach County as an attractive place to live, work and play that is, as the magazine indicated, “Fueled by Culture.” A two-page spread that focused on the Council, and its members, as well as many comments about the cultural landscape from business leaders reinforced the important role culture plays in enhancing the County’s quality of life. Through its Cultural Marketing Committee (CMC), the Cultural Council designed a promotion to deepen the relationships between the hospitality and cultural industries. Getaway to Culture brought cultural groups and nearby hotels together to offer weekend cultural experiences to the public. A total of 11 packages were developed and promoted online through print and social

media. An accompanying contest produced a winner from far-away Hawaii, with contestants from around the nation and Canada. Getaway to Culture also led to the first-ever Hotel Huddle event at the Palm Beach Zoo. This “speed-networking” event invited general managers and sales managers to a fun evening where they could meet and build relationships with cultural organizations. More than 20 hotels and 35 cultural groups met to plan future joint promotions. Public relations efforts captured more than 130 million impressions in a number of local, regional and national publications. The opportunity for this type of exposure builds on the brand of the Cultural Council, further solidifying Palm Beach County’s position as Florida’s Cultural Capital®. Press releases covered a full range of activities from Culture & Cocktails, arts education and the Muse Awards to political editorials and cultural

2011 cultural council annual report



{marketing} Spreading the Word

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show

destination pieces. The year also generated tremendous exposure a weekly radio show on WXEL 90.7FM sponsored by the Council, related to the Council’s plans to move its headquarters to hosted more than 50 cultural organizations and individuals in the downtown Lake Worth. News coverage included more than 165 first half of the year. In June 2011, WXEL 90.7 was sold to Classical articles during the year. South Florida and transformed into an all-music station. The Once again, the Cultural Council’s magazine, art&culture, Council ended its sponsorship and participation at that time. More than 37,000 visitors and residents used the Council’s received a Charlie Award from the Florida Magazine Association. website to find information about the latest Competing with more than 600 happenings. Hotel visitors got a taste of the entries, art&culture won a Silver 3.4 million people visited the county’s major cultural organizations, of which 34% were tourists. activities around the county through Where Award for “Best Overall Design.” In six years, the publication has and TravelHost magazines in their rooms been honored with eight awards. More than 30,000 art&culture and the Council’s calendars in hotel lobbies. Last year more than magazines were distributed locally and around the country to 30,000 calendars were placed in regional hotels, car rental agencies, create awareness of Palm Beach County’s unique cultural assets, highway welcome centers and Palm Beach International Airport. Marketing the cultural industry of Palm Beach County means people and places. Cultural Capital, the Council’s weekly television show, expanding the visibility of the destination, increasing audiences broadcast its eighth season of shows highlighting Palm Beach and helping every partner to grow. Clearly, working together County’s premier destinations and events. This award-winning collaboratively to position the county nationally as Florida’s Cultural program is seen on Comcast Channel 20. South Florida Arts View, Capital® results in a substantial return on investment.



cultural council annual report 2011


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

“I believe that cities that invest in the arts realize added gains of economic growth and quality of life. Nonprofit art and cultural organizations provide insight, inspiration and engagement to residents. As an advocate for the arts, the Council has made Palm Beach County more vibrant, more beautiful, and a more desirable place to live and work.� – Irene Karp, Board Member, Cultural Council

2011 cultural council annual report




Return on Investment

Rena Blades, Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor and Bill Nix

The creative industries have not been immune to the economic downturn during the last few years. Sadly, several of our nonprofit and for-profit arts-related businesses have succumbed to its effects. It was more important than ever for the Cultural Council to focus its advocacy efforts in the public sector on encouraging public-private investment in the arts. The importance of educating elected officials about the economic impact of this industry and its societal benefits took on extra importance in the cost-cutting fervor at all government levels. “Job, jobs, jobs” was the political mantra − and the Cultural Council responded in kind, making the case for government funding for the arts and culture in order to maintain and increase jobs and economic impact. Still, the year 2011 brought several promising developments. In light of the loss of some cultural organizations, cost-cutting measures became increasingly important for other groups that were determined to achieve sustainability. Overall, the creative industries saw growth in entrepreneurial efforts, with a 7.5 percent increase − from 4,566 to 4,912 − in the number of arts-related businesses in Palm Beach County. The number of arts-related jobs



cultural council annual report 2011

remained fairly stable at about 15,000. During 2011, the Cultural Council coordinated the many voices of the cultural industry into a consistent message focused on the substantial return on investment of using culture as part of the solution to a number of society’s issues. The fact that local and state revenues of $5 to $7 dollars are generated for each $1 of public investment was a powerful message to be shared with elected officials and community leaders. Educating these elected officials on the number of businesses and jobs represented by the creative industries also gained traction. At the county level, the Cultural Council adopted new strategies designed to present a unified and consistent message to the Board of County Commissioners about the need to restore funding to small and emerging groups. In 2010, for the first time in 10 years, the Council did not receive a county appropriation for this grant program. However, $200,000 in support was restored for these groups for FY12 as a result of expanded conversations with commissioners, collaborative efforts with the county administration, joint visitations with other cultural groups, coordinated and strategic


Florida delegation in Washington, D.C.

“I have always had a passion for gardens, art, architecture, and the theater. I believe being involved in all these aspects beautify one’s surrounding and enlighten one’s soul. I want to help the Cultural Council discover and nurture all possibilities that can happen.” The State Capitol building in Tallahassee

– Cecile Draime, Board Member, Cultural Council

emails and phone calls, and consistent presence during budget the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Success also was achieved workshops throughout the funding process. A similar focused approach was used at the state level. The on this front, with a combined $12.6 million being added to the NEA and NEH budgets for FY11. Council met both at home and in Tallahassee The Florida Legislature approved $2.5 million in The Council continues to work with members of the Palm Beach County funding — more than double the year before. collaboratively with the South Florida legislative delegation. Businessman and Board Member Brad Deflin spoke on behalf of the cultural industry at a Cultural Consortium on regional economic development and workshop emphasizing the need for more public-private investment advocacy efforts. Council staff served on the boards of the Florida in cultural funding. Coordinated email campaigns led by the Florida Cultural Alliance and South Arts, a consortium of all nine southern Cultural Alliance (FCA) along with calls to legislators by Council states focused on arts education, economic development and members resulted in a win for the state’s cultural organizations. The creative industry research. This year a Council staff member was legislature approved $2,500,000 in funding − more than double selected to serve on the Arts Education Advisory Committee of the $950,000 the year before. Palm Beach County’s legislators Americans for the Arts. The Council continued to gather data for Americans for the Arts’ first-ever national Local Arts Index study played key leadership roles in securing approval for this funding. At the national level, the Council was one of six delegates to and the Arts & Economic Prosperity Study IV. Both studies will be participate in Americans for the Arts’ Advocacy Day in completed in 2012. All told, the Cultural Council’s advocacy efforts continued to Washington, D.C. Led by the Florida Cultural Alliance, the delegation visited all 27 Florida Congressional and Senatorial engender greater awareness of the economic impact and societal offices. The “ask” continued to be for support of Arts in Education, benefits of arts and culture that can only bode well for the future.

2011 cultural council annual report



{ser vices and membership}

Engaging Our Community

Cynthia Palmieri, Jeff Fessler and Pamela Caruso

The Muse Award

Dr. Terry Maple with Outstanding Philanthropist honorees Claire and Melvin Levine

To encourage the growth of a strong and unified cultural community, the Cultural Council’s Services and Membership Department offers programming, technical assistance and professional development to the cultural industry, artists and the public at large. To ensure the long-term success of these programs and services, the Council turns to its family of members – more than 500 individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations that play a critically important role in supporting the organization. Member benefits and events bring people together and inspire greater appreciation for Palm Beach County’s arts and cultural community. For example, the sixth season of the Council’s popular Culture & Cocktails lecture series was presented from November through April at Café Boulud in Palm Beach. More than 600 people attended these sold-out programs to hear conversations with professional photographers, poets, authors, contemporary art curators and collectors, and philanthropists. Culture & Cocktails serves as both a membership benefit and a platform for the Council to promote individuals and organizations that represent the

richness of Palm Beach County’s cultural community. The Cultural Council hosted its prestigious Muse Awards gala in February and honored eight individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions to arts and culture in Palm Beach

Don Ephraim, Maxine Marks



cultural council annual report 2011

Edith C. Bush of the MLK Jr. Coordinating Committee receives the Muse Award from Cultural Council Chairman Michael Bracci.

{ser vices and membership}

Tamar and Milton Maltz

Paul Noble, Lisa Peterfreund

Dimensional Harmony

“I have long believed that arts and culture are an essential part of the fabric of a successful community. They not only have great educational value, but they attract businesses and successful individuals to a community. When I heard about the Cultural Council and the work that they were doing, I knew I wanted to get involved.” – Craig Grant, Board Member, Cultural Council

The Cultural Council and PNC Foundation collaborated to County. Muse Awards were presented to The Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, VSA Florida – Palm Beach County, Center for host the first SmARTBiz Summit on September 12 at the Palm Creative Education, Festival of the Arts BOCA, Ann Norton Beach County Convention Center. Attended by local business Sculpture Garden, Melvin and Claire Levine, and the Martin Luther leaders and cultural nonprofit executives and board members, the King Jr. Coordinating Committee. Jean Sharf and Irene Karp summit featured inspirational advice from keynote speaker Robert chaired the Gala, which featured a spectacular awards show Lynch, president of Americans for the Arts. His primary message produced by Andrew Kato. Proceeds from the was that with strategic alliances and The Cultural Council’s family of supporters event benefited the Council’s art and cultural more visibility, arts and cultural includes a membership of over education programs. 500 individuals, businesses and organizations can educate the public nonprofit cultural organizations. The Cultural Council holds monthly “lunch and politicians on how important the and learn” meetings for the executive arts are throughout our community and leadership of Palm Beach County nonprofit cultural organizations. economy. The summit provided “capacity-building” training for The Cultural Executives Committee (CEC) members attended nonprofit executives who participated in six workshops led by presentations by industry leaders on financial reporting, planned industry experts on leadership, development and finance. giving, and strategic planning. The final meeting of the season Taken together, these efforts serve to marshal substantial featured Florida Cultural Alliance President Sherron Long, who financial resources, energy and creativity that enable the Cultural reported on the Florida Legislature and the future of cultural Council to continue its important work in support of Palm Beach funding in Florida. County’s thriving and diverse cultural community.

2011 cultural council annual report




Te a c h i n g O u r C h i l d r e n W e l l

Highland Elementary School students

The audiences of tomorrow are in classrooms today that – far too often – are devoid of the arts. It is the role of the Cultural Council’s Department of Arts and Cultural Education to provide opportunities for arts educators to convene, advocate and learn in order to ensure that arts and culture are a part of every child’s life. One of the Council’s newest programs is the ACTS (Art and Culture of Teaching Science) Committee, which is composed of nonprofit science-based organizations. Approximately 40 members attend meetings regularly to bring arts integration through science to elementary public schools in the western Palm Beach County community of Belle Glade. As a result of this group’s collaboration, the Cultural Council applied for and received a grant from the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties to fund initial work associated with weekly arts integrated programming in the Belle Glade Elementary school. The Council compiled and distributed 12,000 copies of its Educator’s Guide to Art and Culture in Palm Beach County, 6th



cultural council annual report 2011

Edition to public, private, charter and home-school students as well as after-school programs. The guide contains vital information about arts education programs at 64 nonprofit cultural organizations. Many programs are free or low-cost and are available through curriculumbased field trips or in-school presentations. Special thanks are due to the Office Depot Foundation for printing the guide. The Council showcased educational programs from many of Palm Beach County’s cultural organizations at the Language and Culture Conference, produced by the Department of Multicultural Education in the School District of Palm Beach County. The organizations attending the conference introduced teachers to many rich resources such as community outreach, lesson plans and field trips. The Education Department continued the process of research and collaboration required to obtain a Teaching Artists certification among the five counties (Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin) of the South Florida Cultural Consortium. This project will help ensure quality arts education and increase


G-Star School of the Arts

“The Council has introduced my husband and me to many new events and causes. We have always been involved in the arts and we feel that the Council supports causes which bring the arts to numerous people who might otherwise not have contact with such activities.” Plumosa Elementary School

– Jean Sharf, Board Member, Cultural Council

Field trips are becoming increasingly rare in the face of the employment opportunities for teaching artists. The 12-member Arts Education Advisory Committee, co- tight school district budget, yet teachers and students advocate – chaired by Irene Karp and Jean Sharf, assists with the Council’s and studies indicate − that field trips are a key component of Strategic Plan and fundraising for arts education. The committee, school instruction. They enrich and expand the curriculum, strengthen observation skills by immersing which consists of Council board members, business leaders, School District representatives 12,000 Educator’s Guides were children in sensory activities, increase children’s distributed to teachers knowledge in a particular subject area and and arts educators, is responsible for promoting the Cultural Council’s mission and increasing financial support through membership and donations. The sixth annual Summer Cultural Guide provided an online resource with information about summer cultural activities for young people offered by 61 organizations. To promote the guide, 21 locations offered scholarships and membership prizes totaling $6,975. This collaboration, organized and marketed by the Cultural Council, introduces parents to the arts and cultural organizations in Palm Beach County and assists children in attending summer camps.

expand children’s awareness of their own community. Fortunately, thanks to funds raised by the Cultural Council’s annual Muse Awards program, a number of Palm Beach County students continue to experience cultural field trips that otherwise might not be available to them. Whether arts education manifests itself in a classroom, on a field trip, at a summer camp or in countless other ways, the Cultural Council is steadfastly committed to ensuring that such experiences continue to be available for the children of our community.

2011 cultural council annual report




Statement of Activities 2011


Revenues and Other Support: Grants: PBC Category B Grant Program


PBC Category CI & CII Grant






State of FL License Plate



Other Grant Income







Tourist Development Council State of FL DCA Other Support: Board Annual Contributions















Sponsorships/Contributions Investment Income Other Income In Kind Program Support Total Revenues and Other Support





$ 4,266,083






Expense: Grant Distribution























Development In Kind Expenses Total Expense Increase(decrease) in net assets

Old School Square



cultural council annual report 2011





$ 3,824,445 $


$ $

For fiscal year 2011 the Cultural Council's net assets were $3,614,950 reflecting an increase of 14% over the prior year, due to the success of the capital campaign to fund our new building renovation.

4,023,087 1,073,795

As in prior years, the Cultural Council received a clean and unqualified audit opinion.


Statement of Financial Position 2011 ASSETS Current Assets: Cash and cash equivalents Receivables Investments Prepaid expenses Total Current Assets


Long-term investments Note Receivable Furniture and equipment, net Montgomery Building

Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities: Accounts payable Accrued expenses Grants payable Line of credit Note payable Deferred revenue Total Current Liabilities Lynn University’s World Performing Center

Long Term Liabilities: Note payable Total Long Term Liabilities

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



225,935 139,103 29,446 26,854 421,338

1,207,000 200,006 73,595 2,366,046

1,207,000 240,007 1,415 1,421,772

$ 4,730,217




13,584 212,420 — 100,000 60,000 29,263 415,267

700,000 700,000


2011 Revenue

138,851 685,238 33,276 26,205 883,570


— 67,156 26,809 — — 24,254 118,219

— —



$ 4,730,217


2011 Expense 25%

5% 45%


27% 19%

51% Grant Revenue TDC Administration Dues & Memberships Foundations, Gifts, Other In-Kind



7% 5% 1.5% .2%

Grant Distribution Grants Management Advocacy Service Education Marketing Development Administration Personnel In Kind


2011 cultural council annual report




Making a Difference For 27 years, the Cultural Council has administered grants on behalf of Palm Beach County in support of arts and cultural programming at major institutions, small and emerging organizations and every size of group in between. This fiscal year was one of the most exciting thanks to a one-year partnership with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO) and the newly created SmARTBiz Grant program in collaboration with PNC Bank. In 2011, staff administered eight grant programs totaling $1,987,299 to cultural organizations and individual artists. The funding came from three sources: county bed tax revenue, ad valorem dollars and private donors. The Tourist Development Fund for Major Institutions and the Tourist Development Fund for Mid-Sized Institutions are the Council’s two core, county-funded, grant programs. A third program, funded this year through the PBSO’s Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund, provided financial assistance and educational resources to Small and Emerging Organizations. Building Learning Communities Through Arts and Culture (BLCAC), an arts integration program, was funded from arts license plate proceeds for the third straight year. The Grants Department facilitated two individual artists’ awards − the Clyde Fyfe Award for Performing Art and the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists − through private contributions. A totally new program was designed and implemented this year as the Council worked with PNC Bank to create the SmARTBIz Grant Program. This capacity-building grant program is the Cultural Council’s newest enterprise. It addresses operational needs of cultural organizations while still delivering cultural excellence to the community. It is the Council’s hope and goal in the next few years to add more privately funded grant programs in areas such as arts education and programs.

Pa l m B e a c h C o u n t y Fu n d e d Pro g ra m s In 2011, 71 grantee organizations served more than 3.8 million people through rich and diverse cultural experiences. The Tourist Development Fund for Major Cultural Institutions has a significant impact on cultural organizations’ ability to produce culturally excellent exhibits, performances and events. In 2011, 20 major cultural organizations served over 2.8 million people. These cultural organizations also generated over 16,600 direct artists’ room nights adding to the Tourism Development Fund through hotel bed tax revenues. A number of these major cultural institutions reported significant accomplishments during the year as a direct result of



cultural council annual report 2011

these funds. For example, the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum hosted the Town of Palm Beach’s centennial celebration. Old School Square’s Crest Theatre sold out in record time, even after adding 18 additional seats to every performance. While the Festival of the Arts BOCA celebrated its fifth annual event, Florida Atlantic University presented its inaugural Fine Art Festival. This past year, several organizations took creative steps to promote their organizations − leading to increased numbers of visitors. For instance, the Loggerhead MarineLife Center told the world about resident veterinarian Dr. Nancy Mettee’s innovative treatment and cutting-edge technology used to save Andre the green sea turtle. This “patient” captured the hearts of many and brought in 213,000 visitors − of which 45 percent were from outside Palm Beach County. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens was featured in four in-flight magazines including Air Currents, Airtran’s GO magazine, Delta’s Sky magazine and Continental’s Hemispheres magazine − reaching over 12 million people − and was included in Smithsonian magazine, which reached an additional 7 million people. The Boca Raton Museum of Art excelled with its online advertising, attracting an estimated 109 million total gross impressions from website visitors. The Tourist Development Fund for Mid-Sized Institutions provided funding to 14 cultural organizations that recorded 306,711 visitors through their doors. These cultural organizations are smaller operations with smaller budgets, yet still provide cultural excellence to the greater community and a positive impact on the tourism industry in Palm Beach County. The mid-sized organizations also accounted for 1,212 direct artists’ room nights as a result of their artistic programming. In 2011, the mid-size organizations showcased their cultural excellence through outstanding leadership as well as dynamic marketing and advertising. The Palm Beach Poetry Festival received a prestigious challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation – the only cultural organization in the county to receive this high honor. This is no surprise given that the Poetry Festival’s annual event drew a record 90 percent of its attendees from out of town. Palm Beach Dramaworks produced 256 performances in 40 weeks bringing in over 21,000 audience members to its modest 75-seat theater and selling out almost every show. Terry Teachout, theater critic for The Wall Street Journal, added to the theater’s national attention by praising Freud’s Last Session. The Loxahatchee River Historical Society scored a 99 percent satisfaction rate for the management of the Jupiter Inlet


Lighthouse and Museum through the Department of Interior. second movie was a stop-motion film explaining how a bill Based on visitor tracking, the Lighthouse has attracted visitors becomes a law. Not only did the kids experience the making of from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Finland, Austria, movies in two different forms, but they also shared their knowledge with the community in a very public venue. Switzerland and more. In 2011, the Council administered For the first time ever, the Cultural eight grant programs totaling $1,987,299 S m A RT B i z Council partnered with the Palm Beach to cultural organizations SmARTBiz, a new collaborative County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) through the and individual artists. between PNC Bank and the Cultural initial grant making stage to provide onetime funding of $70,759 to 14 small and emerging cultural Council, addressed the need to increase awareness among organizations. The grant funding came from the State Law businesses of the importance of arts and culture while directly Enforcement Trust Fund (SLETF). These organizations have a major supporting cultural endeavors by building the capacity of the local impact on at-risk children and youth at the grassroots level while cultural organizations. The mission of the SmARTBiz grant providing much of the diversity that is reflected in festivals and program is based on the philosophy that “Good Arts in a other cultural outings for tourists. This program serves as an Community = Good Quality of Life = Strong Business incubator. As smaller organizations continue to grow in capacity Development” and will directly build the capacity of local and financially, many have the opportunity to develop into the next organizations to support cultural endeavors. Specifically, the SmARTBiz grant program provided arts and cultural organizations generation of Mid-Size Institutions. with direct grants to improve operations and offered a half-day B u i l d i n g Le a r n i n g C o m m u n i t i e s workshop filled with professional development in operational, financial and development training. In its first year, SmARTBiz, T h ro u g h A r t s & C u l t u re The Council began its third year of this arts-integrated pilot granted $48,247 among 10 grantees and provided 200 people program by awarding a total of $20,000 to two organizations to with professional development training. partner with a Title I school to deliver arts-integrated education in social studies to sixth graders. The organizations participating in this year’s initiative were Resource Depot, which partnered with Roosevelt Middle School, and Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, which teamed up with Carver Middle School. In this final year, the two teams focused on the professional development of teachers as well as the administration. The mission of BLCAC is to improve student achievement as more teachers understand arts integration, feel comfortable using the techniques to teach social studies and implement what they’ve learned. The result at Carver Middle School was an auditorium filled with hundreds of students, teachers, administrators and state representatives experiencing the classroom-created opera, “Monarchy through Democracy.” The production infused both visual and performing arts while teaching the performers and audience about various kinds of government. The productions at Roosevelt Middle School focused on ancient Egypt and civics. Two sixth grade classes created two videos and held a movie sneak peek for special guests at school and a movie premiere for parents, friends, administration and the greater community. The premiere took place at the Waterfront in West Palm Beach during Clematis-By-Night. The first movie was a simulated newscast about the death of King Tutankhamen. The

C l y d e Fy f e A w a r d f o r Pe r f o r m i n g + A r t i s t The 2011 recipient of the Clyde Fyfe Award for Performing Artist was D. Shawn Berry. He was awarded $2,500 by his peers for his excellence in writing, teaching and conducting choral music and his outstanding leadership with the Young Singers of the Palm Beaches. Berry is co-founder, artistic director and lead conductor for the organization. Under his supervision, the Young Singers has grown to include six choirs with 300 singers ranging in ages from 8 to 18 years old. He is an active composer and arranger and has numerous publications with a variety of publishing houses. His compositions have been performed by choirs at the local level, at ACDA National and by All State Choirs.

S o u t h F l o r i d a C u l t u ra l C o n s o r t i u m Fe l l ow s h i p f o r Vi s u a l a n d M e d i a A r t i s t s The 2011 recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium’s Fellowship was Walter Hnatysh. This Lake Worth artist was awarded a $15,000 fellowship for his visual art. He is a professor of art in painting and drawing at Florida Atlantic University. Hnatysh has shown work in 20 one-person exhibits and over 100 group shows. He received his BFA from Indiana University, and his MFA from the Tyler School of Art. His art can be seen at

2011 cultural council annual report




2011 Cultural Council Grants Cultural Tourism Development Fund: Major Institutions – supports programs of major cultural organizations that attract visitors and satisfy residents; 20 organizations were awarded $1,637,840. Armory Art Center, Inc. $ 66,069 The Armory is a visual arts education and exhibition center providing opportunities for individual growth, self-expression and increased awareness and appreciation of the arts. Boca Raton Historical Society, Inc. $62,071 The society collects, preserves and presents artifacts relating to Boca Raton history and maintains a visible role in education and advocacy of historic preservation in our community.

Cornell Museum

Boca Raton Museum of Art, Inc. $105,979 The museum’s mission is to enhance the appreciation and understanding of visual arts by enriching lives of visitors and residents.

Florida Stage, Inc. $87,328 Florida Stage was the largest organization in the National New Play Network (NNPN) and the Southeast’s largest company producing exclusively new and developing works.

Caldwell Theatre Company, Inc. $57,556 The Caldwell Theatre Company creates new works, produces contemporary works by national playwrights, encourages new playwrights and provides educational series.

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum $92,465 The Flagler Museum, a National Historic Landmark, is a nationally accredited museum that interprets the Whitehall estate through guided tours, permanent exhibits, ongoing conservation work and award-winning printed materials.

Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park, Inc. $71,917 The Centre for the Arts is dedicated to creating a cultural heart in south Palm Beach County and presents the annual Festival of the Arts BOCA, which features classical music, jazz and literature. FAU Foundation, Inc. Dorothy Schmidt College of Arts & Letters $56,350 The college’s mission includes community outreach, contributing to the intellectual and creative enrichment of Palm Beach County through music, theater, visual arts, films, literature and symposia at no or modest costs.

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Shelley Vana, Chairperson Steven L. Abrams, Vice Chair Karen T. Marcus Paulette Burdick Burt Aaronson Jess Santamaria Priscilla Taylor



cultural council annual report 2011

The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. $109,654 As a presenter, the Kravis Center has set the standard for excellence in the region, enabling Palm Beach County to become an integral part of the routing of major attractions and artists in the southeast United States. Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Inc. $53,706 The Marinelife Center promotes conservation of Florida’s coastal ecosystem through education, research and rehabilitation with an emphasis on sea turtles. Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Inc. $104,794 The Maltz is a state-of-the-art premier regional theater whose mission is to entertain, educate and inspire our community. The Morikami, Inc. $73,340 The only museum in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to Japanese humanities, the Morikami offers the Japanese Gardens and Bonsai Collection in addition to several exhibits and festivals.


Norton Museum of Art, Inc. $113,092 The Norton is internationally known for its distinguished permanent collection featuring European, American and Chinese art as well as contemporary art and photography. Old School Square, Inc. $71,285 Old School Square is a multi-use facility that features more than 66 events between its Cornell Museum, Crest Theatre and outdoor pavilion programs. Palm Beach Opera, Inc. $89,699 The Palm Beach Opera features a four-opera season with international artists and superior quality productions, a gala performance and the Annual Vocal Competition. Palm Beach Photographic Center, Inc. $67,373 The Photographic Center presents year-round exhibitions in its museum gallery, 25 master photography workshops, 75 digital imaging computer workshops and ongoing community education programs.

South Florida Science Museum, Inc. $70,021 The Science Museum excites curiosity and furthers the understanding and appreciation of science and technology. SunFest of Palm Beach County, Inc. $90,885 Florida’s largest music, art and waterfront festival annually attracts more than 250,000 visitors. TOTAL


The Cultural Development Fund: Mid-sized Institutions – supports programs of mid-sized cultural organizations serving and satisfying residents and visitors; 14 organizations were awarded $222,600. American Orchid Society $15,938 The American Orchid Society is the largest special-interest horticultural organization in the world. It promotes and supports the passion for orchids through education, research, production, preservation, perpetuation and appreciation of orchids.

Palm Beach Pops, Inc. $86,143 In 2011, the Pops presented 36 concerts celebrating some of the American Songbook’s best composers to an estimated 60,000 visitors, of which 16,000 were out-of-town guests.

Boca Ballet Theatre Company $17,426 Boca Ballet is among the 10 largest dance companies in Florida and one of the most respected civic ballet companies in the nation.

The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches, Inc. $108,113 The Palm Beach Zoo is nationally accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and has been named one of the “Top Ten Zoos in the USA” by TripAdvisor.

Palm Beach State College Dolly Hand Cultural Art Center $17,377 Celebrating its 29th presenting season, the center features a wide variety of cultural programming that includes a focus on diversification and affordability. Palm Beach State College Duncan Theatre $17,778 The 2011 Theatre Professional and Guest Artist Series was designed to serve a broad base of constituents by offering quality live performing arts experiences and to engage diverse members of the community in extended arts education. Expanding and Preserving Our Cultural Heritage, Inc. $17,621 EPOCH presents the annual Living Heritage Festival by the Renaissance Park Tradition Bearers, who recapture the way southern rural African-Americans lived in the early 20th century.

Dolly Hand Cultural Art Center

Friends of Mounts Botanical Gardens, Inc. $13,258 Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest public garden, Mounts displays tropical and subtropical plants from around the world and hosts a number of special events for residents and visitors.

2011 cultural council annual report




2011 Cultural Council Grants Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Inc. $6,920 The Poetry Festival fosters writing, reading, performance and appreciation of poetry by presenting an annual poetry festival and other poetry events in Palm Beach County, making it a nationally recognized learning opportunity for writers of poetry. Young Singers of the Palm Beaches $11,197 Young Singers offers a choral music education program to all children of Palm Beach County in grades 3 through 12 without regard to cultural, racial, educational, religious or economic background. TOTAL

Palm Beach Dramaworks

Historical Society of Palm Beach County $18,444 The society provides cultural exhibits, in-school outreach, group and student tours, museum programming, lectures and themed special events. Lake Worth Playhouse, Inc. $17,308 The Playhouse produces a full season of plays, musicals and other activities on the stage of its historic facility in downtown Lake Worth. Lighthouse ArtCenter, Inc. $15,820 The ArtCenter provides a bridge to the visual and performing arts for the community through unique collections, engaging exhibitions, cultural programming, a dynamic School of Art and diverse outreach activities. Loxahatchee River Historical Society, Inc. $18,640 Programs include guided tours of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, the museum and exhibits. Lynn University, Inc. Conservatory of Music $17,800 Lynn University presents more than 60 concerts through its Conservatory of Music, reaching more than 23,000 adults, youth and visitors. Palm Beach Dramaworks, Inc. $17,073 This award-winning theater has seen tremendous growth in its short eight-year history of producing seldom-seen and timeless works that engage South Florida audiences.



cultural council annual report 2011


Cultural Development Fund for Small and Emerging Cultural Organizations was funded through the State Law Enforcement Trust Fund and administered through the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; 14 small and emerging cultural organizations were awarded $70,759. Aequalis d/b/a/ Core Ensemble $1,445 The Harvest of Voices project provides culturally isolated children in Palm Beach County an opportunity to experience creative expression through artistic nourishment and enrichment. Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens $3,665 The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens preserves the original intent and integrity of the historic garden for the appreciation of the community while creating an environment to promote artist growth, inspiration and enjoyment for everyone. Artist Showcase of the Palm Beaches, Inc. $13,538 The Showcase promotes the works and professional growth of living, emerging artists of African-American, Caribbean-American, Hispanic-American and other ethnic origins. Audubon Society of the Everglades, Inc. $4,278 The Everglades Day Festival is a free annual, family-friendly event that expands the understanding and appreciation of the Everglades system and the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge. Blue Planet International Explorers Bazaar & Writers Room $2,252 Founded in 2008 by two writer/educators, Blue Planet inspires students to write, gives them skills to write well and offers them fun and effective ways to see their writing come to life.


Caribbean American for Community Involvement in Florida, Inc. $4,307 This multicultural organization promotes events that provide opportunities for all citizens (students, adults and seniors) of multicultural and ethnic backgrounds. The Children’s Coalition, Inc. $2,644 The Coalition provides photography, computer and technological experience to inner-city children who have a history of criminal behavior/adjudication in the criminal justice system. Children’s Place at HomeSafe, Inc. $5,919 The organization implemented Arts Away, an artist-in-residence program designed for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. For the Children, Inc. $6,147 Funds are used to promote the enrichment program targeting the educational, social and recreational needs of underserved children living in Lake Worth. Hispano-Latino Cultural Alliance, Inc. $4,721 The Cultural Alliance presents its Cinco de Mayo Festival at Old School Square in Delray Beach and showcases the Hispano-Latino community’s cultural heritage. Martin Luther King Jr. Coordinating Committee of West Palm Beach, Inc. $6,639 The committee coordinates various activities to celebrate Dr. King’s work and birthday, including the “I Have A Dream” Health and Safety Fair, Gospelfest, Peace Camp and the MLK Scholarship Awards Breakfast.

Building Learning Communities Through Arts and Culture Resource Depot $ 10,000.00 The Resource Depot teamed up for the second year with Roosevelt Middle School to create two video presentations focused on ancient Egypt and civics. Young Singers of the Palm Beaches (YSPB) $ 10,000.00 YSPB partnered with Carver Middle School to create and stage an opera, “Monarchy through Democracy,” which highlighted different types of governments. TOTAL

$ 20,000.00

SmARTBiz Boca Raton Historical Society and Museum $5,000 The Historical Society and Museum purchased new computers and replaced outdated and inadequate computers and software to enable it to increase efficiency and expand service to the community. Two new computers were purchased along with upgrades needed to make other computers compatible with Windows 2007 software. The Boca Raton Museum of Art $5,000 A Museum without Walls project enabled the museum to integrate software solutions between point of sale systems and donor/member software. By integrating three existing software programs, the museum can provide a seamless quality experience for members of the community involved in any kind of e-commerce procedure on its website.

Philippine American Society, Inc. $2,360 The society was formed in 1999 to promote coalition and collaboration among Philippine-Americans and other nationalities, locally and nationally. Pine Jog Environmental Education Center Florida Atlantic University $1,836 The School Yard Science Program enhances learning in language arts, science, social studies and other basic content areas through the use of environmental themes. The Friends of Sandoway House Nature Center, Inc. $11,008 The Sandoway House Nature Center is an environmental center that educates the public about Delray Beach’s coastal/marine ecosystem and natural history. TOTAL


Palm Beach Photographic Center

2011 cultural council annual report




2011 Cultural Council Grants

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Center for Creative Education (CCE) $4,652 The SmARTBiz grant enabled CCE to purchase three new computers, three new monitors and software. The Technology Update Initiative directly improves CCE’s operations and ability to enable visitors and donors to safely and securely make financial contributions and purchase event tickets online. Henry Morrison Flagler Museum $4,995 The SmARTBiz grant enabled the Flagler Museum to enhance its marketing and exhibit interpretation through the purchase of a large-format printer, which will enable museum staff to create more effective, high-quality posters and signage. Lighthouse ArtCenter $5,000 The Lighthouse ArtCenter recognizes that it needs to conduct a thorough strategic planning process to guide the organization through the next two to three years. The SmARTBiz grant allowed the ArtCenter to hire an outside expert in the field to conduct the issues-based strategic planning session and offer advice for the implementation phase. Friends of Mounts Botanical Gardens $ 3,600 The Friends of Mounts sought to hire a strategic planning consultant to work with the board and staff to conduct a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for growing resources and increasing public awareness of the mission and educational programs. Palm Beach Dramaworks $5,000 Palm Beach Dramaworks does not currently have a centralized method of capturing donor data and selling tickets. Through the SmARTBiz grant program, a Box Office and Donor System program gave the organization the ability to implement comprehensive



cultural council annual report 2011

ticketing, fundraising, marketing, reporting and online transactions to improve customer relations and day-to-day operations. Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches (Palm Beach Zoo) $5,000 The SmARTBiz grant helped the Palm Beach Zoo purchase and install a main server to support the essential business systems of the institution. This new main server added capacity and improved two critical business operations (ticket sales and member services) through expedited sales transactions at the front gate, facilitated credit card payments, collected survey data on guests and produced attendance tracking reports that are fundamental for business planning. South Florida Science Museum $5,000 The South Florida Science Museum proposed the Constant Contact & Volunteer Matters program to address inefficiencies in managing donor and volunteer relations. The SmARTBiz grant assisted the organization with updating its online system to communicate with and track over 8,000 donors, friends and volunteers as well as have the capacity to reach new donors, friends and volunteers. Young Singers of the Palm Beaches $5,000 The SmARTBiz grant assisted Young Singers of the Palm Beaches with purchasing and installing Donor Direct software to effectively and efficiently create a planned giving strategy for the organization. This new software enables Young Singers to create personalized communications, nurture donor development, manage events, increase online donor relationships and create personalized fundraising web pages. TOTAL


{donor listings}

Donor Recognition

Cecile Draime, Roe Green, Kelly Sobolewski

During 2011, the Cultural Council was able to focus on its mission and invest in initiatives that have a lasting impact in our County and throughout the region thanks to our donors. We thankfully acknowledge the following donors who contributed at least $50 during the fiscal year. Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman

$ 10 0 , 0 0 0 o r m o re

$ 10 , 0 0 0 - $ 1 9 , 9 9 9

Office Depot

Mrs. Shirley Fiterman

City of Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency

Mr and Mrs. Alexander W. Dreyfoos

Mrs. Kelly Sobolewski

Ms. Vicki Halmos

Mr. Dom A. Telesco

Raymond E. Kramer III, Esq.

Bank of America

The Palm Beach Post

Mrs. Mary Montgomery

Mr. Michael J. Bracci

Wells Fargo

Morgan Keegan & Company Inc

$20,000-$99,9999 Mr. Craig D. Grant Ms. Roe Green The Roe Green Foundation JP Morgan Chase Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Maltz The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation Mrs. Sydelle Meyer PNC Bank PNC Foundation Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Sharf

Howard Bregman, Esq. Mr. Bradford A. Deflin Mrs. Cecile Draime Greenberg Traurig, P.A. Gunster Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. James Karp Ms. Jo Anne Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey H. Neuhoff Northern Trust

$5,000-$9,999 Ms. Dina Gustin Baker Mrs. Marta Batmasian Beasley Hauser Kramer & Galardi, P.A.

Palm Beach Show Group Michael D. Simon Esq. The Boston Foundation The Community Foundation of Louisville

Mr. Christopher D. Caneles


Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

Dale and Doug Anderson

Mr. Dana T. Pickard and Ms. Joyce L. Elden

Armory Art Center

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens Ms. Kathleen Azeez

2011 cultural council annual report



{donor listings}

We Thank You for your Suppor t Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baum Mr. Bruce A. Beal Mr. and Mrs. John Blades

Richard S. Bernstein & Associates

Florida Atlantic University Foundation

Rosetta Stone Fine Art

Historical Society of Palm Beach County

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lawrence Schlager

Boca Raton Museum of Art Business Development Board

Ms. Laurie Silvers

Center for Creative Education

Mr. Harold Smith

Mr. Miles A. Coon

South Florida Science Museum


SunFest of Palm Beach County

Mrs. Herme de Wyman Miro

Sydelle Meyer Trust

Mr. Lawrence F. DeGeorge and Ms. Suzanne Niedland

The Azeez Foundation

Dex Imaging, Inc. Donald M. Ephraim Family Foundation Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP Mr. George T. Elmore Mr. Donald M. Ephraim

The Breakers Palm Beach Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bracci

The Colony Hotel

Lynn University

The Fine Foundation

Maltz Jupiter Theatre

The GE Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews

The Liman Foundation

Mrs. Betsy K. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Farber

Merrill G. and Emita E. Hastings Foundation

FAU Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management/LLH Group

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Fine

Miami City Ballet

Mrs. Marjorie Fisher

Ms. Jane Mitchell

Florida Power & Light Company

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Geo. Zoltan Lefton Family Foundation

Ms. Jane Napier

Mr. J. Arthur Goldberg Mr. Rick Gonzalez AIA

Norton Museum of Art Old School Square Cultural Arts Center

The Society of the Four Arts The Vecellio Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Toll United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit Mr. and Mrs. Leo Vecellio Jr. Young Singers of the Palm Beaches

Jennifer Garrigues, Inc. Interior Design John C. & Mary Jane Howard Foundation Judy B. Goodman Esq. Lake Worth Playhouse Lighthouse ArtCenter Mr. and Mrs. Amin J. Khoury Mr. and Mrs. Barry Seidman Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Waxman Mr. and Mrs. David S. Blue Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Malasky Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kushnick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sloane Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kirchhoff Mr. and Mrs. William A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. William J. Soter Mr. Gary Krieger


Mr. Gary Schweikhart

1st United Bank

Mr. Gus Davis

American Orchid Society

Mr. Lewis M. Schott Mr. Marc Leder

Dr. Stan and Marcie Gorman Althof

Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches

Arts Council of Indianapolis B/E Aerospace

Mr. Raymond Graziotto

Mr. and Mrs. Homer J. Hand

Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Boca Ballet Theatre

Mr. Robert A. Lewis

Boca Raton Historical Society

Mr. Ross W. Meltzer

City of West Palm Beach Community Events Division

Mrs. Emily F. Landau

Denise and William Meyer Foundation

Mrs. Lois Silverman

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

Palm Beach Daily News

Hollywood Media Corp.

Palm Beach Dramaworks

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Katz

Palm Beach Opera

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Katz Jr.

Palm Beach Photographic Center

Katz Family Foundation

Mrs. Florence Free

Dr. and Mrs. Carter Pottash

Mrs. Molly Foreman Kozel

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Kohnken

Palm Beach Zoo

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Falk

Mrs. Phyllis Tick

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Cohn

Mrs. Regina Porten

Kohnken Family Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Helen K. Persson

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Rosenberg

Mrs. Sydell L. Miller

Ms. Lisa H. Peterfreund

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Flucke

Ms. Allison S. Flack

Ms. Susy Petros

Dr. John C. Whelton

Ms. Ann E. Howard

Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Dr. Richard P. D’Elia

Ms. Carol F. Cohen

Mrs. Ellen F. Liman Loggerhead Marinelife Center

REG Architects Inc.

Duncan Theatre at Palm Beach State College

Ms. Hilary Jordan and Mr. Dack Patriarca

Ms. Margo Lefton Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Levine



cultural council annual report 2011

{donor listings}

We Thank You for your Suppor t Ms. Linda A. Casey

Marketing Cooperative

Ms. Linda M. Phelps

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center at Palm Beach State College

Ms. Muriel Siebert Ms. Paige Noland Ms. Pamela Saba Ms. Patricia G. Thorne Ms. Susan L. Nernberg Ms. Yvonne S. Boice Porten Family Foundation Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach Publix Supermarket Charities Rednum Capital Partners Schmidt Family Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park, Inc.

Dr. Adolfo E. Rizzo

Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches Arthur R. Marshall Foundation Artists of Palm Beach County ArtStage ArtStart, Inc. BAK Middle School of the Arts Banyan Printing Boca Raton Symphonia

Hirsch-Schwartz Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. DeMaio

Inspirit, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crampton

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Horwich

Jeri Wolfson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Elhilow

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Koch

Jurassic Parts

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kamin

Dr. Henry J. Petraki

Lake Worth Art League

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fulton

Dr. Kristen Murtaugh

Lesley Hogan, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Levy

Dr. Luz G. Van Meek

Loxahatchee River Historical Society

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kaplan

Lucille and David Fannin Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mesirow

Dr. Mariano Nadal Dr. Melisande J. Wolff Dr. Monica Uhlhorn

Dr. Saul D. Rotter


Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gnat

Dr. and Mrs. Garth Russell

The Ann K. & Douglas S. Brown Family Foundation

Zissu Family Foundation

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Warren

Dr. Philip Buttaravoli

VSA Arts of Florida—Palm Beach County

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dougherty, Jr.

Il Circolo/Italian Cultural Society

Silverman Family Foundation, Inc.

The Lewis Schott Foundation

Friends of the Loxahatchee River, Inc.

Dr. Robert Sharon Educational Gallery Group Edward & Deborah Pollack Fine Art

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bohde

Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Sanders

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

Flamingo Clay Studio

Mr. Albert S. Goldberg

Florida Atlantic University/Wilkes Honors College

Mr. Albie Walton

Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park Friends of Mounts Botanical Garden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry F. Crockett

Milagro Center Mr. Albert Eisenberg

Friends of AR Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Miller

Martin Luther King Jr. Coordinating Committee

FAU - Lifelong Learning Society

Florida Classical Ballet Theatre at The Esther Center

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowersox Mr. and Mrs. William F. Spengler Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Lavine Mr. and Mrs. Arnold I. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Barry Krischer Mr. and Mrs. Burton Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Charles Granito Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Schwartz Jr.

Mr. Anthony J. Memoli Mr. Anthony Saluto, III Mr. Barry Max Levy Mr. Ben Georgia Mr. Benjamin Kenagen Mr. Bill Nix

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Werner

Mr. Charles H. Damsel Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Confrey Phillips

Mr. Chrisopher Oakes

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Smith Jr.

Mr. David L. Joseph

Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theatre

Mr. and Mrs. David Bludworth

Mr. Delfin F. Menendez

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Click

Mr. Dennis Bertram

Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Fannin

Mr. Dennis Stefanacci

Children’s Science Explorium Sugar Sand Park

Mr. and Mrs. David McIntosh

Mr. Edson E. Dailey Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donn Colee

Mr. Frank J. Pannizzo

City of Boca Raton Recreation Services

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan

Mr. George B. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. George Gottlieb

Mr. Grant Williams

City of Palm Beach Gardens/GardensArt

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herzing

Mr. Harry Van Gorp

Mr. and Mrs. James Woolems

Mr. Helmut Koller

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Geberth

Mr. Howard Rogut

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bartosek

Mr. Jack Lansing

Creative City Collaborative/Arts Garage Delray Beach Downtown Bruce Beal and Francis V. Cunningham

2011 cultural council annual report



{donor listings}

We Thank You for your Suppor t Mr. James Barr

Ms. Beth Casey

Mr. James H. Howe III

Ms. Betty Friedman

Mr. James McCreavy

Ms. Bonnie B. Weaver

Mr. Jeffrey Seiler

Ms. Bonnie Roseman

Mr. Joel A. Leavitt

Ms. Candide Booth

Mr. Joel Cohen

Ms. Carol A. Grillo

Mr. John Coons

Ms. Carol Brody

Mr. John D. Herrick

Ms. Carol Roberts

Mr. John M. Hildwein

Ms. Carol Shein

Mr. John S. Lacy

Ms. Catherine Helowicz Ms. Cecily Hangen

Mr. John Swick Mr. Joseph P. Williams Jr.

Mr. Geoffrey H. Neuhoff and Ms. Jo Anne Moeller

Ms. Christine Cannon Bucher

Mr. Keller Donovan

Mr. Stephen Koslow

Mrs. Maria Barnes

Ms. Claudia J. Klein

Mr. Lawrence Weisberg

Mr. Stephen L. Brown

Mrs. Marilyn R. Samwick

Ms. Colleen Rindaldi

Mr. Len Mykietyn

Mr. Stephen Uman

Mrs. Marjorie J. Block

Ms. Constance Rudy

Mr. M.L. Strauss

Mr. Thomas Baker

Mrs. Martha G. Hersey

Ms. Curtis Kelly

Mr. Marc K. Gagnon

Mr. Thomas L. Tribby

Mrs. Mary B. Latino

Ms. Cynthia Friedman

Mr. Mark Forman

Mr. Walter Hnatysh

Mrs. Muriel Kaplan

Ms. Cynthia Goodman

Mr. Mark Perlberg

Mr. William Mercier

Mrs. Muriel Reisner

Ms. Cynthia Maronet

Mr. Martin A. Johnson

Mr. Yurui Song

Mrs. Patricia Levine

Ms. Deborah Bigeleisen

Mr. Martin L. Haines III

Mrs. Barbara Rogoff

Mrs. Sarvenaz Pahlavi

Ms. Deborah Wemyss

Mr. Michael Aultman

Mrs. Beverly J. Myers

Mrs. Shirley Diamond

Ms. Denise Gutknecht

Mr. Milton O. Carpenter

Mrs. Bobbi Shorr

Mrs. Shirley Lavine

Ms. Diane Hirsch

Mr. Morgan B. Procter

Mrs. Brenda DeSantis

Mrs. Stella G. Strauss

Ms. Dianna DonFrancisco

Mrs. Carole Phillips

Mrs. Stephanie R. Hayes

Ms. Donna Ross

Mr. Myles J. Slosberg and Ms. Diane Krane

Mrs. Cecile Stein

Mrs. Susan D. Bazaar

Ms. Elaine Meier

Mr. Norman Stein

Mrs. Cherie Golden

Mrs. Tanya Pfeffer-Witzel

Ms. Eleanor Diskin

Mr. Paul Aho

Mrs. Claudia W. Fry

Mrs. Virginia Longo

Ms. Elet V. Cyris

Mr. Paul Cummings

Mrs. Cynthia Raia

Mrs. Wendy Kulberg

Ms. Elizabeth Periale

Mr. Paul G. Garland

Mrs. David C. Scott

Mrs. Zelda Mason

Ms. Elizabeth Segall

Mr. Paul J. Least

Mrs. Dianne Bernstein

Ms. Abby Koffler

Ms. Elle Schorr

Mr. Paul Tischler

Mrs. Edward Ganitsch

Ms. Adrienne Geffen

Ms. Essie Kaufman

Mr. Phillip Lewis

Mrs. Friedel Mayer

Ms. Alani Strachan

Ms. Esther Wertheimer

Mr. Richard J. Frank

Mrs. Grace Fishenfeld

Ms. Alice Alekman

Ms. Felisa Baner Ms. Fran Luckoff

Mr. Richard Reddig

Mrs. Hanne Niederhausen

Ms. and Mr. Cheryl Maeder

Mr. Richard Stafford

Mrs. Harriett M. Eckstein

Ms. Ann Appleman

Ms. Frances Lynn

Mr. Robert D. Jaffee

Mrs. Katharine H. Dickenson

Ms. Barbara Block

Ms. Gale G. Howden Ms. Ginny L. Coyle

Mr. Scott Teich

Mrs. Kimberley TromblyBurmeister

Ms. Barbara C. McDonald Ms. Barbara L. Hyman

Ms. Haydee Osborne

Mr. Stanley Nemer

Mrs. Kitty Omura

Ms. Barbara L. Wasserman

Ms. Henni Kessler

Mr. Stanley P. Stone

Mrs. Lee Wolf

Ms. Barbara Rentschler

Ms. Holly Odess

Mr. Stephen B. Schwartz

Mrs. Liana Moonie

Ms. Barbara Rosenzweig

Ms. Irma S. Samek

Mr. Stephen Horan

Mrs. Lucy Keshavarz

Ms. Barbara Sloan

Ms. Ivonne Marquez

Mr. Russell Gilbert



cultural council annual report 2011

{donor listings}

We Thank You for your Suppor t Ms. Jacqueline Brice

Ms. Mary Hilliard

Ms. Wendy Walesch

Ms. Jacqueline M. Kaplan

Ms. May Romkey

Ms. Winifred Aboff

Schoolhouse Children’s Museum

Ms. Jacquelyn Grimm

Ms. Michelle L. Bermann

Ms. Winifred F. Suss

Selema J. Oxnevad

Ms. Jan Errichetti

Ms. Mimi S. Livingston

Ms. Zoe Panarites

Ms. Jane Berkey

Ms. Monica Luechtefeld

Ms. Jean E. Heron

Ms. Nancy Tart

Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

Sickle Cell Foundation of Palm Beach County

Ms. Jean V. Hutchison Ms. Jeanette Brown Bell Ms. Jennifer Boese Ms. Jewel Berzon Ms. Joan Brams Ms. Joan Daniels Ms. Joan Faber Ms. Joan R. Lustig Ms. Joanne Heron Ms. Josephine Linder duPont Bayard

Ms. Nanette Lawrenson Ms. Olga M. Vazquez

National Association of Women Artists - FLA Chapter

Sol Children Theatre Troupe Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

Ms. Pamela L. Murray

Northern Palm Beaches Cultural Alliance Inc.

Street Painting Festival

Ms. Peg Greenspon

Northwood University

Support Dance, Inc.

Ms. Peggy Gorman

Palm Beach Atlantic University Dance Department

The Borland Center for Performing Arts

Palm Beach Center for Jewish Art

The Children’s Museum

Ms. Phyllis L. Verducci Ms. Pink Trousdale Ms. Rita Dee Botwin Ms. Rita Shapiro Ms. Rosalyn Regal

Palm Beach County Art in Public Places Palm Beach Maritime Museum

The New Gardens Band The Randolph A. Frank Prize for the Performing Arts

Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Inc.

Village of Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center

Palm Beach Women’s International Film Festival Inc.

Wellington Art Society

Ms. Ruth Bergman

Ms. Karen Patasnick

Ms. Ruth Roberts

Piccolo Opera Company

Ms. Kata Jenkins

Ms. Ruth Shurkin

Ms. Katarina Backhamre

Ms. Sandra Thompson

Pine Jog Environmental Education Center

Ms. Kathleen L. Alex

Ms. Sandy Donabed

Ms. Laurie Lou Leonard

Ms. Sheila Zaslower

Ms. Judith Eisinger

Ms. Roslyn Brilliant

Ms. Judy L. Weiss

Ms. Roxene Sloate

Ms. Karen Nelson

Ms. Leah Holtzberg Ms. Lenore Stern-Morris Ms. Leora Klaymer Stewart Ms. Linda M. Smith Ms. Linda Mariani Ms. Linda Wartow Ms. Lisa Huertas Ms. Lorrie Williamson Ms. Madeleine Singer Ms. Madison Marie McIntosh

Poets of the Palm Beaches Resource Depot River Center

West Palm Beach Public Library Wilesmith Advertising & Design Winifred F Suss Revocable Trust Women in the Visual Arts Women of Note

Ms. Sherry Jacobs

Rosarian Academy

Ms. Shirley F. Cowen

Sandoway House Nature Center

Yesteryear Village/South Florida Fairgrounds

School of the Arts Foundation (SOAFI)

Youth Orchestra of Palm Beach County

Ms. Shirley M. Termant Ms. Susan Barth Ms. Susan J. Hutcheon Ms. Susan Lundin Ms. Susie Dwinell Ms. Syndie T. Levien Ms. Terri Thibadeau

Ms. Maggi Rosenberg

Ms. Timolin Cole

Ms. Marcia Korotkin

Ms. Tish Carlo

Ms. Marian H. Axley

Ms. Tula Antikainen

Ms. Marian L. Beren

Ms. Victoria Albrecht

Ms. Marie A. Iandoli

Ms. Victoria Skinner

Ms. Marilyn Bressman

Ms. Virginia C. Mossburg

Ms. Marjorie L. Gelber

Ms. W. Diana Deresz

Ms. Marsha Seidman

Ms. Walkyria Cortes Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Parker

601 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460 | 561.471.2901 | Fax: 561.687.9484 |

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County 2011 Annual Report  

This publication is the official 2011 Annual Report published by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County 2011 Annual Report  

This publication is the official 2011 Annual Report published by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.