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It’s an underground magazine where you can find the alternative works of the students of the university that it wasn’t exposed ever. Literature, Visual Arts, Musical Production, Cine and some about the teachers that you didn’t know. Thanks To Conny Rivadeneira - Bryan Arellano - Andrea Villacís - Alfredo Castillo - Joselyne Merchán Henry Paspuel - Jonathan Carchi - José Pinto Samantha Vera THE WALL



HIDDEN WORD HIDDEN WORD 4-5 Yasser Quevedo Yasser Quevedo John Subía John Subía


THE VIEWER THE VIEWER6-7 Angelo Mármol Angelo Mármol Alfredo Castillo Alfredo Castillo Freddy CrispínFreddy Crispín


MEET MEET 8-9 Hernán ZuñigaHernán Zuñiga










The Wall I would like to express my opinion about the proposal "Mision Uartes ". At first sight, this is an interesting proposal. The idea to bring entertainment for families who were affected by the earthquake, could work. However, the art in the country doesn`t have the privileged place it deserves. The people, in their great majority, prefer football before any painting. But taking into account that it is a mission for trying to encourage people, it seems to me that it might work. Yasser Olvera

Mr. Editor, at show the te a magazine th The idea to crea ful because oducts, it`s wonder student`s artistic pr y to exhibit us find the opportunit very few times we this project, the best of luck with at public. I wish you greetings. Francisco Ochoa


Hi guys of Passag eway, I like so much this magazine. I think that yo u`ll have a very good recept ion with the students. I se nd you many good vibes and wish you the best. Barbara PĂŠrez

Hi guys, I would like to congratulate you for this great initiative that are taking. Thanks to this proposal "passageway", we can show our works and make the people support our work. I would like to introduce you some works and to be published. Good luck. Karolina Vivar


Hidden word

Over the cold cover notebook case I inhale lines of early enthusiasm. The surrounding oxygen is composed of tiny particles of creativity; it`s done! I take these particles and I press down in a questioner joint that constrains absurd illusions, complicates the conclusions, and strengthens the foundations of a germinating crystal idea in the insignificant search of artistic significance. Then, just a waste of mental chaos; with a bottle of ferment on my hand receipt between my teeth the tension of perfect balance between ideas and execution. Yasser Quevedo

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Illustration:Egon Schiele

I would like to write you verses on your pelvis, While my left hand Caress your labia majora, Then melt my letter In the sweat of our bodies, And which it loses in our infernal passion; Enter to the shower and lather up your body With my restless sperm Expelled from my member, Full filling you of pleasure, satisfying your desire Without involving love, just having sex... John SubĂ­a 5

Photo Courtesy by: Hernán Zuñiga


A Little interview with the multidisciplinary artist Hernán Zúñiga Albán, poet, engraver, painter, teacher and researcher of the University of Arts talks about his projects, art and interventions in the public places: “REPLICA AND RESCUE”. HZA. Is a pictorial intervention on the rubble of the earthquake in Bahia, replicating the pre-Columbian engravings Jama Coaque, Bahia, and recovering the ancestral nature of their habitants, a contemporary iconographic variation in a single session of improvisation on fatal vestiges of the places. Eloy Alfaro Graphic Workshop. Community Action Links. UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS ARTES DE GUAYAQUIL. Bahia. Manabi province June 4th 2016. How your proposal “Réplica y Rescate" is born and what is their intencionality? The proposal is born with the desire to offer the manabitan people another form of solidarity from the field of art and culture, a different donation and an alternative to food, victuals and goods homeless. A call from the public space in ruins appealing to the ancestral identity of the site from the rubble of the seism. A pictorial action that recreates the iconography and worldview of their ancestors, as warlike communities, replicating its mythical ideograms and rescuing the spirit of ethnic survival and renewal.


Alfredo Castillo

How was your experience or how you felt with the place in ruins once began his artistic intervention? The experience was very moving and refreshing for both viewers beneficiaries of message and the author. A spontaneous action, playful with an identity issue that dominated in senses, conceptual, scientific, semantic and technical as a street muralist. A pictorial task in a single session, using basic durable materials, with the objective of achieving the symbolic structure of an alternative aesthetic clutter from the rubble. Which plans you have for the future as a teacher and researcher at the Universidad de las artes in Ecuador? The future plan is to do research plans from the desktop, nor repeating other texts, or copy and paste from the internet. It is to keep doing field research that will create texts with a level of critical essay, based on the proposal of a particular creative act that is the true test of the theory and existential practice. And as a teaching exercise the love of neighbor in my disciples, teaching by example and practice the art of life through curricular interfaces.


Le mat Angelo Mรกrmol 2016 Is my version of the tarot card le mat (the fool) and that it represents the adventurer, the guy who leaves everything to travel towards the unknown. For some he represents the person who, to act the fool, is not, as he knows perfectly where to go and what he want, just he is taken as a fool because he is out of the conventionalism.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Angelo Mรกrmol 2016 Is an illustration that carry the same name of the play written by the famous german playwright Bertolt brecht the resistible rise of Arturo Ui , whose original title in german is Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui that represents an explicit allegory satirical about the rise to the power of adolf hitler in the nazi germany, whom bert represents in parallel of the rise of Ui.


He had not father Alfredo Castillo 2015

Torture Garden Alfredo Castillo 2014

Both works speak about the absence of father figures the first is a sculptural object and the second is a self-portrait expressionist painting in mixed media works both seek to represent empty beings tortured psychologically and seen as incomplete beings and transmit strangeness. S/T Freddy Crespin 2016 Because mine is more full of conflicts on the rarity of an anthropomorphic or zoomorphic imaginary world, this mixture of animal and human, beside I find inspiration in the forms of textures, a scratched wall, dirt, etc... ...You get to a point in which you leave the tradition of painting or drawing in a pretty way and you find yourself and your new way of doing things, more fluid, creative, spontaneous and with more passion.



By Henry Paspuel

It is an musical Article about musician Pedro Bonfim and Lolabúm Band. Pedro Bonfim (was born in quito) He is Guitarist and singer of independent music. Bonfim study Litereature in the UARTES (University of the Arts) but your life revolves around the music is for that result interesting know about to make music of the artist. In this momento he has a band, it is call “Lolabúm” that is created in Quito. They have a disc that recorded recently with 11 unreleased songs. The name of disc is El Cielo and the songs are: Trabilla, Animales mal disecados, Hazme un favor, Nuevos barrios viejos, De fondo, Qué asco de sábado, Manitos de seda, Ventana, Guayaquil Tyci, Ciempiés, Crystal. The disc was premiered in January 10, 2016 and Record, production and Mixing was make by: David Rojas Dager on 'La Casa Del Gato' Records.

Pedro Bonfim (Guitar & voice) Martín Erazo (Bass) Michaela Garay (Drums) Estevan Ricaurte (Guitar)


Photos Courtesy by: Lolabúm

1. Trabilla 2. Animales mal disecados 3. Hazme un favor 4. Nuevos barrios viejos 5. De fondo 6. Qué asco de sábado 7. Manitos de seda 8. Ventanas 9. Guayaquil Tyci 10. Ciempiés 11. Crystal

03:12 02:50 02:14 03:19 02:49 02:43 04:45 03:53 02:38 02:24 04:24


L By Josè Pinto

Last Thursday 3 of June, in the workshop called “Preludio” an art exhibition was opened. You could find there some videos, installations, paintings among other languages that were created in connection with the Guayaquil suburban space, aesthetics and subjectivities of the people from there. Were eleven participating artists that comes from ITAE and are now “Uartes” students. The exhibition was named as “AFIN”. Carlos Figueroa, Pincay´s Brothers, Quimí and Jair Piguave lead that exhibition.

Jair Piguave "Time-Out" Instalation: Construction Stones and balls

Stalin Pincay García "Peephole" Video/proyection of 3 chanels on windows

Jair Piguave "2-0" Instalation: Red, balls, audio


By Joselyne MerchĂĄn

In December, the Universidad de las Artes of Guayaquil (University of Arts) launched its first short films contest in coordination with Christian Hidalgo and Julie TomĂŠ, teachers of the Cinema School of the institution. In this contest participated 16 projects of which 11 were pre-selected. After one week, the directors and producers of the shorts were presented to a jury to present their projects, in film language this is known as PITCH. Following the decision of the juries; five short fictions and a documentary film were winners of this contest and during for February and March, the groups was started the preproduction of the movies. The coordinators of this contest assigned a tutor to each team; the same that will accompany each process and advised the students. Photo Courtesy by: University of Arts


The winning projects were Blues del Puerto documentary (Maicol Lojano). Also the short films: Felices Fiestas –Happy Holidays- (Jorge Ayala), Jirafa –Giraffe- (Neyktan Contreras), Circulos –Circles(Kevin Herrera), Kanun (Christian Rojas) and Luna –Moon- (Nantu Mantilla). The latter has many expectations because that in the cast of actors was work with the renowned Ecuadorian actor Henry Layana as lead actor of the film; was also co-star as a girl of 6 years, the same that will be selected after casting that took place with the premises of the UA. Bryan Castillo, Director of Short Film Moon, says: "Our short film is about a girl who was under the care of his grandparents, his parents had to migrate to another city after the economic crisis of 2000 in Ecuador. Then this girl suffers the death of her grandmother, with whom she got along better, and now she must confront before this intimidating and authoritative figure of her grandfather".


The production of the film was financed by the UArtes; however Nantu Mantilla, Producer of the film tells us, that from this moment is working with his assistant to request auspices available to food chains such as pizzerias, restaurants and ice cream parlors of Guayaquil. "Moon, is a fiction short film that promises to reach the public and portraying social reality of Ecuadorians, no doubt these youngsters; future filmmakers of the country will arrive at pinnacle of success and will reap many accomplishments for the film industry of Ecuador.� So indicates Diego Falconi, who is a renowned filmmaker of Ecuador and team tutor of Moon. The Moon soundtrack will be composed by students of the UA School Music, who did not doubt in help their peers and join the team and already reveal that for this film will compose a `Pasillo` (music representative) that contributes much to the plot of the film.

Photos Courtesy by: Steven Chan