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2012–2014 CATALOGUE Passfield Press was established on September 1, 2011 with the mandate of publishing literary titles primarily by author Michael Hetherington. Michael Hetherington’s collection of short stories, The Late Night Caller, was published by Turnstone Press (ISBN: 978-0888012883) in 2003. “It is with a remarkable sense of freedom that Michael Hetherington unleashes his imagination in this collection of writings.” —North Shore News “… There is a lot of good, old-fashioned Jungian fun in Michael Hetherington’s collection, in addition to wonderfully luminous prose and a conundrum that keeps teasing at the edges of this reader’s mind. He provides us with a balm for our humdrum condition—a magic cure for conventional existence. I highly recommend it.” —Books in Canada

Passfield Press published its first release, The Archive Carpet, on October 15, 2012.

generative disturbances at the margins—writing on edge w w w. p a s s f i e l d p r e s s . c a

THE ARCHIVE CARPET by Michael Hetherington Fiction | 144 pages | $19.95 Canada/US | 5.375" x 8.5" Print and e-book publication date: October 15, 2012 Print ISBN (trade paperback): 978-0-9879618-1-5 (10: 0-9879618-1-0) 978-0-9879618-2-2 (epub) 978-0-9879618-3-9 (pdf) 978-0-9879618-4-6 (mobi) Editing: Susan Walker | Book design: Jan Westendorp | Printing: Friesens


Michael Hetherington -

Michael Hetherington wrote fragments of fiction every day for 2500 days between 1995 and 2002. The result is The Archive Carpet, a wild and wonderful ride over lands that are sad, funny, absurd, and scary. He has selected, revised, and arranged approximately 600 in The Archive Carpet, a weaving together of strands from his personal imaginative archive. The book starts with a prologue of 52 sentences followed by three parts divided into sections. Fanciful titles abound, such as “The Calculus of the Garden’s Edge” and “A Burbling Further Down in the Pit”. This is fiction, yet there is a poetic spare quality to the writing. In addition to reading these fragments for their own delight, these short pieces will inspire creative writers and students looking to launch short stories of their own. Several hundred of these fragments can be found at The prologue to The Archive Carpet was published in Geist magazine and other excerpts from the book have appeared in The New Quarterly, lichen, and Exile. Sample pieces “The Meeting”: John went through the door and into his office. In his desk chair sat a woman he did not recognize. She asked him to close the door. “Staying a Little Longer”: He almost left her that night, but decided to stay a little longer. But he cried a lot after he went to bed. She rolled over and faced the other way and did nothing to comfort him. Marketing plans • National and Vancouver publicity campaign • Social media campaign • Vancouver launch and Vancouver-area reading events

About the author Michael Hetherington has bachelors degrees from Queen’s University and the University of British Columbia and a masters degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He is the father of a teenage son and daughter and lives in North Vancouver.

FORTHCOMING TITLES The Playing Card: A Novel in 52 Chapters by Michael Hetherington Fiction Print and e-book publication date: October 15, 2013 ISBN (trade paperback): 978-0-9879618-5-3 (10: 0-9879618-5-3)

A deck of playing cards is discovered, each card inscribed with a fragment of a story. ​S has kept a playing card face down for 26 years without looking at it. S studies daily in the threatened Dunsmuir House Library in Vancouver while the one-eyed Dean Truman sells a one-volume encyclopaedia door to door. Deborah and Jeannie both possess an obsidian mirror with mysterious powers. And on the Caribbean island of St Lucia another card lies guarded face down in the mud, preparing for an exotic patenting ceremony. The structure of the book is disordered – there are several different story lines, slight variations of each other and of the characters involved. The book includes two joker chapters and an “Inface” (cf. Preface) which is set “in” after the first three chapters. The reader may be tempted to look – but should not! – at the concealed playing card on the inside of the back cover. Halving the Orange by Michael Hetherington Fiction Print and e-book publication date: May 31, 2014 ISBN (trade paperback): 978-0-9879618-0-8 (10: 0-9879618-0-2)

In Halving the Orange, modern lives are lived as in olden days, secluded and enveloped in mystery, intrigue, and suspense. Isabella Allenbeigh has never seen the outside of the Vancouver college her medievalist father founded, her seclusion the result of an agreement between herself and her father when she was just nine. But times are changing and Isabella is now a young woman who wonders about the circumstances surrounding her confinement. Several unusual characters, each with a story that contributes to Isabella’s story, surround Isabella. The result is a concentric twirling arena of tales past and present, in the college and out, that blur the realities of time and place.

ORDERING Booksellers and libraries Trade booksellers: 40% discount (no shipping fee). Returns will be accepted up to a year after invoice date, but not before three months. Bookseller pays shipping. Only books in resalable condition please. Consignment: We are open to consignment negotiations with trade booksellers. Please contact or 604-684-8294, ext. 25 to discuss. School & Library Discount: 25% Trade and library wholesalers: Please inquire about wholesale terms. Media and readings Media, festivals, and reading series interested in review copies, interviews, booking information, or other information should contact or 604-684-8294, ext. 24. Desk copies Please contact to request a desk copy or review copy for course consideration. Individual customers Passfield Press titles can be ordered on our website at Shipping is free in Canada. Or, contact us to make other arrangements.

To communicate with Passfield Press, please contact: Passfield Press Suite 200, 1497 Marine Drive West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1B8 Telephone: 604-913-9880 | Marketing Inquiries:, 604-684-8294, ext. 24. Bookseller Inquiries:, 604-684-8294, ext. 25.

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2012-2014 Passfield Press Catalogue  
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