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Manchester Airport to Muslim takes over Life of Umar stop using body scanners at Bradford Bulls Bin Al-Khattab

Issue: 55

October 2012

UK Government Halal Consultation:

Halal Under Threat

DEFRA has finally launched its consultation paper covering the re-drafting of current legislation that provides protection for Halal and Kosher religious dietary needs. The consultation on Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing will see the final implementation of EEC Council Regulation (EC) 1099/2009 into UK

law. The consultation document is more than 6 months overdue and is now being pushed through and will kick into on the first of January 2013. Both Jewish and Muslim communities have until 24 October 2012 to defend religious slaughter in an unfamiliar modernday process for any real

consultation or dialogue. Mohammed Saleem Policy and communication director (Association of Non stun Abattoirs) said “This tactical manoeuvre by Defra and confirms suspicion of ulterior motives!” The Jewish and Muslim communities has already called the consultation exercise a monologue,

holding deep reservations and fears that its aim are to further curtail religious freedoms of expression, but this is disguised with bias, unproven science and often baseless animal welfare concerns. The legislation obliges FBO’s (food business operators) to ensure animals are spared avoidable pain, distress or suffering and requires measures to be taken to ensure key animal welfare concerns. Islam and Judaism both have this as a core concern and in principle would therefore would welcome this legislation if that was the real motive. The good news is that both Jewish and Muslim communities are now reading the 132 page document and ANSA is compiling detailed response guidelines to advise all partners how to formulate to the point response. ANSA is working together with over 70 religious organisations from all branches of Islam, including: MCB, Bradford Council for Mosques, M.U.S.E, Jewish Certification Boards and other Halal industry partners to protect the threats to Halal and Kosher ANSA has begun detailed in-depth analysis of the proposed regulations and consultation with partners and stakeholders. The point to Note is that Defra is looking to change the definition of the religious slaughter to include recoverable stun. The very definition of religious Continued on page 4

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Passion Islam


I October 2012

By Abu Sufyan www.passionislam.com

If Racism exist in Football Are FA to blame? It’s been a question that has been asked on numerous occasions but never has an answer been given with that can convince where racism lay in football. My theory has always been that it lays with the FA, I personally have had few dialogues with several individuals at the FA and up to now, none of them have been able to convince me that they actively are trying to encourage more people from Asian/Muslim backgrounds come in on a coaching level or on a playing level. FA will tell you that, the talent

is not out there is a lack Asian/ Muslim managers and players but this is far from the truth, if you travel the country. The evidence is clear young Asian/Muslims playing football and not just on the roads and nearby park but in local football clubs, there are thousands of local Asian/Muslim FA qualified coaches who taken their respected teams in leagues across the UK and won championships. So what is going wrong with the FA? Why have the FA ignored the Asian/ Muslim Talent? Why aren’t they not willing to work with Asian/

Muslim clubs and why it that the FA is still ignorant to the situation? Only FA can answer that, Passion Islam itself have tried to work with the FA but I am afraid we have been unsuccessful, we even offered them free use of our pages to promote the game to attract more Asian /Muslim to become FA Qualified coaches.

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Government assisting US in drone targets

Passion Islam

I October 2012

There is “pretty compelling” evidence that Government listening post GCHQ is passing information to the US to help it locate targets for controversial drone attacks, it was claimed. Former director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald said the British people had a right to know if the agency was helping American secret services to find al Qaida and Taliban targets in Pakistan.


Pakistan has repeatedly protested over the unmanned attacks claiming it is a “violation of its sovereignty and international law”. Lord Macdonald told The Times: “The evidence is pretty compelling that we are providing that kind of information to the Americans... The British people have a right to know about the policies being pursued by their Government.” He added: “I’ve been to Pakistan and I have seen what drone strikes can do. Innocent people do get killed as a result of misplaced strikes. It is also succeeding in creating a new generation of people with huge resentment against the West, fuelling the kind of terrorism we are trying to fight. The fact this is one-


sided, mechanised and robotic gives these strikes a particularly sinister dimension.” It comes after reports that a GCHQ official admitted the agency was proud of providing “locational intelligence” to the CIA. Lord Macdonald said: “If that is right, it strikes me as difficult for the Government to sustain the position that they are not going to comment. Presumably if GCHQ are saying that, then one presumes they are reflecting government policy in saying it.” Earlier this year David Anderson, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislations, warned the Government faces a raft of civil cases over possible complicity. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “It’s the UK’s long-standing policy not to comment on intelligence matters.”

Islamic books sales rise by almost a third




Passion Islam

I October 2012

UK Government Halal Consultation:

Halal Under Threat Continued from Front page

Islamic books sales increase by almost a third in UK after the release of the anti-Islam movie. The sales of Islamic books in Britain have increased by nearly a third, after the video-sharing website YouTube released an offensive USmade film about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), new figures show. According to recent statistics, following the screening of the blasphemous anti-Islam movie, Islamic books sales in the UK have risen by 30 percent. Book sellers in public libraries of the West of England announced increases between 20 and 30 percent in their printed materials which were about the glorious Faith of Islam, compared to previous months’ figures. Workers at book shops in London

told the Saudi news channel Al Arabiya that many British citizens are looking for books that explain the true divine religion of Islam and a large number of them are also trying to find translated versions of the holy Qur’an. Earlier this month, an initiative was launched in Britain in order to encounter bias against Islam, following outrage among Muslims around the world triggered by the sacrilegious film. The initiative commissioned by a London organization, Discover Islam, distributes copies of the Muslims holy book Qur’an and other materials about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in English to non-Muslims with the aim of educating them about the divine faith. www.passionislam.com

TUC to vote on Gaza solidarity motion Britain’s largest unions body the Trades Unions Congress (TUC) representing 6.2 million working people in the UK is to vote on a motion in order to express solidarity with Palestinians who are living in the besieged Gaza Strip. The union, which campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad, will decide by voting on the proposal, including calls from international charities

and UN Agencies to end the Israeli regime’s blockade on Gaza. Moves to tighten a boycott grip on the Israeli regime have gained momentum in the UK since April, when Britain’s fifth-largest food retailer, the Co-operative Group, extended a boycott of goods from illegal settlements that have been produced on occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank. www.passionislam.com

slaughter under which both jews and muslims dietary laws are safe guarded under is threatened. Sadly some Organisation claiming to be the defenders of Non stun have tabled this motion of recoverable stun at Defra, which is the real back bone to the this threat. Once they achieve this then there is greater risk of the nonstun to being banned. ANSA has been working very closely with Jewish representatives to counteract the treat and agreed to work in partnership for number of common causes. ANSA urges all branches of Islam to wake up to the real threat that this legislation is likely to have. British Muslims need to unite and realise that stunning is the start the end of which will there be ban on circumcision which may end in removing various other rights which we enjoy today under the freedom of religion act.

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Passion Islam

I October 2012


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SYRIA EMERGENCY APPEAL More than 7,000 Killed

Tens of thousands have been displaced. The country is now sliding into civil war. The city of Homs - the resting place of Khalid Bin Walid Radiallahu ‘anhu - and its people are being shelled every day. Ummah Welfare Trust is working inside the country, providing dry food rations to widowed and orphaned families in Homs and Damascus.

PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY Muhammad Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: Allah will aid a servant of His so long as the servant aids his brother - Muslim

Donate By Phone

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Passion Islam

I October 2012

Anti-terror powers may be scaled back

Passion Islam

I October 2012

Anti-terror powers which enable officers to stop anyone entering the UK and detain them without reasonable suspicion could be scaled back, the Home Office has said. Asian communities feel they are being singled out by officers using the so-called Schedule 7 powers disproportionately against ethnic minorities, campaigners and police chiefs have warned. Under the proposals, the maximum examination time could be reduced from nine hours; increased oversight and training could be brought in, and those stopped could be given the same rights to publicly-funded legal advice as those transferred to police stations. Home Secretary Theresa May


said: “The Government takes all necessary steps to protect the public from individuals who pose a threat to national security. ”Schedule 7 measures form an essential part of the UK’s border security arrangements, helping to protect the public from those travelling across borders to plan, finance, train for and commit terrorism. ”Examining people at ports and airports is necessary to protect public safety, but we want to ensure these powers are used proportionately, and are effective. ”This consultation seeks the views of the public to help ensure we get this right.” The powers are “informed by the current terrorist threat to the UK so


certain travel routes may be given greater focus”, the consultation document said. A total of 73,909 people were examined under the powers between April 2010 and March 2011, with 915 of these detained, figures released in the document showed. Almost half (45%) of those detained described themselves as Asian or Asian British, while less than one in 10 (8%) said they were white, For examinations, two in five (40%) described themselves as white, while less than a third (28%) said they were Asian or Asian British. Over the last three years, from April 2009 to March 2012, a total of 230,236 people were examined, with 97.2% of these (almost 224,000) lasting less than one hour. Some 2.2% (about 5,000) took one to three hours, 0.6% (less than 1,400) three to six hours and 0.06% (about 140) more than six hours. David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorist legislation, said the power had been “instrumental in securing evidence which was used to convict dangerous terrorists”. And, refusing permission for a judicial review of the power last December, High Court judge Mr Justice Collins said the essential power was “necessary in a democratic society” and “the contrary is not arguable”.

10,000 signatures on e-petitions will receive a government response

Online petitions that attract more than 10,000 signatures are to receive a Government response. E-petitions that are signed by more than 100,000 people on the Government’s website already become eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

Leader of the Commons Andrew Lansley said that those with more than 10,000 names would trigger a departmental response with a statement of the Government’s policy and details of any relevant parliamentary activity on the subject. Since the site was set up in July

2011, 11 petitions have had more than 100,000 signatures, all of which have either been debated or are due for debate. In a written ministerial statement, Mr Lansley said: “E-petitions have been an important part of increasing public understanding of Parliament.”



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I October 2012

Manchester Airport to stop using “naked” body scanners

Passion Islam

I October 2012

Manchester Airport have announced they will stop using “naked” body scanners. The controversial scanners, which allow airport security officers to view ghost-like body outlines of passengers have been trialed by the


airport. From October 1, they will be replaced by five new next generation security scanners in a trial expected to last three months. In line with Government policy, these include a feature which automatically processes images of

Exhibition highlights Shakespeare’s fascination with Islamic world

Major exhibition at British Museum provides new insight into emerging role of London as world city four hundred years ago. Shakespeare: staging the world, a major exhibition at the British Museum provides a new and unique insight into the emerging role of London as a world city four hundred years ago, interpreted through the innovative perspective of Shakespeare’s plays. Britain’s most famous

playwright, described by his friend Ben Johnson as “not for an age but for all time,” was fascinated by the Muslim world. He may have recalled the visit of Abd Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud ben Mohammed Anoun, the Moroccan Ambassador to Queen Elizabeth I, who was sent by Muley Hamet King of Morocco to negotiate a global alliance with Elizabeth 1 against Spain. The exhibition ends on 25th November 2012.

passengers using a system that eliminates the need for an airport security officer to view the ghostlike body outlines that made the airport’s body scanners famous. The new machines, manufactured by L3, scan passengers using radio frequency-based millimetre wave technology rather than the low dose x-rays used by the current back scatter body scanners. A computer analyses the scans and tell airport staff where to look for hidden objects using a stick figure diagram. A similar technology is used in safety systems to identify humans or objects that have fallen onto subway rail tracks in the US.


Despite a panel of independent European health experts unanimously concluding in March that there was no evidence that backscatter body scanners posed health risks, Airport bosses say its current trial will close in six weeks because legislation from Brussels excludes the technology. Airport bosses are hopeful that the trial will be a success so that it can invest in more machines. In the meantime, an additional 55 full time security staff will ensure that the current high levels of security and customer service are maintained through a combination of frisking and security scanners.

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Passion Islam

I October 2012

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Euro MPs condemn UK role in CIA torture

Passion Islam

I October 2012

The role Britain and other EU states played in the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) torture and rendition programme has been strongly condemned by the European Parliament. The parliament denounced EU member states for failing to launch a probe into serious cases of human rights violations associated with the CIA programme. Previous probes into these cases

Book Review


have been hampered by lack of transparency, prevalence of political interests, restriction of victims’ right to effective participation and lack of rigorous investigative techniques. However, the parliament urged Britain to carry out a new and transparent probe into the role the country has played in the mistreatment of detainees, several of them abducted as part of the socalled “war on terror”. This comes as

Britain decided to shelve its heavilycriticised Gibson Inquiry into torture and rendition. In its new report, the EU parliament “called on the UK to conduct [a future] inquiry with due transparency, allowing the effective participation of victims and civil society.” British campaigners welcomed the report. “This comprehensive statement shows that Europe - including the UK - has failed to come to terms with its key role in the CIA’s programme of torture and rendition”, said Reprieve investigator Crofton Black. “Countries including Britain, Romania and Lithuania have failed to carry out the necessary inquiries into the part they played in some of the worst human rights abuses of the war on terror”, Crofton Black added. A new inquiry is needed to allow victims and the general public to know what happened during the dark period of rendition cover-up, said Amnesty International policy adviser Tara Lyle.

From MTV to Mecca’

‘From MTV to Mecca’ is the truly inspiring story of Kristiane Backer, who at the height of her career as one of Europe’s leading pop culture icons, converted to Islam. The book can be purchased from Amazon and Awakening UK. In the early 1990s, Kristiane Backer became one of the very first presenters on MTV Europe. For

years she lived and breathed the international music scene, quickly gaining a cult following amongst viewers and becoming a darling of the European press. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mick Jagger, Bono, Bob Geldof, Jim Kerr, Take That and Cat Stevens, Kristiane was catapulted to the forefront of popular culture. Through a fateful meeting with the famous cricketer Imran Khan, Kristiane travelled to Pakistan, where she encountered a completely different world to the one she knew: the religion and culture of Islam. She was drawn to this way of life which was dominated by a love of God and began to read the Quran and to study books about the Faith.

The more she immersed herself in the world of Islam, the more she found herself dissatisfied with her own life. With the support of friends she met through Imran Khan, Kristiane began to learn the true values of the religion and, in 1995, decided to become a Muslim. From MTV to Mecca takes the reader on a spiritual and cultural journey across the globe – from Pakistan to Bosnia, LA to London, Hamburg to Saudi Arabia – that will inspire Muslims and nonMuslims alike. Encountering Islamic academics, musicians and fellow converts, Kristiane finds the spiritual path and embarks on the ultimate journey – the pilgrimage to Mecca. www.kristianebacker.com



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I October 2012

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I October 2012

I 13

Religious leader calls for imposing sanctions on US Passion Islam

Member of Pakistan’s main religious party called for slapping sanctions on US for using and developing weapons of mass destruction. The Deputy Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Farid Ahmad Paracha said that the US has no right to object nuclear programs of the other countries, especially those of the Muslim countries. The political leader was of the opinion that Canada has taken the decision to end its diplomatic relations with Iran under the American and Zionists regimesˈ pressure. He added that the Canadian people would not support the Canadian governmentˈ decision in this regard. “This step would ultimately create problems for the Canadian


government,” viewed the Jamaat-eIslami leader. He added that the west is following a biased and unrealistic policy towards the world Muslims. He strongly believed that the US and the Zionist regime is behind all conspiracies against Muslims throughout the world. Dr. Farid Ahmad Paracha expressing his views said that the Muslim countries can solve the crisis in Syria by themselves and the west should not be worried about that. He went on to say that the west is trying to create differences of opinion and dsiputes among Muslim Ummah. The religious leader said that the sanctions have boosted the progress of Iran adding that conspiracies to weaken Iran will fail.

He endorsed the statement of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameneˈie that Iran will not relinquish its peaceful nuclear right said that Iran is a brave nation and has stood up firmly against the western plots. ˈI stress that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never been after acquiring nuclear weapons and that it will never give up the right of its people to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” said the Supreme Leader in his address to XVI Tehran NonAligned Movement (NAM) Summit. Dr. Farid Ahmad Paracha said that the success of the NAM summit has proved that yjr non-aligned world is standing with Iran. “The success of NAM summit is an eye-opener for the US,” said the deputy secretary general of Jamaate-Islami. He asked why is it that the west is stopping Muslim countries from developing nuclear programs but ignoring the Israeli nuclear arsenal. “The west must quit its lingering policy of observing double standards in its foreign policy,” he added. He said that the aggressive policies of President Obama would definitely hit his political future. Jamaat-e-Islami leader said that the people of America are critical of Obama policies.

Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as top crude producer In Case You Missed It

Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude producer in July, just one month after the kingdom took the top spot for the first time in six years. Production in Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s largest producer, fell to 9.8 million barrels a day (bpd) in July, down from 10.1 million bpd the previous month, according to data from the Joint Organization Data Initiative.

Russia pumped 9.92 million bpd in July, up by 20,000 barrels from June, said the website. Saudi Arabia production reached a 31-year high in March as the Gulf state moved to compensate for declining Iranian exports. The Gulf state offered customers in the US, Europe and Asia oil supplies through to the end of the year in a sign that the kingdom is concerned about the impact of rising

oil prices on the global economy. “We are consulting our clients about their oil needs and telling them we are ready to supply more,” a senior Gulf-based oil official told the Financial Times.

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Dubai to build its first ‘eco-mosque’



Passion Islam

I October 2012

Al Arif Contracting has been awarded the contract for the construction and maintenance of the UAE’s first eco-friendly mosque, and what will also be Dubai’s largest mosque upon completion in 18 months time. An initiative of Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) the 3,500worshipper mosque is to be built on a

9,755 sqm plot near the Clock Tower Roundabout in the Bur Saeed area of Dubai’s Deira. AMAF secretary ceneral Tayeb Al Rais said: “Al Arif has a track record of shaping major construction projects in the UAE, and has proven experience in the implementation of projects that support environment

preservation and sustainability factors. “Following the successful completion of this landmark initiative, AMAF aims to transform a large number of mosques in Dubai to ecofriendly mosques and adopt green building standards to contribute to Dubai’s sustainable development plans.” Work on the mosque itself is due to begin very soon, and Al Arif’s teams are gearing up for the project. During the implementation of the project, Al Arif will work closely with a specialist consultant to develop green building standards that will prioritise the provision of green spaces and use of solar panels. The facility will also ensure the recycling of water, use of environmentally-friendly building materials, and improved performance of the air-conditioning via the integration of high efficiency technologies. The mosque will also have the unusual Dubai feature of a roof garden for heat insulation.

A member of the US House of Representatives says there is numerous evidence proving that the Israeli regime had a major role in the 9/11 attacks. “We don’t have all the facts and figures of the direct involvement in the attack itself, but we do have lots of fingerprints of the Israelis all over this situation, covering it up and also not informing America of this … disaster,” David Duke said in an interview with Ahlul Bayt News. “There’s a huge amount of evidence that indicates that Israel, at

the very least, knew what was going on way ahead of time,” but did not warn the US, Duke added, describing it as “a tremendous treachery” against the US. He said that Israel had a long record of terrorism against the US, adding there are a lot of reasons as to why Israel had a major role in the incident. He said that five Israeli Mossad agents were arrested in New York while they were filming and documenting the attack not to mention that there is also a lot of

evidence indicating that Israel had a huge spy operation going on in the United States at this time. Duke pointed out that Israel certainly gained tremendous benefits from the attack so it certainly had a role in the incident. “Obviously, they’ve benefitted tremendously from the attack. It really cut off the huge growing criticism of Israel. There are more and more nations that were recognizing the Palestinian state. Everything got short circuited,” he said.

Israel fingerprints all over 9/11 attacks: US lawmaker

Israeli spy drone infringes upon Lebanon airspace

Passion Islam

I October 2012

An Israeli reconnaissance drone has crossed into Lebanese airspace and flown over parts of the country in blatant violation of a UN Security Council resolution. The unmanned aerial vehicle violated Lebanese airspace over the southern village of al-Naqoura,


which is situated 91 kilometers (57 miles) south of Beirut, according to a statement issued by the Lebanese military. The remote-controlled aircraft made surveillance flights over several areas in southern Lebanon before it left Lebanese airspace at

I 15

4:20 p.m. local time (1320 GMT) while flying over the southern sector of Lebanon. Israel violates Lebanon’s airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes. Lebanon’s government, the Hezbollah resistance movement, and the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, have repeatedly condemned the overflights, saying they are in clear violation of UN Resolution 1701 and the country’s sovereignty. UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which brokered a ceasefire in the war of aggression Israel launched against Lebanon in 2006, calls on Israel to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In 2009, Lebanon filed a complaint with the United Nations, presenting over 7,000 documents pertaining to Israeli violations of Lebanese territory.

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I October 2012

India’s Oberoi sees “Muslims Dubai debut in 2013 Unity” Int’l

Forum in Kyrgyzstan

Oberoi Dubai is to open in the first quarter of next year, it was reported. The Indian company’s longawaited debut in the UAE will feature 250 rooms and suites, as well as four food and beverage outlets. It will be located on Sheikh Zayed road, and “add value to Dubai as a destination,” its executive assistant manager Tapaan Piplani said in comments published by Hotelier Middle East. General manager Karim Bizid added: “We could have built 300 plus but we decided to make them bigger and increase quality... the quality will be bets in the business, in terms of

size and natural light coming in.” Piplani said: “We will increase [tourists coming] from the Indian market and the luxury market from that country. “We are a very strong brand based there with legendary hotels there that have been well covered and talked about.” Commenting on the number of new brands entering the country, Piplani added: “The new competitors are a nice challenge. The big players have been here for a while but I personally believe bringing new brands like Oberoi will only add value to Dubai as a destination.”

A parliamentary motion has been endorsed by more than 60 Members of Parliament (MPs) from across seven political parties in support of the UN recognition of Palestine. The motion was signed by MPs after Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas announced

decision to ask the UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as a non-member state. Richard Burden MP has tabled the motion, which is endorsed by 61 MPs so far. Those MPs endorsing the motion include former Foreign Secretary

Current situation of the Islamic Ummah was investigated at the 2nd edition of “Muslims Unity” International Forum held in Bishkek, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. National History building of the capital city hosted the program on early September It was attended by Ravil Ainuddin, chairman of the Council of Muftis in Russia, Seyyed Mukarram Abdul Ghader, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ali Umar Ya’qub Abbasi, imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as a number of scholars and religious intellectuals from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. The participants investigated the situation of the Islamic Ummah, its problems and possible solutions as well as the approaches can be taken to strengthen and preserve unity among Muslims. The second edition of the forum was held as suggested by Rahmatullah Igamberdiev, interim Mufti of Kyrgyzstan. The first edition of the international event was held in 1998.

MP’s endorse UN Recognition of Palestine Jack Straw and other former ministers from both Labour and Conservative governments. The motion has received the support of MPs from seven political parties: Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, SDLP and SNP.

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I October 2012



I 17

US puts Haqqanis on terrorists list

The United States designated the Haqqani network a foreign terrorist organisation but said the action will have no impact on Pakistan. The State Department also said that they have “no plan, whatsoever, to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism.” State Department officials told a briefing in Washington that Pakistan had been informed of the intended move “at least weeks before the decision was announced, if not more.” And the Pakistani government expressed no reservations or objection to the US decision, the officials said. In a statement issued by her office, US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton said: “I have sent a report to Congress saying that the Haqqani Network meets the statutory criteria of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). This action meets the requirements of the Haqqani Network Terrorist Designation Act of 2012 (P.L. 112168). Based on that assessment, I notified Congress of my intent to designate the Haqqani Network as an FTO under the INA. I also intend to designate the organization as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity under Executive Order 13224. The consequences of these designations include a prohibition against knowingly providing material support or resources to,

or engaging in other transactions with, the Haqqani Network, and the freezing of all property and interests in property of the organization that are in the United States, or come within the United States, or the control of U.S. persons. These actions follow a series of other steps that the U.S. government already has taken against the Haqqanis. The Department of State previously designated key Haqqani Network leaders under E.O. 13224, and the Department of the Treasury has designated other militants with ties to the Haqqanis under the same authority. We also continue our robust campaign of diplomatic, military, and intelligence pressure on the network, demonstrating the United States’ resolve to degrade the organization’s ability to execute violent attacks. I take this action in the context of our overall strategy in Afghanistan, the five lines of effort that President Obama laid out when he was in Afghanistan in May: increasing the capacity of Afghan security forces to fight insurgents; transitioning to Afghan security lead; building an enduring partnership with Afghanistan; pursuing Afghan-led reconciliation; and putting together an international consensus to support peace and stability in the region. We will continue to work with both Afghanistan and Pakistan to move these efforts forward and build a more peaceful and secure future.”

month. Reports say the EU Executive Commission would likely make a decision on the issue in later this month. Last month, South Africa passed a law “requiring the labeling of goods or products emanating from IOTs (Israel Occupied Territories) to prevent consumers being led to believe that such goods come from Israel.” “This is in line with South Africa’s stance that recognizes the 1948 borders delineated by the United Nations and does not recognize

occupied territories beyond these borders” as being part of the Israeli regime, the South African government said in a statement. Israeli settlements are considered illegal by the UN because those Palestinian territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967, and are hence seen as being subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbids construction on occupied lands. A number of industries have sprung up in the illegal Israeli settlements, with a range of products, including cosmetics, beverages and plastics.

EU mulls imposing total ban on ‘Made in Israel’ goods

The European Union is mulling over “a total ban” on the goods produced in the occupied Palestinian lands, a Greek Foreign Ministry official says. The diplomat told a group of Israeli and Palestinian journalists in the Greek capital, Athens that “EU nations were currently holding discussions on the issue” to impose a ban on all the goods produced in the occupied territories and labeled as “Made in Israel.” According to multiple Israeli media reports, the Greek diplomat said that the move would be like an action South Africa adopted last

Islamic scholars propose new sharia board model



Passion Islam

I October 2012

Doha forum seeks ways to recover frozen Arab assets

A group of Islamic scholars is proposing a fresh solution to charges that banks’ sharia boards are open to conflicts of interest: create partnerships between the boards and Muslim depositors, to insulate the boards from pressure exerted by bank managements. Sharia boards, composed of experts in Islamic financial law, supervise Islamic banks’ activities and products to make sure they conform to religious principles, such as bans on interest and pure monetary speculation. Traditionally, banks appoint prestigious scholars to their sharia boards and some pay them fees and retainers. This has left the system vulnerable to charges of conflict of interest: the scholars are being paid by the institutions which they are supposed to be supervising impartially. A group of scholars in South Africa, led by Durban-based Ebrahim Desai, a senior figure in the city’s Muslim community, proposes that Muslim depositors in each bank fund a sharia compliance body that would be created separately from the bank. The body would then hire a sharia board to supervise the bank. In this way, the scholars on the board would not be appointed by or report to the bank’s management, and would not have a direct financial relationship with the bank. “We seek a neutral and balanced

position,” Desai said by telephone, adding that freed of subjection to bank managements, sharia boards would be able to play more strategic and powerful roles in governance. “This would be in line with the larger interest of the Muslim community in upholding sharia law by maintaining the ultra-independence of the sharia supervisory board.” Emraan Vawda, a colleague of Desai, argued that by their nature, banks were ill-suited to policing their own Islamic activities. “Commercial concerns in the overwhelming majority of Islamic banks far outweigh genuine commitment to Islamic values and precepts,” he said. The proposal is likely to meet with considerable scepticism in the Islamic finance industry. Desai said many institutions had approached him to discuss his proposal but he declined to name them, saying the talks needed to be kept confidential. Desai and Vawda said they had served eight years on the sharia board of South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB), the retail arm of South Africa’s second-biggest bank FirstRand , where they provided their services at no cost to FNB. By avoiding financial remuneration, the scholars hoped their decisions would be free of influence, and they rejected several offers to be on FNB’s payroll, Desai said. “We were not dictated by

A forum on recovering frozen assets of fallen Arab autocrats held in Qatar called for a mechanism to deliver the wealth to the new postArab Spring governments. The Qatari head of the inaugural meeting of the Forum on Asset Recovery said that new laws should be introduced to help in recovering the assets, just as laws were created to combat terrorism funding after the Sept 11 attacks on the United States. “There is an international precedent. It was after Sept 11, to trace the movement of capital that could be used in terrorism,” said Qatar’s public prosecutor Ali al-Miri. “Just as the world needed then new strict and abiding laws, Arab Spring countries now need an international mechanism to help getting back the stolen funds, to avoid double standards,” he told a press conference. Miri accused some host countries of “living of” those frozen assets that could potentially amount to billions of dollars. Michael Froman, deputy assistant to the US president and deputy national security advisor for international economic affairs said the task was “very difficult.” “It is very difficult, it is complicated. It is a long-term process,” he warned. The forum brings together G8 countries, as well as several Arab states and Turkey, with the aim of starting a process of collaboration on asset recovery for Arab countries that ousted their dictators. money but dictated by principle.” Desai, Vawda and the rest of FNB’s sharia board resigned in July, complaining that the bank had failed to consult with the board on several occasions, and hired a new head of its Islamic finance business without input from the board.

Pakistan, India agree to ease visa restrictions

Passion Islam

I October 2012


I 19

Indonesian President Urges UN to Issue Rules on Religious Defamation

Pakistan and India have agreed to ease visa restrictions and work to improve bilateral relations, the two countries’ foreign ministers announced at a press conference in Islamabad. The two countries reached the landmark, the final day of Indian Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna’s twoday visit to Pakistan, the Pakistani media reported. Krishna’s visit is a part of a peace process between Pakistan and India that halted after the Mumbai attack of November 2008, in which 166 people were killed. India accused its neighbor of some degree of involvement in the attacks. Pakistan has firmly denied allegations of involvement, asking India to refrain from blaming Islamabad and insisting that perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks were “non-state actors”. The visa agreement introduced a number of measures “aimed at easing travel of business persons, tourists, pilgrims, elderly and children, thereby facilitating contacts between peoples of the two

countries.” “We will move forward... We will not be held hostage to history,” Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar told the joint news conference with her Indian counterpart after signing the agreement. “We must learn from the past and not miss any more opportunities. Pakistan is committed not to lose any opportunities. Pakistan is committed to creating new opportunities,” she added. During his visit, Krishna held talks with Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, Foreign Minister Khar, and Interior Minister Rehman Malik. “A step-by-step approach is what will take the relationship forward,” the Indian foreign minister said. In response to the Pakistani foreign minister’s statement, Krishna said, “Let us not look back as you have rightly said, let us not be held hostage to whatever has happened earlier. I think we will have to keep our sight to the future.”

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has urged the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to issue regulations against religious defamation in the wake of global protests ignited by a film insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Xinhua news agency reported. In a speech before a national meeting of the Nahdlatul Ulama in Cirebon, West Java, Susilo said: “I call on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the UN to mull over international protocol to prevent things like this from happening again,” referring to the anti-Islam film “The Innocence of Muslims.” President Susilo was quoted by the Jakarta globe as saying that religious defamation should be condemned because it hurts the hearts of religious people, disturbs peace and could trigger bloody conflicts. The controversial film has been blocked in Indonesia by order of the Indonesian government. The film, which was produced by a self-proclaimed Coptic Christian American, set off a wave of anti-US protests across the Middle East and Indonesia and reportedly inspired an attack on the US Embassy in Libya that resulted in the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.



Pakistan First lady urges women to wear hijab

First Lady Nusrat Pervez Ashraf urged Muslim women to wear hijab, saying it does not prevent them from making progress. While addressing the Jamaate-Islami (JI) Women and Family Commission’s (WFC) hijab conference on Saturday, she said that modesty was an ornament for women while hijab was the guardian of this ornament. She said that Muslim women should not hesitate while wearing a veil. It does not hamper their performance in daily routine nor does it come into their way of progress, Nusrat added. The conference organised in connection with International Hijab Day was attended by a large number of women from all walks of life. Nusrat said that Islam ensured protection and respect

for women. She said that women could show their abilities by keeping themselves within the limits of Islam. She paid tribute to the organisers of the conference and appreciated their efforts. At the end of the conference, a declaration was read out in which developed countries of the world were demanded that they must immediately initiate steps to withdraw ban on wearing hijab. It said that Muslim women must not be denied of their right of freedom. The participants also protested against the American sacrilegous movie and vowed that everything could be sacrificed for the respect of Holy Prophet (PBUH). During the conference, Nusrat also gave away hijab awards to Marwa al Sherbini (an Egyptian woman who was killed in Germany for wearing hijab), Marwa Qawachi (former Turkish parliamentarian), Yvonne Ridley (a British journalist), Marryam Jamila (a Muslim scholar) and Aafia Siddiqui. The awards were, however, received by young girls on the behalf of the recipients. Nusrat also distributed honorary shields amongst prominent women, including Musarrat Misbah (a beautician), Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari (scholar), Sarah Chaudhry (a former actress), Arooj Nasir (a TV presenter), Dr Kausar Firdous (former army captain) and Shehnaz Leghari (a pilot). WFC President Samia Raheel Qazi presented honorary shields to Nusrat, Punjab governor’s wife Mussarat Latif Khosa and Ghazala Saad Rafique (wife of PML-N leader Saad Rafique).

Passion Islam

I October 2012

Jewish settlers defile Aqsa Mosque

About 60 Jewish settlers escorted by armed policemen stormed the Aqsa Mosque and performed Talmudic rituals in its courtyard. According to eyewitnesses, the number of Jewish settlers started to increase around the Mosque as there are Zionist groups calling on its followers to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque intensively during the season of the Jewish holidays and would continue for a month. The Israeli occupation forces have tightened since the morning hours their restrictions on the Palestinians visiting the Aqa Mosque and prevented hundreds of Palestinian worshipers from entering the Mosque.

US state gets ‘Love Muslim’ billboard A new message encouraging local residents to “Love Your Muslim Neighbors” is slated on a South Church Street billboard. The message is being placed on a billboard at Church St. by a self-described Washington, D.C.-based Christian advocacy and education organization called Sojourners. The organization decided on Murfreesboro as a location after several residents living within a 100-mile radius of the city took notice of the group’s message on a billboard in Joplin, and began calling for one to be placed here.

Women protest against Hijab ban in Turkey

People in Turkey have held demonstrations in the country’s largest city, Istanbul, to protest against the ban on Islamic Hijab at universities and schools. Chanting slogans in support of the Islamic Hijab in Fateh Square in Istanbul, the protesters called for the freedom to wear Islamic Hijab in educational centre’s.

The protesters also demanded that Turkish governmental organizations stop refusing to employ Hijab-wearing women. Despite claiming to follow Islam, the Turkish government has not lifted the ban on the Islamic Hijab in educational centre’s and offices. School and university students wearing Hijab in Turkey are regarded

as the largest front of the fight against the Hijab ban in the public sector and educational places in the country. Following the implementation of the Hijab ban after the coup of February 28, 1997 in Turkey, many of the headscarf-wearing women have faced difficulties in their social lives. www.passionislam.com

Passion Islam

I October 2012



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I 21

Taliban may agree to ceasefire: Report




Some senior Taliban members are ready to accept ceasefire and even a pro-longed US presence in Afghanistan as part of a political agreement, a report says. The Taliban are determined to renounce the terrorist al-Qaeda group and are willing to negotiate over education for girls, the report published by the British think-tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) said. The Afghan Taliban, however, are not willing to negotiate with

Passion Islam

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government because of the administration’s record of corruption, it added. The report, entitled “Taliban Perspectives on Reconciliation”, presents interviews with four senior Taliban representatives about their approach to peace talks. The Taliban figures all declared their opposition to the Afghan constitution because, they said, it supported the Afghan president. A former Taliban minister, one

Germany bans US pastor Jones amid rising anti-US protests The German government has barred American pastor Terry Jones from entering the country amid rising protests against an anti-Islam film made in the United States. A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said on that pastor Jones’ visit would be contrary to the “interest in maintaining public order.” It comes after a German farright, Pro Deutschland, invited the extremist pastor to the country in order to attend a Berlin screening of the anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American in the US. The radical Florida pastor rose to prominence after he burnt copies of the Holy Quran in public, sparking massive demonstrations in several countries.

Meanwhile, pastor Jones promoted the blasphemous movie that disrespects Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and depicts Islam as an oppressive religion. He even said that he decided to show the film during a prayer service. German Interior Minister HansPeter Friedrich also said he would not allow the extremist group to show the insulting film. Adding, “Such groups and organizations only want to provoke Germany’s Muslims.” Anti-US demonstrations, which began on September 11 over the anti-Islam film, have been held across the Muslim world, with protesters storming US embassies and torching US flags.

I October 2012

ex-Taliban deputy minister and founding member of the Taliban, one senior ex-mujahedeen commander and lead negotiator as well as one Afghan mediator who had negotiated with the Taliban were all interviewed for the report. The primary view of all the four interviewees’ was that any agreement with the Taliban would require the approval of the group’s leader Molla Mohammad Omar, according to the finding. Yet, Michael Semple, one of the authors of the report, said the interviewees’ comments did not represent the dominant view of the militant group. “We are not saying that this is some kind of poll that says three out of four Taliban members are in favour of a ceasefire,” he said. “But there is a part of the movement who see there is no prospect of a military victory and so ceasefire would make sense. This is not the official line, but rather the outer fringe of Taliban thought. It’s not mainstream yet.”

QIB board approves $1.5b sukuk programme

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) shareholders have approved a medium-term $1.5 billion sukuk programme. The country’s largest Shariacompliant lender by market value is reported to have hired Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered and QInvest to manage an issuance of up to $750m under the programme. None of the banks was able to confirm the mandate to IFR. Bankers covering the GCC expect any new issue from QIB to receive strong bids from Islamic investors. “I am sure it will fly out the shelves,” said a London-based origination banker away from the transaction.

CIA document reveals US errors before Iraq war Passion Islam

I October 2012

The American spy agency, CIA has declassified a document, admitting to “analytic liabilities” that resulted in false US intelligence estimates on Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction, leading to a major war. The heavily-redacted 2006 review shows that the case for war against Iraq rested on a number of falsehoods, all of which came from the US intelligence community’s failures in assessing Iraqi weapons programs in the lead-up to the Bush administration’s 2003 invasion. The document highlights that


such “analytic liabilities” kept US analysts from seeing the issue “through an Iraqi prism” and generated findings that helped justify the Iraq war. Prior to the 2003 military occupation of Iraq, the US intelligence community had claimed that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, backed by Washington throughout the 8-year war he waged against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 1980’s, was hiding stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. “Given Iraq’s extensive history of

I 23

deception and only small changes in outward behavior, analysts did not spend adequate time examining the premise that the Iraqis had undergone a change in their behavior, and that what Iraq was saying by the end of 1995 was, for the most part, accurate,” the report reads in part. The key findings of the declassified document are reportedly released nearly in full while the body of the report is filled with blackened codewords, sources and intelligence reports that are still kept classified, seven years after the Iraq Survey Group reported to the CIA director on the near total failure of the prewar assessments. The assessment further states, “Analysts tended to focus on what was most important to us -- the hunt for WMD -- and less on what would be most important for a paranoid dictatorship to protect. Viewed through an Iraqi prism, their reputation, their security, their overall technological capabilities, and their status needed to be preserved.” The document notes that the failure on Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction marks a complete fiasco for the US intelligence community.

US hands over control of Bagram prison to Afghan government

The United States has officially handed over control of the controversial Bagram military prison to the Afghan government. Afghan President Hamid Karzai hailed the move in a ceremony, but there are still unresolved issues as the US still wants to have control over some of the prisoners in the detention center. The measure comes six months after Washington and Kabul signed a deal in which the US consented to give control of the Bagram Detention

Center in the northeastern province of Parwan to Afghan forces. The transfer of more than 600 detainees, still in custody of the US forces, is among the unsettled issues. The fate of more than 3,000 inmates, including 50 foreigners, has not been covered by the agreement. However, many view the transfer as a symbolic move as the US says it still retains the right to arrest Afghans. In May 2010, the International

Committee of the Red Cross confirmed reports of the existence of the detention facility at the Bagram Airbase. The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but years into the invasion, insecurity continues to rise across the country despite the presence of thousands of foreign troops in the war-weary nation.


Abu Dhabi’s Man City to start Academy project


Abu Dhabi-owned Manchester City announced that work is about to start on the the club’s new Football Academy, a key part of the investment made by Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. BAM Construction has been selected as the construction partner, the club said on its website. “This is a landmark project for the Club. City are to build a state of the art youth development and first team training facility on an 80 acre

Passion Islam

site adjacent to the Etihad Stadium,” it said. BAM will begin work on the plot, which forms part of the Etihad Campus, in the coming weeks and are due to complete the project in time for the 2014/15 Premier League season. Sheikh Mansour bought the Manchester club in 2008 and has invested nearly $1bn to help lead it to recent glories of the FA Cup and the Premier League title.

I October 2012

The building of the Academy, which will provide a centre for up to 400 young players as well as housing the first team training base and the club’s operations functions, follows four years of research and planning by club. The City Football Academy will also include on site accommodation for junior and senior players, 16 football pitches, a state of the art first team building with changing rooms, gym, refectory and injury and rehab centre and a 7,000 capacity stadium for youth matches. “Today is an extremely important day for the future of Manchester City Football Club,” said the club’s CEO Ferran Soriano. “We are now in a position, after four years of research and planning, to execute that strategy and we are delighted to join with BAM who will play a large part in helping us to do so.” BAM chief executive Graham Cash added: “We are delighted to be part of the team that will deliver the City Football Academy and we will work hard to play our part in delivering MCFC’s vision of both developing the players of the future and helping to regenerate the community of East Manchester.”

UAE to host Sevens tournament to boost sport in region The United Arab Emirates plans to host an inter-Arabian Gulf Rugby Sevens tournament to boost the sport regionally, ahead of the 2014 Asian Games and the 2016 Olympics. The event is also part of a drive to get Sevens into the West Asian Games, UAE Rugby Association chief Ian Bremner said. Officials have held talks with rugby’s world governing body, the International Rugby Board (IRB), and plan to stage the four-nation event in November. “We’ve just applied last week to the IRB to run a... tournament

here with Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia and ourselves,” Bremner told reporters. “It’s a West Asian Sevens competition and this is obviously on the route towards the Asian Games. Bremner said the IRB had encouraged the UAE to invigorate the sport within the region. “This is our first step in terms of hosting that tournament,” he said. “We’d be very happy for any of the other teams attending to host another leg of that next year.” The UAE’s rugby chiefs are looking to increase the number of nationals playing the game with a

view to future involvement in the Asian and Olympic Games. The sport will feature in the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea and also for the first time at an Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016.


I October 2012

Muslim Businessman takes over at Bradford Bulls

Passion Islam

In Case You Missed It

The RFL Board of Directors has agreed to grant membership of the RFL to Bradford Bulls under the club’s new owners, Omar Khan and Gerry Sutcliffe MP. Membership was suspended earlier this year when the club went into administration. The club were accepted as members of the RFL after Mr Khan and Mr Sutcliffe provided all the information required for the governing body to complete its due diligence into their financial status. RFL Director of Standards and Licensing Blake Solly said: “The Board’s decision finally closes the door on much of the uncertainty that has surrounded Bradford Bulls in recent months. “The club’s new owners have

co-operated fully with the RFL throughout this necessarily extensive process and we look forward to working with Mr Khan and Mr Sutcliffe in the months and years ahead.

“The decision to grant membership is an important step that will help the Board to determine which competition Bradford Bulls will compete in from 2013.” www.passionislam.com

MidEast investors launch $20m bid for Portsmouth buy shares in the club if they are so interested”. The consortium confirmed the offer had been made, and the necessary funds already placed in an escrow account. The troubled club has seen a number of owners in recent years, beginning with Sulaiman Al Fahim who first took over Portsmouth in 2009 when the team played in the Premier League. However, mounting debts saw the club change hands many times after, including twice being owned by businessman Balram Chainrai. After being relegated and moving into administration, there have been growing fears that the club could face permanent closure without an immediate buyer. Both Chanrai and the club’s supporters trust had been involved in buyout talks, but so far neither were available to raise the funds. Middle East investors have lodged a dramatic $20m bid to take over troubled football club Portsmouth. Details of the offer were sent to the club’s administrators which also show that a consortium of investors deposited funds totaling AED75.058m ($20.4m) into an escrow account held by Dubai Bank on August 30. The formal offer to take over the club includes a deal to buy the assets of the club, including the freehold property and players contracts. Full details of payments to creditors are also made in the offer, as well as the repayment of £8.8m over a four year period to former players. The offer letter also says “our client is willing to welcome the Portsmouth Supporters Trust to invest and

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Life of Umar Bin Al-Khattab



“Almighty has placed truth upon Umar’s tongue and heart...” (Abu Dawud, 19-2955) Umar ibn al-Khattab ibn Nufayl ibn Abdul Uzza ibn Riyah ibn Qart ibn Razah ibn Adi ibn Kab ibn Lu’ayy, Amirul-mumineen,Abu Hafs, alQuraishi, al-Adawi, al-Faruq.

Umar’s Life During his last illness Abu Bakr had conferred with his people, particularly the more eminent among them. After this meeting they chose Umar as his successor. Umar was born into a respected Quraish family thirteen years after the birth ofMuhammad . Umar’s family was known for its extensive knowledge of genealogy. When he grew up, Umar was proficient in this branch of knowledge as well as in swordsmanship, wrestling and the art of speaking. He also learned to read and write while still a child, a very rare thing in Mecca at that time. Umar earned his living as a merchant. His trade took him to many foreign lands and he met all kinds of people. This experience gave him an insight into the affairs and problems of men. Umar’s personality was dynamic, self-assertive, frank and straight forward. He always spoke whatever was in his mind even if it displeased others. His Acceptance Of Islam Umar was twenty-seven when the Prophet proclaimed his mission. The ideas Muhammad was preaching enraged him as much as they did the other notables of Mecca. Ibn Umar narrated that: The Prophet said, “O Allah , strengthen Islam with whoever is more beloved to You of these two men: Umar ibn al-Khattab

Passion Islam

or Abu Jahl ibn Hisham.”

He was just as bitter against anyone accepting Islam as others among the Quraish. When his slave-girl accepted Islam he beat her until he himself was exhausted and told her, “I have stopped because I am tired, not out of pity for you.” The story of his embracing Islam is an interesting one. Full of anger against the Prophet , he drew his sword and set out to kill him. A friend met him on the way. When Umar told him what he planned to do, his friend informed him that Umar’s own sister Fatima , and her husband had also accepted Islam. Umar went straight to his sister’s house where he heard murmured voices. Umar asked “Why are you talking in murmured voices?” They had been reading Surah Taha but replied that they were merely engaged in conversation. Umar then said “I suspect that you two have converted”. To this, his brother-inlaw replied “Umar what if the truth is outside your religion?” He fell upon his brother-in-law and started beating him severely. When his sister tried to defend her husband, he struck a blow to her and beat her mercilessly. Bruised and bleeding, she told her brother, “Umar , you can do what you like, but you cannot turn our hearts away from Islam.” These words produced a strange effect upon Umar .What was this faith that made even weak women so strong of heart? He asked his sister to show him what she had been reading; he was at once moved to the core by the words of the Qur’an and immediately grasped their truth. He went straight to the house where the Prophet was staying and vowed allegiance to him.Umar made no secret of his acceptance of Islam.

I October 2012

He gathered the Muslims and offered prayers at the Ka’aba. This boldness and devotion of an influential citizen of Mecca raised the morale of the small community of Muslims. His Emigration Nonetheless Umar was also subjected to privations, and when permission for emigration to Medina came, he also left Mecca.Ali says, “I have not known of anybody who did not emigrate in secret besidesUmar .” At the time of emigration, he strapped on his sword, put his bow over his shoulders and came to the courtyard of the Kabah where the chiefs of the Quraysh were. He performed seven Tawaaf around the Kabah and prayed two Rak’aats behind the Maqam-e-Ibrahim. He then addressed each of the Quraysh leaders turn by turn and said, “Whoever wishes that his children are left orphaned can follow me out of this valley.” Dumbstruck, none of the Quraysh leader’s followed. The Views Of Umar with Confirmatory Revelations Of The Qur’aan Mujahid said that when Umar used to hold a view an Ayat of the Quraan would be revealed confirming his view. Some say that these views amounted to more than twenty. Umar said, “I agreed with my Lord in three things. I asked The Prophet of Allah , if only we were to take the Maqam-e-Ibrahim as a place of prayer and the Ayat was revealed… “and take the Maqam-eIbrahim as a place of prayer.” I asked the Prophet of Allah both good and bad strange men come and visit your wives if only you could

I October 2012 tell them to cover their faces and the Ayat of Purdah was revealed. The wives of Rasulullah were united in jealousy and I said to the wives that perhaps if Rasulullah divorces you he will get wives better than you. The Ayat in these exact words were revealed.”

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His Miracles Once Umar was delivering the Khutbah on the day of Jummah and suddenly he turned around and shouted, ‘Sariyah the mountain! He who asks the wolf to be the shepherd will be destroyed.’ People started looking at one another in confusion as to what caused Umar to shout these words. Umar then explained that it occurred to me that the idolaters were going to defeat our fellow brothers that have gone out in battle. Our brothers were passing by the mountain and if they had passed by, they would have been destroyed but if they looked in front of the mountain, they would have been able to fight against the idolaters. A month later when the Muslims returned from the battle, they mentioned that when they had passed by the mountain they heard the voice of Umar and when they turned towards the mountain, Allah gave them victory. It is said that the mountain was in Persian Iraq. It was Umar’s miracle that his voice was heard at such a distance. Ibn Umar narrates that onceUmar asked a man his name. The man replied ‘Jamrah (a live coal)’. Umar then asked the name of his father. The man replied ‘Shihab(flame)’. Umar asked regarding the tribe that Jamrah was from. Jamrah replied ‘al-Hurqah (a state of burning). Umar then asked with regards to his dwelling. He replied ‘al-Harrah (the vocaninc tract)’. Umar asked ‘in which one of them?’ He said ‘Dhat Ladha (the blazing one)’. Umar said go to your family for they have been burnt. Surely when the man returned to his family, they were all burnt. When Egypt was conquered, its people came to Amr ibn al-Aas when it was the first day of a month, and they said to him, ‘We have a custom, and this River Nile will not flow until 11 nights of this month have elapsed. We will then seek a young virgin girl and with the consent of her parents we will adorn her and then throw

her into the Nile. With this ritual, the Nile will begin to flow.’ To this Amribn al-Aas replied that there is no such ritual in Islam. Islam wipes out all the customs that came before it. The Egyptians left and the Nile did not flow at all.Amr wrote a letter to Umar-ibn-al Khattab expressing his concern about the matter. Umar wrote back to him saying, ‘You were right in what you said. Truly Islam demolishes what precedes it.’ He also sent an additional slip of paper and wrote, ‘I have sent an additional piece of paper which you are to throw in the Nile.’ When Amr opened the paper, he found written on the paper: ‘From the slave of Allah, Umar ibn al-Khattab Amir al –Mumineen to the Nile of Egypt. Now if you used to flow before, then do not flow! If it was Allah that made you flow, then I ask the Overwhelming One to make you flow.’ Amr threw the slip into the Nile a day before the ritual was to take place. They woke up in the morning, and Allah made it flow and it rose sixteen cubits in one night. Allah cut off this custom of the people of Egypt in one day. His Description Ibn Umar describes Umar of being a man of fair complexion but extremely ruddy, tall and stout, balding and grey-haired. Salamah ibn Akwa said: ‘Umar was both left and right handed, meaning that he used to use both his hands together. From various sources it is known that Umar’s mother was Hantamah who was the sister of Abu Jahl ibn Hisham. His Khilafah The soundness of Umar’s judgment, his devotion to the Prophet , his outspokenness and uprightness won for him a trust and confidence from the Prophet which was second only to that given to Abu Bakr. The Prophet gave him the title ‘Farooq’ which means the ‘Separator of Truth from False hood.’ During the Caliphate of Abu Bakr , Umar was his closest assistant and adviser. When Abu Bakr passed away, all the people of Medina swore allegiance to Umar , and on 23 Jamadi-al-Akhir, 13 A.H., he was proclaimed Caliph. In the year 14 AH Damascus,

SPECIAL FEATURE I 27 Homms (ancient Emessa), Baalbek, Basra and Ubullah was opened to Islam. In this very same year, Umar united people in reading Salat-utTarawih (prayers for Ramadhaan) in congregation. In the year 15 AH, Jordan was opened to Islam. In this year there were the battles of Yarmuk and Qadisiyyah of which Ibn Jarir said: ‘Umar paid regular wages for the fighting men and gave allowances according to priority,’ In the year 16 AH, Ahwaz and Mada’in were opened to Islam and Jumma Salaat was established in Mada’in and this was the first Jumma Salaat to be held in Iraq. In the year 17 AH Umar increased the size of the Prophet’s mosque. There was also drought and famine in this year and this was known as the year of destruction. Umar prayed for the rain in order to be relieved from the drought by means of Al-Abbas . Umar took the hand of Al-Abbas, raised it and said: Oh Allah , we are in front of you by means of the Prophet’s uncle. Drive the drought away from us and give us to drink from Your rain. The prayer was accepted and they did not leave until they were given to drink. It rained heavily for days. In the year 18 AH, Jundaysbur, Hulwan, Sumaysat, Harran, Nasibin, a part of Mesopotamia and Mosul were opened to Islam. In the year 19 AH, Caesaera was opened to Islam. In the year 20 AH, Egypt, Northwestern Africa and Tustar were opened to Islam. In the very same year,Umar expelled the Jews from Khaybar and Najran. In the year 21 AH, Nahawand and Barqah were opened to Islam. In the year 22 AH, Azerbaijan, Dinawr, Masabdhan, Hamadan, Tripoli of North Africa, Rai, Askar and Qumas were opened to Islam. In the year 23 AH, Kirman, Sijistan, Makran and Isfahan were opened to Islam. At the end of this year was the death of Sayyidina Umar ibn alKhattab . Ibn al-Musayyab said: ‘When Umar returned from Mina to Makkah, he made his camel kneel down, he sat on the ground and raised his hands towards the sky and said: ‘Oh Allah! I have advanced in my years; Continued on page 28

I SPECIAL FEATURE Life of Umar Bin Al-Khattab - Continued from page 27


I have gone weak so take me to You without me being wasteful.’ Dhul Hijjah had not even ended and Umar was martyred. His Martydom It was on the 27th Dhul Hijjah 26 A.H. that the great Amir Ul Mumineen Umar Ibn Al- Khattab was martyred. The enemies of Islam would not leave a man like `Umar to carry on his wonderful achievements in the service of Islam and the Muslims. And the venomous Rancours that were still existent in the hearts of the Persian and Byzantine slaves would never make them forget that it was `Umar who had caused them to lead that life of servility. `Umar was one day walking in Madinah when a Persian youth, named “Fairouz” and surnamed “`Abu-Lu’lu’ah”, met him. That youth was a slave under “Al-Mugheerahibn-Shu’bah”, and had been taken captive after the conquest of Nahawand. To the Commander of the Faithful, he complained of his master saying that he had imposed upon him four dirhams to be paid every day. `Umar asked him about his job, and the answer was that he worked as a carpenter, a blacksmith and a house painter. Then `Umar remarked that the tax his master had imposed upon him was quite fair, but the youth was not happy with that remark, and went away full of indignation. This story is nothing more than a spurious pretext which might have been plotted to kill the Commander of the Faithful. Umar met that youth again while he was in the company of some friends of his. He called him and said: “I have been informed that you claim to be able to make a mill that grinds by the power of the wind.” The youth asserted that he was. So Umar said to him: “Then make us one,” to which the youth answered: “I will certainly make you a mill that will be the chitchat of all the people in the cities.” When the youth went away, Umar said to those with him: “The slave has threatened me already.” Umar could not do anything

against that abominable Magian because, according to the Islamic law, a man can never be convicted on the basis of suspicion or uncertainty. So one day, one of the blackest days in the history of mankind, at dawn in the mosque, when Umar started to lead the Muslims in prayer saying: “(Allahu Akbar)”, Abu-Lu’lu’ah, came unnoticed out of his hiding place in a dark corner of the mosque, as a poisonous serpent coming out of its dark pit. He went straight towards Umar , and, with a dagger in his hand, aimed three deadly stabs in the back, at which the Amir-ulMumineen fell down on the ground with a heavy effusion of blood. Above all things, what concerned him was the continuation of the prayer. He took the hand of `Abdur-Rahman ibn ‘Awf and sent him ahead to lead the prayer. Then he said: “Catch that dog; he has killed me,” as though he knew it was that Magian dog who had committed the hideous crime. Umar was afterwards carried to his home. He was out of his senses. One of the people around said: “Wake him up so that he may say his prayer.” The call to prayer brought him back to his senses; he said: “Oh yes! The prayer! No fortune in Islam for him who abandons his prayer!’’ Then he demanded to be helped to perform ablution, after which he said his prayer. When he was assured that his murderer was Abu-Lu’lu’ah, he said: “Praise be to Allah Who has not ordained my murder to be committed by a man who can argue with me before Allah on the plea that he has once prostrated to Him.” When the last hour approached, and there was no single hope of recovery, Umar commanded his son `Abdullah to go to Aa’ishah , the Mother of the Believers, and ask her permission to have him buried beside his favourite brothers: the Prophet , and Abu-Bakr . She gave him that permission. It has been related that the Prophet , one day seeing `Umar with a shirt on, asked him: “Is your shirt a new one or has it been

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previously worn?” When `Umar said, “It has been previously worn, O Messenger of Allah,” the Prophet said, “Wear the new, live benignly and die a martyr. And may Allah offer you happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.” And `Umar died a martyr reciting these words from the Glorious Qur’an: “And the Command of Allah is a decree determined.” [ Chapter “AlAhzab”, verse 38.] Someone asked him to make a bequest and appoint a successor. In reply to this he said, “I see noone with more right to appoint a successor than the six men who the Messenger of Allah has mentioned. I bequest the successor after me to be obedient to Allah, pay particular care to the Muhajirun and the Ansar and treat the people of the provinces well.” Abdullah ibn Umar says: “When my father passed away we went walking with him to the house of Aishah and called out the greeting and said Umar seeks permission to enter. Aishah replied ‘bring him in’. He was brought in and buried next to his two companions.” After the burial, that group of six gathered in order to delegate the authority of a successor. Az-Zubayr said: ‘I delegate the authority to Ali . Sa’ad said: ‘I delegate the authority to Abd-ar-Rahman.’ Talhah said ‘I delegate the authority to Uthmaan.’ Abd-ar-Rahman said ‘I do not want this authority, which of you two will quit this matter and we will delegate this authority to the remaining one? Both Ali and Uthmaan were silent. Abd-ar-Rahman said delegate me to choose and I will choose what’s best for you. Both Ali and Uthmaan agreed and he pledged allegiance to Uthmaan . Umar was struck on Wednesday, four days before the end of Dhul Hijjah, he was buried on Sunday, the day of the new moon of Muharram. He was sixty-three years old and Suhayb performed the funeral prayer over him.

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