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The West Palm Beach A&E District rict iis a centralized e colle ollection of inspiring piring arts and entertainme ment venues; art and history hist museum eums; galleries; libraries; perf erforming arts compan o panies; and art rt education institutions. Situa tuated in the heartt of South Florida a’s m most progressive city, th the District includ dess m more than 20 distin stinct and distinguished cul ultural destination ns th that form a definin fining industry cluster. The A&E District enha anc ces the appea eal of West Palm Beach as a vvisitor destinatio on,, drawing atten nttion to its status as a vibran nt city illuminated d by its beauty and range of creative expression n.

P RO PROMOTING ROMOTING OUR D DIVERSE IVE VERSE ARTSS, C CULTURE AND AN D ENTERTAINMENT TD DESTINAT ESTINAT TIONS TIO O NS Brought to you by the West Palm Beach ach D wntown Downtown t D Development l t Authority th it