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The 2013 Report It’s been a wonderful 2nd year for Passport 2 Freedom Justice Ball, SkateExpo, Wilmore9 Film Festival, The Good Giving event and Dance for Freedom and were featured on the YouTube channel “Girl Talk”. The greatest news of 2013 was our new strategic partnership with Abolish Slavery, a leading cutting edge campaign to awaken the world to the fastest growing sources of revenue for organized crime and terrorist networks by partnering with media to reach popular culture, attack the culture of complicity that has allowed there to be more slaves today than at any other time in modern history, and ultimately lead survivors to new lives in freedom. We are really excited to not only help the people of the favelas, but also help spread awareness of ship with Abolish Slavery. Our main priority is still to help fund the mission programs in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, and help missions trip to Rio, to visit some of our programs in the spring of 2014. This year we released our second clothing line, and developed many new contacts through our events and online activities. Our belief in Awareness is still a high priority as Nelson Mandela expressed: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We have put a higher priority in sharing We also know that unless people know about what we do, no one will believe in our cause, give, or buy our products. This year we are also helping to promote the new MSNBC show “trafficked” coming in March 2014 We are preparing to attend many new exciting events such as The Justice Conference in Los Angeles in February and many more events, to inform as many people as possible about our mission. We have been able to keep our 100% model for apparel and product sales, and have sold over half of our inventory, and have some great orders already for 2014. Our hopes are high for 2014 and are grateful for the year that passed, for all the amazing people we connected with, and look forward to the great opportunities ahead.

The 100% model We have been able to make our vision a reality. 100% of all donations made through Apparel sales go directly to the People living in the Slums/Favelas. How? We have found another way to cover our production and operating expenses. We rely on private donors, foundations, and sponsors to cover everything from apparel and accessories production costs to basic office systems costs. Our donors are some of the most dedicated. Their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale-up as an organization, and to continue our mission of using public sales of Apparel to go straight to the People in the Favelas. Our operations expenses are raised through donations and fundraising events by Passport 2 Freedom and its supporting foundations and organizations.

Passport 2 Freedom’s Love and Compassion Fashion Line was created to raise awareness and financial aid for People living in the Favelas (slums of Rio De Janeiro).



Sold in 2011/2012

100%52.51% of apparel $5126.95 Sold in 2013 $4636 in stock 2014 sales 47.49% in 2011/2012 = $5000

2013 FINANCIAL REPORT MONEY RAISED $5180 Donations towards apparel investment 2013 $2500 Donations towards Event $2855 Donations towards Mission trip Total $10,535


$273.91 Tax/PayPal/iSquare fees $214.47 Shipping $367.46 Printing/brochures/flyers $585.96 Money Register iPad $74.95 Internet 3G iPad $1625 Event rentals $1030.19 Event supplies/food $195.33 Office supplies $4.24 Parking/atm fees $84 Accounting Mint Fees

Total 4,455.51 $5126.94 Apparel sold 2013 $2123.01 Apparel Investments

$4636 Inventory 2014

Given away: $1250 Abollish Slavery from Charity Event to help free victims on Human Trafficking $250 The Underground church towards their programs $3626.94 To to Favela $3797.11 give toprojects Favela project

5126.94 Gifts for projects total 2013 = $5297.11

P2F Report 2013  
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