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The arts are an expression of the creative spirit, a priceless gift we share with one another. When you support the arts you become part of an extraordinary exchange – one that sets The Palm Beaches apart. Contribute to the campaign by sharing stories, photos, art or favorite performances with the hashtag #ShadesOfCulture. Together, we can see the arts through a different lens, not just here but across the globe.

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Like the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County on Facebook and Instagram.


Take photos of yourself, your friends or members of your organization wearing aqua sunglasses and post them on Facebook. Share the post with your friends and contacts. The Cultural Council will send out a photographer to any location in the county and, in the coming months, will appear with glasses and backdrops to photograph arts supporters at local events.


Tell the world how the arts have touched your life. Share stories, photos or art with the hashtag #ShadesOfCulture.


At a cultural event? Check in on social media sites and let everyone know about the cultural experiences and performances you enjoy, again using #ShadesOfCulture. Ballet Palm Beach Dancers

For more information, visit There will even be a pop-up event in N ew York in September. “When guests arrive, they will walk into a gallery that appears to be hung with eight blank canvases,” Bauer explains with barely contained enthusiasm. “When they put on the aqua glasses, drop-dead gorgeous imagery of the cultural offerings in The Palm Beaches – from ballet and theater to music and museums – will be revealed! This idea is so BIG, it can translate to the Jumbotrons in Times Square, a bus shelter or even a magazine whose pages initially appear blank.” Of course, it’s not just cultural tourists who dream of hopping on a plane bound for Palm Beach County. The stars shine brightly in our community all year long! “Performers want to spend time here,” says comedian Judy Gold, who slipped on a pair of the aqua shades when she appeared at the Crest Theatre at Old School Square in Delray Beach as part of the Catch a Rising Star series. “This is sort of the New York City of Florida, The Palm Beaches area,” she says. “This is where culture lives.” Christina Wood contributed to this report.