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COVER-UP How Mi5 Issue: 63

June 2013

Cameron and Blair accused of Iraq war cover-up Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and current premier David Cameron have been accused of striking a secret deal to prevent the Chilcot inquiry to publish Iraq war key documents. Former British Foreign Secretary David Owen said extracts of letters between ex-US President George Bush and Blair have not been made public to save the former PM’s reputation. Speaking at the literary festival in Hay-on-Wye in Wales, Owen said Cameron had supported Blair’s decision to keep the publication of the documents related to the Iraq war secret. “Publication of the Bush extracts would not be blocked if Tony Blair had not objected, nor that objection had not been supported by the present Prime Minister David Cameron,” said Owen. “It is hard to escape the conclusion that No 10 hopes to win Approved by

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Tried to Recruit Woolwich Attacker

ITV News has uncovered that the family of Woolwich suspect Michael Adebalajo was approached by British security services MI5 and MI6. The claims come from former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg. He runs a charity which lobbies on behalf of terror suspects. Speaking to ITV News he said: “He came to our organisation sometime in April 2012 with some members of his family, who’d spoken about the approach to him and members of the family by the security services. They were in Continued on page 3

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Passion Islam

I June 2013

By Ajmal Masroor

Imam, Broadcaster and Relationship Expert

Syrian conflict – Iran and Hezbollah enter the fray

In any war there are the good guys and there are bad guys. In this Syrian civil war, the good guys are the Syrian people and the bad guys are Bashar Al Asad and his thugs. The evil of this regime cannot be described in words; it started from Hafiz Al Assad, the father of the current president. He came to power through a military coup. He was inspired by the Ba’athist ideology and ruled the country with an iron fist, terror and extreme punishment. He massacred his opponents regularly. The Western educated son, Bashar Al Asad was thought to have some civilizing streak in him but he has lived up to his father’s brutal reputation. In order to stay in power, he has given his people an ultimatum; you either accept his rule or get killed. In this fight the choice is clear; we should all support the Syrian people and oppose the evil dictator. We should campaign to bring Bashar al Asad and his thugs to the international criminal court for war crimes. A confirmed report of at least 30 Hezbollah fighters killed and scores injured while fighting in

Syria. Can someone please tell me what is Hezbollah doing in Syria and who are they fighting for? Reports indicate that they have taken part in the killing of Syrian people. If people of Syria are fighting a dictator who has been responsible for the death of more than a hundred thousand people, rapes of thousands of women and young girls and destruction of Syria, why is Hezbollah siding the dictator and becoming part of the brutal killing machine of Asad? I thought Hezbollah’s moral purpose was to defend its borders from Israeli attacks? Mr Hassan NasrAllah, why are your men inside Syria? Who are you helping? Whose agenda are they serving? It is not befitting of a man of our stature to side evil. Is it not in total contradiction your faith? I have also extremely reliable intelligence that confirms Iran is supplying arms and logistical support to this evil regime. Iran should not be supporting dictators in any part of the world if it claims to be an Islamic country and a civilized democracy. I thought the Ayatollah Khamenei is on record

condemning USA for aiding and abetting many proxy wars in the world. Surely he cannot be following the USA’s footsteps now? Mr Khamenei, let me remind you of the words of God that I believe you hold very close to your heart, that is, taking one life is tantamount to taking the lives of the entire humanity and saving lives is similar to saving the lives of the entire humanity and you must stand for justice and fairness even if it means you have to go against yourself, your families and friends. For justice is closest station to Godliness. Mr Khamenei you cannot claim to be a holy man with depth of spirituality and God consciousness and at the same time support a murderous and evil regime! This fight has never been sectarian, never between the Shi’a community and the Sunni community. I lament at the prospect of it ever becoming one! Yet the war is fast sliding into a sectarian one that could draw all the neighbouring countries. It would cause carnage reminiscent of nothing ever in our history. The instability and blood bath would be untold and unimaginable. This would take us back hundreds of years; it would cause instability in the world and certainly be the beginning of the end of Syria. It is a shame that the Hezbollah and Iranian leadership would unleash the venom of destruction on the region. There is still time to pull back and support the Syrian people become free. In the words of a poet – “One who does an evil or one who tolerates an evil, are both destined to burn in hell.”

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Passion Islam

I June 2013


How Mi5 tried to recruit Cameron and Blair accused of Woolwich attacker


Iraq war cover-up

Continued from front page

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a state of great worry and didn’t know what to do. “His immediate family members had been approached in order that he work with them.” Brother-in-law James Thompson also stated that repeated attempts by MI5 to recruit Adebolajo as an informant, and repeated contact they had with other family members seeking information about him.

Further to add to the evidence Abu Nusaybah revealed to BBC newsnight programme in an interview that his friend Michael Adebolajo had allegedly been harassed by British security agencies and tortured in Kenya with their knowledge. He was arrested immediately after the interview, he is currently being held in police custody at the time of going to press.

the neutrality or possibly tacit support of Blair by the general election,” he added. The documents are likely to uncover that Blair had already agreed to attack Iraq up to a year before the 2003 US-led invasion of the Arab country. The Chilcot Inquiry into British involvement in the Iraq war and its aftermath was set by former PM Gordon Brown in June 2009 and is expected to issue its report this autumn despite long delays. The US and Britain invaded Iraq in blatant violation of international law in 2003 under the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction (WMD) allegedly stockpiled by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. No WMDs, however, were ever discovered in Iraq. More than one million Iraqis were killed as a result of the invasion and subsequent occupation of the country, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.




I June 2013

BBC apologises to Tunisian politician over terrorist link The BBC has been forced to apologise and pay damages to a Tunisian politician over a story published on its website last November, claiming false links with extremist groups. The story falsely suggested Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda political party, had condoned terrorist attacks by extremist groups and that he made threats to frustrate the country’s democratic process. The apology, which ran on the BBC website, said: “In a ‘Viewpoint’ article by a contributor titled ‘Tunisia at Risk’, posted on 21 November 2012, some statements were made about Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of the Tunisian Ennahda Party, which were incorrect. It was said that a video recording of a meeting between Mr Ghannouchi and some Salafists appeared to show him co-ordinating policy

Passion Islam

with them and that this suggested he condoned the violent attack by Salafists on the United States mission and the burning of the American School in Tunis in September 2012. It is accepted that Mr Ghannouchi did not condone the attacks and that the meeting with the Salafists had nothing to do with those subsequent events. The article also wrongly stated that Mr Ghannouchi had threatened, prior to the elections in 2011, to order troops on to the streets if the Ennahda Party did not get the results he expected. It is accepted that he did not make this statement. The BBC apologises to Mr Ghannouchi for these mistakes and the distress they caused him.”

Ghannouchi’s solicitors, Carter Ruck, said the BBC had paid “a substantial sum in damages” to its client as well as his legal costs. Ghannouchi said: “I am delighted that the BBC has apologised over these wholly false allegations. I welcome that the BBC has set the record straight and made clear that these allegations were entirely unfounded.”



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Passion Islam

I June 2013


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SYRIA EMERGENCY APPEAL More than 7,000 Killed

Tens of thousands have been displaced. The country is now sliding into civil war. The city of Homs - the resting place of Khalid Bin Walid Radiallahu ‘anhu - and its people are being shelled every day. Ummah Welfare Trust is working inside the country, providing dry food rations to widowed and orphaned families in Homs and Damascus.

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UK sold $874m of arms to Gulf in 2012 - report



Passion Islam

I June 2013

Special Feature

The last rites of the muslim revert By Abdul B Sheikh

The tragic death of sister Simran Ahmed in Dewsbury in April 2013 highlighted a number of issues likely to affect Muslim reverts in the near future, namely that of when one dies how should the deceased be laid to rest. Should the deceased have their last funeral rites in accordance with the faith they had entered into or be dealt with in accordance of the faith he or she was born into. Indeed, this is precisely the dilemma that has gripped the local Muslim community in North Kirklees in the last month and still continues. Many of you reading this article will be asking why are we having this discussion, especially when the person has reverted to Islam and been a Muslim for a sustained period of time. However this particular case along with others have been highly contentious over the years where various people, such as family, friends, and individuals in the community are making conflicting claims in terms of the practices and more importantly the beliefs of the deceased. Indeed, Muslim communities in the UK have been slow to react to situations of this nature when more and more Muslim brothers and sisters are choosing to get married to people from outside their culture and faith culminating in people entering the house of Islam through conversion. The days of Muslim brothers and sisters marrying in their own families or culture in the UK are becoming more and more remote by the day. Moreover, changing habits, practices and trends mean

The UK sold £575.7m ($874.5m) worth of arms to four GCC countries last year, despite concerns over human rights following the Arab Spring, according to an arms trade watchdog. The greatest fear was directed at Saudi Arabia, which was granted arms export licences worth £112m for 209 items, including aircraft, helicopters, and drones worth £81.4m, armoured vehicles and tanks worth £8.8m and crowd control ammunition grenades worth up to £3.2m, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has revealed, using information from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). In the past four years, the UK sold nearly £4bn in arms to the kingdom, which is ranked poorly in international democracy and press freedom indexes and still carries out capital

punishment on a regular basis. The UK also sold £433m worth of military equipment and services to Oman last year, £26.2m to the UAE and £4.6m to Bahrain, which has been heavily criticised internationally for supressing democracy campaigns since 2011, which have led to several deaths. The Guardian reported that the government insisted the rules for granting licences were robust and transparent, but campaigners argued the regulations allowed substantial arms exports to authoritarian regimes. During two visits to Saudi Arabia last year, UK Prime Minister David Cameron also defended arms sales to Gulf countries as “entirely legitimate” and said such sales contributed to the 600,000 jobs in the UK’s arms industry.

that the issues we have been discussing will become the norm rather than the exception. One would suggest that Mosques and Muslim organisations create legally binding documents under the supervision and guidance from solicitors so that reverts can easily understand, sign and affirm that they are Muslim and more importantly they wish to have their last rites being performed in accordance with the Islamic tradition. Such measures would then potentially remove any doubts, suspicions and the rumour mill going into over drive as to what the last wishes of the deceased

were and whether they belonged to the Muslim faith. Other measures Muslim organisations could also consider would be to have a register of the names and details of Muslim reverts in their local area and this would enable them to then compile a database of information allowing them to provide assistance and support on a regular basis. One is of the opinion that it is high time that Muslim organisations and mosque committees look at the implications of this tragic event and be pro-active when it comes to meeting the pressing needs and requirements of the ever-growing Muslim communities.

I June 2013

UK requests EU to blacklist Hezbollah

Passion Islam

Britain has formally requested the European Union to blacklist Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, despite massive opposition in the EU. The request, which has been made despite concerns by France and Germany, is to be discussed at the European Foreign Ministers, al-Hayat daily quoted unnamed French sources as saying. According to the paper, London has based its claim against Hezbollah on its involvement in the conflict in Syria and in a bombing in Bulgaria. The French government is reportedly against listing Hezbollah’s

full military wing as a terrorist group and has given its go-ahead for only a number of the Lebanese resistance movement’s officials to be blacklisted. The British will have to persuade Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Greece, among other EU governments, to be able to get Hezbollah banned. London’s push is a copy cat move on Washington’s blacklisting of Hezbollah. The Bulgarian government has accused Hezbollah of involvement in the attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last July while Hezbollah has rejected the accusations as baseless. Bulgarian opposition MPs have also lashed out at their government for “not providing solid proof to charge Hezbollah” stressing that their government has caved under pressure by the Israeli regime to launch a smear campaign against the resistance movement.



British military to extend tours of duty in Afghanistan Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has announced that British troops are to continue the war in Afghanistan with an 8 month so-called tour of duty instead of 6 months, as was previously the norm. The opposition Labour party, which presents itself as centre-left wing, did not oppose Hammond’s statement and instead said they wanted the extended deployment in Afghanistan to be successful. Moreover, a reported total of 444 British personnel have died in Afghanistan since the invasion in 2001. British MP George Galloway along with many other anti-war campaigners has urged the government on many occasions to withdraw from the South Asian country to avoid further death and misery.

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I June 2013

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Passion Islam

I June 2013



Family of murdered Muslim man angry with police investigation

The killing of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich received widespread media coverage. Not all killings are treated this way. Mohammed Saleem, a 75 year old pensioner, was murdered in the street in Birmingham on 29 April. Mohammed’s son, Shahid, told Socialist Worker, “My father was coming home from evening prayers as he did every day.

“He was brutally attacked and stabbed from behind. “When we raised with the police that this might be racist they went cold on us. “We don’t know if it was racially motivated, but we can think of no other reason that anyone would want to kill my father.” Shahid’s sister has complained to police watchdog the IPCC about

the police handling of the case. “We are not happy with the investigation,” Shahid said. “A man was seen running after the murder. And a people carrier was seen trailing my father with two men in it. “We just want justice.” Shahid said there are “double standards” in how police treat victims. “If an Asian man was seen running after a white pensioner had been murdered, they would have kicked down the doors of everyone in the neighbourhood,” he said. “After what happened in Woolwich, Muslims are going to be targeted even more. “But after my father’s murder, churches were not asked to condemn the killing.” Shahid stressed that not everyone accepted racism. “I have had support from people from all different backgrounds, white neighbours, school friends I haven’t seen for years,” he said. “It has been heartwarming.” by Judith Orr

UK to set up business centres in UAE to help SMEs In Case You Missed It

The UK is to set up business centres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a bid to help British small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to set up in the UAE and was chosen as the launch market for a global business masterplan by the British government. The UK Department of Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the British Business Groups in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of the two business centres. The initiative is part of UK Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green’s aim to improve the competitiveness of British companies overseas and the UAE is one of

20 pilot markets taking part in the masterplan. The move is part of growing ties between the two countries. This week it was revealed both governments are also in talks to consider a proposal to waive visas for Emiratis entering the UK. The London government is actively in talks with UAE authorities regarding a proposal to waive visas for Emiratis entering the UK, Alistair Burt, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, told reporters at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. “We will let people know,” Burt said when asked about a timeline for the proposal. The press conference was to mark the tenth meeting of

the UK-UAE Taskforce, which was co-chaired by Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Federal National Council Affairs. As part of the talks, Gargash said a proposal to establish a prisoner transfer agreement between the two countries was “working well”.




Passion Islam

I June 2013

Conversion to Islam in Britain report

Passion Islam

I June 2013


I 11

In Case You Missed It

A ground-breaking report examining the experiences of nearly 50 British women of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and faiths (or no faith) – who have all converted to Islam – was launched in London by the University of Cambridge. The report produced by the University’s Centre of Islamic Studies (CIS), in association with the New Muslims Project, Markfield, is a fascinating dissection of the conversion experience of women in Britain in the 21st Century. The first forum of its kind held in the UK, the study concludes with a series of recommendations for the convert, heritage Muslim, and wider British communities. The 129-

page report also outlines the social, emotional and sometimes economic costs of conversion, and the context and reasons for women converting to Islam in a society with pervasive negative stereotypes about the faith. Project Leader and Director of CIS, Yasir Suleiman, said: “The consistent themes flowing through the report is the need for increased levels of support for the convert community – and the converts’ own potential to be a powerful and transformative influence on both the heritage Muslim community and wider British society. “Another of the recurring themes was the overwhelmingly negative portrayal of Muslims

and Islam in the UK media and what role the convert community might have to play in helping to redress the balance. This report seeks to dispel misapprehensions and misrepresentations of female converts to Islam.” A key revelation of the study was the heavily disproportionate attention, bordering on obsession in some cases, given to white, female converts to Islam by both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike. This is often to the detriment of African-Caribbean converts, thought to be the largest ethnic group of converts to Islam, who are often ignored and left feeling isolated by both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Meanwhile, the project also reveals the complex relationship between female converts and their families, ranging from exclusion, disbelief and denial - to full and open acceptance of their faith. It also brings to light responses of converts to issues of sexuality and gender including homosexuality, ‘traditional’ roles of women and transgenderism. Full report can be read at http://bit.ly/12tv0YM

London firm launches Islamic insurance platform London-based firm Cobalt has developed a sharia-compliant insurance platform that uses a syndication model to help spread risk across a panel of underwriters, a novel format that could boost capacity in the sector. Under the platform, Cobalt allows multiple insurers to pool their capacity and each can subscribe to the desired level of risk though individual Islamic windows, said chief executive Richard Bishop. “We are syndicating the risk across a panel of insurers. What we are about is developing an Islamic alternative in London for Islamic

insurance,” Bishop said. Cobalt aims to address capacity constraints in the takaful (Islamic insurance) industry, which is based on the concept of mutuality; where a company oversees a segregated pool of funds contributed by all policy holders. In their investments, takaful firms must follow religious guidelines such as a ban on interest and pure speculation. Global takaful contributions were expected to reach $12.4 billion in 2012, according to a report by consultants Ernst & Young last April. The platform allows each insurer

to have a takaful window, where policyholder funds are segregated from conventional funds, without affecting their rating levels and helping price the risk competitively, said Bishop. “It is essential to our offering that all security is of at least an A rating in order to satisfy the requirements of both buyers and their financiers,” he said. The risk is priced by a lead insurer and other firms must then subscribe under similar terms, a similar approach to the subscription model used in London’s insurance market.




Passion Islam

I June 2013

US anti-terror policies violate human rights: UNHCR

Passion Islam

I June 2013


I 13

In Case You Missed It

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has described the US government’s antiterror policies as a gross violation of human rights. “The United States’ failure to shut down the Guantanamo [prison]… has been an example of the struggle against terrorism failing to uphold human rights, among them the right to a fair trial,” said Pillay. Inmates at the US military prison complex in Cuba have been on

hunger strike since February. The 166 hunger strikers stopped eating to protest their indefinite detention without charges, as well as intrusive search of their cells and personal belongings. “Allegedly, more than half of the 166 detainees still being held in detention have been cleared for transfer to either home countries or third countries for resettlement, yet they remain in detention at Guantanamo Bay. Others reportedly

Palestinians lost 92% of their historical lands

The Palestinian Land Research Center said that Palestinians have lost 92% of their land since the British occupation in 1917. Land Research Center (LRD) has issued on Sunday during a press conference in Ramallah its annual report on Israeli violations of Palestinian rights for 2012. Jamal al-Omla, the director of the center, stated that 2012 had witnessed an Israeli escalation in settlement construction and expansion at the expense of Palestinian lands and houses. During the conference, al-Omla confirmed through maps and charts that Palestinian controlled area has decreased to reach 8% of the whole Palestinian historical territories (27,000 km 2) since the British colonization through successive

Israeli governments till now. The Land Research Center affirmed that 86 mosques and 24 churches were attacked by Israeli settlers during 2012. The center’s director called for prosecuting the Israeli occupation for its human rights violations and called for exposing the Israeli practices against Palestinian legitimate rights. www.passionislam.com

have been designated for indefinite detention,” Pillay added. The high commissioner also criticized the US assassination drone program and its lack of transparency that “has created an accountability vacuum, in which victims have been unable to seek redress.” The comment came after US President Barack Obama defended the use of the controversial drones as “self-defense.” However, casualty figures clearly indicate that civilians are the main victims. Pillay went on to condemn many European states of colluding with the US in its so-called ‘war on terror’, namely through the global kidnapping and rendition program. “I am dismayed by the continuing failure of many European States to undertake public and independent investigations of past involvement in the US renditions program…Credible and independent investigations are a vital first step towards accountability, and I call on States to make this a priority,” Pillay concluded.

FCO confirms Briton killed in Syria The UK Foreign Office has confirmed that a Briton fighting in Syria was killed in Idlib, Syria. The 23-year-old man, named as Ali Almanasfi, was among three Westerners who were ambushed by Syrian government forces in their car while traveling through the northwestern province. The TV footage showed a black car covert in bullet holes and three bodies laid out with multiple gunshot wounds. “We understand that a British National has been killed in Syria. Their family have been informed and we are providing consular assistance,” said a Foreign Office spokesperson. www.passionislam.com



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I June 2013

Greek Government to provide funding for Athens mosque 16


The Greek Ministry of Education announced that it will provide funding from its 2013 budget for the construction of the first official prayer space for Muslims in the Greek capital. While Athens has many historic mosques constructed during centuries of Ottoman rule, they have been designated as historic sites and thus cannot be used for worship. The Greek daily newspaper To Vima reported that the allocated

Passion Islam

funds will be paid in two installments in the second and third quarters of this year. It has been widely reported in the Greek press as the removal of the final real barrier to building a mosque in the Greek capital that meets the requirements of Muslim worship. There have been proposals to build a modern mosque in Athens since 1890, and the issue has been raised repeatedly since the 1970s, as Athens experienced an influx of

Saudi Arabia donates $100.000 to UN

Dr. Bandar bin Mohammad Al- Aiban, President of the Human Rights Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that the Kingdom donated US$ 100.000 to support the United Nations Fund for Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking, especially Women and Children. He expressed, in the name of Saudi Arabia, appreciation of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to what have been achieved of successive executive and legislative developments during the past few years, for human dignity and

protection from trafficking and exploitation. During his speech at the assessment meeting of United Nations Global Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons, held at United Nations Headquarters in New York, Dr. Al-Aiban said: “Our meeting here is to assess the achievements, identify loopholes and challenges in the areas relevant to combating trafficking in persons. It is only a new brick to strengthen our resolve to achieve more for the prevention of this crime in all its forms, and respond to, and assist and protect its victims of exploitation.”

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Arab immigrants. Several proposals have been considered over the past 40 years, especially as a part of wider disputes between Greece and its predominately Muslim neighbor, Turkey. A proposed capacity of 350, the planned mosque is more a symbolic gesture in a country whose constitution declares that it is “predominately” Greek Orthodox. Athens has a growing Muslim population comprised mainly of immigrants from across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, as well as the Balkans. Lacking an official prayer space, Muslims often meet to pray in unofficial spaces such as warehouses and basements. These present a hazard in the event of an earthquake or other emergency, as they usually lack sufficient exits. There have been a handful of prosecutions of people repurposing commercial properties as prayer spaces in the Greek capital.

Islamic Affairs Ministry allocates SR 6 million for mosques The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance has allocated SR 6, 577,764 for the implementation of projects relating to mosques in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Undersecretary of Ministry for Administrative and Technical Affairs Abdullah bin Ibrahim AlHuwaimel pointed out that the Ministry has signed contracts with national companies for the establishment, restoration, maintenance and cleanliness of a number of mosques in the Kingdom.

US launches terror drone from warship

Passion Islam

I June 2013

The US military has conducted a test flight of an assassination drone as large as a fighter jet off the deck of an American aircraft carrier, pointing to plans to fly the unmanned aircraft from anywhere in the world. Test flight of the X-47B drone, designed to take off and land on an aircraft carrier, will mean the American military would no longer have to seek the permission of foreign governments to use their air bases to launch unmanned planes, AP reported. The persisting US military’s bid to expand its capabilities to launch its assassination and spying drones comes amid the rising criticism


of the American use of Predator and Reaper aircrafts to conduct intelligence missions and launch terror missile strikes against targets in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen as part of its so-called targeted killing plans. This is while a growing number of critics in the US and abroad have charged that assassination drone attacks cause massive civilian deaths and are carried out with inadequate oversight. According to the report, while the X-47B isn’t intended for operational use, it will assist Navy authorities to develop future carrier-based drones. The drones could begin operating

Mubarak appears in fresh trial over protesters deaths Ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has appeared in court to face a new trial over his role in the killing of anti-government protesters in 2011. The trial is being held at a police academy on the outskirts of the capital, Cairo. The former ruler was airlifted to the Cairo court from a nearby prison. Mubarak appeared in court with other top aides including his interior minister, Habib al-Adly last month. Mubarak and several of his top officials are accused of complicity in the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators during the Egyptian

revolution. Mubarak and his two sons Gamal and Alaa are also being retried on corruption charges. The defendants have all pleaded not guilty to the multiple charges. The former longtime ruler was sentenced to life in prison last June, but an appeals court later overturned the sentence and ordered a retrial. The government prosecutors told the judge that they are presenting new evidence from a fact-finding committee’s report. Latest reports say Egypt’s court has decided to adjourn Mubark’s retrial to June 6, 2013.


I 17

by 2020, according to Rear Adm. Mat Winter, the Navy’s program executive officer for unmanned aviation and strike weapons. Developed by Northrop Grumman under a 2007 contract at a cost of $1.4 billion, the X-47B is capable of carrying weapons and providing around-the-clock intelligence, surveillance and targeting, according to the report, citing Navy officials. The X-47B can reach an altitude of more than 40,000 feet (12,192 meters) and has a range of more than 2,100 nautical miles (3,890 kilometers), versus 675 for the Predator. Moreover, the US Navy plans to demonstrate that the assassination drone can be refueled in flight, which would give it even greater range. www.passionislam.com

Madinah governor opens educational complex Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Madinah region and Chairman of Supreme Committee of Madinah Events as Capital of Islamic Culture 2013, opened here yesterday Dar AlQalam Complex and Educational Museum within the framework of Madinah events. The Prince toured Dar Al-Qalam Complex which contains Institute of Holy Quran Memorization, Institute of Arabic Calligraphy, and historical documents relating to education in Madinah region for more than 80 years. The ceremony was attended by Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed, Minister of Education, Minister of Transport Dr. Jubarah bin Eid Al-Suraiseri, President of Islamic Development Bank Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ali, and a number of officials.



Passion Islam

I June 2013

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I June 2013


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Israel tanks, bulldozers invade northeast Gaza Strip




Israeli tanks and bulldozers have carried out an incursion into northeastern areas of the Gaza Strip, local sources say. A number of Israeli tanks and bulldozers infiltrated into Palestinianowned lands in the town of Beit Hanoun. The Israeli forces also entered Beit Hanoun, razing Palestinian farmlands and forcing the farmers to leave the area. Israel has carried out a number of incursions into Gaza in the past

Passion Islam

weeks, including three airstrikes on the southern town of Khan Younis and near the town of Rafah in southern Gaza in late April. The attacks are in violation of a ceasefire which brought an end to Israel’s eight-day war against Palestinians last November. According to Israeli Walla website, the Israeli army is preparing to launch Operation Pillar of Defense II against the Gaza Strip in a bid to eliminate Hamas resistance movement.

Saudi Arabia unveils first anti-domestic abuse ad Saudi Arabia has published its first advert intended to discourage domestic abuse against women and children. The image, which has been backed the King Khalid Charitable Foundation, features a close-up of a woman wearing a niqab, with one of her eyes visibly bruised. The advertisement’s text reads: “Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together.” Reports of violence against women in the Saudi Arabian press are frequent, with the perpetrators often being husbands or other family members. In recent years though there have been indications that absolute monarch King Abdullah has pursued

a reformist agenda in terms of women’s rights.

I June 2013

The Islamic movement in Palestine has also warned against an imminent Israeli attack against the besieged coastal enclave. The group’s military wing, AlQuds Brigades, has been holding military exercises in order to prepare its members for a possible Israeli aggression, the movement said. Israel launched the so-called Operation Pillar of Defense I against Gaza in November 2012. Over 160 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed and about 1,200 others were injured and more than 1,500 targets were hit across the Palestinian enclave during the eightday war. In retaliation, Palestinian resistance fighters fired rockets and missiles into Israeli cities, killing at least five Israelis. The offensive ended after Egypt brokered a truce between Hamas and Israel. According to a Hamas spokesman, Israel’s eight-day aggression against the Gaza Strip caused more than USD 1.2 billion in direct and indirect damages. www.passionislam.com

New built mosque in Croatia attacked

A new Islamic Center/Mosque in the Croatian city of Rijeka which had been opened on May 4th has had been vandalised. The head Imam of the Rijeka Islamic Union Hayrudin Muykanovich said that the attack was conducted by unidentified persons on the Islamic center. He notes that security forces had started an investigation and therefore the cost of the damage had not yet been determined. The center cost 10 million euros, construction of the complex with total area of 5.3 thousand square meters lasted over three years. The complex includes a mosque, an Islamic center, a conference room, a restaurant, sports facilities and car park.

I June 2013

I 21

International Court examines Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla

Passion Islam


‘Hackers attack Saudi government websites’

The International Criminal Court says it has launched a preliminary investigation into Israel’s deadly attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010 to see if war crimes or crimes against humanity had been committed. “My office will be conducting a preliminary examination in order to establish whether the criteria for opening an investigation are met,” ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said in a statement. On May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos attacked the first Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, killing nine Turkish citizens, including a teenager with Turkish-US dual citizenship, on board the Turkishflagged Mavi Marmara and injuring about 50 other people who were part of the team on the six-ship convoy. Bensouda said she had met Turkish lawyers who are representing the African state of Comoros, which referred the case to the court based in The Hague, Netherlands. The Mavi Marmara was registered in the Indian Ocean island country, which is a member of the ICC. “After careful analysis of all available information, I shall make a determination that will be made public in due course,” Bensouda

said. In their 17-page submission to the court, the lawyers said the attack on the flotilla had “serious international repercussions” and that the ICC was seen as an institution to “provide a remedy for redress.” The lawyers also stated that the actions of Israeli troops “were manifestations of a plan or policy to use violence to dissuade the humanitarian flotillas to directly reach a blockaded Gaza.” The Israeli “attack on the flotilla -- charged with bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza resulted in the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity falling within the ambit of the ICC’s… jurisdiction,” the lawyers added. Gaza has been blockaded since June 2007, which is a situation that has caused a decline in the standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty. After Israel’s assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Tel Aviv slightly eased the land blockade of Gaza, allowing in more consumer goods. However, the naval siege of the Gaza Strip remains in place, exports are banned, and imports of raw materials and construction materials are restricted.

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Anonymous hackers have reportedly attacked several government websites in Saudi Arabia, bringing down some of them for hours. State news agency SPA quoted an official at Saudi Interior Ministry as saying that the “coordinated and simultaneous attacks” on hundreds of Internet protocol addresses have been traced from a number of countries. The Interior Ministry website was brought down for about two hours after being targeted in one of the cyber strikes, the report said. The Saudi Ministry of Finance, General Intelligence Presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate General of Passports, as well as sites for several major Saudi provinces also were sabotaged in the heavy cyber attacks from abroad in recent days. Last year, national oil company Saudi Aramco - the world’s biggest oil company - was the target of a cyber strike during which some 30,000 computers were damaged by a computer virus known as Shamoon.

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I June 2013

Turkey enlists Michael Phelps’ coach in run-up to Olympics 22

Passion Islam

Kolo Toure joins Liverpool FC

Turkey has signed Michael Phelps’ coach as a consultant on their swimming program for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2020 Games that Istanbul hope to host. Bob Bowman, who guided Phelps to a record 18 golds and 22 medals overall at the Olympics, will help select swimmers and advise the Turkish Swimming Federation on strategies to develop competitors, Turkey’s Youth and Sports Ministry said.

The appointment is part of a Turkish policy to develop athletes in swimming and other major Olympic events. It came after Turkish mobile phone company, Turkcell, agreed to sponsor swimming and athletics. Bowman’s first task will be to select swimmers with potential among some 200,000 youths, a ministry official said. No Turkish swimmer has won an Olympic medal.

Bayern Munich build mosque

Helping their players to fulfil their religious duties, German football giants and Champions league winners Bayern Munich have decided to build a mosque to help Muslim footballers to perform their prayers. The German football club agreed to a request to build a mosque in the Allianz Arena stadium to serve its Muslim players and fans. The request was made by the club’s Muslim midfielder Bilal Franck Ribery, who asked for specifying a small room for players to perform their prayers. The new mosque would serve Muslim players and fans with a full

time imam, an Islamic library and Islamic sessions. The administration also announced that they will finance 85 percent of the costs of the worship place, leaving 15% to Muslim players and fans who want to participate. The news about the new mosque was made public via the club’s official site. Founded in 1900, Bayern Munich is the top tier of the German football league system, and is the most successful football club in Germany. The football giants have won a record 23 national titles and 15 cups. The club won its first national championship in 1932.

Liverpool have agreed a deal to sign Manchester City defender Kolo Toure as they look to fill the void left by Jamie Carragher’s retirement. Brendan Rodgers has identified numerous targets to reinforce his central-defensive options, and Touré was available on a free transfer. The 32-year-old Ivory Coast international and a devout Muslims will move to Anfield on 1 July when his contract at Etihad Stadium expires. Toure has made 102 appearances for City since joining from Arsenal for £14m in July 2009 and was part of the team that won the Premier League in 2011-12. Toure was once one of the most highly regarded centrehalves in the country, moving to Manchester City for £16 million in 2009, and Rodgers feel that if he can regain full fitness with regular football he will be a useful asset. The Liverpool manager is anxious for a proven Premier League defender to join his squad alongside a developing star. Bayern Munich is the biggest sports club in Germany and the fourth biggest football club in the world, generating €368.4 million in 2012. Bayern is not the first European club to build a mosque for its Muslim players after New Castle United specified a prayer room for Muslim players.


I June 2013

Arsenal opens football field at Syrian refugee camp

Passion Islam

Football giant Arsenal FC headed to Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp to inaugurate a football field in collaboration with the UK-based charity Save the children. A former defender, Martin Keown, represented Arsenal on the two-day visit during he spent time with the children and received a firsthand experience of what it was like in a Syrian refugee camp, according to the official Arsenal website. “It’s been a truly humbling experience coming out here and listening to some of the stories of hardship from children so young,” Keown was quoted as saying. As Syrian’s residents continue to flee to save havens in countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, these minor events give them a chance at experiencing normality. “Football is a platform for bringing people together, instilling discipline, team work and a sense of achievement and well-being

which are vital ingredients for future success,” Keown said. The Football club has reported that next week it would launch an appeal for Syria, which will take place at the Arsenal Foundation Ball. The English premier league club said that it would use the money raised to provide the Syrian refugees with essential learning materials. “Arsenal has been a generous supporter of Save the Children’s emergency appeals in the past and this visit once again shows

the Club’s commitment to helping ensure that children caught up in emergencies are not forgotten,” Save the Children’s chief executive Justin Forsyth was quoted as saying by Arsenal’s website. At least 70,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict so far, according to U.N. estimates. Thousands have crossed over the borders in neighboring countries with at least 120,000 in Jordan’s Zaatari camp alone. www.passionislam.com

Makkah launches 60 football fields

The municipality of the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of a number of sports facilities in the city, including 60 football fields, as part of its social responsibility scheme. In an interview with Arab News, mayor of Makkah, Osama al-Bar,

said that the municipality planned to establish well-equipped sports facilities across the city. He spoke on the sidelines of the first installment of the Makkah Municipality community building and social services workshop, held in Jeddah. The mayor carried on to say the municipality had signed agreements with the al-Wihda Sports Club as well as the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) to run the facilities. Al-Bar, who launched the workshop series this week, on behalf of Makkah’s Governor Prince Khaled al-Faisal, emphasized the

importance of ensuring cooperation between the public and private sectors to maintain the quality of the city’s social amenities. The mayor stated that the workshop series intends to develop Makkah’s cultural, social, economic and environmental services to its residents. The initiative was organized in tandem with the Sama Agency for Community and Youth Consultations, reported Arab News. Their participation highlights the municipality’s efforts to involve the city’s youth in the decision making process, according to al-Bar.

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10 - 16 June 2013

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Our Perfect Immune System



It is a perfect system. How foolish to think that it could have come into existence through evolutionary accidents. When a country is involved in war, a general mobilization is declared. Most of the natural resources and the budget are expended on military requirements. The economy is re-arranged to meet the needs of this extraordinary situation as the country is involved in an all-out war effort. Similarly, the immune system, the system that protects our bodies against disease, would also announce mass mobilization and recruiting of all of its elements to fight the enemy. Do you wonder how this happens? If enemy members are more than the currently fighting macrophages (immune cells) can handle, a special substance is secreted. The name of this substance is “pyrogen” and it is a kind of alarm call. After traveling a long way, “pyrogen” reaches the brain where it stimulates the fever-increasing center of the brain. Once alerted, the brain sets off alarms in the body and the person develops a high fever. The patient with a high fever naturally feels the need to rest. Thus, the energy needed by the defense army

Passion Islam

is not spent elsewhere. The pyrogen produced by the macrophages is perfectly designed to trigger the fever-raising mechanism of the brain. Therefore, the macrophage, and the pyrogen, and the temperature-raising center of the brain, and the brain have all to be created at the same time. As is evident, there is a perfect plan at work. Every requirement is created flawlessly for this plan to succeed; the macrophages, the pyrogen substance and other similar substances, the fever-raising center of the brain and the fever-raising mechanisms of the body… In the absence of even one of these, the system would simply not work. Therefore, it can by no means be claimed that such a system could have originated step by step through evolution. Who, then, has made this plan? Who knows that the body’s fever must rise, and that only that way the energy needed by the defense army will not be spent elsewhere? Is it the macrophages? Macrophages are merely tiny cells invisible to the naked eye. They do not have the capacity to think. They are living organisms that only obey an established superior order; they

I June 2013

merely carry out their duties. Is it the brain? Definitely not. Nor does the brain possess any power to create or produce something. Just as in all other systems, in this system, too, it is in a position not to give orders, but to obey orders and submit to them. Is it man? Certainly not. This system protects man from certain death, although he is not even aware that such a perfect system is at work in his own body. Even if man were ever ordered to develop an army in his own body to fight the enemy and cause his fever to rise, and provide this army to work round the clock in his entire body, he would simply have no idea what to do. Today, mankind is not even able to understand the details of the present order in the immune system, despite all the technology at its disposal — much less imitate it. It is an obvious fact that man was created with all of his features in place. Willingly or unwillingly, he submits to his Creator and the systems He established. Just as everything else does… “…No, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him. Everything is obedient to Him.” [Al-Baqara 2: 116]

Passion Islam

I June 2013


I 25

The Fall of Rome

A Quranic Prophecy

The following are the beginning verses of Surah Room: “The Romans have been defeated in the near land (to al-Hijaz) and after their defeat they will soon be victorious in a few years time.” To understand the prophecy, it is preferable to refer to the commentary made by Allamah Ahmad Uthmani. This is as follows: “It means within nine years, the Greeks shall overcome the Persians, because in the Arabic lexion and in Hadith the word mentioned in the aforementioned aayah, implies a period ranging from three to nine years. In this verse the Holy Quran has made a wonderous prophecy, which is the proof of its truthfulness. The fact is that the two great empires of the time – the Persian and Roman Empires – were in conflict for a long period of time. They remained fighting from 602 CE to 614 CE and onwards.” Our Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings be upon him was born in 517 CE and was bestowed with prophethood at the age of forty, as given in the Encyclopedia Britannica. News of the battle between both sides reached the Makkans now and then. Meanwhile, the claim to prophethood by the Holy Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him and the establishment of the Islamic movement created a special interest for the Makkans in the news coming from the war-zone. The Persian fire worshippers had a special relation with the Makkan idolaters, whereas the Muslims were related (due do their belief in a single Supreme Being) to the Romans, who were followers of the Christian religion. Whenever the news of the victory of the Persians came, the idolaters became glad and thereby took the prophecy of their own victory over the Muslims, leading them to cherish good hopes for the future. Muslims were naturally shocked that the Christians who were known as the

people of the book should be overpowered by the fire worshippers. After the year 614 CE when 45 Lunar years had passed by since the birth of the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him of which the last five years consisted of his prophethood, Kosros II (the Persian Emperor) gave a crushing and decisive defeat to the Romans. The Middle East, Asia Minor etc. were by now in the hands of the Persians. Heraclitus (the roman leader) was forced to take refuge in Constantinople and the Roman capital was also in danger. Priests were either slain or made prisoners. Caesars sovereignty no longer existed. Now it seemed that the Romans had no longer the power to free these lands from the Persian occupation. By acknowledging these conditions, the Makkan idolaters were overjoyed and they teased the Muslims. They were ambitious and hopeful to such an extent that they remarked to Hadhrat Abu Bakr May Allah be pleased with him, “Today our Persian brothers have blotted out your Roman friends, tomorrow we shall exterminate you like them.” This is when the Quraan made a general proclamation against the external factors that, no doubt the Persians vanquished the Romans for a while, but within nine years they would again become triumphant. On the basis of this prediction, Hadhrat Abu Bakr May Allah be pleased with him made a bet with some of the idolaters (betting was not prohibited at that time) that if the Romans did not get victory within nine years, he would give them a hundred camels, otherwise they would give him a certain number of camels. In the beginning Hadhrat Abu Bakr May Allah be pleased with him appointed ‘bidh’a sineen’ (a few more years) as three years from his own opinion. Bur afterwards, at

the bidding of the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him, the covenant was made on the term of nine years, which is the real application of the word ‘bidha’. On the other side, the Caesar of the Roman

Empire was determined to regain the lost power and vowed that if he defeated the Persians, he would go to ‘Baitul Maqdis’ by foot. Behold the power of Allah! According to the Quranic prediction, right within nine years, after the passing of one year of Hijrah, on the day of Badr, when the Muslims were rejoicing in the clear victory over the idolaters, by the grace of Allah, became happier with the news that Allah had made the Romans (the people of the book) to prevail over the Persians fire-worshippers. In this way the idolaters got a double blow of disgrace. Observing this Divine revelation issued by the Holy Quran, many people embraced Islam and Hadhrat Abu Bakr May Allah be pleased with him won a hundred camels from the idolaters, about which the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him ordered that they should be given in alms. Praise be to Allah for his external bounties and manifest signs.




Passion Islam

I June 2013

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