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Why choose Passivhaus?

Photo: Michael Wolchover | GAIA Architects

“Everyone talks about how comfortable Passivhaus buildings are and how little energy they use, but in an era of spiraling energy costs, the economic argument is one of the strongest reasons to choose Passivhaus. Any organisation which is responsible for the operational costs of a building should look no further.”

Photo: Mark Tiramani

Photo: Green Building Store

Photo: Green Building Store

Ben Humphries Associate Director, Architype

“Having gone through the Denby Dale process, I feel, more than ever, that Passivhaus is the way forward for the UK. It can help create quality, comfortable buildings while also achieving 90% cuts in occupants’ fuel bills. It offers the UK an easy win solution towards the massive cuts in CO2 emissions we need to make – urgently.”

Top: Plummerswood, Innerleithen, Scotland Above left: Denby Dale Passivhaus, West Yorkshire Above right: Y Foel, North Wales

Bill Butcher Project Leader on the Denby Dale Passivhaus and Director of Green Building Store 3

Why choose Passivhaus?  

This publication aims to address some of the questions that have been raised as a result, and to encourage developers and others to consider...