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HICLEAN is born from experience of F.C. Ltd., establishing itself in the field of fluid handling, air conditioning systems, air conditioning in every field and level, progressively estabilished also in fluidistic level and is able to follow the customers in every step of production with a proper service of post-sales for the healthcare and maintenance. The HICLEAN team, thanks to the professionalism of skilled workers and experts for sanitation and maintenance, won the trust of customers in the industrial sector, by installing and operating on large systems, many destined to great distinction technology environments. HICLEAN is able to follow the customer in all phases of realization with an own after-sales service for the sanitation and maintenance.

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HI CLEAN designs and manufactures sanitization and maintenance of civil and industrial installations: • Cooling/heating and heat pumps; • air ventilation systems; • Sanitizing air duct and HVAC systems with equipment and technical specifications pursuant to the provisions referred to NADCA Protocol; • ACS systems - Domestic hot water; • Ozone plants for treatment environments, swimming pool water, service water / washing, water purification.

English Brochure FClt 13 01 2017  
English Brochure FClt 13 01 2017