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Photo: Abi Dennington-Price | Parsons&Whittley

Why choose Passivhaus?

“Under a low interest rate scenario our research showed that Passivhaus investment presented a more economically viable solution for a prospective home owner than an equivalent house built to current UK building regulations8. This is even without taking into account economies of scale, form, potential rising fuel prices, or increases in the inherent residual value of the house after a 25-year period”. Nick Newman bere:architects8

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Above: Ditchingham Passivhaus, Norfolk by Hastoe Housing Association Below: Annual energy cost comparison graph for refurbishment options at Mayville Community Centre. This shows that the Centre had high heating bills and was cold in winter before refurbishment, and that Passivhaus refurbishment provided warmer indoor temperatures and lower heating and electricity bills.


Why choose Passivhaus?  
Why choose Passivhaus?  

This publication aims to address some of the questions that have been raised as a result, and to encourage developers and others to consider...