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The Essence of ME! Perfume & Soy Candle Collection Product Launch Contributing Organizations: the MyMeApparel enterprise

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The Essence of ME! Spring/Summer 2013 Collection “Tulips” 678-830-8676

The "Essence of ME!" smell good line is a division of the MyMeApparel enterprise.

The Essence of ME! smell good line provides a nice, light floral scent with a touch of evergreen that evolves into a fresh, clean breeze. "Tulips" is the inaugural smell good! The Essence of ME! “Tulips” Spring/Summer 2013 Collection! Place an order for your very own 2.5oz frosted bottle of the Essence of ME! Tulips perfume, retails at $30.00. Sample vials are available at $2.00 ... or 100% American grown Soy Lotion candle, available in two sizes, 4 oz. retails $10.00, and 1.5 oz. retails at $3.00. Be the first to "Experience the Essence of ME!"


706-992-4708 Signature Scents and Fragranced Events

Inspired by fragrance, Body Sync by Jamillah (also known as Jamillah’s Body Sync) is dedicated to helping individuals as well as businesses heighten their presence, profit and celebrate uniqueness thru the use of scent.

Jamillahs Body Sync, LLC, provides unique signature scents that are inspired by the individual. We provide fragrance and customized favor bags for any type of event - baby shower, birthday, wedding, grand opening. We also have a mentoring program for entrepreneurs that are interested in starting a signature scent line or fragranced event service. Signature Scents,Perfume, lotion, massage oil, milk bath, bubble bath, personalized boxes, gift bags and personalized lotion bottles.


678-852-1027 Social media sites: @lissen4eva (for Facebook, Instagram etc...) ***Official soundtrack of MyMeApparel Essence of ME! "Tulips" perfume and candle collection.

Check out the official "Smell So Good" video by LISSEN at Get your very own CD today! Book LISSEN for your next event at: Phone: (678) 852-1027 Email:


(770) 256-9353

Divine Elements Entertainment is a marketing/promotions company that focuses whole-heartedly on the entertainment industry.

The term “Divine”, in this sense, is defined as-pertaining to God or the Supreme Being; heavenly; celestial. “Elements”, in this sense, refer to Chemistry in which one of a class of substances cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means.

Get Connected!:

Divine Elements Entertainment was founded on the basis that entertainment would be provided for and by individuals that won’t let their greatness be broken down into a simpler substance and are upwardly mobile with a love and respect for God enough to put him first in their lives. Our goal is to create exciting, cutting-edge entertainment for audiences throughout the world. With a distinct ability to merge music, theater & cinema with design, technology & innovation this company will take entertainment to new heights. Divine Elements Entertainment will create unmatched vision and professionalism for every entertainment medium and provide an elegant ambiance to audiences across the globe.


OUR PLACE BAKERY CAFE is a cozy bakery café located in Historic Downtown College Park featuring breakfast sandwiches, homemade pastries and muffins, as well as delicious lunch soups, salads and specialty sandwiches like chicken salad and grilled salmon. Enjoy items from local distributors like Arden’s Garden, Greenwood Ice Cream, United Distributors, and our free trade and direct trade coffee One Thousand Faces coffee out of Athens.

Decadent "Made from Scratch" Desserts Try our mouthwatering brownies, cookies, and cakes including hummingbird cake, bread pudding, red velvet cake and our famous caramel cake. We even have vegan and sugar-free desserts. And, don’t forget to take home a loaf of our freshly baked homemade bread!


MyMeApparel Ready-to-wear Fashion House, Model Booking and Branding Services Agency The goal of the MyMeApparel enterprise is to promote individual success, strengthen the fashion & entertainment industry, and improve the quality of life for the child. The mission of the MyMeApparel enterprise is "Improving One's self image while increasing the quality of life for the child." The following are brief descriptions of each subdivision of the MyMeApparel enterprise: MyMeApparel Online Boutique: MyMeApparel Ready-to-wear women's garments that are easily transferable from work to play! Custom made garments. MyMeApparel Aesthetic: Ready-to-Wear Separates & Dresses Target Market: Women 18-35 Target Sizes: The ABCs of ME!

Sizing System: A-4/6, B-10/12, C-14/16 Bust: 35-40, Waist: 27-40, Hips: 36-45, Empire: 30-38 Price Points: $5 - $450 MyMeApparel Signature Bracelet

Symbolizes the MyMeApparel Networking Group (MNG) purpose statement "Connecting the connects...the ties that bind". Price point: $39

Cabin Blends Sauces & Gravies Eight gourmet sauces and gravies blended to perfection by 30 year Chef, Ralph Reaves. BBQ (Hot and Mild), Tangy Chipolte, Teriyake, Sweet and Sour ...and more. Price point: $8 per 16oz. bottle. Cozies by LaVera Hand-knit active footwear (Cozies) and headwear (Kudies/Cudies) crafted by custom knitter, Vera Higginbottom.

Quantity discount available: Couple o' Cozies (2), Bunch o' Cozies (10), customized mass quantity purchase and wholesale retail placement options. Price point: $5 – 25

Essence of ME! Perfumes (Coming Soon) Perfume with floral top notes, grass middle notes and water base notes sealed in round frosted glass bottle, complete with antique puff atomizer sprayer, packaged in wooden box with white satin lining. Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: 'the Essence of ME! Tulips' Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection: 'the Essence of ME! Roses' Price point is $45. Fine Jewelry Through online boutique and vending opportunities, MyMeApparel retails fine jewelry, to include .925 sterling silver and precious stones. Price points range from $5 to $450.

Fashion Jewelry Through online boutique and vending opportunities, MyMeApparel retails fashion jewelry. Price points range from $5 to $50.

MyMeApparel Online Boutique: Vendor Product Placement Program Through online boutique, vending opportunities, garment pulls and the annual December End-of-the-Year Bargain Basement Sample Sale, MyMeApparel offers designers and business owners an outlet to sell their wares.

MyMeApparel Online Boutique: Vintage by Vanessa Footwear Through online boutique and vending opportunities, MyMeApparel retails brand new and sample footwear. Price points range from $15 to $200.

MyMeApparel A Spoken Word Publishing: MyMeApparel Fashion Examiner (via Fashion new you can use that is published via the international online news portal MyMeApparel Entertainment Examiner (via Entertainment new you can use that is published via the international online news portal

MyMeApparel Fashion News Blog

Fashion and Entertainment news, the MyMeApparel enterprise operational updates, worldwide events, spotlights on the MyMeApparel Networking Group (MNG) members achievements, and MNG sector related tips, tricks-of-the-trade, resources and referrals. MyMeApparel A Spoken Word Publishing also provides development and distribution of promotional materials: business cards, flyers, banners, step-and-repeats and more‌

MyMeApparel Networking Group (MNG) Membership of over 4,000 individuals internationally who are active in the fashion and entertainment industry. MNG is broken into six sectors that represent different service areas: APPED - Artists Promoters Producers Event Planners and Directors BABOC - Buyers and Boutique Owners Consolidated FDU - Fashion Designers United MAPU - Media and Photographers United PMAC - Professional Models and Actors Consolidated WHAMU - Wardrobe Hair and Makeup United

MyMeApparel PASS Branding Service Agency (PASS) MyMeApparel offers branding services to businesses and individuals for the purpose of creating an image, via product and service definition and development, logo, business plan, growth plan, marketing package, connection to clientele, media, resource, referral ... and more. Price point is $3500. Ala carte services available upon request. PASS Branding Services Agency, a division of the MyMeApparel enterprise Get the PASS... and get paid! Less entertaining and more branding!!!

MyMeApparel Spokesmodel Program The MyMeApparel Spokesmodel position is a non-exclusive opportunity, meaning you would have the latitude (and be encouraged to) work with other organizations (especially the MyMeApparel affiliates). As a Spokesmodel, you will have the opportunity to represent MyMeApparel in Atlanta and the other MyMeApparel regional states, that we conduct fashion tour stops in (AL, FL, SC, KY, NC, TN, and VA). ***Added NY and LA in 2013*** The Spokesmodel will receive branding training & materials and participate in future marketing campaigns (such as the commercials, infomercials, interviews: radio, television and magazine). Spokesmodels may also be requested to participate in charitable events and special appearances. There are only twenty (20) individuals whom will hold the title of MyMeApparel Spokesmodel at any given time. MyMeApparel Spokesmodel may reside anywhere within the continuous United States. This is an elite group of individuals who have undeniable talent and presence that would do just to represent the MyMeApparel enterprise. The annual, non-refundable fee to become and/or remain a MyMeApparel Spokesmodel is $750. Annual fees are mature and are due on anniversary of signed MyMeApparel Spokesmodel Offer Letter.

MyMeApparel Expressions of ME! Apprenticeship Program A give-back program wherein one individual with interests in pursuing a career in fashion and entertainment is selected annually to be mentored for a one-year period, from September to August.

2010-2011 Apprentice: Kyla Robinson, Wardrobe Stylist Girl About Town (Kyla styled dress in photo.) 2011-2012 Apprentice: Adrienne Scott, Marketing Kyla


Apprentices (also referred to as Interns and assistants) receive hands-on training (in studio and on-location at fashion and entertainment industry related events, industry connects and college credits (where applicable). Interns and assistants schedules are self-monitored and customized to the individual availability. Industry tools, ticks-of-the-trade, resources and referrals, as well as introduction to individuals already in the industry, are provided to interns and assistants to allow for each to grow into the fashion and entertainment industry and become self-sustaining in their area of interest. The bond created within this process creates a lifetime connect that is passed along to others within the industry, such as links on a continuous chain.

MyMeApparel Charitable Recipient Program A child advocacy component and give back program wherein a organization is identified to meet the needs of children is designated as the charitable recipient for a one-year period, from September to August. A 'giving project' is established to contribute to the resources of the designated charitable recipient. 2010-2011 Charitable Recipients: Nicholas House Homeless Shelter “Project 100 Totes”

100 comfort totes (including Project Night Night canvas tote, blankie, book and stuffed animal) provided to the homeless children of Nicholas House. As a result of the MyMeApparel Project 100 Totes, Project Night Night, a 501(c)3, located in California, now has Nicholas House Homeless Shelter on listing to receive free filled totes per Nicholas House request for the life of the organization. 2011-2012 Charitable Recipients: 10 GA State Licensed Family Childcare Providers “Project Let Them Play and Learn”

Each of ten (10) family child care providers to receive one play center (reading, large/small manipulatives, circle time, outdoor, etc.) Play center price point not to exceed $150. Additional resources and referral support also provided. the MyMeApparel enterprise Founder & Head Designer : VALERI L. REAVES

Valeri L. Reaves, Founder and Head Designer of the MyMeApparel enterprise, a Readyto-Wear Fashion House, editor of MyMeApparel Fashion News blog, Atlanta Fashion Examiner columnist and Atlanta Entertainment Examiner columnist. She is the founder of the MyMeApparel Networking Group, an international member base of over 4,000 people dedicated to the fashion and entertainment industry. As host and participant of various fashion and entertainment industry events annually throughout the U.S., Valeri serves as designer, wardrobe stylist, mentor, booker, branding service and industry connect. Valeri provides tips, tricks and tools of the trade, as well as international event promotions. She has been featured in various videos, radio, television, magazines and blogs.

She is a wife, mother of three, grandmother of three, instructor, mentor and child advocate (a sworn Court Appointed Special Advocate.). Contact Valeri at, 678-8308676, or FaceBook: Twitter: @mymeapparel Pinterest / LinkedIn / Klout: MyMeApparel

MyMeApparel Essence of ME! Media Kit 2013  

Information regarding the Essence ME! smell good line of the MyMeApparel enterprise, its inaugural product launch and its contributing organ...

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