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Passive Income What is Passive Income? Ways to Earn Money Passively

If you've seen ads online about working from home, earning passive income, or making money while you sleep, you may be wondering "What is Passive Income?" Simply put, passive income is investing a little bit of time and energy up front and then continuing to earn money off of that effort for months or years to come. There are on and offline methods to earn this type of income, but it can require less of an upfront investment to get started with an online business.

There are several types of online passive income methods, including: Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products from a specific retailer, and then getting paid a commission each time a visitor to your site makes a purchase of one of the items you're promoting. These can be information products, physical products, subscriptions, digital goods, and more from high paying affiliate programs. Each time a marketer sends a customer through their customized link and they complete a purchase, they earn a commission or a referral fee. This money can add up quite quickly, especially if your site's traffic picks up dramatically. Sell an Information Product Information products like ebooks and instructional video series allow you to do the work once, then market the product forever. Once you get a marketing website set up, you can even set up your own affiliate team to do a lot of the work for you, so that for a small percentage of your profits, word about your product is spread across the internet. Either way, you can create a product today and still be earning money from it years from now. This means that you can build a library of products, over time, while continuing to earn money from your original creations. If you've been wondering "What is Passive Income?" this is one easy way to answer that question.

• Ad Networks • Another way to earn money online is by running a website or blog and working with major ad networks. Several large companies allow you to sign up for their programs and then run contextual ads on your written content. If a visitor to your site clicks on these ads, you make a small amount of money. This type of income opportunity works well for websites that have regular updates, strong content that is well written, and a fairly large amount of traffic. • Blogging • Earning money from a blog allows you to combine several of the above methods. Once you know how to start your own blog and you've set up a niche blog and have it populated with well-written content, you can earn money from affiliate links, ad networks, selling sponsored spots for advertisers, or even create your own products and market them from the blog. You're limited only by your own creativity, and the work you do today will continue to generate income in the future.

• If you're interested in earning passive income online, any of these methods are a great way to get started. Select the one that you think will work best for you and get started. The sooner you get a little work done on the front end, the sooner you can start earning long term passive income.

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