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Playing cards offer up an endless array of possibilities in the premium marketplace. At Cartamundi, we manufacture millions of decks and billions of cards each year. Our card decks Inform, Advertise, Promote, Communicate, Educate and Motivate more than any other premium product in the market today. Playing card decks used as premiums offer your customers, employees and today's consumers a visual bombardment of information that will leave a long-lasting impression. Be original with your deck and create your own special look or have our team of graphic designers help you attain the look you want to convey. Today's playing card industry is on fire. Player participation in all age groups is at an all time high. Millions of people are playing with cards again. Television is filled nightly with all types of card game shows, as viewers are intrigued by game strategies, personalities and the sheer thrill of the competition. Casino table card games are back in full force and the poker room business is booming and on trend. Sending your message by playing cards is a sensational way to deliver lots of information – creatively and organized in a very small package... at a low cost! Playing cards as a promotional gift? A guaranteed winner for your next event, trade show, company image portfolio, catalogue or your next premium promotion!

Cartamundi offers a full array of playing card back options. From a one color back to four color process plus additional special colors.

Standard 4mm border options include white, solid colors, and full bleed/no border is also possible.

1,2,3 color white border

4 color no border (bleed design)

color border 4 or more

With 55 cards in a standard deck, the opportunity to be creative with custom faces is tremendous. Deliver your message in so many exciting ways!

Your creativity doesn’t have to stop with a standard shape. Cartamundi offers a wide range of sizes, shapes and formats – and we can even produce a shape or size that is unique to your promotion or product.

Enhance your promotional deck with a special card(s) in foils, glitters, glow-in-the-dark, scratch scented cards, or challenge our in-house tech team for something really special!

foil blocking

glitter scratch & sniff

fluorescent materials

face paint

printed tuck box

The possibilities are unlimited! Adjusting to our customer needs is our speciality. Let us help you develop the special package that’s required to deliver custom your message effectively.

die cut window tuck box


clear flow wrap

Individual standard decks can be produced in 4 options to meet your budget or distribution needs.

foil wrap

white tuck box with window

full color foil

clear plastic case double deck printed tuck box

In Pack or On Pack – let Cartamundi produce an award winning promotional deck to provide that added value that will help sell your product and reinforce your advertising message.

concept: 55 card deck for food recipes.

unique 6 pack carrier

can shaped card decks creative mini game box

promo deck for construction assembly.

Cartamundi has several stock item options that are proven winners for promotional applications. Generic tins and boxes, customizable “capsule deck� card containers, special grommet fan style decks and 12 piece displays.

Our list of creative packaging options is beyond comprehension. Almost anything is possible at Cartamundi...from an exclusive one-of-a-kind package to one that we tailor design to perfectly meet the needs of your product. metal tin with round cards

custom opening multi-pack box

book style shelf kit box

10 count point of sale display

complete promotional lineup of products that theme around playing card decks.

standard index

jr giant index

giant index


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