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Through the eyes of a chaplain By: Robert Edwards, chaplain Many years ago William A. Nolen, M.D., wrote a book entitled The Making of A Surgeon, a narrative that portrayed his life as a surgical resident in a New York City hospital. An engrossing work, Nolen's book still provides inspiration for people working in the health care professions and for those who have been the recipients of their efforts. I am frequently asked in my work in hospice how I became a chaplain. One health care professional asked me if I had maintained a diary and suggested that if I had, a work describing the making of a chaplain would be interesting.

also addresses the social issues and spiritual needs that are integrally present with the terminally ill and their families. For chaplains, care and commitment within our companionship and prayers describes succinctly what it means to be pastoral. But within the formation of a chaplain there should be also some measure of a prophetic sensibility. In its most basic expression, this means a willingness to question the inequities that we see within our society, and that we experience in the lives of those around us. As the chaplain who covers the south side of Chicago, my pastoral experience in hospice care cannot be separated from the difficult realities of my community.

Most chaplains have been the beneficiaries of a seminary or divinity school education. For chaplains in the Christian tradition this would include studies in the Old and New Testaments, Theology and This month we remember the Church History. One of the birthday of the Reverend Dr. more practical courses in my Martin Luther King, Jr. who educational endeavor was held both a pastoral concern preaching. Among the most and prophetic imagination important points established by Photo by: Library of Congress for our nation. His care and commitment to the my professor was that the content of preaching vulnerable and marginalized both fulfilled his life unavoidably required concerns that were both and ended his life. But remember: his care and pastoral and prophetic. commitment did not originate in the conditions of his day, or the politics of his time, but was made in All of us at Passages Hospice are committed to the prophetic image of a Biblical tradition that was the end-of-life care of our patients. That care and as old as Moses. commitment fulfills our medical responsibilities, but

"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live ." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Passages Hospice


Social Scene


want to share a wonderful book I read a few years ago when I started working in hospice. The book is called Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Claudia Alford, Social Worker Needs and Communications of the Dying, by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley. The authors are hospice nurses and provide much insight into caring for the dying person, both as a hospice professional and as a family caregiver. The book shares stories of families, as well as discussion about what to expect at the end of life and the journey hospice patients and families commonly experience. I think anyone working in hospice, especially those of us who directly work with patients and families, would greatly benefit from reading this book.

I have also recommended the book to family caregivers, specifically those caring for a loved one in their home. Those caregivers who have read the book have told me they found comfort in knowing they are not alone in experiencing certain emotions, and in having specific information about the changes a person might experience at the end of their life. Though there are many books out there pertaining to end of life issues, I have found this one to be the most helpful in my work as a hospice social worker. One review of the book sums it up best for me: “Irrespective of belief system, age, or diagnosis of the dying person, Final Gifts conveys the awe and profundity of the moments surrounding death that we all feel.” - Madalon Amenta, R.N., M.D., Public Health Editor of The Hospice Journal. I hope you all get the chance to read this book and benefit from it as I have!

Volunteer Program Welcome new volunteers! Region B Laura Karambelas Monica Mrowiec Alex Arriola Region C Matt D'Astice Jennifer Driscoll Andrew Santiago James Overlin "Nemo" the Chihuahua "Spooky" the Poodle

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Volunteer Program

A New Year, a New Chance to Start Volunteering By: Amy O'Dea. Volunteer Coordinator


new year is upon us and many Americans are challenging themselves to make improvements to their lives. On the list of top 10 most popular resolutions is to “volunteer to help others”. Other common resolutions include: taking a trip, quitting smoking, managing stress, living healthier by eating better/exercising, saving money, drinking less, finding a better job or receiving more education. So many resolutions are difficult, but volunteering is easy! Volunteering also has many benefits. Not only does volunteering give you a sense of purpose in life, it can also give you new skills. By helping others, you may actually be improving your own overall health! On a professional level, volunteering adds to your resume, expands your social network and improves your self-esteem. Volunteering can also be a lot of fun. Have you or someone you know made a resolution to change the life of a stranger? We would love to have you volunteer with us. Please email us at or call (630) 945-2172. Cheers to an unforgettable 2012!

Volunteer Opportunities Direct Care Patient and Family Care ™™ Bedside Companionship ™™ Memory Projects ™™ Reading or Watching TV ™™ Family Support ™™ Bereavement After-Care ™™ Pet Visits

Indirect Care Office Support ™™ Copying and Filing ™™ Data entry ™™ Mailings ™™ Dreams Support ™™ Medical Records

Requirements ™™ 16 years or older ™™ Reliable and Mature ™™ Volunteer Training Program ™™ Tuberculosis Screening ™™ Criminal Background Check

MORE >> Click here to visit the volunteer program online.

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Bereavement Department

Survival Techniques for After the Holidays By: Lisa Armstrong, Bereavement Coordinator


he days leading up to the holidays are filled with stress, frantic last minute shopping, crazy schedules, tempting cookies and candies, lack of sleep and sometimes disagreeable family members. The days after the holidays find us exhausted, irritable, overfed, with no money and desperately needing to recharge our batteries. It certainly does not help our moods to have shorter hours of daylight and more cold and snow. So how do you de-stress from the holiday mess? Here are a few ideas: Go see a movie. By yourself. We have a tendency to put others first during the holiday season. We make excuses and justifications for not paying attention to our needs. You can safely escape reality for a few hours, get what you want for a change at the concession stand, and refresh by actually laughing out loud! Clean your house. For some, cleaning the house and getting it back to its appearance before all the holiday decorations took over puts an end to the hectic season and can be very de-stressing. Consider aromatherapy. Scents can be very beneficial. Room diffusers with essential oils like lemon or peppermint can be very uplifting and energizing in areas that require you to be at your most alert. For a bedroom, lavender and chamomile can be relaxing and help you to unwind. Eat right and get exercise! Nutrition and Exercise can help you recharge and start the new year on the right foot. Drink plenty of water, and choose foods that "fuel" your body instead of “fill� your body. Start a walking program and exercise your body as well as your mind. Use the time walking to clear your muddled mind. Please check with your healthcare provider before making any changes in your diet and exercise programs. Everyone needs time to let their minds settle and to release the stress we accumulate through the holiday season. We rush around frantically trying to accomplish as much as we can, pushing ourselves to the limits. Hopefully these tips will help you find your inner peace.

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A Dream come true

assages Hospice Dreams is fulfilling more Dreams than ever, thanks to the generous support of our individual and corporate sponsors! All gifts enable us to continue our mission of seeking out experiences that are good for the spirit, decreasing stress, increasing quality of life and empowering our patients to live according to their terms. Whether your Dream is for a special reunion or a day at the ballpark, we look forward to the opportunity to make it come true. Thank you to people, businesses and organizations that made these Dreams possible in December: Animal-lover Eileen spent a day on the farm with puppies and ponies

Harold and his wife renewed their vows after 5 years of marriage Elsie enjoyed a Christmas Eve luncheon with her family Edgar attended mass and his son's brass quintet concert Local women received a brighter Christmas thank to a local donor Pamela attended a Sweet Adeline's concert in her honor Ida shared a holiday meal with her family at her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster Anna celebrated her 104th birthday with love from local schoolkids Cecelia enjoyed an early Christmas dinner with her family Be sure to read the full stories of some of our Dreams on the next page.

Coming Soon! Here's an exclusive look at the cover of the new Passages Hospice Dreams Newsletter! Passages Hospice Dreams will soon be releasing a Dreams newsletter. If you want to sign up, click here.

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Passages Hospice Dreams


ed Lobster might not be considered a traditional holiday feast, but for hospice patient Ida Little, it’s a dream come true. Ida’s favorite restaurant has always been Red Lobster and before her illness she went frequently with her family. Illnesses have left her less mobile and made travel outside her long-term care home, Tower Hill in South Elgin, infrequent. This year was especially difficult as her family didn’t have adequate transportation or medical assistance to bring her home for Christmas. When her caregivers became aware of the situation they contacted Passages Hospice Dreams, a wish fulfilling organization dedicated to fulfilling dreams and improving the quality of life for hospice patients. Passages Hospice Dreams arranged van transportation and provided a nurse to accompany Little as she joined several family members for one of her favorite meals at the Red Lobster in West Dundee, Illinois. “Thank you for helping us with this, we couldn’t manage to bring her ourselves. It is important to be together for the holidays and this was the first Christmas we couldn’t bring her home,” said Nancy Little.

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Passages Hospice Dreams


am loved singing, and when she learned about Sweet Adelines International, she decided to lend her voice to her local chaper. She joined in the 1960s and sang bass in her group. Soon it became something more - a way for mother and daughter to bond, when her daughter Carrie also decided to join in the fun and sing with her mother for a while. These days Pam doesn’t do much singing, though she does enjoy listening to music on occasion. Carrie thought her mother would enjoy seeing some of her old friends and hear the songs she used to perform once again. For Pam’s dream, Passages Hospice Dreams contacted her old chapter of the Sweet Adelines Chorus, and brought them over for an afternoon performance. Wearing holiday sweaters and festive colors, they went through a few classic tunes that everyone could enjoy. Pam, along with other residents, family, and friends, tapped their toes and even trying to sing along to a few of the songs. The performance wasn't long, but but the music created lasting memories and a little bit of joy for the afternoon to Pam and her family and friends. Sweet Adelines International is a highly respected worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance. This independent, nonprofit music education association is one of the world’s largest singing organizations for women.

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Passages Hospice Dreams


hank you to an anonymous donor in Amboy whose $500 gift came just in time for the holidays. The donation, in memory of Nancy Westover, provided winter clothing and supplies for four women at Amboy Healthcare. Staff from Amboy Healthcare helped purchase items that all the women could use - toiletries and warm winter clothing. After the shopping was completed, staff wrapped the gifts in festive bags and delivered the much-needed donations. The Amboy staff also went a step further and decorated the patient's front doors to create an festive atmosphere.

Your gift will make a difference.

A gift in any amount brings hope and joy to a hospice patient and a family. Passages Hospice Dreams is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax-deductible.

I wish to make a gift of $_________ in (circle one) memory/honor of ___________________________________ . Name _______________________________________

Address _______________________________________

_______________________________________ FASTER >> Donate online via Paypal by clicking here. _______________________________________

Mail to: Passages Hospice Dreams, 515 Warrenville Rd., Lisle, IL 60532 Please consult your financial advisor about how this donation affects your taxes.

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Passages Hospice Dreams

Memorial Gifts General Fund Donations Joanne Straz Al and Kathleen Ostrowski Hugo Pretzel Delores Hoff Gary and Sonya White

Eleanor Fitzgerald Scott Spencer

James Moss Dennis and Rose Ann Moss

Dorothy Bernice Seay Henry Hunt

Hazel Fletcher John Fletcher

Jeanette Ogles Virgil and Sharon Runge Myron Lloyd Curt Werner Linda Jacob Gerald and Pat Heuman Unknown Alla Lloyd

Charles Shepard John Aberson

Kay Patterson Suzanna Simpson Lena Mae Payne Viola Fenstermaker Elizabeth Smith Steve and Janet Dressler Janet Dressler Kurt and Ronda Hoeferle Ronald and Martha Conley James and Barbara Bruebeck

Marvin Tengowski Jean Tengowski

Sharon Berchemeyer WilliamWaidelich

Edith Geiger Alvin and Beverly Cover Julia Cover

Audrey Berge Donna Hayden

Marvin Haworth Ruth Parkes

James Brown Dan and Geri Fruge Unknown James Brown William and Lois Zdankiewicz

Evelyn Hendren Ted and Mary West Jack and Sharon Hoobler Elizabeth Smith

Helen Buesking Robert Behrend Jack and Janet Harper Marcia Thomas Milford Burton Erdean Burton David and Diane Bowling Lila Binder Ernest and Doris Grabowski Michael Lee

Theola Heuman Fred and Shirley Kaestner Gerald and Dorothy Heuman Alice Hampton Vernon Hovious Richard and Connie Sigman Darrell and Kathy Hovious Leonard Ihrke Richard Dunphey Hugo and Norma Peterson

Francis Clark Ann Clark

Patricia Ludewig Luella Hill

Richard Costello Carmen McCleary

Ray Dotson unknown

Albert Lutz Carol Juenger Kathleen Daniel Robert and Shirley Lutes Robert and Maxine Stephens William and Marjorie Daniel Ray and Jill Kohlhaas Terry, Christina, and David Bell

Maxine Durbin Debra O'Connell

William F. Martin Scott Ohlfest

Evelyn Dietz Robert Dietz

Anita Peterson William Spurgeon Arlene Picker Melissa Kratz Gary and Marsha Fulton Arnold and Ruth Mueller James and Susan Brown Kenny Kohrs Bryan Diercks Jerry Bierman Karen Bierman Wip Knop Ron Lindenberg Irene Zimmer Nancy Pulice Rosemary Leazzo Lawreance and Jean Pulice

Viola Mae Slover Russell and Julie Kern Clyde Strowmatt Waneta Lorton

Betty Thompson Thomas Extrom Doris Votaw Maureen Brown Mary Lou Griffin Margaret Arnold Michael and Jeanne Patton Vancil and Paula Weiss B. Jo Anne Gaumer William Albers Winona Laumbattus Helen Schwendemann and Children Fred Cavins Peggy Smith Cathy Marsh Peggy Spencer Gene Wolff Arthur Wolff Sharon Zabel Bob and Dee Barker Marlene Zabel

Dan Rawley Gerald and Karen Dragich

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Education Department

PARO Sightings Red Bud Nursing Home Lena Living Center Freeport Rehab Cedarhurst – Shiloh Capitol Care – Springfield Villa East – Sherman Clark Manor LaSalle County – Ottawa Colonial Hall - Princeton Niles Nursing Home Claremont - Buffalo Grove Friendship Home - Carlinsville Glen Elston – Chicago Heritage Health – Carlinville Collinsville Nursing & Rehab Sunrise Assited Living - Lincoln Park Helia of Greenville Berkshire - Forest Park Faith Countryside – Highland Evanston Nursing & Rehab Heritage – Bloomington Gibson Area Hospital Annex - Gibson City Chester Nursing & Rehab ESSE – Wheaton

New Athens Home Joliet-Shorewood Elmwood Nursing & Rehab – Maryville Forest Villa – Niles Forest View – Itasca McKinley Court – Decatur Niles Nursing Home Lincoln Rehab – Decatur Highland Park – Highwood Provena St. Anne - Rockford Heartland of Decatur Regency of Springfield Applewood – Matteson McCallister Rehab - Tinley Park Courtyard - Berwyn Casa Central – Chicago Palos Hills Healthcare Asta-Bloomington Illinois Veterans Home – Manteno Momence Meadows Glenshire Nursing & Rehab - Richton Park Rosewood East Peoria Riverview East Peoria

Watch for Passages and PARO at the 2012 International Grief & Bereavement Conference in LaCrosse Wisconsin from June 3-6, 2012. Hospice Educator Corey Tague will be presenting the background and benefits of PARO robots in working with dementia and hospice patients. The 1 1/2 hour presentation will include live demonstrations! More information is available by clicking here. Did you know? Many of our nursing homes now have regularly scheduled PARO visits for their residents on a monthly basis. To schedule an appointment with one of our robots please contact Mindy Lam at or 630-940-6936

One of our PARO robots, Shiro, celebrates Hannukah! Passages PassagesHospice Hospice


CNA Training Day 160 CNAs attended training in Bloomington on October 24th. The full-day training was a joint effort of the clinical and education departments, and included presentations on handwashing, infection control, aging awareness, HIPAA regulations, dementia care, proper lifting techniques and others. The CNAs enjoyed the hands-on training on handwashing and body mechanics.

Congratulations to Alton Rehabilitation and Nursing Congratulations to Alton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center staff on their recent completion of Down the Winding Road: A Journey Through Dementia! The 5-week course offers 10 contact hours for nurses. Nurse Educator Amy McGuire said about the training, "The participants were so involved - sharing stories, insights and laughing. The most rewarding part was forming relationships with the nurses." Down the Winding Road gives in-depth advice and techniques for working with memory disorders. It includes case studies, examples and tips for improving communication and care for those with dementia. Each nurse that completed the course received a certificate and small care package.

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Congratulations! Anita Lostutter, LPN in Region D

Anita Lostutter, LPN

Recently, one of our social worker's aunts passed away under our care. She thanks our Peoria-area staff for their teamwork and quick care to ensure her aunt was comfortable and supported during the end of her life. She was especially grateful for Anita, who went beyond the call of duty to support her family during this difficult time.

Anita, after working since the early morning that day, was at the hospital and stayed with my family. She even followed us home and volunteered for the overnight shift. My aunt died at 10:55pm, and Anita stayed until the arrangements were taken care of at 2:00am. I can't believe how quickly our team worked. I am forever grateful for Anita's thoughtfulness to stay with my family. She had a very long day and night, but her support was so important to us.

Ruth Kaemmerer, CNA in Region F Ruth has been chosen as Employee of the Month in southern Illinois. "She is very dedicated to making her patients and facilities happy. She never complains when times get hard. Ruth has a great attitude, work ethics, and leads by example. She is a true example of what an employee should be," stated Alysia Ruth Kaemmerer, CNA Bennett, Regional CNA Director. "Ruth always goes above and beyond. Anything we ask her to do, she does it willingly. Patients and facilities love her, she never complains and is very detail oriented. Ruth helps out with training by taking new employees to the facilities, introducing them and showing them the Passages way of doing things. She is just awesome," said Rebecca Williams, Regional CNA Assistant.

Andrew Vitale, Director of Bereavement Services

Andrew Vitale, Director of Bereavement Services

Passages Hospice

Congratulations to Director of Bereavement Services Andrew Vitale for earning a Certification in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement. The Certification is given by the Association for Death Education and Counseling, and Andrew is one of only 22 people in Illinois with the designation. The Certification includes more than 60 hours of education and hands-on experience. As Director of Bereavement Services, the Certification will enable Andrew to develop programming and services to better support our patients and families.


Happy Holidays from Passages!

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! n o o S g n i m o C

Create a Dream Quilt patch in the memory of your loved one today and help make future dreams a reality....

Help others to live their Dream with your donation of a Dreams Quilt patch. The Dreams Quilt is

a virtual online quilt that is filled with the memories families and friends have shared about a loved one. With a small donation you can personalize a quilt square in one of two sizes and with a design of your choice. The quilt is always available to view and share on the Passages Hospice Dreams website. Your donation of a quilt patch goes directly towards fulfilling Dreams through Passages Hospice Dreams. Keep your memories alive by adding to our Dreams Quilt today. To create your own quilt patch in memory of a loved one, or for other ways to donate to help someone’s Dream come true, just visit our website today. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, Passages Hospice Dreams gives hospice patients the opportunity to live out a dream—a final adventure — where they can spend a joy-filled day with loved ones creating memories of living.

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Coming up! Join us in February for these special events: February 3rd - Patient Recognition Day! Celebrate the unique personalities and individuals in your facilities. February 5th - Wear Red Day! Post a picture of your red outfit on our Facebook page in awareness of heart disease in women.

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Your passage to care and comfort. Our Mission and Philosophy We are dedicated to the requirement of excellence and family-centered care. We are dedicated to being receptive to each patient’s social, emotional, and intellectual safety and physical needs. We are dedicated to enhancing quality of life by promoting and restoring health, calming suffering, and possessing continued compassion for the sick and dying in a way that ensures dignity and respect. We are dedicated to working with professionals who follow the highest values of excellence to establish an individualized plan of care offering personal choices and decisions, while still maintaining each patient’s uniqueness. We are dedicated to a level of care that encourages the safe and cost-effective delivery of hospice care, maximizing patient sovereignty and coordination of community and agency resources, and promoting optimistic outcomes.

We are dedicated to the human spirit. Passages Hospice

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