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Kuwait detains Muslim cleric suspected of funding militants

Kuwait detained a prominent Sunni Muslim cleric at the Gulf state’s airport after the United States included him on a sanctions list on suspicion that he is funnelling money to militants in Iraq and Syria, a security source told Reuters. Hajjaj al-Ajmi was detained at the airport on his arrival from Qatar, whose leadership supports Islamist groups such as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and gives refuge to prominent figures from Hamas and the Taliban but does not back the militant Islamists operating in Iraq and Syria. The security source gave no further details about the detention. Nobody at Kuwait’s Interior Ministry was immediately available for comment. In their push to crack down on financing of militants in Syria and Iraq, Kuwaiti authorities also briefly detained another prominent Muslim cleric on Sunday, Shafi al-Ajmi, who belongs to the same extended tribe as Hajjaj al-Ajmi. Shafi al-Ajmi was later released without charge.

Kuwait has been one of the biggest humanitarian donors to Syrian refugees through the United Nations, but it has also struggled to control unofficial fund-raising for opposition groups in Syria by private individuals. The Kuwaiti government, an ally of the United States, has stepped up its monitoring of individuals and charities suspected of collecting donations for militants linked to al

Gaza war costs Israel $2.5 billion Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip has reportedly cost Tel Aviv USD 2.5 billion over the past 41 days, creating a colossal budget deficit for the regime. So far, Israel has incurred an average daily cost of USD 60 million per day. This is while so far, Israel’s Iron Dome missile system has intercepted nearly 600 rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance forces. Each Iron Dome Tamir missile costs at least USD 50,000 for Israel and in most of the cases the regime has to fire two missiles at each Palestinian rocket. Pundits contend that continuation of the present conflict will not be

economically viable for Israel. At least 2,095 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have lost their lives and over 10,200 have been injured despite pressure from the international community on the Tel Aviv regime to end aggression against Palestinians. Palestinian resistance movements say they have killed more than 150 Israelis in the conflict. Israel confirms 64 were killed. In mid-August Hamas announced that Tel Aviv is misinforming Israeli people about the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the latest Israeli onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Qaeda in Syria and in Iraq. The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on six people suspected of financing Islamist militants, including two Kuwaitis, in a move aimed at weakening Islamic State and al Qaeda’s Syrian wing, Nusra Front.

Smart prayer rug presented in Dagestan This prayer rug is equipped with sensors that help Muslims don’t lose count of rak’at and correctly perform all the movements. “If a believer makes a mistake the sensors start to make vibrating signals, which do not interfere with the process to focus on prayer,” - told the inventors. Using special rugs to perform the obligatory prayers is not obligatory. Muslims use small rugs, turning them towards the Kaaba to be confident in the cleanliness of the place of prayer. The inventors of the smart rug has patented their invention in Russia and are going to get an international patent. They said that the device will be in demand as about 1.6 billion Muslims live around the world.

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PI Magazine September 2014  

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