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October 2009

Earthquake tears apart Indonesia A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck the city of Padang on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, home to some 80% Muslims. Thousands already have been killed and many more are trapped, thousands are still under rubble as buildings collapsed and fires broke out. “The quake caused widespread panic across the city of 900,000 people, and a hospital in Padang collapsed, said Rustam Pakaya, the head of the health ministry’s disaster

center in Jakarta.” TV footage showed devastation, with piles of rubble and smashed houses. Local news reported the roof of Padang airport had collapsed and other media said hotels were damaged. The 7.6 magnitude quake was felt around the region, with some high-rise buildings in Singapore, 440 km (275 miles) to the northeast, evacuating staff. Office buildings also shook in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The Pacific Tsunami Warning

Center cancelled an earlier tsunami alert. “Hundreds of houses have been damaged along the road. There are some fires, bridges are cut and there is extreme panic here,” said a Reuters witness in the city, who also said broken water pipes had triggered flooding. Hospital and a large market had also been damaged in the city. Humanitarian Aid Agencies in the UK are on alert and help was under way.



the Passion -

Passion Islam

I October 2009

By Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

Why not sanctions for Israel? In Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government. One of the fanatics is the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Last week Netanyahu called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran. The kind of blockade that Netanyahu wants qualifies as an act of war. Israel has long threatened to attack Iran on its own but prefers to draw in the US and NATO. Why does Israel want to initiate a war between the United States and Iran? Is Iran attacking other countries, bombing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure? No. These are crimes committed by Israel and the US. Is Iran evicting peoples from lands they have occupied for centuries and herding them into ghettoes? No, that’s what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for 60 years. What is Iran doing? Iran is developing nuclear energy, which is its right as a signatory to the NonProliferation Treaty. Iran’s nuclear energy program is subject to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which consistently reports that its inspections find no diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program The position taken by Israel, and by Israel’s puppet in Washington, is that Iran must not be allowed to have the rights as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty that every other signatory has, because Iran might divert enriched uranium to a weapons program. In other words, Israel and the US claim the right to abrogate Iran’s right to develop nuclear energy. The Israeli/US position has no basis in international law or in anything other than the arrogance of Israel and the United States. The hypocrisy is extreme. Israel is not a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and developed its nuclear weapons illegally on the sly, with, as far as we know, US help. As Israel is an illegal possessor of nuclear weapons and has a fanatical government that is capable of using them, crippling sanctions should be applied to Israel to force it to disarm. Israel qualifies for crippling sanctions for another reason. It is an apartheid state, as former US President Jimmy Carter demonstrated in his book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

The US led the imposition of sanctions against South Africa because of South Africa’s apartheid practices. The sanctions forced the white government to hand over political power to the black population. Israel practices a worse form of apartheid than did the white South African government. Yet, Israel maintains that it is “anti-semitic” to criticize Israel for a practice that the world regards as abhorrent. What remains of the Palestinian West Bank that has not been stolen by Israel consists of isolated ghettoes. Palestinians are cut off from hospitals, schools, their farms, and from one another. They cannot travel from one ghetto to another without Israeli permission enforced at checkpoints. The Israeli government’s explanation for its gross violation of human rights

comprises one of the greatest collection of lies in world history. No one, with the exception of American “christian zionists,” believes one word of it. The United States also qualifies for crippling sanctions. Indeed, the US is over-qualified. On the basis of lies and intentional deception of the US Congress, the US public, the UN and NATO, the US government invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and used the “war on terror” that Washington orchestrated to overturn US civil liberties enshrined in the US Constitution. One million Iraqis have paid with their lives for America’s crimes and four million are displaced. Iraq and its infrastructure are in ruins, and Iraq’s professional elites, necessary to a modern organized society, are dead or dispersed. The US government has committed a war crime on a grand scale. If Iran qualifies for sanctions, the US qualifies a thousand times over. No one knows how many women, children, and village elders have been murdered by the US in Afghanistan.

However, the American war of aggression against the Afghan people is now in its ninth year. According to the US military, an American victory is still a long ways away. Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, declared in August that the military situation in Afghanistan is “serious and deteriorating.” Older Americans can look forward to the continuation of this war for the rest of their lives, while their Social Security and Medicare rights are reduced in order to free up funds for the US armaments industry. Bush/Cheney and Obama/ Biden have made munitions the only safe stock investment in the United States. What is the purpose of the war of aggression against Afghanistan? Soon after his inauguration, President Obama promised to provide an answer but did not. Instead, Obama quickly escalated the war in Afghanistan and launched a new one in Pakistan that has already displaced 2 million Pakistanis. Obama has sent 21,000 more US troops into Afghanistan and already the US commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is requesting 20,000 more. Obama is escalating America’s war of aggression against the Afghanistan people despite three high profile opinion polls that show that the American public is firmly opposed to the continuation of the war against Afghanistan. Sadly, the ironclad agreement between Israel and Washington to war against Muslim peoples is far stronger than the connection between the American public and the American government. Many governments are complicit in America’s war crimes. With Obama’s budget deep in the red, Washington’s wars of naked aggression are dependent on financing by the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Saudis, South Koreans, Indians, Canadians and Europeans. The second this foreign financing of American war crimes stops, America’s wars of aggression against Muslims stop. The US is not a forever “superpower” that can indefinitely ignore its own laws and international law. The US will eventually fall as a result of its hubris, arrogance, and imperial overreach. When the American Empire collapses, will its enablers also be held accountable in the war crimes court?

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Rochdale Council refuses to disclose PVE funded groups

Passion Islam

I October 2009

A new report issued by the Tax payer’s alliance has singled out Rochdale Council, after it refused to disclose key information on how the Prevention for Violent Extremism (PVE) money had been distributed in Rochdale. The Tax payer’s alliance, an independent body who research where tax payers money is being spent by the government, rubbished the Government “Prevent” strategy which was designed to tackle ‘radicalisation’ as part of efforts in its counter terrorism strategy. The Government promised £45 million to local authorities over three years as PVE grants, allocated to those Councils with Muslim populations of more than 5 per cent The new report by the Taxpayers’ Alliance used the Freedom of Information requests to compile the data, listing all the organisations that had received PVE (Prevention of Violent Extremism) funding in the last two years by their local councils. Rochdale Council was the only council who refused to release the


Information on spending, by citing that there would be ‘Commercial Detriment to a Third Party’. An appeal was submitted to provide the reasoning behind the decision in early May 2009. There has been no response since despite contact being made on several occasions. In 2007/08, qualifying Councils received money through the ‘Pathfinder’ fund, and each local authority was then

able to devise its own plan for how to use the money of which £12 million has so far been given out by local authorities to fund community groups through Prevent projects. However, the Prevent strategy since its inception has been hugely questioned by the Muslim Community who are the key target of these plans. Many have argued that Terrorism has no religion and attacks in Western countries are


a product of Western Foreign policy. Therefore it is International politics and agendas of nations and not the redefining of Islam in Europe which needs to be addressed. Muslims in Rochdale have challenged these plans when information was leaked early 2008 that Rochdale was allocated £100,000 of PVE money. In community meetings, local Muslim representatives and leaders objected to the plans citing them as counter productive and non-conducive to community relations in the borough and that an atmosphere of suspicion and spying was being promoted. The issuing of this report may have bought embarrassment to some Muslim groups and Mosques receiving PVE who had initially been in denial about government funding and had aired they were independent organisations with their own agendas. Who these organisations are in Rochdale is still yet to be disclosed.

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By Majed Iqbal

Mohammed second most popular boys name in the UK




Passion Islam

I October 2009

Mohammed, in all its various spellings, is now the second most common boys’ name in the UK, next only to Jack. Jack and Olivia were the most popular names for babies last year - but the Office for National Statistics was accused of being “disingenuous” for listing various forms of Mohammed as different names. Three variations of Mohammed originally featured in the list of the top 100 names released by the ONS. Mohammed was placed 16th with 3,423, Muhammad 37th with 2,068 and Mohammad 65th with 1,100. Figures for five other spellings Muhammad (496), Mohamed (428), Mohamad (40), and Mohammod (10), were later released. That made a total of 7,576 and put Mohammed and its alternatives ahead of the official second placed name, Oliver, of whom there were 7,413. There were 8,007 Jacks, ensuring

the name topped the list of boys’ names for the 13th year running. “When we have done our research, mothers tell us Jack suggests honesty, trustworthiness and hard work. A Jack will be popular and have a strong

character, but he will also be good,” said Faye Mingo, who compiles the research on names for, a parenting club. Olivia was top name for girls in 2008, replacing Ruby.

Following the Friends of Democratic Pakistan meeting in New York on Thursday 25 September, during the UN General Assembly, the UK announced that they will provide an extra £50 million of funding to improve infrastructure and security in Pakistan’s border areas. The Prime Minister announced the contribution following the first summit of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan - a gathering of world leaders chaired by the Prime Minister, President Barack Obama and Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari. At the meeting in New York, the Pakistani government and the World Bank announced a Multi Donor Trust Fund to coordinate funding for reconstruction in parts of the country affected by terrorism and extremism.

In a joint press conference with President Zardari after the meeting, Mr Brown praised Pakistan’s efforts to build peace, and in particular to tackle the Taliban in the border regions. He said: “Pakistan is acknowledging that the fight against violent extremism is broader than just against the Pakistan Taliban. But let us be clear: the fight is one in which every country that has met today is engaged… Britain and other countries will work with the Pakistan government to address these issues. I am pleased to announce, on behalf of the United Kingdom, an additional £50 million of British aid for Pakistan’s border areas, and that this programme of money will go towards better infrastructure, better governance and stronger rule of law in the border areas, helping to

give Pakistan’s people a bigger stake in the future.” President Zardari said: “Democracy is being strengthened in Pakistan. This is action that could not have happened - democracy could not have been re-created in Pakistan - without your help, without the extended help of the democracies of the world. So as we go forward in the fight against terrorism and this mindset, the mindset, whether it is in Afghanistan, whether it is in Pakistan or whether anywhere else in the world, it is the mindset that we are fighting.” The summit also agreed that the next focus of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan group will be to support Pakistan’s efforts to improve its electricity supply and develop a sustainable energy plan.

UK to provide extra funding to Pakistan

Home Secretary orders review of control orders 6


A wholesale review of control orders, which restrict the freedoms of some terror suspects, has been instigated by UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terror laws, will consider if the system is still “viable” following a ruling by the House of Lords, the highest court in the land. Last year, the court ruled suspects placed on control orders should be told about secret evidence against them. One man, known as “AF”, had his order revoked because of the judgement. Johnson decided to lift the order rather than place more secret

Passion Islam

information in the public domain The type of information that may have been subject to disclosure would have included secret material gathered by the domestic Intelligence service known as MI5. The home secretary said today his department was continually reviewing the control order regime. “My current assessment is ... that the control order regime remains viable following the House of Lords judgment and that the national security reasons for maintaining the regime have not changed. “In addition to this ongoing review within my department, I have asked

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I October 2009

Lord Carlile to review the impact of the judgement and to advise me as to whether the assessment that the regime remains viable is right.” Last June, the House of Lords said the control orders imposed against “AF” and two other suspects were unfair. The court said the suspects had not been allowed to know enough of the case made against them to properly defend themselves in open court. The House of Lords ruling was prompted by a European Court of Human Rights decision on secret evidence. Johnson said five control orders were revoked between June 11 and September 10, including “AF’s”. He said that last order was the only one revoked as a “direct result” of the House of Lords judgment. Three other individuals had their orders revoked because he said they were “no longer necessary”. The remaining individual is being deported. Fifteen control orders remain in place, and nine of those are on British citizens. Control orders restrict the freedoms of some terror suspects and can include house-arrest style conditions, including curfews and restrictions on working, studying, and communication.

UK hoteliers charged for taunting Muslim guest



Two British hotel owners face criminal charges for taunting a Muslim woman staying at their hotel by comparing the headscarf she was wearing to “bondage” and insulting the prophet of Islam. The incident took place in March at the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool when the unnamed Muslim guest came down to breakfast wearing a hijab, or headscarf, for the first time in her four-week stay, shocking hoteliers Ben, 53, and Sharon, 54, Vogelenzang. The Vogelenzangs are reported to have started a debate with her about Islam and went on to call Prophet Muhammad a “warlord” and described the hijab as a form of bondage. Months after the incident the guest complained to the police and

Passion Islam

the couple were charged with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words” which were “religiously aggravated,” the Daily Mail reported. The couple denied the charges and said the guest challenged their Christian beliefs and said they were just defending themselves. The couple face a hefty fine of £5,000 (around $8,000) and a criminal record if they are convicted. The Muslim woman had been staying at the hotel while receiving treatment at a local hospital, which regularly refers outpatients to them. The Vogelenzangs, who have been running the hotel for six years, say they have already lost 80 percent of their bookings and have been forced to put their hotel up for sale as the hospital has stopped referring

I October 2009

outpatients due to the bad publicity. Dutch-born Ben Vogelenzang and his wife Sharon say they have already lost 80 percent of their bookings The couple are receiving financial support from the Christian Institute and have been warned not to talk about the case until it reaches court in December.

Muslim ‘abused by RAF Officers’ A Muslim RAF medic claims he was called a “terrorist” and “Paki” and was allegedly assaulted by superior officers while on duty in Afghanistan, a tribunal heard. A sergeant also allegedly grabbed the medical officer by the throat in front of colleagues in a racially motivated attack, the employment tribunal in London was told, and the armed forces’ failure to properly investigate the 2007 incident amounted to a further instance of racial discrimination. Details of the alleged abuse suffered by the man, known only as AB, can now be reported after a judge partially lifted restrictions relating to some witnesses During cross-examination Warrant Officer Nicolas Harper of the RAF’s equal opportunities investigation team (EOIT) accepted the alleged abuse was of a “particularly serious nature” deserving of an “expeditious resolution” Details of the Afghanistan incident were heard in private but it is understood it took place in Helmand province in 2007 where AB was

posted with a specialist unit British-born AB, who is of Pakistani origin, returned to RAF Northolt in northwest London and was signed off as sick shortly after. He launched a formal complaint in August 2007. Jude Bunting, representing AB, told the court there were claims against two people in particular, one of whom was the commanding officer of the unit in question, and the claims were of a verbal and physical nature. He said AB had been called a terrorist, Paki and grabbed by the throat.The EOIT initially investigated the case and then passed it on to the Specialist Investigation Branch for possible criminal proceedings. In summer 2008, some 10 months after the initial complaint, Harper said he inquired about the progress of the SIB investigation only to be told that a report was still in preparation. He was then sent on a posting to the Falkland Islands returning in March this year. In February this year the SIB ruled that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with any court martial.

The OEIT again took over the investigation, which is now expected to finish interviewing witnesses next month. The tribunal heard that investigations should normally be completed within six weeks. Harper said the delays were due to difficulties in tracking down more than a dozen witnesses, some of whom were only known by their nicknames. Others had now left the military. He said the OEIT investigation was halted while the CIB inquiry was under way. Bunting told the court that the medic had suffered bad dreams every night and increased anger towards the military due to its inability to complete the investigation. “You failed to investigate the case with reasonable dispatch,” he suggested to Harper. “You failed to keep AB informed. You simply wanted to cover it up.” Harper denied that was the case adding that he volunteered to work in the investigations unit because he “felt strongly about these issues in the military”.

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UK troops tortured Iraqi detainees, Inquiry finds



British troops have violated international law in Iraqi prisons on numerous occasions through the “banned interrogation methods,” a public inquiry reveals. The yearlong inquiry into the 2003 death of Baha Mousa states that the 26-year-old hotel receptionist died in UK military custody in Basra, southern Iraq in September 2003 after being subjected to humiliating abuse. Baha Mousa’s night shift on the reception desk was coming to an end on September 14, 2003 and his father had just arrived to drive him home. Then, soldiers from the former Queen’s Lancashire Regiment raided Basra’s Ibn al-Haytham hotel and took Mousa along with six other hotel employees to Battle Group Main camp, known as BG Main. Four days later Baha was dead. He was said to have been subjected to “conditioning techniques”, including being forced to maintain painful “stress positions”, hooding and deprivation of

Passion Islam

sleep and food. When his father, Daoud Mousa, a stout colonel in the Basra police force, arrived at the British military morgue to identify his son’s body he was confronted with a bruised, bloody and badly beaten corpse. “When they took the cover off his body I could see his nose was broken badly,” he said. “There was blood coming from his nose and his mouth. The skin on his wrists had been torn off. The skin on his forehead was torn away and beneath his eyes there was no skin either. On the left side of his chest there were clear blue bruises and also on his abdomen. On his legs I saw bruising from kicking. I couldn’t stand it.” Rabinder Singh QC, counsel for Mousa’s family and other Iraqis detained with him, has meanwhile said, “This case is not just about beatings or a few bad apples. There is something rotten in the whole barrel.” Singh went on to note, “One of the

I October 2009

striking features of the terrible events of BG Main in September 2003 is that the abuse did not take place in a secret location behind closed doors. The temporary detention facility (TDF) was open to the outside. Many people must have seen or heard what was going on. Many seem to have visited the TDF.” “This gives rise to serious questions about the professionalism of the outfit and whether the culture was one of impunity. It also gives rise to serious questions about the capacity of the regiment’s members to question and challenge abuse.” Baha’s two sons, Hassan, 3, and Hussein, 5, are orphans. Their 22year-old mother died of cancer six months before Baha. The British Ministry of Defense has already agreed to pay a total of GBP 3 million (USD 4.8 million) in compensation to Mousa’s family and other detainees who have been subjected to abuse.

Passion Islam

I October 2009


I 11

Roll-out of foreign national dentity cards speeds up Skilled migrants renewing their visas to stay in the United Kingdom will be issued with an identity card from the new year, three months ahead of schedule, Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced. From January 2010, skilled foreign workers under Tier 2 of the pointsbased system will be issued with identity cards. This brings the roll-out forward from April 2010 and will add around 30,000 foreign nationals a year to those currently being issued with identity cards. Since their introduction, 90,000 cards have been issued, mainly to students renewing their visa under Tier 4 of the points-based system and those renewing marriage visas. The announcement means that, in addition to accelerating the roll-out to include foreign nationals in the United Kingdom who renew their right to stay under Tier 2, the government has exceeded its target of issuing 75,000 cards by November 2009. The UK Border Agency is also to trial technology at 17 Crown post offices to provide foreign nationals applying for identity cards with alternative and more accessible venues where they can

enrol their fingerprints. The trials will start rolling out from October. Identity cards for foreign nationals who come to the United Kingdom from outside the European Economic Area were introduced in November 2008. Migrants are required to have their photograph and fingerprints taken, securely locking them to one identity and helping them to prove their right to live and work in the United Kingdom - while helping businesses to crack down on illegal working. The introduction of the identity cards for skilled migrants and temporary workers under Tiers 1 and 5 of the points-based system will also be brought forward, from 2011 to 2010. From October, foreign nationals who are being issued with identity cards will be given the choice of providing their fingerprints and photograph at one of the participating Crown post offices (for a fee of ÂŁ8) or at one of the UK Border Agency or Identity & Passport Service

Offices currently included within the scheme (which will remain free). The Post Office will not be making decisions on whether someone can stay in the United Kingdom, and detailed checking of enrolment details will continue to be conducted by the UK Border Agency. The post office trial provides extra capacity for the UK Border Agency and gives customers an alternative for enrolment. Regulations setting out the next stage of the roll-out of identity cards for foreign nationals will be laid in Parliament in October.



I October 2009

EU anti-terror chief says do not link religion with terrorism Passion Islam

The European Union’s top antiterrorism official said that there should not be any stigmatization of any people or religion in the fight against terrorism. Much more work is needed over “the way we use the wording. Words are weapons in media communication. We should not say ‘Islamic terrorism’. The Muslim world is very sensitive about this,” EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove told a conference on terrorism. The figure was responding to a KUNA question on the rampant use of terms like “Islamic terrorism” and “Muslim terrorists” by western politicians, officials, and the media. “Words can be misleading. We can perhaps say ‘Al-Qaeda terrorism’ but not Islamic terrorism,” he stressed. On his part Jiri Sedivy, who chairs NATO’s anti-terrorism task force, pointed out that the alliance does not use adjectives with terrorism. Kerchove noted that there was no terror attack in the EU since the

London bombings of 2005 due to the high vigilance and cooperation of security and intelligence services in Europe. The conference titled “what future

for the EU in counterterrorism?” was organized by the Brussels-based think tank European Policy Centre.

Muslims World City to be set up in China Aiming at introducing Islamic Culture and Civilization, “Muslims World City” a tourist-cultural center will be set up in Nichia, north of China. According to infomaroc, the city to be established on a site of 200 Hectares, will possess a grand mosque at the center, a museum of Islamic history, an

Islamic university, hotels, art centers particularly for Islamic and Arab countries, art workshops, an Islamic hospital as well as an exhibition for displaying Muslims artworks. China’s government has allocated around 300 million Yuan (China currency) for building materials of the project and

plans to spent up to 800 million Yuan for equipments of the Islamic city, the construction of which will cost approximately 2 and a half milliard Yuan. The construction project of the city started from some months ago is predicted to be finished by the end of 2014.

Spain’s detention laws are worst in Europe Passion Islam

I October 2009

Spanish detention laws which allow suspects to be jailed for up to 13 days with no access to lawyers have been condemned as the worst in Europe. A report published by Amnesty International claims that Spain is in strict violation of its obligations under international human rights law. Under Spanish law a detainee can be held for up to five days in all cases and 13 days if suspected of terrorism-related offences. During this period suspects are denied access to a lawyer or doctor of their choice and there is no obligation for police to inform their families of the detention Allegations of torture and illtreatment are rife but are rarely investigated, claimed the human rights group. “No other European Union country maintains a detention regime with


such severe restrictions on the rights of detainees,” said Nicola Duckworth, Europe and Central Asia programme director at Amnesty International. “It is inadmissible that in present day Spain anyone who is arrested for whatever reason should disappear as if in a black hole for days on end. Such lack of transparency can be used as a veil to hide human rights violations.” The report highlights the case of a British resident jailed in Spain three and a half years ago on terrorism charges. Moroccan-born Mohammed Fahsi, 42, was one of 20 people detained in Barcelona in January 2006 on suspicion of belonging to a group that sent fighters to Iraq. He is currently on remand in a Spanish jail and his trial is expected to begin later this month. His wife, a Nottingham primary

I 13

schoolteacher, Khadija Podd, claims he is innocent of the charges and suffered torture in police custody, where he was held incommunicado for four days. The pair have been married 12 years and have three children. “For days and days it was like he had just vanished. Nobody knew where he was. It wasn’t until two weeks after he was arrested that I got a phone call from him, in prison. He cried when he spoke to me,” she said. She has compared his treatment to that of prisoners in Guantanamo and said that in the days following his arrest he suffered “cold, sleep deprivation, extreme light, beating, threats, forcing them to denounce their religion, trying to coerce them to lie and incriminate fellow detainees”.

Greatest Ka’bah statue Aid agencies accuse EU on to be displayed in Qatar false promises

Greatest statue of Ka’bah will be put on display on November 19 at the exhibition of Islamic Culture and Civilization to be held in Fanar IslamicCultural Center of Doha, Qatar. According to Al-Bayan newspaper, addressing a press conference in Doha , Mohammad Al-Qamedi, director of the center said: “there will be a section at the exhibition specified for featuring the Ka’bah statue, the symbol of God’s oneness.” “The height and dimensions of the statue are the same as the real building in Mecca. It is 6 meters high and covered with a curtain same as the one covering Ka’bah and the inside of the statue has been decorated as the building in grand mosque of Makka,” he added. He further stressed that: “Displaying the statue provides an opportunity for non-Muslims to be familiar with the outside and inside of the grand mosque in Mecca and rectifies some of the wrong concepts

Kabah wil be displayed here at the Fanar Islamic-Cultural Center and information exist in this respect.” “Besides the statue, tableaus on the grand mosque and Ka’bah, history, maps and pictures of the building at ancient times will be presented to the visitors,” he concluded.

European leaders are guilty of turning their backs on promises made to poor countries at the London G20 summit in April, aid NGOs Eurodad and Oxfam International warned. The G20 leaders have committed just under half the USD 50 billion they pledged in April for the world’s poorest countries. Most of the USD 50 billion pledged are loans, not grants, risking another major debt crisis, said the two NGOs in a joint statement. The World Bank estimates that developing countries will need up to USD 635 billion in 2009 to protect people from the economic crisis. “European leaders have a real opportunity to push the G20 back on track, and help millions of poor people suffering from an economic crisis they did nothing to cause. It is time bankers gave a bonus to the people forced into poverty as a result of their greed,” commented Elise Ford, head of Oxfam International’s EU office in Brussels.

Hezbollah committed to unity government



Lebanon’s Hezbollah says the only way to end the country’s political crisis is through dialogue, adding that the resistance group is ready to help form a government based on four principles. Following Lebanese prime ministerdesignate Saad Hariri’s decision to step down after ten weeks of futile efforts to form a cabinet, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Friday that the group is committed to work towards forming any future cabinet based on four principle, reported Lebanon’s alManar TV.

Passion Islam

I October 2009

He described the four principles as: 1) Emphasis on the formation of a national unity government 2) Solidarity among opposition factions in the cabinet

3) Accepting that dialogue is the only way to end the crisis 4) Cabinet formation does not mean giving concessions to any particular group. Qassem also said that Hezbollah was committed to the formation of a national unity government according to the formula that, out of the 30 cabinet ministers, 15 should come from Hariri’s bloc, 10 from Hezbollah, with five chosen by the president. Saad Hariri, whose coalition won a majority in the June 7 parliamentary elections, announced his resignation after opposition groups, including Hezbollah rejected his proposed cabinet. “I announce to all Lebanese that I told President Suleiman today that I will step down from forming a government, in the hope that this decision will be for

the benefit of Lebanon,” said Hariri. Now, President Michel Suleiman must hold a new round of consultations with parliamentary parties and name a new PM-designate. It is widely expected that Hariri will be reappointed but this time under different circumstances. Next time round, he will not be compelled to form a national unity government. Some analysts, however, believe that Hariri’s resignation is aimed at forcing opposition parties to reduce their demands. “It’s a political maneuver that throws the ball into the opposition’s court to compel them to make concessions on government portfolios,” said Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, author of a forthcoming book, “The Iran connection: The Alliance with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.”

The trial of MP Geert Wilders who is accused of discrimination and inciting hatred will begin in January in Amsterdam, two months before the local elections. Wilders has denied the charges and said at the weekend he wanted to put Islam on trial. ‘That is why I am considering calling on radical imams and other idiots as witnesses,’ he told the Telegraaf. This January, the public prosecution department said Wilders should face charges, a decision which was upheld by the high court in May. Meanwhile, Wilders has accused US president Barack Obama of ‘closing his eyes to the great dangers of Islamisation’. In an interview with website, Wilders likened Obama to the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain who signed the Munich agreement with Adolf Hitler and Benito

Mussolini in 1938. That agreement permitted the German annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland.

‘It is a tough comparison, but he is pursuing a dangerous, naive and irresponsible policy,’ Wilders said.

Wilders’ discrimination case in January

Israel digging new tunnel towards Al-Aqsa Mosque

Passion Islam

I October 2009


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Palestinian organization, Al Aqsa Foundation for Waqf (Endowment) and Heritage, said that Israel is digging a new tunnel under Jerusalem’s district of Salwan which is heading up north to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Israel plans to link the tunnel which has already reached a length of 120m, to another one under Halwa Valley, also situated in Salwan, added the organization in a statement. The tunnels will link up to a network of tunnels built under the district all heading to the mosque. The tunnels are five metres wide with a height of three metres and are held up by metal rods, read the statement. The digging is authorized by Israeli authorities including the Israel Antiquities Authority and other Jewish organizations who are employing Jewish settlers for the huge operation. Trucks are seen daily carrying the rubble and sand as a result of the digging, which transport the heaps to an unknown whereabouts, the

foundation stated. The operation which has been ongoing for around 40 years so far, is being carried out according to a Jewish belief that underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque, there exists a hidden ancient long lost kingdom. But the digging poses a huge threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque and houses

of Palestinians in the area which are seen to be cracking as a result of the subtraction of land below. The Palestinian organization called on the international community to immediately put a stop to the project which could have disastrous effects on people in the area and Islam’s second most sacred shrine.

Former German diplomat and author Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann was selected as the Muslim personality of the year during a Quran competition of Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA). Meanwhile, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, will give away awards and certificates to the winners of intense competition among 77 contestants and a rich cultural programme of 35 lectures during the closing ceremony on Thursday night at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

DIHQA annually honours an Islamic figure for their immense contributions to Islam; with this year’s 13th session granted to Hofmann. DIHQA awarded earlier important figures among Islamic wolrd such as Alija Izetbegovic and Sheikh Yusuf AlKardavi. Dr. Hofmann, born inAschaffenburg, Germany 1931 is well-known German diplomat and author, was born a Catholic, but embraced Islam in 1980. His conversion to Islam was controversial due to his high profile in the German government.

He has authored several books on Islam, including “Journey to Makkah and Islam: The Alternative”, other works and essays which focus on Islam in the West, UAE news agency said. Many of his books and essays focus on Islam’s status in the West and, after September 11, in particular, in the United States. He currently lives with his Turkish wife in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Hofmann was an honorary member and advisor to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Author Hofmann elected as Muslim personality of year

Oldest copy of Quran kept in Holy Qods



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Dating to 870, the oldest handwritten copy of Quran is being kept in the Islamic Museum in the holy city of Qods. According to Jordon Official News Agency, “The copy has been written on deer skin and considered as the oldest existing handwritten Quran in the world,” said “Khezr Salamat”, head of the museum. “One of the thickest copies of Quran is also being kept here along with other Islamic handwritten copies and works as well as Islamic arts from various Islamic regions belonging to the past 10 centuries such as calligraphy, decorative arts, carvings

on stones, weapons, coins, wood, glass and pottery, which all display the thriving Islamic art and civilization,” he added. “The Al-Aqsa” Library, established in 1922, is located next to the museum keeping 15 thousand handwritten copies and books on Islamic issues, history, Arabic language as well as Islamic arts and works.” There are also some oldest handwritten copies dating back to 1181 like “Talkhis Al-

I October 2009

Moshabehah fi Al-Rasm “ penned by “Khatib Baqdadi”.

Indian teenager wins Dubai international Quran Contest “Ebrahim Hifiz Seyyed Ahmad Muhammad”, Indian memorizer of the entire Quran, won the first place in the 13th edition of Dubai Award Int’l Quran Contest. According to WAM news agency, the awarding ceremony was held on September 11 in Dubai Commerce and Industry Department with the presence of “Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, Dubai ruler, and “Majid bin Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, head of Dubai Society of Art and Culture. Representatives of India, Sudan and Nigeria were the first three winners that received 250, 200 and 150 thousand dirham respectively and the next 7 winners (4th to 10th) were given 65 thousand dirham each. “Morad Hoffman”, famous German Muslim author and researcher, was awarded 1 million dirham as the

eminent Islamic figure in the contest. “The contest was so competitive that the scores of 29 contestants were over 90 while 26 scored more than 80,” said “Tariq Abdul-Hakim Al-Biumi”, Int’l Egyptian referee and head of the refereeing committee that included “Ali bin Muhammad Ali Atif” from Saudi Arabia, “Abdul-Hadi bin Abdullah Hamitu” from Morocco, “Abdul-Aziz Faz Matar” from Kuwait and “Barzak Shah Rahim Al-Azhari” from Pakistan, who all displayed a fair judgment. The contest started on August 22 in Dubai with the speeches of Muslim scholars and preachers. Then 77 contestants from different countries started competing for the memorization of the entire Quran on August 29. The contest ended on Sept 10 and winners were awarded on Sept 11.

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Billboards encourage understanding of Islam Passion Islam

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A campaign is being launched in Silicon Valley to educate people about Islam. The campaign includes billboards and ads in bus shelters. The billboards feature the word “Islam” in big, bold letters, and a telephone number people can call for more information. “We want to promote an opportunity for people to clear misconceptions and also we would like to promote mutual understanding,” said a spokesman for the Bay Area chapter of Islamic Circle of North America. He worries that, even on the eighth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, Muslims continue to face struggles in their battle for acceptance in society. “We want people to know that Islam is not synonymous with terrorism. We are Muslim, we are American, we are hard-working, family-oriented people.” A similar campaign in San Francisco earlier this year generated 8,000 calls for more information about Islam.

Belgian schools ban Muslim veil in classes Dutch-language public schools in Belgium will ban the wearing of Muslim veils in classes, school officials in the Flanders region. The ban affects 700 schools in the northern region of Flanders, including some in Brussels. It follows protests after two schools in Antwerp this month joined other schools where the veil is already banned. Responding to a complaint by a student at one of the schools, Belgium’s highest administrative tribunal ruled that schools could not take such decisions on their own. Belgian schools have previously enjoyed autonomy in such decisions, with one third authorizing the wearing of Muslim veils, another forbidding

them and the remainder giving no formal guidance. The Flemish school board said the ban in communal schools would be introduced gradually to give time to those establishments which have not banned the veil to do so. Schools in Flanders that are financed by other Belgian communities -- mostly Catholic schools run by municipalities -- are not bound by the order. School authorities in the main Flemish town of Antwerp announced a ban on the veil from the start of the next academic year. A similar debate is underway in Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia, and the Brussels capital region.

New Mosque With Islamic Architecture Opens in Dubai ”Al-Hagh” new mosque constructed based on traditional Islamic architecture was opened on September 23 in Al-Zarqa region of Dubai. According to WAM, Fahd AlHajari director of Services and Engineering Office of UAE mosques said, “Al-Hagh mosque has been set up on an 18 thousand meter site. It will seat some 550 worshippers”. “The mosque with two minarets and a mosalla specified for women, was financially supported by Isma’il ‘Aghil ‘Abbasi, Dubai citizen,” he added. Al-Hajari added that the mosque marking traditional Islamic architecture will provide services to non-UAE citizens of Dubai mostly residing in Al-Zarqa region.

Hawaii Celebrates Islam Day



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A resolution passed by the state Legislature in Hawaii earlier this year comes to fruition as the Muslim faith is honored and celebrated in the Islands as Hawaii marks Islam Day. The resolution, which acknowledges the Islamic contributions to art, science, philosophy and literature, passed the state House of Representatives and Senate overwhelmingly during the 2009 legislative session. The resolution passed the House without a vote in opposition, and just three of 25 senators voted against the measure, which does not grant a state holiday and comes with no funding attached, according to the Legislature’s Web site. Two of those opposed were Republicans; the third was a Democrat who said he was concerned about the separation of church and state. Senate Majority Leader Gary Hooser, D-Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, said he voted for the resolution because it is just an acknowledgment of the significance of Islam, which he described as “an important force in the world.” “I don’t believe we can blame an entire huge population of people who have a particular faith for the horrendous actions of a few people who also have that faith,” Hooser

Islam in Hawaii There are upwards of 1 billion Muslims worldwide. According to the resolution, approximately 3,000 practicing members “constitute an

Prime Minister of Bulgaria regarded maintenance of Islamic traditions as a major factor in reinforcing peace among various nations and races. According to IQNA’s branch in the Balkans quoting KUNA, addressing a ceremony held on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr for Arab minorities in Bulgaria, Boiko Borisov stressed on peaceful coexistence among various faiths. Expressing his congratulations on the occasion to the audience, he stated: “improving love, friendship, kindness and maintenance of Islamic

traditions will play an important role in promoting and reinforcing peace among various nations. He stressed: “Bulgaria is considered a unique country regarding the efforts made by the citizens to increase unity among themselves, realize common objectives, peaceful coexistence and to establish peace among different religions and cultures in their country.” He believed that it is unity among Bulgarian people which has resulted in coordination of various religious and intellectual groups in the country.

said. “Timothy McVeigh (who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995) was a Christian and there’s no shortage of atrocities committed from people of all different religions if you look at history. “I believe we need to start looking at each other as human beings and that we are all related and all part of the same family.”

Bulgarian PM urges to keep Islamic traditions alive

I October 2009

ethnically diverse part of Hawaii’s cultural fabric.” The Muslim Association of Hawaii has announced plans to hold a celebration Thursday at Ala Moana Beach Park on O‘ahu, featuring live music, food, comedy and a panel discussion on “coexistence in a pluralistic society” that will include input from Christian, Buddhist and Jewish quarters. The event, which coincides with the end of Ramadan’s month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, will include a canned food drive, with all proceeds going to the Hawaii Food Bank.

Mosque in Bulgaria

Saudi prince eyes stake in Liverpool football club Passion Islam


I October 2009

Zidane gets green light for sporting complex

A Saudi prince was set to become the latest Arab investor to inject millions into the English Premier League as he prepared to buy a massive stake in league giants Liverpool in a multimillion-dollar deal, press reports said. Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah was reportedly in London preparing a deal of up to £350 million (around $560 million) with the club’s debt-ridden American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, Saudi’s al-Riyadh paper reported. “We are currently seeking to buy 50 percent of the shares in the club which is now suffering of debts worth £245 million (around $390 million),” the prince, who chairs private firm F6 and a Saudi-based holding firm called Fama Group, was quoted as saying. The prince said a deal for the takeover would be reached soon and added he had already signed a memorandum of understanding with Liverpool on setting up football academies in Saudi Arabia and North Africa. “We signed a contract with Liverpool after visiting the club and attending the game against Hull City,” he told the paper, referring to Liverpool’s 6-1 win. The prince added that he was investing in the Premier League “because we are trying to serve our country through these contracts which will benefit Saudi sports in a way that will make us proud and we hope we get lucky to finish the purchase.” Liverpool failed to clinch a buyout

deal in talks with a company owned by the ruler of Dubai last year and more recently a Kuwaiti businessman expressed interest in the club but a deal was never reached. Last year, Forbes Magazine estimated Liverpool to be worth $1 billion, excluding debt, placing it as the fourth-most valuable football team in the world after Manchester United, Real Madrid and Arsenal. Liverpool is England’s most successful club with 18 English league titles and five European Cup triumphs.

The National Governing Body for Rugby League, the RFL is committed to ensuring that discrimination in sport is tackled, barriers identified and overcome and current inequalities in participation across the game are addressed. Rugby league is proud to have many firsts in terms of BME achievement; In 1995 Ikram Butt became the first British Asian to represent England in a major national sports team. The RFL is currently working to develop a BME history of Rugby League, past and present. Clubs are working to produce a web based resource that celebrates BME participation in Rugby League as players, coaches, match officials and club and support staff. Despite these achievements the RFL

recognises that there is still much to be done and as such has developed a range of strategies and action plans to ensure the game is fully inclusive. The RFL is working to support clubs in key areas to establish effective partnerships with their local BME and faith communities in order to develop sustainable actions plans that will result in increased opportunities for BME communities to participate in all aspects of rugby league and for rugby league to become a part of local BME communities. We are currently working with clubs in Bradford, Leeds, Batley, Keighley, Huddersfield, Sheffield and Oldham aswell as media partners like Passion Islam Magazine. for further information goto

Rugby league working to increase BME participation

French football legend Zinedine Zidane got the official stamp of approval for a project to create a sports complex dedicated to urban football at Milles, near Aix-enProvence, in southern France. ‘It’s a project that we’ve had for some time with my brothers and a friend for Marseille or the surrounding area,’ former World Cup winner Zidane told AFP, explaining that the centre was expected to be ready in September 2010. ‘With the career I’ve had, I wanted to open something in the area to do with football and young people,’ said Zidane, who had originally hoped to open the centre in his native Marseille but failed to find a suitable site. The centre, which can host 200 people, will be run in partnership with sports equipment and clothing giant Adidas. Estimated to cost four million euros it will include seven football areas, a central stadium, a fitness zone and a restaurant.

The Journey of Hearts



Arafah – 10 Years After Hijrah The man was standing with RasulAllah – salAllahu alayhi wa sallam – when he was thrown from his camel. The camel stomped and the man’s neck was snapped. Dead .......... “Bathe his body with water and Sidr and bury him with both garments,” said Allah’s Messenger. “Do not cover his head, nor touch him with Camphor ... for verily he will be returned (to Allah) on the day of resurrection in the state of Talbiyah! (Labbayk Allahaahumma labbayk)” – Al-Bukhari and Muslim ‘Amr ibn Al-‘Aas narrates, “When Islam entered my heart, I went to the Messenger of Allah and said, ‘Give me your hand so that I may pledge allegiance to you.’ The Prophet spread his hand, but I withdrew mine. He said, ‘What is wrong ‘Amr?’ I said, ‘I want to make a condition.’ ‘And what is that?’ he said. I said, ‘That Allah will forgive me.’ Then the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Did you not know that Islam wipes out what came before it, and that Hijrah wipes out what came before it and that Hajj wipes out what came before it!” Sahih Muslim The Ultimate Reward RasulAllah – salAllahu alayhi wasallam - said, “And there is no reward for an accepted Hajj … except Jannah!” What is the first verse that you read in Surah Al-Hajj? It does not speak of Arafah, nor does it pronounce the pillars of Nahr day. It simply says ... [O Mankind! Fear your Lord, indeed the eruption of the (final) Hour is a horrific event. On that day that you shall see it, every nursing mother will be engrossed away from that (child) she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy, and you will see the people (appearing) intoxicated, while they are not intoxicated; rather it is the punishment of Allah, severe.] Hajj is not a journey of the body such as one may take to a vacation spot or tourist attraction. It is a journey of the soul and heart. When one pays a careful eye to the verses speaking of Hajj, they will find that verse after verse concludes with a commandment of being conscious of Allah’s presence,

Passion Islam

or a reminder of Allah’s bounteous favor upon us, or a link between Hajj and the final day.

The Destination In the not-so-far-away days of old, whenever a journey was to be undertaken proper provisions had to be prepared. The deserts were long, hot, and harsh. Unmerciful. There were no gas stations to fill up with chips and refreshments, or rest stops to slurp water from a fountain. In fact, there was not a human in sight for miles upon miles of barren sand dunes. Losing the way meant losing your life. Thus, you had to have the provision with you before you made the journey. Enough food, enough water, enough everything to carry you to your destination. From here, in the verses dealing of Hajj, when everyone shall have to make some sort of journey to reach the Ka’bah, Allah tuned the attention of His slaves to another journey, a journey every soul is travelling, whether they know it or care to just remain heedless. Allah turned their attention to the journey to the Hereafter, to Paradise or Hell. [And take sustenance (with you) for the journey; verily the best sustenance is Taqwa (piety and righteousness).] – Al Baqarah 2:197 On the day Buhaym Al-‘Ajlee set out with his companion for Hajj, he looked toward the endless desert awaiting them both and wept, his chest soaking from the tears. “This is something,” said Buhaym, “that has made me understand the most certain journey I must one day take to Allah!” The Provider There is debate over whether someone who performs Hajj should be called a Hajji. It is not something found in the Sunnah; rather it has an interesting backround in our cultural history. In antique days, when someone decided to perform the journey for Hajj, it was synonymous with bidding farewell to life on earth. This was due to the treacherous obstacles of traveling in the desert - trials such as sickness, starvation, and the struggles of the

I October 2009

separate situations. An entire village might gather to bid those people farewell. When someone would go through such a remarkable journey and return alive, they would dedicate their lives to the worship and obedience of Allah. Gone was the cheating, or the lying, or the missed Salah. He was now a Hajji. Today, with the Jumbo jets and ocean liners and Mercedes busses, the facilitation of performing Hajj has taken away the luster of the title Hajji. Some might complain that there are no queen-size mattress beds in Mina, or that the air conditioning motor is a tad too loud. But dear brothers and sisters, who is it that provided us with all the blessing that we are living in? It is the same Allah that has tested us here on the plains of Arafah. The slave of Allah can only truly understand the favor of Allah upon him when it is taken away. [There is no blame upon you for seeking bounty from your Lord (during Hajj). But when you depart from Arafat, remember Allah at AlMash’ar AlHaram. And remember Him as He has guided you, for indeed you were before that among those astray.] Alhamdulillaah. Indeed the greatest blessing that Allah has favored us with is Islam, and it alone suffices as favor. Allah knows we are going to get dusty during Hajj, Allah knows it. So don’t be surprised when that dust blows, instead turn to Allah and hit back with patience and a whisper of gratitude to Allah. [Then let them end their untidiness, fufill their vows, and perform Tawaf around the ancient House.] – Surah Hajj 22/29 Ibn Al-Qayyim wrote a Qasidah about this journey of the hearts, here is only a glimpse of some of the Arabic verses: [He says, My slaves have come to Me (for Hajj) out of love for Me And I am merciful to them, bounteous and loving Glad tidings O participants of that stand (on Arafah) a moment when Allah forgives all sins and showers His mercy] Abu Hurayrah narrates: I heard the Prophet say, “Whoever performs Hajj and does not commit any Rafath (obscenity) or Fusooq (transgression), he returns (free from sin) as the day

Passion Islam I October 2009 his mother bore him” – Al-Bukhari

Getting The Heart In Shape Many years ago, as the Hujjaj swept through the valley of Muzdalifah, a man remarked out loud, “My look at the number of Hujjaj!” The wise man replied, “Nay, the passengers are many, but the Hujjaj are few.” I once heard the story of a man who was blessed with the opportunity to join the caravan for Hajj regularly. However, his shortcoming was that he could never control his anger during the days of Hajj, and would snap cursing others. Well, one person had an idea for him. His inspiration: Instead of cursing Muslims during Hajj, write all your bad comments on a piece of paper - fold it - and then when you get mad at someone, just hand him the paper. On the top of the tiny envelope write, ‘Do not open until after Hajj’. The man agreed. As incident after incident assailed him, the man would simply smile, then frown and hand out the tiny envelopes to the provoking party. Everything was going smoothly until the day when he was walking to the Jamarat and someone stomped his toes. He lost all control. Teeth gritting, he snarled and took out his briefcase of envelopes and dumped it on that poor guys head. In Hajj I have seen people who snatch for patience and the reward of Allah during those trying moments, like a man pan handles for gold. I asked

myself, what is different from them and those who spend their breath in criticism and argumentation? It finally dawned that it was not the body of Zayd or ‘Amr that I was witnessing, but it was the hearts of Zayd and ‘Amr. Some people come to Hajj prepared financially. Others come with a prepared heart – that is what’s essential. Whether the grindstone grinds us to dust or polishes us up depends on what we are made of. Now - How To Get That Heart In Shape For Hajj? Firstly: Attend lectures and workshops dealing with Hajj Hajj is one of the pillars that Islam is built on. When someone intends to perform this rite it a must upon them that they learn it well. Rasul Allah – sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam – said, “Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim.” Imam AlBukhari writes in his Saheeh, ‘Chapter: knowledge comes before statements and actions.’ He then quoted the verse of Allah: [So Know, that there is no deity except Allah and ask forgiveness for your sin.] - Surah Muhammad, 47/19 Secondly: Establish Salah and Perform Qiyaam ul-Layl When RasulAllah – salAllahu alayhi wasallam – was preparing his heart for the mission of conveying this Deen, Allah ordered him to prepare using Qiyam ul-Layl. Allah ta’ala says: [O you who wraps himself / Arise (to pray) the night, except for a little] – Surah

SPECIAL FEATURE I 21 Muzzammil, 73/1,2 A student once slept over at Imam Ahmad’s house, rahimahullah. Imam Ahmad had left a vessel of water for him, and upon arriving at Fajr time, found the vessel still full of water. He was shocked and remarked, “How can a person be a Talib Al-‘Ilm (student of Islam) and not stand for Qiyam ul-Layl!” Some said to Ibn Mas`ood, may Allah be pleased with him, “We are unable to wake up to perform Qiyam ul-Layl.” He told them, “You are distancing yourselves from it by your sins.”

Thirdly: Repentance to Allah and Dua It was during the days of Tashreeq when Jirbreel – alayhis salam – came to Rasul Allah – sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam – with the words of Allah: [When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest / And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes / Then exalt Him with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.] Surah An-Nasr This was the culmination of 23 years of Da’wah, Jihad, and work; here now was the farewell pilgrimage. What did it end with? [Then exalt Him with praise of your Lord (Tasbeeh) and ask forgiveness of Him] Subhaanak Allaahumma wa bihamdika, Allahumma ighfir-lana / Glory be to you O Allah, and may You be praised. O Allah, forgive us!

How to perform hajj



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I October 2009

(Here I am, O God, at Thy command. Here I am! Thou art without associates, Thine are praise and grace and dominion. Thou art without associates, here I am!) Of the three types of Hajj, we outline the procedure for Hajj atTamattu’, for it is the most recommended. In this type, one is to perform Umrah during the Hajj months (i.e., Shawwal, Thul Qa’dah and the first thirteen nights of Thul Hijjah) and to perform the Hajj in the same year with a sacrifice slaughtered in Mina on one of the days of Eid al-Adhha. One may remove his Ihram garments and resume his normal activities between Umrah and Hajj. But one makes the Tawaf and the Sa’i twice, the first time for Umrah and the second time for Hajj. This booklet is designed to be used as a handy reference, but it cannot be a substitute for thoroughly studying Hajj and sincerely preparing oneself for this great Ibadah. Please refer to the map in this booklet to follow the sequence of the rites. Allah is the giver of success. May His blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all of his family and companions. “The first Sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Mecca, a blessed place, a guidance to the peoples; Wherein are plain memorials of God’s guidance; the place where Abraham stood up to pray, and whosoever entereth it is safe. And Pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto God for

mankind, for him who can find a way thither. As for him who disbelieveth, let him know that lo! God is Independent of all creatures.’ [3:96-97]

in Mina (10th of Thul Hijjah). Men are recommended to utter the Talbiyah aloud while women are to say it quietly

ONE - IHRAM Ihram is the intention of the person willing to perform all rites of Umrah, Hajj or both when he arrives at the Miqat. Each direction coming into Makkah has its own Miqat. It is recommended that one makes Ghusl, wear perfumes if he chooses on his body, but not the garments, and puts on a two piece garment with no headgear. The garments should be of seamless pieces of cloth. One piece to cover the upper part of the body, and another to cover the lower part. For a woman Ihram is similar except that she should not use perfumes at all and her dress should cover the whole body decently, leaving the hands and the face uncovered. Then one should utter intention according to the type of Hajj. For Tamatt’u one may say, “Labbayka Allahumma Umrah” which means “O Allah I answered Your call to perform Umrah.” It is recommended to repeat the Hajj supplication, called Talbiyah, as frequently as possible from the time of Ihram till the time of the first stoning of Jamrat al-Aqabah

TWO – UMRAH Tawaf: Upon arrival to Makkah, make Tawaf around the Ka’bah. Circle the Ka’bah seven times in the counterclockwise direction, starting from the black stone with Takbeer and ending each circle at the Black Stone with Takbeer. The Ka’bah will be to your left. Get to Maqam Ibrahim (Ibrahim’s Station) as close as possible and make two rak’at. Be sure to face the Ka’bah while praying. Sa’i: Next make Sa’i between Safa and Marwah. Start by ascending the Safa hill. Facing the Ka’bah praise Allah, raise his hands and make Takbeer three times, then you may supplicate to Allah whatever you want. Descend and head towards the Marwah. Increase your pace between the clearly marked green posts (called ar-Ram]), but should walk at a normal pace before and after them. At the Marwah, ascend, praise Allah and do as he did at the Safa. This is one complete round and so is the other way from Marwah to Safa. A total of seven rounds are required.

Passion Islam

I October 2009

Hair: Once done, end Umrah by shaving your head or trimming your hair (women should cut a finger tip’s length from their hair). At this stage, the prohibitions pertaining to the state of Ihram are lifted and you can resume your normal life. THREE – GOING TO MINA A Muslim performing Hajjut Tamattu’ should intend to go into the state of Ihram, from the place where he is staying in Makkah, on the eighth day of Thul-Hijjah, which is called the Tarwiyah Day, and leave to Mina in the morning. In Mina, perform Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha salah of the eighth day and Fajr salah of the ninth day of Thul Hijjah. Dhuhr, Asr and Isha salah are each shortened to two rak’at only, but are not combined. Remain in Mina until sunrise of the ninth day then leave to Arafat. Make sure you use the time wisely because many people will go instead for long walks trying to see things around in Mina. This is the main reason behind many Muslims getting lost in their way back and ending up wasting most of their time. FOUR – DEPART TO ARAFAAT At Arafat, stay until sunset. Make salah of Dhuhr and Asr shortened and combined during the time of Dhuhr to save the rest of the day for remembering and glorifying Allah and for supplication for forgiveness, etc. Make certain that you stay within the boundaries of Arafat, not necessarily standing on the mountain of Arafat. Keep reciting Talbiyah, glorifying Allah the Greatest and repeating supplication. It is also reported that the Prophet sallallaahu alayhe wasallam, used to say the following supplication: “There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, the One without a partner. The dominion and the praise are His and He is powerful over everything.” Anas ibn Malik was asked once how he and his friends used to spend their time while walking from Mina to Arafat in the company of Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wasallam. Anas said, ‘Some of us used to cry out Talbiyah. others used to glorify Allah the Greatest and the rest used to repeat prayers. Each one of us was free to worship Allah in the way he likes without prejudice or renunciation of his right.” (Bukhari)


FIVE – A NIGHT IN MUZDALIFAH Soon after sunset at Arafat, leave for Muzdalifah quietly and reverently The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, said when he noticed people walking hurriedly, “O people! Be quiet, hastening is not a sign of righteousness.” (Bukhari) Keep reciting the Talbiyah, glorifying and remembering. In Muzdalifah perform Maghrib and Isha combined, shortening the Isha to two rak’at. Stay overnight in Muzdalifah to perform the salatul Fajr and keep busy supplicating waiting for the brightness of the morning becomes widespread then leave to Mina passing through the sacred Mash’ar valley. Women and weak individuals are allowed to proceed to proceed to Mina at any time after midnight to avoid the crowd. Start collecting pebbles for stoning the Jamaarat. SIX – RETURN TO MINA (Day of Eid) Stoning Jamrat Al-Aqabah: At Mina, go to Jamrat al-Aqabah to stone it with seven pebbles making Takbeer, “Allahu Akbar” at each throw and calling on Allah to accept your Hajj. The time of stoning Jamrat al-Aqabah starts after sunrise. The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, threw the pebbles late in the morning and permitted weak people to stone after leaving Muzdalifah after midnight. The size of the pebbles should not be more than that of a chick pea. Slaughter of Sacrifice: Next, slaughter your sacrifice either personally or, through the appointment of someone who will do it on your behalf. Shaving the head or trimming the hair: Shave your head or trim some hair. Shaving, however, is preferable. Women can cut a finger tip length of their hair. Finishing these rites ends the first phase of the state of Ihram and lifts its restrictions except for resuming conjugal relationship. SEVEN - DAYS OF TASHREEQ 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th of Dhul Hijjah Tawaf al-Ifadhah: Tawaf al-Ifadhah is a fundamental rite of Hajj. Go to Makkah, circle the Ka’bah seven times, perform two rak’at behind Maqam Ibrahim and finish with Sa’i between the Safa and the Marwah. On completion, the state of Ihram is completely lifted. Tawaf alIfadhah can be done anytime during

I 23

the Tashreeq days or delayed until the days spent at Mina are over. EIGHT – STAYING IN MINA Spend there the days of Tashreeq in Mina. During each day, and after Dhuhr stone the three stone the Jamarat (the small, the medium and Jamrat al-Aqabah). You may leave Mina to Makkah on the 12th or on the 12th. If you choose the later, leave before sunset. NINE - FAREWELL TAWAF The Tawaf of Farewell is the final rite of Hajj. Ibn Abbaas (Radhiallaahu Anhu) said, ‘The people were ordered to perform the Tawaf around the Ka’bah as the last thing (to do) before leaving Makkah, except for the menstruating women who were excused.’ (Bukhari) A REMINDER 1. Commit all of your time to Ibaadah. Remember the goal of Hajj. Make a lot of Du’aa 2. Stick to righteous deeds. Avoid prohibitions. 3. All of the rites must be done correctly. If you do not know how to perform an act, ask. 4. Never harm any Muslim with words or actions within the Mashaa-ir or elsewhere. 5. Know the restrictions of Ihram, avoid them. A) No hair or nails trimming, b) No perfume. Avoid scented soap, c) No conjugal relation with spouse, d) No wedding or proposing a woman for yourself or others, e) No gloves. If necessary wrap your hands in cloth, f) No cover on head that touches it, umbrellas are OK, g) No shoes, shirts, turban, hooded cloaks, trousers, or the like, h) Sandals, rings, glasses, hearing aids, watch, or speech aid are OK, i) Bathing, washing and scratching the body and head, even if some of his hair falls unintentionally are OK, j) Women cannot wear a Niqab or Burqa. Labbaik Allaahumma labbaik. Labbaika laa shareeka laka labbaika. Innal hamda, wanni’mata laka wal mulk laka. Laa shareeka laka (Here I am, O God, at Thy command. Here I am! Thou art without associates, Thine are praise and grace and dominion. Thou art without associates, here I am!)



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I October 2009

Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him)

The First Man Part 1

The Holy Quran has mentioned certain facts about Sayyidina Adam . However we must realise that science has opened a new door to the question of the creation of the human being. They claim to say that man as we know today went through many stages to reach the present state that we are in now. Scientists say that human being were in a form of ape like mammal. Then stage by stage and step by step their form were changing and progressing and finaly reached the form of present day man (Evolution Theory). The changing of form and progressing step by step took millions and millions of years. However, our religion tells us that the creation of the universe saw the first man in the very form of Sayyidina Adam . Then was created Hawa of the same kind, then through them the chain of human being came in existence on the surface of Earth.The Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was the first man and he

did not evolve from another mammal or creation. This is the same man Allah excelled over other creation and handed over to him the valuable burden of trust, subduing the universe to him and honouring him to be the deputy on Earth. Scientists boast theories and conjecture, stringing probability, unfounded ideas and even chance. After much discussion and blind absorbtion further theories are put forward to support ones already faltering. There comes a time when no one scientific theory can be proven conclusively. Theories that cannot be proven are believed not upon fact but upon the fallable word put forward by scientists. Many theories evolve, are contradictory to other scientific theories and are at times at odds with themselves. Humans are left finaly to believe in either the fallable theories of man or the word of Allah. Muslims are those that choose to have faith in Allah. Intellect and comprehension vary in

men, those strong in faith recognise this human factor and accept the word of Allah with or without proof. The important question is whether man has been created in this world without an aim and/or sense or whether there is a purpose behind his creation. The Holy Quran has thrown light on this topic. When Allah created man, he created him in the best stature and the Quran has thrown light by stating “Certainly We have created man in the best stature” (Sura At-Teen). It is for that reason man is entitled to be honoured and respected among all creation. Allah states in the Quran: “And surely We have honoured the children of Aadam” (Sura Al-Isra). And because he is “in the best stature” and “worthy of respect” he alone is the one to “undertake the trust offered by Allah” and act as “deputy of Allah” and when these things are reposed in him how could it be that he be left like that without aim or consequence? The

I October 2009 Quran states by saying, “Does man think that he is to be left aimlessly”? (Sura Al-Qiyamah). From these verses of the Quran, we can clearly understand from it that there is a purpose behind life and creation.

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Purpose of life The question arises now what is the purpose of life? And does the Quran clearly refer to the purpose of creation. Answer is “Yes” Allah mentions by saying “And that I did not create Jinn and Mankind but only for my worship” From this verse of the Quran, Allah clerly mentiones the sole purpose of creation and that is nothing but to worship Allah all throughout our temporary life. So Allah decided to make a deputy on earth by the name Adam for the guidance of mankind, by establishing the commandments of Allah on earth. Because if Allah did not make a deputy then how will mankind know what is the sole purpose of creation. This is why Allah sent approxiamately 124,000 Prophets from Adam till the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah created Adam from soil and before his mould was ready, He informed the angels that He was going to raise a creation out of soil that will be called Basgir (mortal) and he will be his deputy on earth. Why did Allah keep the name Adam ? Was there a purpose or not? Allamah Thalbiy belives that in the Hebrew language Adam means dust or clay and because he was created out of it he was named Adam . The name Hawa she was the wife of Hazrat Adam her name means alive which is derived from the word (Hiaya) because she was the mother of every living man. The beginning of the creation of Man In the first three verses revealed about Adam , Allah talks about the fact that before he created Hazrat Adam He would inform the angels about it as way of testing them and suggestimg them to express their opinions in this matter. Upon hearing this, the angels said that they could not understand why men were being chosen to be the deputies where as some of them would shed blood and spread disorder on this earth. The angels thought that they themselves were more suitable to perform this duty. As the nature of angels is good; no evil

deed can possibly come out of them beacuse they are totally obedient to Allah and should be more capable of handling the affairs of the world. A question may arise here as to why Allah chose to seak of his decision to the angels. One answer is the angels thought that Allah would not create a being who would be superior to them and greater than them in knowledge. But Allah knew that he would create a being who will be superior to all other creatures. So in order to remove that thinking of the angels Allah mentioned this in the assembely of the angels. So that time the angels humbly said how can you create such being who will shed blood and spread corruption on earth. They did not mean to raise an objection to the choice of Allah but they were only being curious as to the reson. Allah gave a brief reply by saying “I know what you do not” This is implying that they are not aware of the nature and the requirments of divine deputy. Because the angels thought to fulfill such a big responsibility, you need to be pure and innocent being. Then Allah explained and expressed it in detail to the angels that he bestowed upon Adam a knode of knowledge which he alone knows of out of all other creations. Allah taught Adam the names of the properties and realities of all the things and objects which will be present at his time on earth, and the angels are not aware of this knowledge. For example, an angel can not really experience the pain of hunger and thirst, the torment from the bite of a scorpion or a snake etc. The reason being is the nature of angels is different to the nature of human beings. A question may arise as to how Adam was taught the names, was he taught in private or not? In the Quran, there is no clear indication to this but it may well be that the teaching was open itself as well as it was to Adam , his nature allowed him to recive it but the nature of the angels did not allow them to learn the names. Through this demonstration, Allah made the angels realize how wrong they were in supposing that he would not create any being superior to them in anyway and that they themselves were more suitable and capable for being the deputy of Allah than Adam . But that does not mean they were raising an objection, nor being proud, nor were they asking for the right but they were only expressing their

SPECIAL FEATURE I 25 opinions, but after they found out that Adam was more superior to them with his special kind of knowledge and is more capable to stay in the world and function properly, they acknowledged the fact by letting go of the earlier opinion by saying: “To you belongs all purity! we have no knowledge except what you have given us. You are the all-knowing and all-wise”. From this we can understand that the creator knows best the different status and rank between his creation, and that the creation can not judge their own rank and status. Another thing, when Allah asked the Angels for the name of things, Allah said (Ambeuwney) “Tell me” but in commanding Hazrat Adam Allah said (Ambihum) “Tell them”. The difference between these two words show that Adam was given the rank of a teacher, and the Angels that of students, this goes on to show that he was superior to them.

Establishment of the superiority of Man The next part of the story Allah mentions by saying: “And when We said to the Angels “Prostrate before Adam !’’ So they prostrated, all but Iblis (Satan himself) he refused and showed arrogance and became one of the disbelievers.” Allah commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam because he wanted to display his superiority, so He commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam . All the Angels prostrated before Adam except Iblis. A question may arise that Allah ordered the Angels to prostrate not a jinn because the Quran says: “He Iblis was of the Jinn, so he trangressed against his Lords command”. The answer to this question is that when Allah gave the command to prostarate, he was present in the assembly and was with the Angels observing tasbih and tahlil. So when Allah commanded to prostrate, he was included in the command and he himself took it to apply to him. So when he did not prostrate he did not say he was not of Angels and the command was not meant for him but instead he answered haughtily and in arrogance. When Allah asked Iblis “ What prevented you that you did not prostrate, when I commanded you “ Iblis (the Shaytan) replied “I am better than he, you created me of fire, while you created him of clay” (Al-A’raf 7:12). The devil meant to say that he was superior Continued Next Month

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I October 2009


I 27

emailbox - comments Very good publication credit to the people who bring this out, i enjoy reading it and find it useful especially when working with the Muslim community in Camden, London Martin John Camden, London

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Last issues was a very good issue found so much about Ramadan and what it means for Muslims, I have many friends who are Muslims and sometimes feel ignorant in asking them about Ramadan as I have work and lived with them for many years, but thanks to your magazine I have been able this Ramadan to interact with them much more and i also fasted one of the days with them which felt very nice and strange at the same time. Keep up the good work Natasha Edinburgh, Scotland Excellent issue once again, enjoy receiving it each month. Ian Hall Thailand Good Morning Passion Islam, I hope you are all well, I receive your publication each month and I live in a remote part of South Australia, please provide us with more information here about Islam as we do not know much only the trash from National press Media.

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