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Joseph Guerrera Shamahl Lee ENC 1102 Rhetorical Situation Introduction The rhetorical situation of this remediation is fairly easy to outline. When discussing the rhetorical situation the context, audience, genre, and constraints of the piece must be considered. This introduction will go on to primarily discuss the genre and audience of the remediation. Genre and audience are two of the most important factors to take into consideration when discussing the rhetorical situation. The faults of composing in the wrong genre or composing for the wrong audience have similar consequences. Committing either one of these faults will strip a composition of meaning and purpose. It is imperative to select the appropriate genre and audience for a composition to be as meaningful and impactful as possible. The genre of this remediation is that of an informational website. This genre was selected for several reasons. Created in Wix, the website was easy to set up, edit, and publish. The informational website also had the most effective form of organization. Through the use of tabs and sub sections, many different aspects of the rhetorical situation could be discussed. Using the website, some users can skim and get the basic definition of the rhetorical situation or go deeper and view the arguments of Bitzer and Vatz for a more in depth look at what the rhetorical situation means. The website was also very easy to collaborate on as we could both edit different parts and view each other’s work instantly. The genre of the remediation was also selected for its viability. Rather than making a poster or PowerPoint presentation, which may be viewed only once or twice, the website allows for anyone with Internet access and a desire to learn about the rhetorical situation to view it. This longevity was more desirable to us than a short-term poster presentation. The downside of the selecting an informative website as the genre is that appeals to emotions are more difficult to convey. With a poster presentation or a tangible exhibit style project emotion and effort are more easily seen. However, what the informational website lacks in emotional reliability it makes up for in content and information. We can convey much more detailed in depth information on a website than we would have ever been able to demonstrate with an exhibit style project. This being said, using the website we can also appeal to those looking for a quick fix of information using introductory tabs. The informational website was the best genre for this remediation because it can an overview of the concept in a compact area while still allowing for an in depth look at what the rhetorical situation really is. In addition to this, because the rhetorical situation has several components, fitting the information onto a poster or exhibit style project would have been challenging to say the least. Overall the informational Wix website was the best choice for this remediation because it is able to easily convey the required information and allows for simple collaboration.

The audience of the remediation is somewhat broad. Technically anyone with Internet access is able to view the remediation. In this sense the audience is nearly the entire developed world. In reality however, the audience we are catering to is people who are looking for any information on the rhetorical situation, from a basic definition to a look at some of the most prevalent arguments on the rhetorical situation. This narrows the audience somewhat, however one of the reasons for selecting a website was to reach a broad audience other than just our class or college students in general. While another remediation may be only seen once or twice, this remediation can be viewed, in theory, an infinite number of times. This desire for longevity helped in part to dictate the correct genre and therefore audience we needed to select to achieve this goal. This decision was made in part because with the availability of the Internet and the possibility of longevity, who would cater to such a small audience? Selecting an audience that is too broad can have the negative effect of diminishing the meaning and purpose of the piece. With the use of the Wix website, and the specific topic of ‘the rhetorical situation’ however, this problem was avoided. Overall the audience this remediation caters to is people looking for information on the rhetorical situation. By using the website this information can include general details and even arguments.

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